Hot 100 – Week 2 Update

I met every one of my challenge goals this week:

  • No bread or white flour/grains.
  • No junk food.
  • A continued effort to to drink more water or water-equivalent beverages.

I’d like to say “yippee, yahoo, hooray” and do a little (calorie burning) happy dance, but I have to be honest and say that while I met those goals, I could have done better.  I fell back into my habit of snacking in the evenings when I wasn’t hungry.  I’m not beating myself up over it but, as I said, I would like to do better.  And I know I can.  I also recognize that my behavior this week might fall into the category of what I have in the past referred to as:  cheating without really cheating.  So this week I am going to work on the evening snacking, unofficially, along with my other goals.

Week three brings some major stumbling blocks so a temporary revision to my goals is in order.

We have a family wedding reception Saturday night.  I suspect the evening will bring many hours of appetizers and no real meal.  My goal for that night is just to eat reasonably.  Not go overboard.  Not end up feeling stuffed.  I’m going to have a healthy mini-dinner before I go so I don’t arrive hungry.  And we will have family in town from sometime Friday until sometime Sunday.  So my goals for that are to stay on plan as much as possible, making the healthiest choices given what food is around me.  Unfortunately, I will probably not be able to keep up with my exercise routine while I am hosting:(

Other goals:  I will not pre-cheat or post-cheat!  I am going to stay on track 100% of the time that I am not involved with social eating.  And I am not going to let that social eating send me over the edge with a major derailment.  This will be good practice for the coming holidays.  Week two was better than week one.  Week three will be even better:)

How was your week?  Any thing coming up in your life that might make it hard to stay on track?



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38 responses to “Hot 100 – Week 2 Update

  1. Well done on meeting all of your goals this week. It’s a powerful motivator when you commit to something and achieve it.

    Family events are always a logistical nightmare, all we can do is muddle through. Wise choice about the healthy dinner before the reception 🙂

  2. hahaa. “This will be good practice..for the holidays.”

    You know, as I was reading your plan, that is exactly what I thought–then you said it. 😀

    I have to especially work on the “pre-cheat and post-cheat”. I was just thinking that yesterday. Like, what is up with that? I get anxious over the possibility of the “big meal”–worried that it will derail me–and my solution? I binge before hand! sigh. If I just stayed on plan before, only ate at the event meal, and got right back to plan afterwards, there would probably be little damage and an evening enjoyed. sigh. sigh. sigh.

    Here’s to us getting this done right!


    Oh, and I totally know what you mean by cheating without cheating. Yep. I know.

  3. YES! I think I hear a new determination in your voice. You’re doing it. I think your plan for the wedding is great. A pre mini-meal is a great idea. You might wear clothes that are a smidge tight to to help remind you. Great job.

    • Karen

      I might wear clothes that are a smidge tight because my clothes might just be a smidge tight:( Actually, I need to go start the depressing search for what to wear. Even at my thinnest this is always a chore and challenge. Sigh.

  4. Yes, I have a week of business travel (to Singapore) in early November, and 8 days of vacation in early December, they are both going to challenges. Well done on your week!

  5. Well done on meeting your goals. Wedding and other things of that sort can be hard especially when the options are limited.

  6. Well done meeting all your goals. Everything else I would say here is what Deb said! I really get the whole “eating in anticipating of event eating” mindset. Utterly crazy. I think you are making genuine progress – a day at a time.

  7. sunnydaze

    Congratulations on a great week! Good motivation to get you geared up for another OP week!

    Enjoy the wedding.

  8. Great week! Unfortunately, I succumb to the night-time snacking as well. I will work on this in week three. Good plan for the wedding reception. Best wishes.

  9. At least you are trying and did better- don’t lose sight of the good things you have done 🙂

    My week’s been very good and next week I’m moving back to phase 1 and I’m going to try to stick to those two weeks (until my interview) so that I ensure my suit fits and I’m tired of seeing the scale not budging!

  10. Congrats on a week of meeting your goals! Sounds like you have a good plan for the wedding the weekend too. I often pre eat for such events and I will even stash some healthy eats in my purse to munch on as well. A little bag of almonds,dried apricots and some dark chocolate can keep me from the dessert tray if I think it might trigger more eating!

    Wishing you much success as you move forward.

    I am faced with eating challenges every weekend. We have a group of friends we dine out with on Sunday after church every week.

    Most often Sunday nights we all get together (after having eaten lunch out mind you) and have dinner together. The hosting couple makes the main entree and the rest bring the appetizer, salad and dessert.

    This group is not a group of healthy eaters either. From time to time someone might be trying to drop a few pounds. Now one of the other ladies is having some dietary health issues so she is eating gluten free,sugar free and no white stuff! Finally I am not alone!

    I usually pre eat some protein and fiber before going. I skip the appetizers unless there is fruit or veggies involved. I just don’t have room for the extra calories. I take a small portion of the entree and load up on the salad or the veggie side dish if there is one.

    I usually take some fresh fruit and Greek yogurt for my dessert. Sometimes dessert might be something I chose to eat like sorbet with fresh berries, the raw berry crisp or coconut bliss frozen dessert. It all depends on who is bringing it that night. I usually offer to bring the salad or a side dish so that I know it will be something I can have plenty of.

  11. Amy

    Great job on your goals… gotta give yourself some slack! 🙂

  12. Girl, that is so great! Staying away from bread and white flour is SO HARD–good for you! I’m so glad you’re doing better, even if you are cheating without cheating (lol–I like that phrase). My bday is today and I’m not depriving myself of pizza and cake at the party but like you, I’m not going to let that turn into a stumbling block that sets me up for overeating the rest of the week. It’s my birthday and I will celebrate and I will move on! Let’s do it! woo-hoo! Good luck, Karen.

  13. Great job meeting your goals this week. Did you have to remind me that holidays are coming up??? LOL. Enjoy your guests.

  14. Good job on the goals! Snacking is tough! Even when it’s healthy snacking. I opened some pecans and ate WAY too many! I made a nice healthy dinner low carb, lots of protein and fiber but ate too much. Hunger didn’t have anything to do with it. It was just nummy! So I hear you! Stick with it and stay positive!

  15. Congrats on meeting your goals for the week! 🙂

    Might I offer a suggestion about that evening snacking? I wonder if you can’t find a way to work it into your calorie allowance (if you count calories) that way you won’t have to feel so guilty about it? I’m the kind of girl that has to have dessert after dinner, so I just keep it moderate and work it into my allowance and then I don’t feel guilty. What do you think? Just a suggestion.

    I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Karen

      I’m not a calorie counter. I actually have been thinking about going old school like that again. I am going to really work on this evening thing this week.

      • Karen, I’ve been thinking about counting calories again also…at least for a few days to see where I am going wrong. I did this once, a couple of years ago, and learned that I had eaten my entire day’s calorie allotment by noon. I know I must be overeating, or I wouldn’t be stuck at this plateau for an entire month. Good luck to you with your party this weekend — you sound well-prepared for it.

  16. What is it about the evenings that has us reaching for the snacks – i’m exactly the same, and it’s sometimes a real struggle. Congrats on hitting your hot 100 goals.

    I think i’ll join you on making that an unofficial goal to work on for the coming week.

  17. You did great!!! Bread and snacking at night are my biggest things right now. So, I admire you for leaving out the bread and I’m right with you this week on the snacking.
    Week 3 is going to be great!

  18. Good for you meeting your goals and for your adjustments/additions to them for this week.

    I’m wondering if you had thought about eating a full meal befor the wedding and not eating anything there. Nobody would notice. Just a thought.

    However you choose to do it, I know you’ll be able to stick to it. Hope it’s a fun wedding celebration.

  19. Great work on your goals! Good luck with your upcoming challenges — you have a plan to deal with them and that’s a great first step.

  20. Ah, cheating without cheating … I know that well, Karen! =)

    Good luck for the challenges in the coming week – you can DO it because you are so WORTH it! Just imagine how GREAT you’re gonna feel once the week is over.

  21. You sound quite fired-up here. Kicking goal butt and getting it done.

    Have a good weekend!

  22. Hi Karen.. been out all day! I know you can do this! Make a plan & don’t let anyone, INCLUDING FAMILY who love to do this, keep you from your goals!

    Me, all our bdays & celebrations plus the holidays from Sept thru January.. YIKES! BUT, I tend to do OK.. with my plan in tact! 🙂

  23. Meeting all your goals – woot! Room for improvement – woot too! That gives you something to work toward.

  24. Woohoo! You met all your goals! That is fantastic. Week 3 is going to be great for you.

    I have been under a lot of stress this week, but I am taking care of myself and eating healthy foods! What good does it do if I’m stressed out and feeling like crap because of bad food choices?! Eating well is actually helping me stay calmer I think.

    Sorry I missed a lot of your posts this week, hopefully I will be able to catch up over the weekend!

  25. I love that, “cheating without cheating”. I think i do that with making sure I measure my portions and not eating protein bars and tracking my food. Technically it’s not cheating but I know that these are the things that have made me successful, so when I’m not doing it I feel like I’m cheating.

    It’s great that you stuck with your goals. I like your plan for the upcoming week. I have a pretty restrictive diet and can’t really eat a lot of outside cooking, and I think that actually helps me in these situations because I know that I have to bring my own food or plan my meals so that I eat before I go somewhere and then only eat maybe some veggies or salad at the event. Sometimes i feel left out but most of the time i feel victorious that I got through without going off track.

    I think week three will be better. Great going.

  26. AFG

    Toniffy I have a planned drinking binge so I guess that’s my allowance but other than that life is good. 🙂

  27. Karen,
    Looks to me like you are doing really well with these goals. Plus you have identified and area fro improvement: snacking.

    As for the wedding: I like your plan to plan ahead. But, the other thing I would like to say is when you eat some of the wedding food (noticed I said some), enjoy it. Every bite. Eat slowly and enjoy it. That is my trick and really squelches my desire for more. And if that doesn’t work, put your napkin over the desserts or whatevers!!

  28. Good job! As for the wedding, I don’t deprive myself. I just eat a small amount and make sure my workouts are a little longer the next week.

    I also give myself one day a week (usually Sunday)to eat what I want, but I can switch that day for special occasions.

    Good luck and congrats to the happy couple!

  29. Good job meeting your goals. I hope that positive energy carried you through the wedding and endless array of appetizers. Good luck!

  30. I had a good week this past week. Lots of “mental work” done..good eating, and started back to the gym. I even beat the heck out of the evening craving monster on Friday.

    This coming week, I do not foresee any hurdles except next weekend may be challening if the weather is anything like this weekend as we may take the kids to King Richard’s Fair. They are bound to have hot apple cider and apple crisp and all that..ugh!

    Your pre/post cheat thing is interesting. I’m thinking of the holiday’s ahead. It’s soooo easy with all the “pre” food..and the leftovers! I mean, if we just enjoyed the feast on Thanksgiving, and left it at’s ok. One special day. But no. Then there are the 8 thanksgiving meals following and all the pies etc. Or look at Christmas. same deal..pre and post. I think if we make the event about the company and not the food..and enjoy the food on that day but are literally back at it the next day, it’s not a problem.

    I think we need to band together and vow NOT to get anxious over the holidays. I don’t know about others, but I freak every if the holidays have some kind of power over me.

    Good job this week Karen!!! You always inspire me

    • Karen

      And that reminds me about holiday baking! More times for me to cheat. Sigh. Yes, we need to have some sort of holiday support system:) I don’t usually freak over the holidays because I have usually just given up any notion of healthful eating at that point each fall. Sigh. Can’t do it again this year.

  31. My week was not the best, but it wasn’t the total worst either. So that’s good news. This coming week will be interesting for sure. I’ll be on the road, then bridal shower, drinks and dinner, rehearsal dinner, and WEDDING!!!!! then back on the road. My goal for this weekend is just to eat balanced, and eat in moderation!

  32. ugh, weekend in general always get me off track. if only food and drinks weren’t so SOCIAL. i mean, i enjoy going out for dinner with friends, of course, but i can’t say i practice self control. sigh…we really need to find other things to do…

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