I love a good analogy.  Maybe because I am a visual person; analogies help me see a picture in my mind.  Maybe because I appreciate good word play.  For whatever reason, I love ’em.  And for months now, I have been keeping track of some of my favorites that have popped up on the blogs I follow.  There are some very clever writers out there!

So for your reading and thinking pleasure, here are some summaries of analogies that have caught my attention.  I encourage you to check out the original posts for the full vision.

Cammy stumbled upon a weight loss/maintenance parallel while washing windows.  “Life happens and every now and then we’ll likely need to do a little cleaning up, a bit of polishing here and there. Maybe not all of our issues at once. Maybe not all in the same year. But we’ll never reach a point where we can say, ‘There. I’ll never have to do that again.’”

Diane shares lessons from the zoo and sees her former obese self and her current active self in the animals.  She never wants to go back to being the hippo!

Anna found similarity in her recent job change and weight loss.  “…my relationship with food is more like my relationship with the job I’m leaving. I know it’s not the best thing for me, I know living a life of eating healthy and exercising leads to a longer, happier life, and yet I struggle with letting go.”

Sharon found her inner strength thanks to a tree struck by lightening.  “Strength comes from within and it is from within that we find life.  It is from within that we find wisdom to change and courage to ask for the things we need.”

Tami lay awake in bed after technology issues with her computer and realized how that situation with her laptop was also a metaphor for living a healthy lifestyle.  “I am doing so many things right and with just a few tweaks here and there, and perhaps throwing out something that isn’t quite working, I can extend my years of optimal health and enjoy those years even more since I will be at my peak performance!”

Bobbie had an anniversary epiphany about how similar marriage is to being on a weight loss journey.  One of her several points is that “You have to be willing to make some sacrifices and concede at times.”

Lisa found a great lesson in a story about a little boy shoveling snow, clearing a huge pile.  “We can all succeed with one little shovel full at a time.  It will add up and look like a snowplow did the work….but we will know that it took one little step in the right direction over and over and over.”

Shira was reminded of life after weight loss while watching the series finale of Lost.  For many viewers, the ending “wasn’t what they wanted or expected after years of devotion.”  But as Shira so succinctly put it – “Life doesn’t’ magically change.”

Genie found her analogy to dieting thanks to a parenting goof.  She wrote that there is “no value in beating myself up for messing up, including eating a big, unplanned bowl of cereal last night shortly before going to bed. Pay more attention and do better next time… learn!”

Jan found her analogy in a discussion with her father about the vagaries of church attendance and the realization that we need to practice “ordinary time” – “…practicing throughout the year; practicing forever.”

Cheryl paints a great visual of boxing techniques and how they can be used to make progress when experiencing challenges reaching your goals.  Flexibility is key.  “Don’t get so locked into the route you’re taking to get to your destination that you miss your big move… Don’t let a little pop to your ego derail you from staying in the ring long enough to get the win.”

Anne wondered what would happen if she approached her relationship with food and how she eats with the same energy as her relationship with sleep.  “It seems SO simple when I look at it like this.  To me, it was profound, a huge light bulb moment, an AH-HA! moment.”

Kirsten realized that the grass really isn’t greener in her neighbor’s muddy yard or in how she was treating her own body.  “How many times am I going to replant before getting what I want? What can I do today to stop muddying my journey with self-sabotaging thoughts and choices?”

Dawne’s analogy of how an elephant is tamed compared to the power of food in her life is incredibly powerful.  “…years later, the giant elephant remains held in bondage by something that really has no power to control him, except the power he chooses to give it.”

Melinda drew many great lessons from her recent participation in a triathlon.  She sums it up with this one:  “Don’t give up.  You can finish the race, too.  And through the eyes of a child, we’re a hero no matter if we come in first place or last.”

Siobhan asked how dieting is like housework.  “You can do an awesome job getting it all done one day and the next day you have to do it all over again.”

Sunny made me smile when she said, “I always, always make very conscious decisions about the worthiness of eating less than healthy food or even portions of healthy food.  “Is it worth it?”  “How much will I regret it, if at all?”  Kinda, actually, like I told my daughters about pre-marital sex.  LOL”

Jules may have found the perfect analogy for us all:  why blogging is like dieting.  She has several great points including how comments are like the scale and how in blogging, just like dieting, we can hit plateaus.

I’d love to have you share other analogies that you have read or come up with yourself  – about anything, healthy living or totally unrelated.  Analogize away!



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30 responses to “Analogical

  1. My brain is exploding from reading all of those analogies….I often think I’ve learned just about everything there is to know, and then I read those snippets and realized there is still so much more of which I need to be aware. I especially liked Siobhan and Cammy’s housework comparisons — reminders that no matter how terrific we get things looking one day, the next day the actions need to be repeated. Hmmmm…..that would explain all of the dust under my bed and the roll of fat that remains around my middle.

    • Karen

      Yep, housecleaning and healthy living, unfortunately I would probably avoid both if I could. Sigh. But wait – doesn’t vacuuming count as cardio?!

  2. Great post, as always. Juggling. Getting to goal (and staying there) is like juggling. A great many things to pay attention to and none can be ignored for long.

  3. Lots of great lessons here! Wonderful post Karen!!!! I have said a few myself but love the “life doesn’t magically change”. Like that, neither does our weight. People want to eat everything they want yet still lose weight & heck, it just does not happen that way… it ain’t magic nor rocket science, it is hard work! 🙂

  4. A very visual person myself. Lately I have been visualizing on words of the day to keep my motivational fire stoked. Sports analogies are a dime a dozen. But they can draw a great visual and apply to us common folk well at times too…

    You Can’t Score if You Don’t Shoot
    …yep, you can’t be healthy if you don’t try to do something healthy

    Be The Ball
    …it all starts with the basics, we have to understand the simplest aspects of being healthy before we can master the lifestyle; we have to be the ball before we can score with it

    And one of my favorites; Face Your Fears
    …being obese is scary, but getting healthy can be even scarier. We need to accept fear and tackle it head-on. As we learn and get started we must focus on the easy and then slowly add in the difficult, those approached to being healthy that both make us nervous but which we also believe we can benefit from and replace the present fear with confidence once we face that fear.

    • Karen

      Years ago when I used to work in my company’s training and development department, we used a Wayne Gretsky quote a lot… about him aiming not where the puck is but where it is going to be.

  5. This post is going to take a long time to work through…I remember some of these, others I don’t think I’ve read! I want to read them all. Funny how rereading the one I wrote about the tree immediately brought to mind a follow-up. Watch for it!!

    • Karen

      I thought about breaking this up into multiple posts. But then I figured how would I decide which to do now and which to do later? I’ve had this written for a while and been saving the analogies for ages!

  6. Oh I agree with Sharon…this is a post to save and come back to…I was thinking that about half way through..boy this is a great one..I will have to come back to it..I LOVE ANALOGIES..and boy am I glad I read all the way through before marking it..Thank you for the shout out..

  7. Karen thanks for going to so much work to write this post and include all the links! I look forward to checking them out.

    Thank you for the shout out too!

    Like many others already said I have to bookmark this post and come back to it when I need to boost my motivation.

  8. Wow, its going to take some time to read all of those! I wrote an analogy about my weight loss here: Where I compare my weight loss struggles to a NASCAR race.
    I want to read all of these, so I’m going to have to come back to this post when I have more time, right now my son needs the computer for homeschool.

  9. THANK YOU for introducing me to some wonderful bloggers to go visit/perhaps share this journey with! 🙂

  10. Great post- some of these quotes definitely put things into a different perspective for me 🙂

  11. I love reading quotes like this. They’re ideal for when you need a pick me up for the journey. 🙂


  12. AFG

    Oh my gosh thanks for the mention. That’s an oldie of mine and honestly I forgot about it! 🙂

  13. Holy Cow! Now I have to go read all those posts!
    I do love to find new blogs I havent’ read yet.
    Thanks for all the leads. There were some in there I don’t know at all.

  14. Hi Karen! Thanks for including me in your analogy run-down and unmasking my obsession with all things LOST, even after the series concluded. Love your writing and always enjoy your insights. 🙂

  15. Great post! I love a good analogy! Keep ’em comin, sista 🙂

  16. My husband and I started watching House a couple months ago and are up to season three–this post reminded me of House b/c he often uses analogies to explain what is going wrong inside someone’s body. Love that show! Hmmm…well, this isn’t an analogy but I can turn it into one. A famous Wayne Gretzky quote is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” which easily translates into any aspiration you have in life. If you don’t try, you are guaranteed never to make it. We have to try, even if it’s scary.

    • Karen

      My teen and hubby love House and watch together every week. Somehow I never got interested. Maybe I need to go back to the old seasons like you did. When I used to be an HR trainer we also used a Gretzky coach about aiming for where the puck is going to be, instead of where it is. I had not heard the one you shared before and love it:)

  17. Oh man..this is one of my most favorite posts of all time. And not just because you quoted me! 🙂

  18. Ahhhh, the housecleaning comment. It’s so true. A little bit of work every day makes more of a difference than letting things pile up for a mega-cleaning — kinda like how you can’t diet 4 days a week and let go Fri-Sun and expect to lose any weight.

    for me healthy living and fitness is like marriage.

    I need to get up every single solitary morning and recommit.

  20. Here’s one for ya: Eating well is like reading your blog, the more I do it, the better I feel!!! ❤ ya twin!

  21. Holy Smokes, you read a lot of blogs! How many do you read that haven’t had any good analogies lately?? Wonderful post, inspiring and now thanks to you I have more cool blogs to read too! 🙂

  22. Genie@dietof51

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for quoting me. I’m not sure if my bowl of cereal was an analogy, but I appreciate being included with the deep thinkers!

    Now I’m going to go upstairs to walk on my treadmill, which is an analogy for my life. Walk, walk, walk, but never get anywhere….

    Keep analogizing!

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