Hot 100 – Week 8 Update

I am happy to report that I had a good week.  My eating was good; my exercise was good; my mood was good.  Not perfect; not “great;” but good enough.  And good enough is… well, for now, good enough:)

My goals were:

  • No mindless eating while reading books.
  • Curtail evening snacking.
  • Eating on plan all week.
  • Write down everything I eat.

I mostly met all my goals but will admit to a bit more snacking than was warranted by true hunger.  And yesterday, after I had written this post, I just did not pull out my note book to write down what I ate.  Which was not a good thing since it ended up being my most “over-snacking” day of what was otherwise a pretty good week.

Now I am thinking about the obstacle-laden week ahead.  Thanks to Cammy, I am planning for and anticipating success.  She wrote an amazing post (which I highly recommend you read here) about her approach to the coming holiday season:  she will be successful because she expects it of herself.  I love that attitude and am setting out to follow in Cammy’s footsteps.

So first I have dinner out with friends this weekend.  I checked the restaurant’s menu already, to ensure there was at least one least one tasty, healthy option for me.  (If you are interested you can check it out here.)  I’m thinking either the shrimp with beans, the sea bass with lentils, the salmon with squash, or the chicken with veggies.  Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Then I have my son’s birthday.  He gets to choose the menu and dessert.  So far, he has not made a decision so I don’t know if I’ll be cooking or we’ll be eating out.  I am confident that either way I can eat “on plan.”  As for the cake… my plan is to allow myself the option to indulge in a small piece if I really want it.  Just one.  No guilt.  If I want it.  I don’t know how tempted I will be yet… that will depend on what he chooses.  In the past he was often a mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream-cake man.

Then there is The Big Day.  Thanksgiving has traditionally been all about the food for me.  In the past it was a lot about family – but it has been several years since we have traveled to celebrate with relatives; this year we are in town with a small group and a huge offering of homemade goodness.  (Or badness, depending how you look at it.)  My mom is hosting and everyone brings dishes to round out the buffet.  She expressly asked for desserts from everyone.  So I have been busy trying to figure out what I want to bring.  I am culinarily challenged, so this requires significant effort on my part and some potential trial-recipe-runs first.  My goal is to bring at least one side dish and one dessert that are relatively healthy without seeming like “diet food.”   So far I am planning a quinoa dish (that hubby and I tested this week) and two versions of pumpkin bread (the full-fat, sugary, decadent version and the whole wheat, sugar-free, low-fat version).  I am also thinking about what I will wear that day, after my post on Monday about loose-waisted pants.  Me thinks that perhaps something fitted is in order to remind myself that I don’t want to end up the day feeling as stuffed as the turkey!

I am anticipating success.  Really.  I am not worried.  I am not stressed.  (Well, maybe a bit stressed about my culinary task but that’s par for the course with me and my lack of cooking skill.)  My expectation is to eat on plan all week, with some moderate indulging for the social events.  I am on track and I intend to stay there.

My goals for the coming week:

  • Eating on plan all week except for the social events.
  • Handle social eating with moderate indulging of only the tastiest foods.
  • Write down everything I eat (except for Thanksgiving meal).

How are you spending your Thanksgiving?



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35 responses to “Hot 100 – Week 8 Update

  1. So awesome that you are going to thanksgiving with a plan! Good for you! I wish you success!

  2. Congratulations on a good week. Progress is what we’re after, not perfection.

    I hear you on the food minefield that is underway basically through the end of the year. I believe you WILL be successful, and even if success is doing better than in the past – I’ll take it.

    Love your REALISTIC goals for the coming week. This is life, not regimented boot camp. Rigidity sets me up for failure. Great job Karen – and lets continue to stay in touch. I’m going to visit Cammy’s blog and then write my own update!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I’m so happy the post resonated with you. (This morning, I spent about 5 minutes doing some anticipation visualization for the weekend. I’ll repeat for the holiday. :))

    We typically go out for our Thanksgiving meal, so I don’t have to worry about portions. For the past couple of years, I’ve ridden my bike to the restaurant where we meet, which allowed room in the calorie budget for dessert. I hope the weather’s nice this year so I can do the same!

    • Karen

      Hmm. That would not work for me. Helmet hair would be a big problem. And then there are my fancy shmancy biking shoes:) Not to mention my oh so stylish padded shorts.

      Yep, loved that post:)

  4. Ewa

    Hope your good streak continues throughout the holidays. This is a very challenging time for any of us. I so agree that planning and setting realistic goals is the key.

  5. Planning is KEY! Sounds like you are going to have a very safe and successful holiday. Enjoy!

  6. Congrats on having a good week Karen! Love your plan for the dinner out and the holiday! Your rock!

    I will check out Cammy’s post, sounds like good advice there.

    Not sure what we are doing for the holiday meal yet. Just the three of us this year. Boo-hoo! We might throw caution to the wind and not do a big meal and take in a movie. I have to get the guys here on board with me first so we shall see.

  7. Not perfect; not “great;” but good enough…. you know that sounds great to me. Any week we end up mostly meeing our goals, it is great!

    We are having family over for TDay. Simple, very tradidional, and I will survive all temptations to dive into the gravy boat face first

    Have a Great weekend!

    • Karen

      LOL at that image:) I can moderate gravy… but stuffing… once a year… yum. I debated asking my mom to make a healthy version. Didn’t.

  8. Ann

    Love your no stress approach and confidence that you can make whatever the holiday throws at you work for you!

  9. It’s great you have a plan. Visiting from SITS.

  10. Ron

    Congrats on your good week!

  11. It is so good to hear you had a good week. So did I! Let’s do a little happy dance together. *doing the Charleston* 🙂 Good luck with sticking to your guns this week. I intend to as well!

  12. Karen, glad the week went good! Mostly.. BUT, I wonder why it was the day you snacked the most that you did not record??? 😉 You can always write it down the day after too! 🙂

    As for bdays.. it is your son’s bday, not yours, so you can eat healthy. Nothing says that we have to celebrate every “special occasion” out there. You know my post on that. 😉 Yes, allow yourself a small piece of whatever but try to stop there…. just try!

    As for the restaurant.. yahoo for checking the menu ahead! Did they have nutrition stats? If not, make sure they don’t butter the protein & restaurants do that to chicken & fish too. They do it to everything!

    Thanksgiving.. I grew up around “food was all”! Every holiday & bday & anything.. food! Ya just have to make a conscious effort to change that. I make sure for the whole meal that whoever is cooking puts aside dry stuff for me.. meaning veggies without crap or other things like that & they are so used to me anyway, that now it is common place to have a little bit of the sides separated for me.. or I bring my own…. but mostly, I just eat healthy.. white meat turkey & I don’t like gravy, plain yam or something like that.. you get it.. 🙂 The treat is what I look forward to so eating healthy on everything else is easy…. I plan for a treat & some bread of course…. and I always keep my exercise on track no matter what.. and drink water! 🙂

    I know, I am a pain! 😉

    • Karen

      Ah, you are so not a pain:) I am smiling just reading this:) I had the same thought about those restaurant dishes. And you are right – there was a clear correlation between not writing down what I ate and … eating.

  13. Love that. Short and simple. Expect success. 🙂 Last year this time, I was terrified of the pending holiday season because I desperately didn’t want to go into a pumpkin pie comma and wake up 10lbs heavier. I made it through perfectly though. No gain. I’m sure I can manage the same this year. It feels good to believe in yourself, doesn’t it?

    • Karen

      Good for you! Last year at this time I was on a slow steady slippery upward slope of regaining weight and did not even think about healthy eating for Thanksgiving. Actually, the only other year I can remember trying to watch my eating for this holiday was when I was pregnant and trying not to fall into the “I can eat whatever I want because I am eating for two” trap.

  14. That sounds so great! Ha – I didn’t realize we were both culinary challenged – I KNEW I liked you 😉 I’m going to my BF’s family’s house (1st holiday without grandma) and 1st time not with “my” family in a long time. I totally don’t know what to do or bring or cook or or or….

    Enjoy your family this week – I know you’ll do great!

    PS I don’t have a snacking while reading thing cuz I don’t read enough. Hmmmmm – yet another goal?


    • Karen

      That sounds hard, Kris. I hope you have a wonderful day with his family.

      I read way less than I used to for that very reason. I have such a huge stack of books to get to now.

  15. I’m so glad you had a better week. I did too. Not great, but better for sure.

  16. I loved this! I’ve been so nervous about the holiday and all the temptations, but you’re right. Realistic expectations, not perfection (and then guilt when that doesn’t happen).

  17. I find Thanksgiving one of the easiest holidays for eating, surprisingly enough. Turkey, first of all, is a very lean meat (no skin and not deep fried!) and then I have some veggies and a small amount of cranberry sauce. Since my family is a bunch of eating-disordered women, there’s always a fruit salad and a veggie tray and I just happen to hate pumpkin pie. So that’s it: meat and veggies and a fruit dessert!

    Now Channukah is a different matter…I can feel those Pam-spray Latkes calling me!

    • Karen

      Oh I have been thinking ahead about latkes too! MizFit shared a recipe with me for baking them. Have you ever tried that? I am thinking it just won’t be as good. Never tried Pam either. I wonder if my family would rebel if they did not have greasy hot fried latkes.

  18. Stopping by from the LBS Tea PArty!

  19. You had a good week! I have added a new mini goal to my life…every single day I am gonna do at least 10 minutes of exercise. Somedays I will do more!! I am currently reading “The Spark” right now…EXCELLENT book, btw!! That is one of the suggestions in that book!! So we will see where this leads. I think to all things good:)

    I am always nervous about Thanksgiving. But I ADORE this holiday!! I will allow myself pie for sure…that is my fave.

    Enjoy your week. Let’s BOTH be a success!!!!:)


    • Karen

      I will have to check out that book. I am the same way… if I tell myself I just need to do a short exercise, I will often go longer. But not always:)

      No pie coming to ours that I know of but someone is bringing apple crostata which I am pretty sure will be as tempting to me. I lovvvvveeee apple pie.

  20. Wow…I can totally identify. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life and am constantly battling cravings. Your plan for Thanksgiving is great. If you’ve got things you know won’t bust out your diet, but appeal to your palate, you’re going to be successful!

    Hang in there, mama!

  21. Karen, I totally hear you on T-day being all about the food. That has so been my life. I am going into it this year with the mindset I will just be sensible. I hope the sights and smells do not overwhelm me.

    Good job this week!

  22. I think it’s a great idea that you are planning for all your upcoming events. That’s the way to be successful! You know what you will be up against and can set up your plan of action beforehand. I was just at a party on Friday night and I had not one bite of the bread, pasta, chips, cookies, chocolate or cake!!!!! I had chicken, brocoli, shrimp, salad and asparagus, and it was great!

  23. Greetings!

    Sounds like you have a good plan in place. I sat down this morning to really think about the potential of upcoming obstacles, dinner with friends, inlaws, Thanksgiving, shoppping…then there is all the stuff that needs to be done even before we think about Thanksgiving. I calmly thought about it, and I will continue to execute my plan, which begins by not letting myself get toooo hungry.

    As far as being culinarily challenged – have you ever thought about a big fruit salad or a fruit tray with a dip? I make fruit dip with 2% Greek yogurt, a splash of good vanilla and some type of sweetner. I just got some of that Truvia. It’s all natural/ 0 calories and made with Stevia, but it doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste, or I use the Splenda brown sugar blend a tablespoon or two.

    Sometimes I cut up apples, add grapes, berries, whatever else and then fold them into the dip that I made. I sprinkle a few slivered almonds on top or you could use pomegranate seeds since they are in season.

    So, I’m ranting about fruit, but I’ve found that whenever I take it somewhere, people gobble it up, and you don’t have to worry then if your baked good is edible, tee hee.

    Good luck!

    • Karen

      I am the person who almost always gets assigned to bring the fruit or the salad. Seems that others know of my little lack of kitchen skill. Actually, I am not sure if I should be insulted or relieved. Sigh. Fruit is a great suggestion and someone else is already bringing it.

  24. YAY for great weeks!! Hope that you had a good weekend too!

  25. Welp, I’ll be spending my T-Day visiting husband’s grandma in a retirement home. It’s a upscale kinda place, but the food is still kinda cafeteria-ish and we probably won’t eat as much as if we were home. Oh well, I guess I’ll be saving on calories! ha!

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