Sitting on my Thumbs

Thumbs up: For you!  Many thanks to the amazing comments and support you share with me time and time again.  This usually loquacious blogger does not have the words to adequately express how much it means to me.

Thumbs down: Yep, I had myself a little pity party last week.  Okay, maybe it was a big pity party.  There was a whole lotta crappy eating.  And a whole lotta slacking with exercise.  And a whole lotta PMSing without the P or the M.  Pity party over; moving on.

Thumbs up: I had a very unfrightful Halloween:)  I kept away from the buffet at the neighborhood party, literally didn’t even walk close enough to smell the food.  And I easily resisted the candy at home thanks to my son’s unexpected choice of Nerds, Sweet Tarts, and Laffy Taffy.  I am pretty sure this is the first year ever that I did not overeat Halloween candy, let alone not eat any at all!  Makes me wonder what else I am capable of if I put my mind and willpower to it.

Thumbs up: I never thought I would say this, but thumbs up for Twitter.  Some of you may remember that I really didn’t “get it.”  (That post is here.)  But somehow over the past couple of weeks some things have happened that have gotten me almost, dare I say it, addicted!  Now I actually tweet and check in daily and am slowly learning the lingo and etiquette.  But what a potential time drain.  Thumbs down for that part.  And thumbs down for my blog persona’s facebook page which I am sadly neglecting.  Too much social media; not enough time.

Thumbs up: Thanks to Brittany I discovered a great community at fitblog chat.  Until this week it was a Twitter thing (see my new love above) started by Katy, but she just gave it a huge overhaul (you can read about here).  If you have never checked it out, I highly recommend it.  Such fun!  Lots of new healthy living bloggers to meet.  So fast paced it makes my head spin.  And a great distraction from evening snacking once a week.

Thumbs down: Okay, for some of you, this is going to be a “thumbs up.”  If you are looking for a healthy chocolate fix, I found the greatest cocoa dusted almonds.  Yum.  But then I discovered that I liked them a bit too much and, unlike my self control with regular old salted almonds, was starting down that slippery binge slope.  It took me a few days and a lot of cogitating to figure out what food they reminded me of… Oreos!  That same chocolaty taste.  So for me, the almonds are going the way of my peanut butter and Triscuits.  For now.  (If you missed Monday’s post, you can read more about me and red light or trigger foods here.)

Thumbs up: Thanks to Michele and Teresa for gracing me with blog awards not too long ago.  I very much appreciate the sentiments that came with them.

Thumbs down: Technology… still.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  Apologies to the few of you whose comments were lost in my latest blog debacle; I think I managed to read them all first and get back to you each.  Maybe it is time to hire a consultant to help with some blog issues and maybe it is time to get serious about changing my host company.  Sigh.

Thumbs up: If you don’t read Tami’s blog, I highly encourage you to check out this amazing post about making a plan to get through the coming food-laden holiday-filled months.  I will be honest and say that I have not really thought much about Thanksgiving yet.  It is out there running through the edges of my mind now and then and I am sure that I will eventually write a post about how I intend to get through that and all the other many upcoming holiday food extravaganzas.

Thumbs pressed against my temples: Oh the stress that came with my son’s first batch of college applications.  Four down, several more to go, including the school’s that he is most interested in.  In the wee hours of the morning as I lay awake in bed fixating on what my teen needed to get done, I realized that there is a great analogy in this whole process for the weight loss/dieting thing.  It’s coming… maybe next week… maybe later.

Thumb sucking: Huge thumbs down for the hoops I am trying to jump through yet again as I apply for individual medical coverage.  I am a statistic:  considered uninsurable by most insurance companies.  I could go on and on about how frustrating it is to even get to the point of submitting an application, in the slim hopes of maybe being accepted, but suffice to say that my current medical condition is now a headache.

Thumbs up: Chipotle willpower.  I mean, won’t power🙂  I mean… DIDN’t power.  My teen and husband indulged for dinner the other night, carry-out eaten at home.  I thought about it.  Could have gotten a burrito bowl and split it over two meals.  But I knew the better choice for me was to just say “no” and eat the leftover healthy soup in the fridge. Making progress one burrito at a time.



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34 responses to “Sitting on my Thumbs

  1. Karen, you did some great things!!! Good for you. I so hear you on the potential time drain for Twitter which is why I stay away. I already spend too much time on the blog stuff…

    I also hear you on health insurance but from the angle of unfordable for self employed folks…. ridiculous!

    Hear you on almonds too! Traders has some cinnamon ones that are not too bad a make up.. close to just having almonds BUT I know I would want to eat way more than my portion control so I do not buy them!

    Keep up the good work you are doing!!!! Making progress!

  2. Karen you are making progress! No Halloween Candy! You passed on the take out food. That is awesome!

    Sorry the health care coverage is a hassle for you. Hope you can get it taken care of.

    The college applications are a huge deal!

    Thanks for the shout out! Hope the article I wrote helps people navigate the holidays this year with success.

    • Karen

      Honestly you were so in my head in a good way at our Halloween party thing. I just keep thinking about you saying that you don’t regret anything you don’t eat. Love it, love it and think about it often:)

  3. More ups than downs, which is always good!

    I hear you on the insurance. I came home from my travels to find out that I’m now uninsured. The search for something affordable has given me a big headache, too!

    Not much time for social media in these parts. I do hope to jump back into the twitter fold soon, though it will likely be a once-a-day thing for me. I’d rather be doing other things…like moving. 🙂

    • Karen

      So one person tweeted that she was doing her tweeting while on the treadmill! Can’t imagine but what a great way to multitask:) Let me know if you join so I can follow you.

  4. Ewa

    Karen, your resolve – BIG THUMBS UP!

  5. You found the greatest cocoa dusted almonds, but you didn’t share what they were. I’m always looking for a healthier way of getting my chocolate fix. Waiting with chocolate scented baited breath.

  6. I tried a year or so ago to get on twitter and couldn’t even figure it out. Maybe I’ll try again My social networking skills are tepid at best!

    Love this post and it’s creativity. You have indeed made some progress and emerged victorious on several fronts. And I appreciate you steering me to Tami’s post – I’ll check it out next.

    Been through the high drama of college apps x3. Our first was our highly motivated daughter, so we did virtually nothing. Actually, it wasn’t too bad on any of them, but the first time is always the trickiest emotionally for moms, I think.

    Good luck with the health insurance quest, and don’t get me started on the health care system in our country. I start to see red, and then can go on for days ranting and raving. Keep us posted!

    • Karen

      If you decide to test the twitter waters, you can email me and I can share what little I have learned:) And, of course, follow you.

      The thing about the health care system, IMO, is that if you have never had a problem with it you don’t realize how badly it is broken. Sigh.

      I am pretty sure you were the person who told me about yellow light foods after one of my other posts. I had never heard that classification before.

  7. Sorry to double dip…I wrote a post awhile back, before you were blogging, about the red and yellow light system of foods that WW talked about. If I find it I’ll send you the link. Yours was better, but oh well!

  8. Thumbs up on this post! Haha I couldn’t resist 😉

    Good for you for avoiding Halloween candy 🙂 I had my one piece and no more- now I’m hiding from it lol.

  9. Thanks for the mention!!
    So sorry about the insurance trouble. We went through the same thing being self-employed. I wish you were in California.. I’d be able to send you to our miracle workers.
    Nice job on the burrito!
    And sorry again about the blog issues. I love HostGator for what it’s worth.
    Hugs to you!

    • Karen

      Fortunately the state of Kansas has a “high risk pool” of which I have been an unhappy member now for several years. Trying yet again to get better and cheaper coverage. Now about your host… didn’t you have some blog trouble after my big malware fiasco? Was that host related?

      • not host related at all. It was me in over my head trying to work on my site. I linked something weirdly and caused the whole thing. Just weird timing with your thing. HostGator actually ran checks for me and even fixed some stuff that wasn’t their job to do. I love them.

  10. This was such a fun post! I just came across your blog and loved reading this. You have done some great things!

  11. It was so nice to have you there but yes, big time suck if you let it. It is an entirely other language but with practice it comes.

    American medical coverage makes me sad, that’s pretty much how I’d sum that up. It shouldn’t be like that!

  12. Can i say how much i love you, the thumbs up, the shoutout, and fitblog!!! I’m so glad you’re getting the hang of twitter and fitblog!!! I love our community! It’s the best in the world!

  13. Mon

    Thanks Karen. I am now following @fitblogchats on twitter! Thanks for the link. What is your twitter handle? I agree too that twitter can be addictive – I have made some great connections there, not only with health/fitness (my main interest) but also some other amazing inspirational people too. Anyhow, thanks for this latest connection – sounds great!

    • Karen

      MeWaistingTime. What I wanted was of course already taken:( I just found you and am now following. Someday I may add a Twitter link on here. Maybe I’ll see you on the chat next Tuesday!

  14. You did some great things! You should be very proud 😉

  15. Making progress, one burrito at a time, is a very good thing, Karen! I’m sorry about the health/isurance issues and can see why it would be a thumb sucking deal. Are there agencies that could help you with the applications? I go to our local senior center to get help with my medicare decisions. I can’t stand to read all the mail that comes to me about medicare from the various providers, but the administrator at our Sr Cntr keeps current with all of it, bless him. Thanks for your comment on my recent post… we’re an interesting pair, aren’t we?!

    • Karen

      We got some help several years ago when we first tried to get individual coverage for the family. But, the can’t do all the hard work – I have to go back 5 years and list every single darn doctor’s visit and medication for the whole family. Aargh. I have learned that the more you use a doctor, the more the insurance companies can screw you.

  16. Some good ones this time around!

    I have not tried Chipotle but I keep hearing that you can make some good choices there…

    We are into the college apps here, too. Although my daughter has narrowed down to one preference and we are feeling very certain she will get in. Now I am helping my son with his grad school quest.

    Good luck with the insurance, hubby and I are oth in the “uninsurable” ranks. We will have to make me an employee of his business and get coverage throguh that if I don’t manage to get a job with benefits. Our only other hope is that they don’t repeal the health care reforms which take out the option to deny for pre-existing conditions. (I always say try being a woman and not having pre-existing conditions!)

    • Karen

      Oh don’t get me started! I really think twice now about seeing the doctor for stuff and risking anything being in my records. Sigh. In the past I did the math and the Chipotle dish I got was like 800 calories! Not so bad I guess if I split it over two meals, which I almost always did. But probably lots of sodium and lots of white rice which I am trying to avoid. But the biggest thing was I thought it might feel like cheating to me and that might head me down the “I’ve cheated so I might as well cheat more” path. Sigh.

  17. Well now that you’re on Twitter I guess we’ll be seeing less of you? I hear it’s worse than Facebook. Seriously tho, thumbs up mama, you’re doing great!

  18. Congrats on surviving Halloween with flying colors! And choosing soup instead of takeout. Awesome thumbs up moments, Karen! Please share your address on Twitter so we can interact with you there too. 🙂

    • Karen

      MeWaistingTime. I am waiting to see if this is a passing whim for me; if I stick with it I will try to figure out how to put a little birdie follow link on here.

  19. I was SOOO dismayed when I learned how many calories were in those Chipotle burrito bowls (I used to get the veggie one) because that was one of our favorite meals to take out on our boat. I have not had one since I started this journey. So, I know the temptation-good for you abstinence is the best policy. Love your thumbs up posts. Refreshing.

  20. Karen, you are killing me! This post is so perfect I don’t know where to begin! Thumbs pressed against my temple and thumb sucking indeed! 🙂

    But I do think it’s great that you can see the big picture: all of us are always going backwards and forwards at once, depending on which part of our lives we’re looking at and it’s important to look at it in pieces to appreciate the progress we’re making in each area. Like you say, “One burrito at a time!”

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