Hot 100 – Week 6 Update

So I am feeling a bit blase about this past week on the challenge.  But I think that may be a good thing.  Considering how I am usually so “all or nothing” “black or white.”  Today I am thinking in shades of gray and feeling just middle of the road.  But in an okay kind of way.

Here’s what my goals were this week:

  • No Halloween candy.
  • No mindless eating while reading books.
  • Eating on plan all week.

So I rocked Halloween.  Not only did I not eat any candy, but I also avoided the buffet table at our neighborhood pre-trick-or-treating get-together.  And, I also did not eat any of the Dove chocolate my husband bought post-Halloween.  (Which was hardest when he was sitting next to me and I could smell it!)  So that goal was a complete success.

As for the second goal, I did not meet it.  But it was purely by accident and unintentional.  Which is exactly how most mindless eating happens.  The other night I picked up a book and immediately put it down to head to the pantry.  Snacking away, I finished the book.  And it honestly was not until I was laying in bed the next morning that I remembered that not eating while reading was a goal this week!  Oops.

Jumping ahead to the third goal of eating on plan all week.  I mostly succeeded on this one.  But, I will admit that I also loosened up my “plan” a bit.  If you read my blog often, you probably know that I have been questioning my past technique of banishing foods that I seem to crave and overeat.  (If you missed it you can read more here.)  Bread has not been my friend for a long time.  But I have been really rethinking my approach and paradigm thanks to some great input from readers, especially Jody, and decided to un-demonize bread this week, to see what happened.  So… what happened is… I ate bread.  Most every evening.  For me, I crave bread as a snack, not as part of a meal.  Which, by the way, is something else I am also rethinking now thanks to some comments on Monday’s post in which other bloggers shared how they could easily handle trigger foods IF they were part of a meal.  But I digress.  So, bread.  Yep.  I wanted it and I ate it and I told myself not to feel guilty about it and I didn’t, much.  Now I am not quite sure what I think about this little experiment.  My hope was that if I “allow” bread in my life, I would gradually not crave it, kinda like the whole forbidden fruit thing.  (Anyone know how long it takes to stop craving something you used to crave and overeat but are now eating in moderation?)  At the end of the day, as the expression goes, I ingested a lot more calories than I would have if I had not eaten the bread.  But, and this is a big but (not to be confused with my big butt), maybe this was actually a good thing and progress towards a more healthy eating lifestyle.  Still debating bread.  And the dry cereal I snacked on this week when I wasn’t snacking on bread.

So back to my blase feeling.  It was an  okay week.  There was no major bingefest that went on and on and nothing that I look back on with serious remorse.  And there were several little successes with living a healthy lifestyle.  But there was still snacking when I was not hungry.  So, nothing to get excited about, but nothing to majorly regret, either.  Little slip ups, but sort of normal I think.  And normal is really what I am striving for:)

So this week’s goals:

  • No mindless eating while reading books.
  • Curtail evening snacking.
  • Eating on plan all week.


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42 responses to “Hot 100 – Week 6 Update

  1. Sounds like an overall successful week. Honestly, I think you pull thoughts out of my head, or at least we think alike and have many similar issues, for which I offer my humblest condolences.

    About bread – yeah, me too. But this week I have had 100%whole wheat pita a few times, and it’s been okay. Like you, I’m not sure what to make of it.

    Your reading/eating thoughts were again similar to mine – it can truly be a mindless act. How crazy that seems, because if it’s mindless, can it be achieving anything? It can’t be tasting good, satisfying, emotionally soothing if we’re unaware. Great insight here for me. And finally the nighttime eating is the bane of my existence. Can do great all day and then get into trouble padding to the kitchen.

    Thanks again for your twitter help! I can’t figure out how to accept your connection, but I will when I’m not at work.

    • Karen

      Well, IS it achieving anything? Me thinks not. Sigh. And while I eat mindlessly, if I am not eating while reading I am not at all mindless in my thinking about eating while reading. Does that make sense? You and I are so often in sync we might need some sort of pact.

  2. I am also one of those people that approaches everything in an “all or nothing” or “black and white” sort of way. It’s definitely a challenge to overcome. Thinking this way sets me up for failure every time. Congrats on accomplishing your goals and here’s to shades of grey. 🙂

  3. Let’s just be honest here….don’t you sometimes feel that taking away snacking while enjoying a darn good fiction read eliminates one of life’s greatest pleasures??

    It’s a great goal and one all of us who love to read strive for. And I’m not intending to be obstinate here, but sometimes I just want to scream, “let me enjoy my snacks while I curl up and finish this book!”

    We both know these cold and dreary winter days ahead are going to make this goal harder. I know you love to read as much as I do and like I said, it’s a great goal that we CAN do, but for once, I just couldn’t resist a gut level honest comment!! Don’t shoot me!! LOL!

    • Karen

      Okay, I’ll be the one to bite, Sharon. Because I know you want it! Are we getting pleasure out of the eating if it is mindless? Just asking. I know that I resist the whole mindful eating movement, so to speak. And it makes such perfect sense. Yet, I am all about eating while reading, or sometimes it is reading while eating, or eating while watching TV. Arrrgh. And my stack of unread books is HUGEEEEEE!

  4. I remember as a child watching my dad at his desk in the evenings munching nuts while he worked. That was when he was at his fattest!

    • Karen

      Okay, this really got me thinking. Both my parents were trim as much as I remember. I do know my mom did some dieting off and on. I don’t remember either of them snacking much at all, but I know we were big ice cream eaters in our house. What I do remember, from reading your comment, is that my parents kept hard candy in their nightstand and would eat them in bed. Sure couldn’t have been good for their teeth!

  5. sunnydaze

    So, did eating the bread and the mindless snacking make you have a gain for the week? If not, them maybe you are having success in eating them in moderation.

    • Karen

      No, since you asked. BUT, imagine what I could have LOST if I had not had them:) There I go with my shoulda, woulda, coulda thinking.

  6. Amy

    For me it’s not the bread per se…it’s what cravings the bread triggers. I am better at abstaining because I really haven’t figured out that moderation thing…a little begs for more. The reading at night makes me want to curl up with a cup o’ hot something…preferrably a mocha but that would have me lying in bed awake, so SF hot chocolate it is 🙂

    • Karen

      Me too! Bread might lead to something else. Not this week though. Lots of trigger foods do that to me… make me go on to the next food item. I have been thinking I should drink tea when I read but, honestly, I like to read laying down on my couch which works with snacking but not with drinking. Sigh.

      • Amy

        Lol…maybe lukewarm tea with an extra-long straw? Okay, so I decided to bite the bullet and get working on another blog geared towards my health…just posted my first post, but the blog is a work in progress!

  7. I get what you’re saying about your danger foods but seriously…the sirens just went off in my head. Any time I restrict anything, that’s the first thing I want and eventually I do or eat whatever it was anyway and then I just end up feeling like shit about myself because I just betrayed me. Sooooo dangerous. Just take good care of youself and you can’t lose. 🙂

  8. Ya, the cravings can be horrible, can’t they.

    Nice on the halloween candy! That can be rough sometimes!

  9. Looks like a pretty successful week, to me! You know I’m all over the process of learning to live with the foods we want to have in our lives, long term. Pity it’s not always an easy process. 🙂 Keep working on it, though, because I honestly believe you’re on the cusp of figuring it all out for yourself!

  10. Sounds like a good week overall. I am still struggling with my binging!! I thought I had it under control but NOOOOOOO….I don’t *sigh*

    Stopping by from LBS and because I haven’t been here in way too long and I always get so much out of your posts. Have a wonderful weekend, Karen!


  11. Sounds like you are getting closer to normal all of the time. Right now, I’m trying not to hang out too much with sweets. Stopped in the Whole Foods when driving back from lunch and was stopped on the way to the counter by a chocolate chip cookie company. The nice man behind the counter wanted me to take a sample, and I just knew it would release the floodgates. So I just said no and ran to the check-out counter before I could change my mind. There’s a fine line here. Sometimes I truly want sweets and will honor it in reasonable quantities – but sometimes, you have to pull a Nancy Reagan and stick with that. 🙂

  12. Hey, Karen, let me know if you just commented on my blog about the General Tso’s. When I get your comment, it just says KAREN but no link to your blog or your blog name or an email address so I can’t be 100% sure it is you. You should be able to fix that in the settings part of your blog. Email me if you have any questions. crabbymomofthree at comcast dot net. OR if it’s not you, then WHOOPS!

    • Karen

      Yep, that was me:) Sometimes I go so fast I forget to enter things or see if it is already there from last visit. I am going to try to leave another comment to see what happens…

  13. Trying & learning is how it works… me, the bread, I actually eat it as my treat sometimes. I never really have it as part of a meal except for breakfast or right after the workout with my PB on it. I don’t keep the cereal stuff in the house because for me, way too easy to overeat. Bread, I toast one piece, eat it dry cause I like it that way & stop…. when I had cereal in the house like Kashi.. just way easier to snack too much. This was your first try at bread so yes, you may crave it more…. see how it goes. For me, if I had to cut out bread completely, life would not be worth living! 😉

    Hope you are able to figure it out Karen. Just don’t go in thinking I am going to fail.. go in with the attitude that you can do it!

  14. Hey don’t feel bad about not having a perfect week. In my opinion, just getting through Halloween without eating candy is a huge feat. I didn’t eat Halloween candy, per se. But I did hit the buffet table at the trick or treat party pretty hard and then Scott came home with Cadbury Mini Eggs – Christmas version! WTH??? So, there was that. 🙂

  15. Karen congrats for being in the middle of the road this week! YIPEE!!! I think you had an awesome week!

    If the bread was white bread and I ate it at a non meal time I would definitely have cravings from it. If it was whole wheat or sprouted and eaten with some protein and fat I would be fine.

    Find what works and go with that!

    The old habits don’t all of a sudden go away just because we decided we want to change. Eventually you won’t be on auto pilot to go to the pantry to get snacks for reading your book.

    Keep up the good work girlfriend!

  16. Mindless eating, oh how many of my pounds are from mindless chips, cakes and cheese sticks? Too many!

    It is like we need an alarm to go off each time we chew, one we can disable when we really intend to eat. Is that asking too much?

    Have a Great weekend!

    • Karen

      I need to come to the blogworld each time I am tempted to snack when I am not really hungry. It not only distracts me but it also motivates me:)

  17. I think it’s a good idea to not banish stuff either, that’s what my problem was, I was forcing myself to choke down a breakfast and meals I didn’t want and then later I’d cheat and eat stuff I wasn’t supposed to. I’ve found the past week bringing some whole wheat bread back for breakfast has been good for me. Mentally as well as physically!

  18. I think it sounds like it was a pretty good week. The bread experiment may be going better than you think… no binging seems like a big deal. Maybe you were satisfied in a way by allowing yourself some bread. You may want to fine tune the amounts and details, but still…
    Good luck with this next week!! and thank you for sharing your struggles as well as your super fun high energy enthusiasm weeks.

  19. Biz

    I think overall you had a great week! And I didn’t have any Halloween candy either – not one – even though I deem Halloween candy insulin worthy!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. My first time here and WOW! What a plan! You are inspiring me to get with the program. I visited today because of the social tea party. So GLAD I did 🙂

  21. I also think it sounds like an overall great week. The fact that you rocked halloween and the buffet is HUGE HUGE HUGE IMHO.

    Karen, all those little successes do add up. We all our in our own walk in different places and I just want you to know that you are a good role model for me and I appreciate you!

    • Karen

      Thanks Julie. And I appreciate you too and all your support:) Yep, different places, but it is nice to know that even then we are not alone.

  22. Great job on the Halloween candy! As for the bread, I see it as a positive sign that you are trying to figure out what works for YOU — that’s the key to success, i think. It took me a while to banish the dictator in my head who had all sorts of rules and regs I *should* follow…even if I hated doing it (be it eating salad when I wanted something else or getting up early to the gym). I also learned that what works for you for a period of time may not work forever; things change, we change, motivations change. So…experimentation is a good thing, I say! By the way, how did your neuroma go away? I’m so scared I can never run again!

    • Karen

      Mine was not bad enough to warrant surgery, which is one option. (Lonnnggg recovery time.) I had a couple of cortisone shots, not sure they helped. But mostly, hate to say this, it was a lifestyle change. I gave up step aerobics and the biggest thing was I totally changed my footwear. I now wear only supportive shoes with metatarsal arch support which takes pressure off the affected part of the foot. I think that is easier for guys though – just get the right insoles. Birkenstock makes some great ones. Or your doc might suggest custom orthotics. Hopefully if you let it abate, you can eventually get back to running.

  23. Genie@dietof51

    For a Halloween week, I think you won.

    It’s hard for a black ‘n’ whiter to go gray. I think you did it!

    I think Tom Petty sang, “The maintenance is the hardest part…..” If he didn’t, he should have….

    I know it’s not necessarily your goal to maintain at this time, but I think it’s a step-goal in the losing direction. Your choice whether you want it to be. Good luck!

  24. I have found that I cna’t ban foods forever. I do have problems sometimes and I have to take something out of the house for a while (like cereal right now). But it is just temporary. There is usually some underlying reason I want whatever item it is in quantity, and it is never hunger.

    I love bread. I will have it as a snack or as part of a meal, but bread used to be something I could gorge on toasted with butter and jam. Funny binge food, eh? However, I tell myself that I can have that stuff whenever I want it. That helps me control better because I will think “I can have a slice of toast any time. There will never be a shortage of bread”. Then a lot of times when I ask myself if I am really hungry and want bread, the answer is no. Sometimes it’s yes, but even then – I have given myself permission to have the bread.

    Getting rid of the guilt associated with food and loving food actually goes a long way to keeping control over food. I am glad you are letting yourself experiment with the bread. You probably will overeat it a little at first, but the only way to learn moderation is to practice it, right? Moderation is not all or nothing.

    Sorry for the novel LOL!

    • Karen

      Thanks for sharing you experience and insight Lori. I’m glad to hear that you have found a temporary ban works; that’s sort of what I was thinking for me. I wonder what my underlying reason is – because I clearly go for certain foods.

  25. I think you have to give yourself credit for not snacking on Halloween. That in and of itself is quite a feat and one that you should be very proud of!

    But I found that when I ban certain foods from my diet, my body craves them all the more, too. But it sounds as though you’re in a really great place and I wish you the best of luck on the road ahead. You’re doing a great job!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS day and for leaving such a sweet and supportive comment. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  26. Sounds like a great week with some new insight – good job!

  27. hehe, yeah, blase can be good! Especially considering that it could be so much worse. At least you’re not angry like me! Good luck with your goals this week.

  28. That’s the thing about mindless eating…it’s, uh, mindless! So I could see where that could happen that you don’t realize your doing it until you already done did it! 🙂

    Good job on the halloween candy. I’m middle of the road too right now and I think that’s a great place to be! I’m sure you’ll rock your goals this week!!!! 🙂

  29. Sounds to me like you’re doing okay. And seriously, thinking in shades of gray is a GOAL. B/W thinking never has positive results.

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