Hot 100 – Week 5 Update

So, which should I share first – the good news or the bad news?

The bad news:  I had a horrible eating week.  Quite an about-face from the week before.

The good news:  I’m still here.  I gave serious thought to quitting the challenge because, quite honestly, it isn’t motivating me.  Clearly I have to find that motivation inside myself.  I went into the challenge somewhat reluctantly, because I had not done well on my last two, yet here I am.  Can’t fault the challenge.  Just as I can’t fault any diet plan I ever attempted.  It always comes down to me.  And this week ME was not cutting it.

What do you do when you have a bad week or bad day or bad binge?  Do you just pick yourself up and go on and consider it water under the bridge?  Do you try to analyze why you slipped or does it not matter to you?  Is it all about getting back to habits or also about the reasons behind the eating?  In the past I would have thought about what led me off track this week.  “Analyzed” it.  Tried to learn from my mistakes.  But maybe I am just too tired of falling of the wagon yet again to look at why I fell.  And I’m not sure it matters what I have to do to get back on, I just need to grab hold and throw my legs up over the side and start riding again.  Honestly, I’m pretty darn worn out with myself at this point and suspect some of you are as well.

So enough of that.  Just had to get it out here and be honest.  Now I need to go back to my voice of optimism.  Woo hoo for optimism.

One thing I do enjoy about the challenge is that I sit here once a week and really think about what obstacles are coming.  (Not that it did me much good to plan for the ones last week… but still.)  So, of course, Halloween is looming.  My plan is to not eat any candy.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s mindset), our neighbors all gather for a pre-trick-or-treating party with pizza and all sorts of amazing homemade dishes from appetizers to desserts.  My plan is to go late and eat dinner at home first, and carry a water bottle in my hand.  Or maybe I need something clever like a magic wand or other costumey item to keep my hands occupied and away from the buffet.

All right… enough rambling.  Let’s get to my goals.  I am thinking some changes are in order again.

  • No Halloween candy.
  • No mindless eating while reading books.  (That 1000 pager was a snacking nightmare.)
  • Eating on plan all week.

I’m looking forward to Monday when Halloween, and its accompanying obsession with candy, will be behind me.  What are you looking forward to?



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68 responses to “Hot 100 – Week 5 Update

  1. Vee

    Holidays are HORRIBLE for me, but this year I won’t be around candy at all so it will be easier. Good idea keeping your hands occupied so you can’t walk around with a plate and drink and still pick up more snacks.

    When I “fall off the wagon”, I acknowledge it and start all over again THAT MOMENT… not waiting for the next day or the next Monday. That minimizes the “damage”.

    Vee at

    • Karen

      I need to follow your example. When I fall off I tend to keep going, all or nothing mentality. Sigh. I love the saying that no one gets fat from one piece of cake.

  2. I’m looking forward to being outside of a car and also, some alone time.

    For me, the best ‘comeback’ to an extravagant week (or month) is simply to move back to center without question or thought. I’m not certain why this works for me, and why I didn’t know about it 20 years ago, but there you have it.

    Have an awesome week!

    • Karen

      Center. See, that may be my problem – no center. Kind of like how you have also found great balance with your eating, in my opinion. I also have been thinking about you a lot this week – your post on beginning at the end.

  3. I’m not on a diet as you probably know. But I do try to eat healthy and correctly most of the time. Diets never keep it off, a life time eating healthy works better. I try not to have apple cake for dinner but sometimes it happens. I ignore it all (or use it for humor on my blog), and eat better the next day. I never “fall off the wagon”. I just go over bumps now and then. Occasionally it is very bumpy, but then my butt becomes better cushioned.

    • Karen

      I know, and you are always so rational about food… and everything in life. Hmmm. Maybe there’s a connection between my anal quirks and my eating. And don’t remind me about that apple cake! And why does that apron not have a bib? Don’t you splatter sauce up high?

      • It does. I finished the apron today and put the bib on. I hadn’t finished it yet. Karen, there is nothing rational about eating apple cake for dinner. The difference between us is the lack of obsessions. I can eat that apple cake then go on the next day as usual. I don’t look back.

  4. I suppose anything is possible, but rigid goals like the ones you list seem to me to be a blueprint for failure, sigh.

    • Karen

      You may be quite right. I actually used to teach a class about goal setting, way back years ago. Of course those were work and business related and I think I was more successful in that arena than my eating:)

  5. Mr. B and I are headed to Biltmore in Asheville, NC for the weekend. Our go-to getaway of choice. Lots of hiking, wandering the gardens and plenty of temptation (if you get my drift!)

    Great post and yes, you already know this, but I’m one of those who is just plain worn out with the whole thing right now. Quit? Never, but mentally exhausted and tired of food being front and center of every minute.

  6. Ah yes, the mindless eating. Horrible little thing. It’s like you KNOW you shouldn’t do it but the arm and hand just keep putting in your mouth. What on earth possesses us to DO that?! I don’t get it either. It needs to stop from both of us (and everyone here!). Stay positive!!!

    • Karen

      I think for me it is a lot of habit. I read Kessler’s book about The End of Overeating and was struck by the section on the whole conditioned response thing. I am like Pavlov’s dog – open a book, think about what I can snack on. Sigh.

  7. Karen, I’m reaching out to you…grab my hand…we can do this! I’m not looking too far ahead — actually, about 5 minutes. I’m looking forward to eating a hard-boiled egg, then hopping on the treadmill and walking for about an hour. Join me!

    • Karen

      Oh you make me smile:) I was actually thinking about hand holding today. And I read a lot of other blogs that made me wonder what we can be doing to help each other right now, besides our comments. Maybe we need a little extra support group:)

  8. Still being here is indeed WONDERFUL news! I am like you…I’ve tried to analyze so much over the years to try to avoid making the same mistakes again. But I’ve recently simply accepted the fact that I have an addiction…and while learning coping technics for my food addiction is important, I’ve learned taht really it is just plain and simple will power that will do it. I can’t avoid food and food situations. Will power (and planning of course).

    Good luck with your pre trick or treat party!!!

    • Karen

      I pretty much know why I overate. And I know the exact moment that my binge started. But I just did not want to think about it and go through the whole “learning from my mistakes” again because clearly I have NOT. Sigh.

  9. Maybe this will make you feel better. I have to go get tested for diabetes in one hour. I’ve been having symptoms (frequent urination at night, blurry vision, and feeling sick after meals), plus it runs in the family.
    I obviously haven’t been diagnosed yet, but this is huge a wake up call for me to finally take care of this body of mine.
    I’m not wishing a health scare on anyone obviously, but if you are healthy, this is something that possibly could motivate you- being that dieting is preventative for lots of things, diabetes included.

    • Karen

      I hope everything turns out okay! My wake up call came years ago with high cholesterol – which is when I started exercising. Unfortunately, it also runs in the family and every one of us is now on cholesterol medication.

  10. You had a great week last week, a not-so-great week this week. I think your plan is right on. With the good week you’re planning you’ll be feeling good again. BTW, I think your goals ARE doable. Concentrate on each day as it comes. You can manage the Halloween candy by force of will–that’s what I’m going to do. Don’t give up your reading, but maybe settle down with your book in a different place (the bath tub?) so that you don’t fall into old, bad habits. You can totally eat on plan this week, too. Think about each day and it’s challenges the night before. Plan what you’re going to do. Plan what you will eat. Go for it. Oh, and yes, you were absolutely right in your comment to my last post, I’m still optimistic about my own progress.

    • Karen

      Thank you for the pragmatic approach:) I am nothing if not pragmatic. One thing I love about you is I always see you smiling, thanks in part to that picture on your blog, but also it comes through in your words. And it makes me smile. Which is nice considering I was having a little pity party for one this week. Sigh.

  11. A part of you wants to get past this Karen or you wouldn’t still be blogging about it!

    I saw the end of an Alton Brown Good Eats episode on the food network and he was talking about losing weight and heating healthy and in his closing remarks he said that it all comes down to having self “discipline” to make the right choices regarding our health!

    For a number of years I didn’t have enough self discipline for eating healthy and being kind to my body for more than a week or two at a time. On again, off again.

    It seems that what ever food plan you have isn’t working for you as you can’t stay on it for very long. Maybe you need to change your “rules” and try something new. Give up the “diet” and try focusing on eating healthy food. I know I have told you this before but just changing my mind set and not “going” on a diet changed everything for me.

    Stop thinking about it as falling off the wagon and having to get back on. That kind of thinking wears a person out and every time you feel like you have “fallen off the wagon” again, you feel like you have failed. What does that do to your self esteem?

    I have been there and done that and it can go on for years. It did go on for years for me. What a waist of time!

    When you look back at the week behind you was the stuff you ate really worth how you feel about it now?

    I have a different mindset these days. I don’t tell myself that I can’t have certain things, I tell myself I can have anything I want to eat.
    Then when faced with a food choice I decide if I really want to eat it, is it what I want right now, is it the best of the best because, I won’t waist my calories on just anything you know.Sometimes I go ahead and eat it, then later I think about that choice and decide that it wasn’t the best one. But I move on to make the next choice a healthy one. When nothing is the “forbidden” food anymore it seems to take away the draw to it because I can have it if I want to.

    If you tell yourself that you can have the Halloween candy if you really want it, maybe it will be less desirable. Sometimes in the past I have played a little game with myself. I won’t eat that “thing” today but if I still want it tomorrow I will eat it then. The next day I usually don’t desire what ever it was anymore.

    You can do this!

    • Karen

      Oh yes, Tami, I want to get past this! Despite my actions seeming to say otherwise, I am determined. Hmmm. I actually think about you a lot. Just today, in fact, while riding my bike. Because you are one of several bloggers out here who really seem to have such a great balance. That seems to be the piece that I struggle with and it comes out in a variety of ways. I am very black and white and all or nothing and need to find the middle ground. I have actually done a lot of questioning lately, that maybe what has always seemingly worked for me in the past has not really worked at all because I am back here again. Thank you for continuing to support me even as I sound like a broken record:)

  12. Yay for optimism. 🙂

    Be nicer to yourself, you deserve it.

    Happy Friday Hottie!

  13. sunnydaze

    I’m looking forward to a weekend of being on plan with eating and exercise and a great weigh-in on Monday.

    What’s done is done. No need to analyze it, just start fresh like nothing ever happened. Thank goodness for new days. Think of where you want o be and what it takes to get there and maybe that will help you stay on track.

    Happy weekend! 😀

  14. Hang in there you can do it!!!

  15. D

    Interesting, I never eat while reading, but I will drink (coffee/tea). Everyone has their own struggles and yet we’re all in this same “boat” – and we have to learn what makes us tick and what makes us tick better! Good for you for being honest. I haven’t done very well either, but I have learned a thing or two.

  16. I’m glad you’re not giving up! I’ve had a bad couple weeks, that are getting cumulatively worse, so I’m looking forward to this weight loss competition with my friends. It will force me to do what I know I need to do and don’t care to do right now. Eat well.

  17. You’re right, sometimes, it’s just a case of “ugh, forget about it and just get past it”. You’re doing the right thing – go you!


  18. Hi Karen – Boy, you and I are very similar! First I salute you for deciding to stick with it for at least another week. I have such a history of being a quitter in this effort, including Deb’s summer challenge, that I’ve decided that I’m staying in even if I gain 20 pounds and binge everyday. God forbid, let it not come to that.

    When I have a bad week or even a binge day, I’ve kind of gotten over trying to analyze it because it doesn’t matter why I floundered. It matters THAT I did, and what I’m going to do about it. I could really track most of my overeating and binge behavior to the late afternoon, and just “wanting” to eat something. And once I start on the wrong choice, the possibility of reigning myself in decreases exponentially.

    Let’s both have a better week. And I love your goal modification…makes sense to abandon what isn’t working and anticipating pitfalls ahead.

    • Karen

      Yes we are:) And I really did think to myself “You can’t just quit this challenge because you are not meeting your goals.” Of course then I thought… maybe I should! But, you see how I ended up tossing that mental coin. I can honestly pinpoint the exact moment (and food) when my week went from great to the opposite of great. Funny how that works. Then from there it is all a blur of crap: crappy food and feeling crappy.

      Okay, enough is enough. You and I are going to have a great evening and a great tomorrow and a great week and…

  19. I’m looking forward to my bed tonight lol. I’m sleeping in and WOE to anyone who thinks to wake me up tomorrow morning!

  20. 1. What do you do when you have a bad week or bad day or bad binge? Do you just pick yourself up and go on and consider it water under the bridge? Do you try to analyze why you slipped or does it not matter to you? Is it all about getting back to habits or also about the reasons behind the eating?

    Karen, I just move on & most times that is not a day or two after.. that is RIGHT after, the same day. I don’t wait to figure it out as most of the times I know why.. either stress from something like money issues or whatever OR depressed from something. If I waited to figure it out, I would never get back on the road to health. I think eventually you need to figure out this back & forth game for you.. it is like you are sabotaging yourself. Are you scared that if you lose the weight, it will be too much pressure to keep it off & the expectations of others….. eventually you need to figure out that part but PLS DO NOT GIVE UP!

    2. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s mindset), our neighbors all gather for a pre-trick-or-treating party with pizza and all sorts of amazing homemade dishes from appetizers to desserts.

    Karen, I am going to write this here rather than in a private email as I hope others that read this will think about this so here goes & I mean this in the most well meaning way & not a “mean” way.

    You say this a lot in your posts – I hope to do this BUT this is coming up or that is coming up…

    OK – WHO CARES!!! That is what I say to myself. I make a plan & stick to it 98-99% of the time. I know this is harder for others but even 90% is a good thing. Karen & others that may read this, you can say “BUT THIS IS COMING UP” more times in a week than we all care to count. There is always going to be something. What ya have to do is plan for success. It is a fact of life that we can’t eat what we want & lose weight. It sucks but it is what it is. AND, many of us have to be more careful than others. I am one of those. I gain easily & I am short & now age… but was like this when I was younger too.

    Karen, I will find that post for you but in the interim, try to make a plan for this party. I am sure there is something healthful there & maybe pick 2 things at the most that you will enjoy BUT make sure they are small pieces & don’t have multiple pieces. I think sometimes you write how once you get started, you feel like you blew it so you just keep going. That needs to stop… plan for a small this or that & you can’t feel guilty as you planned it out. Just stop after one or 2… and eat healthy the rest of the day & eat healthy before hand so you are fuller. IF by chance you eat more.. don’t feel like you might as well eat it all. Stopping is better than how you will feel the next day.

    I know, I am a pain in the arse! BUT, I so want to help you get past this!

    • You know, I had a guitar teacher that was a pain in the arse! She was so mean!! Made me learn what I didn’t want to learn. Playing the guitar is a real treat for me now. I’ve taken a guitar all over the world on my trips.

      I love that lady.

    • Karen

      Okay, let me say that you are so not a pain in any way! And I have to thank you for your continued support and for hanging in there with me while I am being such a knuckle head. You are always honest and have great advice and I am actually sitting here getting a bit emotional typing this as I consider how grateful I am to you. You rock and you are a rock. In the best possible way:)

      I won’t give up; that is not an option. This week I have been kicking myself because I really should be in a different place already. But I still think… know… I will get there. It is just taking me longer than I thought and there is a lot more backsliding than I expected.

      As I read your comment and some of the others I kept coming back in my mind to the middle ground that is sooo not where I live. Maybe by telling myself that I am all or nothing and can’t handle moderation I have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I certainly have been giving thought to changing my approach to things and my thinking. The latter will be harder:)

      I thought I knew what worked for me and what I had to do. Maybe I was wrong. I hope you will not give up on me!

  21. A bunch of nutrition experts I’ve spoken with this year have talked about the 90/10 rule – eat healthy 90% of the time and then cut yourself slack the other 10% because it isn’t the norm anymore. When I set a really specific goal of what not to eat, sometimes that just gives me something to rebel against. If you are really worried about the Halloween party, stay on the other side of the room from the food tables. Or give yourself permission to have a small portion of homemade goodies instead of Halloween candy. And, please remember how far you’ve come, Karen. There was a time when you wouldn’t have actively thought about obstacles at all. Bet you’ll have a great weekend!

    • Karen

      Thanks for the positive spin Shira:) I am a bit gloom and doom this week, very fitting for a dark and spooky holiday. Yep, I may need to get over my all or nothing mentality because it does not allow for that 10%.

  22. ebbs and flows with me. If we were great at this, we wouldn’t most likely still be here. But together, we can do this. Remember, we don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. 80% is great! 🙂

  23. Adina

    After many years of “dieting” and reaching the highest weight of my 43 years, I’m learning, with the help of Weight Watchers and reading as many articles on nutrition I can, that I am in this for life and it’s not a diet. It’s a life plan. It’s healthy eating, making choices that include plenty of food from the Earth … whole foods as close to the way God made them. Do I ALWAYS eat on plan? Heck no! I strive for consistency, not perfection. I figure I’m a work in progress.

    Try not to beat yourself up. Do the best you can at making good choices that will fuel your body. Thinking of food as fuel has been very helpful to me.

    Good luck.

    • Karen

      See what drives me crazy is that I finally thought I had that “lifestyle” not a “diet” thing figured out. I did WW several years ago. Just another one of my yo-yo phases. Got to lifetime and gained it all back, plus. I was the the queen of low point food finds. That was in the days before core. I actually have wondered this week if I should try WW again. Maybe.

  24. Ann

    When I have a bad day or meal, I try to think about why it happened. What went wrong. Why? Not to punish myself, but so I’ll recognize the signs better next time. I think letting myself off the hook and saying, “Oh well, I’ll do better next week.” is one reason I never was successful until now in weight loss.

  25. Glad you’re still in! Just keep thinking positive.

    I have a weeks business trip to Singapore next week. Probably restaurants all week and not much exercise.

  26. YOu just have to keep at it – one day one meal one bite… if you do more good then bad then you will get there. I have a horrible “Im going to quit, get fat and not care, Im not worth it, I will always be like this” mood probually once a month and I sit and remind myself how I felt 50lbs ago. How I want my kid to see me.

    What is stupid is being healthy isnt unpleasant. I make really good healthy food. I like fruits and veggies. I am rocking the exercise but at a drop of a hat those thoughts go RIGHT OUT OF THE WINDOW… and I return to the food that makes me feel slow and like crud.

    This can be done!!!

    Just keep coming back 🙂


    • Karen

      I know! When I eat crap I feel crappy. So then why do it again? Sigh. Of course I personally am not a veggie fan and have to make a conscious effort to eat them.

  27. I don’t know, I wish I had the answers. I guess the key is getting back on track even after a bad week. It’s when we don’t get back in the saddle or on the wagon that re-gain gets out of control..

  28. One day at a time. If you slip, you’re only one meal or snack away from being back on track.

    I remember reading “You on a Diet” and this stuck with me. You have a goal. A destination. If you’re driving down the highway, and you mess up and miss your exit, and realize you keep going? No, of course not. You make a YOU turn and get back on track as soon as you realize you got off course. Right?

    So you had a bad week. That doesn’t mean next week has to be a bad week. Back on track. the past is the past.

    You are a real inspiration to me and I love your blog.

    I’m looking forward to Monday. I am not dreading halloween too badly because well, and I feel bad about this, but as you know, my kids are grounded and can’t go trick or we’ll have a set amount of candy to pass out and will not have any left over.

    I still think we all need to come up with some kind of holiday support thingy so as not to freak out about all the food coming up.

    It’s inanimate. It’s a thing. Isn’t it amazing the emotions food evoke in us??

    • Karen

      Okay – I love, love that highway analogy! Love it!! As for the support thing, I have been thinking about something too, because I know I am not alone with my struggling lately. Not a challenge! Maybe an email check in? Ideas?

  29. I don’t usually spend too much time analyzing it. I usually know “why”, its almost always related to stress, but I also feel like it would be easy to use that as an excuse… often I ate that chocolate bar because I like chocolate… and then I ate the next thing because I have an all or nothing attitude that tells me, “you messed up already, might as well eat!”.

    So now I usually just tell myself that whatever happened, there was really no excuse for me to eat like that, regardless of the situation, I can choose my response to it.

    Then after telling myself that I get back on track and let the past be the past.

    • Karen

      That all or nothing thing really messes me up. Did you read the great highway analogy in the comment before yours?

      “You have a goal. A destination. If you’re driving down the highway, and you mess up and miss your exit, and realize you keep going? No, of course not. You make a YOU turn and get back on track as soon as you realize you got off course.”

  30. I look forward to another day, week, month, year with more successes than the past…

    More kindness and awareness for myself…

    I look forward to eating healthier and moving more…

    If I can do that then…well, than I am living a healthy lifestyle…that is what I want,

  31. You said you might give Bombshell’s blank wall a try this week? Well, what about asking the blank wall what you really want. Or maybe try my 10-things list technique… 10 Things I Really Want… Because that’s what seems to be under your yo-yo thing. Do you really want to be free of the obsession to overeat and binge? Do you really want to be fully in control of your eating? Do you want to understand your eating impulses? Do you want to follow a specific eating plan every moment, every day of your life? Do you want to feel “normal” about eating? What’s under this post, Karen? Maybe the answer is on the blank wall….

  32. PS… Maybe this is too late for your party, but I just thought about going as an accident victim with a broken jaw, wired shut… accomplished by duct tape and a heavy black marking pen… Haha… you wouldn’t have to talk… just body language, and joy of joys, you wouldn’t eat anything at all!

  33. Hang in their Karen, only 2 days till Halloween and all the temptations will be out of sight, out of mind. I’m giving the kid a few days with his bag then it’s going in the garbage!

  34. I am sure my idea is too late for the party too, but I was thinking straightjacket with the mouth guard. 🙂

    Karen, you are right, this challenge, nor any other challenge, will make you do the right things. They are just tools, which can help. You have to find that burn inside yourself though. Karen, you can do this. Don’t let a bad week get you down. You CAN do this!

  35. Sounds like you have a great plan.

    I’m accepting my trainers challenge NO CANDY on Oct 31.
    Seems like a no brainer but it is the day for sugar.

    Have a great week ya Hottie.

  36. Genie@dietof51

    Hi Karen,

    I have no wisdom or advice to offer. I’m either on or off; there’s no in-between.

    Really, I haven’t had time to obsess about it lately, so that’s good. Of course, the bad news is that my weight is on the upswing, due to comforting myself over the stress of my new job.

    You seem to have such a good life. Be grateful for that, and find your zone. That’s all I can say…

  37. My post tomorrow will be about goals. Goals are essential tools to success, but if not approached properly, they can be frustrating and hinder success.

    Your three goals mentioned seem sound. The first two shouldn’t be where you see much challenge. I guess for some the halloween candy will be a monumental challenge, andif it is, you just have to get ot out of the house. The third goal could be a trip-up waiting to happen; it all depends on how rigid the plan is you intend to follow.

    Good Luck – Have a great week!

  38. You can do this Karen. I’m glad you are sticking with it!

  39. Don’t give up! Always look inside yourself for your personal motivation. You’ll find what you’re looking for. It’s not in contests, it’s not in people around you (although both help), what you need is yourself to believe in you. When you find that, you will achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to. 🙂

  40. Amy

    Karen, I just found your site…and I’m sure you hear/read this all the time, but man, you sound like me. Yo-yo’ing all the time, falling off the wagon, trying to get back on, trying to finally find peace with my relationship (obsession) with food. It’s the one area that I absolutely can have control in but yet time and time again I am control-less. Love your words, but don’t love your struggles because they are the same for me…and oh how I loathe them! It’s is nice to know that I am not the only one out there that thinks these things…

    • Karen

      Kinda sad that we have so much company in this struggle:( Thanks for visiting and commenting. Do you have a blog I can check out?

      • Amy

        Hehe…well, yes…but I warn you it’s based on my decorating hobby, not health. I’ve been at this hobby for about 6 years now…and in the beginning it was a real problem for me (eating wise). Now it’s just there, and I can either keep the hobby because I love doing it, or give it up completely b/c I can’t control “taste testing”, etc. So I am happy to say that now it’s not a problem…just everything else in life is 🙂 I did have a blog a couple years ago on my struggles w/ eating and getting fit…but at the time just wasn’t committed in keeping up with it.

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