Hot 100 – Week 3 Update

My week was very much a dieting version of Jekyll and Hyde.

The second half of the week I met my goals and ate well for every meal and snack, not overeating once.  Pretty darn close to perfect:)  The first half of the week… well… let’s just say that I not only didn’t come close to meeting my goals, but I ate and ate and ate and much of it was not food that could be considered even remotely healthy.

I’m not going to even try to learn something from my recent weekend bingapaloosa.  I had house guests and that lead to more temptation than is usually in my face.  From breakfast foods to barbecue take-out to wedding cake, the list was long.  I had great plans in place for the wedding but by the time that rolled around I was deep in the grips of a major sugar/junk overload that sucked me in and spit me out at the end of the weekend, feeling bloated and remorseful.  Here is what I know:  when I am eating well all the time, I can handle social situations and occasional splurges.  When I am struggling and not eating well all the time, I can’t handle them.

But I am back on track.  Really on track.  I am taking advantage of my husband being out of town to go back to basics and it is working.  Just a few days and I already feel better, physically and mentally, and the momentum is building in the right direction again.  Between now and my next challenge update I have one potential land mine – book club.  I have no idea what will be served but am hoping for at least one healthy nibbling option in what I suspect will be a smorgasbord of temptation.  I’m not going to think about it yet.  Much.

As for goals, I really want to change mine again.  A woman’s prerogative, as the saying goes.  Bottom-line is that I want to stay on plan with my eating.  That’s it.  I know the specifics of what that entails, so while it sounds vague, it really isn’t.  I’m going to keep my three other goals for now, but in my mind, it really is about the bigger picture of my overall eating.


  • No bread or white flour/grains.
  • No junk food.
  • A continued effort to to drink more water or water-equivalent beverages.
  • Stay on plan.

So I am writing off the first part of last week and focusing on the second half.  I feel good.  Optimistic.  And I’m bidding a not-so-fond farewell to Mr. Hyde.



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41 responses to “Hot 100 – Week 3 Update

  1. Here’s hopingnthat next week is just like the second half of this week!

  2. Hi Karen – I seem to relate with you virtually every time you post. I’ve thought of you the last few days – knowing we were both “doing well”, and when I felt tempted, that thought of doing it together helped me stay the course.

    I’ll post my update in a little bit, but I had a much better week in most ways and am hoping for another. But the land mines about which you spoke are out there in force for me this week, beginning on Sunday. I’ll write about it all when I post. But I’m glad you’re on track, and i love the way you modify your goals as you move along. It makes sense as we are not static individuals. May we both have good week 4s!

  3. Sorry to double dip, but I’m insanely curious about what book your group read recently. My group disbanded over a year ago and I miss it. It was an eatin’ group also – and we tried to do food prep according to theme of the book! I have some good suggestions for you for books I’ve read recently and would love to hear any from you!

    • Karen

      I have to admit that I can’t remember the title and I didn’t read it! I never do that! But it did not look interesting and it was long and I have a huge, huge stack of books to get to. My mom buys hardcovers and passes them on to me, but now I spend so much time reading blogs that I rarely pick up a book. I do love suggestions though… eventually I will need to have one for my own book club pick. That said, I am going to start Ken Follett’s new book soon. It is huge!

  4. Karen, I don’t need to remind you that, at your book club, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to eat….unless you are discussing a murder-mystery and then go ahead because it is probably your last meal.

    • Karen

      Oh that was very funny:) It is not them – it is me and my own self control or lack thereof. Okay… I need to be strong. I can do it. It’s only a few hours. Self pep talk.

  5. Ewa

    Good luck at the book club. Is it a potluck? If not, maybe eat sth healthy before you go there so hunger does not make it more difficult for you.

    • Karen

      Nope. Hostess provides stuff. After dinner so I will get a healthy meal in. But then we sit with food right in front of us. Sigh.

  6. Since I am allergic to everything, I would go to the bookclub and not get to eat any of the food because it was all made with eggs.

  7. Eh it happens, you’ll be fine- maybe next time allow one or two things to eat rather than try to not eat anything? And things I do to avoid food in situations are drink a lot of water or keep myself busy with any tasks that need to be done.

  8. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that when you are eating right you can handle the social situations so much better. I will actually add that when I’m doing well and on track with my eating…that I can handle SOOO much more temptations and eating situations. IT really is the snowball effect!

  9. When I am on track (I agree much easier when hubby is away) I eat before book club and then have no problem turning things down. They have all seen my weight loss and o not harrass me about not eating the dessert. Good luck with yours!

  10. Good bye, Hyde; Welcome, Jekyll! Good specifics for the week ahead, good optimism, good let go, good focus on what works! Yay, Karen!

  11. Ron

    We all have some bad days once in awhile, you just got your bad days overwith.. glad your back on track.

  12. I’m so glad you ended the week well and feel strong in that place.
    And you know.. a book club is one small event. A few hours. The thing I have to work on is allowing that to just be. My goal would be to eat perfectly, but the bottom line is, if you eat something “extra” well… you do. Leave it there at that event. Come home and be your healthy self. There is no way that will ruin your week. Only if you let it start a binge will it be a problem.
    Sometimes I think we should “diet” like we’re already in maintenance and just living “thin”. Some days you eat a bit too much. Maybe you make it up with an extra workout.
    Doesn’t have to be such a big deal.
    Talking to myself here too…

    • Karen

      I talk to myself when I comment on blogs too:) Do you read Cammy’s blog? She wrote a great post a while back about beginning where you want to end. Basically, choosing how you can eat for life and start with that instead of “dieting” then modifying later. It was very smart. I think my goal will indeed be to stay on plan through book club. Dinner out with friends next weekend is another story! (No pun intended there.)

  13. Karen, I wrote this huge comment that get lost somewhere & I am so mad.. I don’t want to type it all over again.. but I will try to make it shorter.

    My main point is that you have to figure out how to handle your special occasions & get togethers…. make it about you & not them. Make a plan & go to that occasion & stick to your plan no matter what. I have done this for years & believe me, after a while, people get used to you bringing your own food or maybe just not eating cause you ate first or maybe just eating a little bit of salad cause you don’t want the rest & pulling a protein bar out of your purse. I don’t care what people think anymore cause it is about me & my health & it should be about you & what you want for you.

    The gist was that “special occasions” happen all year long & can be just about every day…. I have a very old post on this that I will find & send to you.

    Karen, you know that email stuff never comes out the way you want it to so I mean this in the nicest way & I hope you know that.

    But for you, the question & challenge is why you let these things control you. You can bring your own stuff to that book club & screw the rest of them. If they don’t like it, too bad. Maybe they will decide to do healthy book club meets after a while.. but if not, it is about what is right for you, not them.

    As for the family stuff & such.. I know! I grew up in a food eating family & they would love to try to push stuff on me after I lost my weight & ate what I wanted, not what they wanted me to eat at gatherings. After a while, they knew they could not change me.

    I hope you find a way to get past this area of your life that seems to come back & haunt you because this is where you seem to go backwrds….. these gathereings….

    Yes, every so often, you may want to enjoy but doing it at too many of them is not a good thing as there are always too many & in your life.. YIKES so many!

    Really, I meant this in the nicest of ways…. I do think your challenge is understanding you in those situations & why they control you… make it about you. You are worth it!

    • Karen

      Thank you so much for taking the time to do that comment twice! And for giving me your honest feedback. I do clearly have some issues that I need to figure out. Reading this I think there are multiple pieces for me: the temptation itself and having the self control to not eat certain things or to eat them in moderation, and the aspect of social eating. The latter part is actually the more complicated one. Once I wrote a post about wondering who in my life was noticing as my weight went up and down. I have never been obese, just overweight, so I really have no idea what anyone thinks. (Other than when I have lost and had comments about that, of course.) So I guess I am very much on the down-low with my eating, not wanting to draw attention to myself. If that makes sense. The self control part is another issue all together. I would like to think that I would someday live a life of maintenance where I can indulge with moderation. Either in social settings or like you do with your weekend cookies or bagels out. Right now, that is clearly not working for me. But I actually am optimistic that I will get there. The funny thing is that I don’t know when I got so out-of-control about this stuff… I know I was not always like this. Okay… rambling… sorry. You gave me a lot to think about and I always appreciate your input:)

  14. First congrats to you for getting back on track! You didn’t let a slip turn into an all out slide! You got back on track and that is awesome!

    I had my own toe dip in the pool of bad eating this week with my two handfuls of peanut butter filled pretzels!

    Jody took the words right out of my mouth! I also like what Teresa said.

    Enough said. Keep building on those good days!

  15. Biz

    I too sometimes find that I am either “totally on” or waffling – I wish I could string together more of the totally on days together!

    And I am going to a chicken wing place for dinner – yikes – wish me luck! 😀

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with staying on track.

  17. Sounds like a great plan, Ms. Jekyll! Make sure you sit on the side of the room away from the food table during book club and have a lovely weekend!

  18. I’m with you. When I’m doing well, I do great. It’s a process … two steps forward, but hopefully just one step back before you go back to the two steps forward again. And then one day they are all steps forward!

  19. Ah Karen, you’ve fallen and you’ve jumped back up. It’s the getting up part that counts! You’re already stronger, and you will make it Hyde-free through next week. Blessings!

  20. Ann

    All right. No more Mr Hyde. I mean it. I think the social situation is so hard to master, but if this is to be a life long change, we have to find a way. I love the way you never give up.

  21. I am glad you are back on track and not beating yourself up. I hope you did enjoy what you ate, too.

    Book club: Have you thought about adding more calories to your budget for that day? Like say 500?
    Or plan to eat one or tow items that you find interesting.
    Or eat first?
    Or bring something that you can eat?

    • Karen

      Thanks for the ideas. I will indeed eat first; we meet after dinner. That is the best plan for me, combined with superwoman willpower:)

  22. Great job on the rest of the week!!

  23. LOL–I had the same thing happen! I started off the week poorly (birthday cake and pizza and then I continued my celebrating through half the week) and then finally got back on track. It is really amazing how horrible bad eating makes you feel, doesn’t it? And amazing that we still reach for the foods that are nutritionally poor and make us feel yucky just because they are so delicious! I’m with you on doing better this week–I want to eat the stuff that makes me feel great!

  24. AFG

    Screw Mr. Hyde. And here’s to being back on track! 🙂

  25. M

    man oh man… do I see my blog post here or what?! I named my evil twin Betty… She’s been really winning the battle this week… but like you know a few losses aren’t the whole war…

    Keep going sister… you can do it!
    XOXO M

  26. Genie@dietof51

    Hyde has come out of hiding! Congrats!

  27. Good job getting back on track — that’s the important part of this week, right? You didn’t use the bad first half to write off the second half. That’s all you can do after stepping off the track for a few days.

  28. I think you should be proud that you made the mid-week switch. It’s not easy to eat bad in the beginning of the week… and then turn around and finish the week off well. Props to you for that!

  29. You know my opinion, sometimes changing goals is a good thing. Back to basics, as they say. Now, off to a repeat of the second half of last week, right?

  30. Karen! It’s so wonderful to meet you! I found ya through Dawne! She is a total gem.. love her so much!

    I totally get the whole Jekyll and Hyde cycle.. oh boy do I!

    So glad that you are back on track, and feeling strong!!

    Hope you have a beautiful day!

  31. That’s what it’s all about right? Getting back up after we fall, over and over again!!! You’re doing it Karen! Keep up the good work of the second half of the week.

  32. I really think that you are going to have a great week this coming week!

  33. traveling for work so im late to this but had to chime in.
    for me LOTS of times it is all about the harnessing my husbands travel time to set a new routine (my new plan is yoga :)) and then lovingly dragging his at times unwilling arse into said routine when he returns.


  34. I toyed around w/ the idea of joining a book club, but I don’t think I’d ever get the damn thing read. LOL.

    I love reading. I just don’t have the time. So many things on the go, it’s unbelievable.

    Hoping for a better week for you.

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