The Return of Thumbelina

Thumbs up – I won Rita’s nut butter giveaway:)

Thumbs down – I won Rita’s nut butter giveaway.  Some of you already know that I had a little problem with peanut butter in the past.  So I am planning ahead for how I can enjoy my winnings in moderation.  I am committing here, in writing, that I will not exceed one serving of nut butter a day and if I do, I will report that on my blog and tweet it from the rooftops.

Thumbs up – Blog friends.  I know I’ve said this over and over again.  Today I want to give special thanks to some fellow bloggers who have taken the time to send me wonderful emails that shared their stories and/or supported me.  There were several in the past week and I appreciated every one of them.  You know who you are:)

Thumbs down – Blog issues.  My blog is very slow.  I apologize for that.  It is even slower for me behind the scenes.  So bad that I have sometimes walked away in frustration at how long it was taking to bring up my drafts or save a revision.  Sigh.  I have deactivated many of my plug-ins and that seems to have helped a bit.  One day I may bite the bullet and deactivate them all for a while to see what happens.  Scary.  Or switch hosts.  So all opinions about hosting options are welcome!  And if anyone out there can walk me through installing a cache plug-in with step-by-detailed-step instructions, please let me know.

Thumbs down – More blog issues.  It is driving me crazy that I no longer get an email every time someone comments on my blog.  Some of the time I get one; some of the time I don’t.  So I am just hoping I don’t miss any comments you leave!   Technology is great… when it works.

Thumbs up – My exercising.  Last week I got in extra workouts several days and it felt great!  And I recently made a triumphant return to the gym🙂

Thumbs down – My exercising.  As I shared in my last post, I hurt my back somehow, maybe doing jogging intervals.  So maybe those extra workouts three days last week were too much of a good thing.  And my backache led to three glorious weather days in which my bike sat home unridden!  Oh the guilt.  But I did elliptical (is that a verb?) for an hour on two of those days and yesterday road 23 miles with no apparent aggravation of my back.  Thumbs partially back up.

Thumbs both ways – I finally did it…  tried brussel sprouts after years of assuming they would be as nasty as their reputation.  But the new and improved me is eating more vegetables and branching out.  So I tried a highly rated recipe that had me roasting those little buggers until they started to brown.  And I had high expectations.  After all, I had discovered how much roasting improves the taste of veggies.  So thumbs up for trying something new.  Thumbs down for… well… the taste.  Yep, try as I might, I just could not convince myself that I liked them.  No more brussel sprouts.  Maybe I’ll like kale better.

Thumbs up – Fall weather.

Thumbs up – The battle of the no-bake cookies.  War waged and won against the wafting smell of chocolate coming from beneath my husband’s stirring hands.  Karen – 1; cookies – 0.  Yes, I snacked on something else instead, despite not being hungry.  But I am still considering this a victory:)  And I wasn’t ever tempted by the leftovers.

Thumbs down – College applications.  And an over-tired teenager who should be working on said applications.  And a stressed out helicopter mom who is trying to help with said applications.  And college websites that are confusing and frustrating.  And high school staff that are no less confusing or frustrating.

Thumbs up – Dorothy was right: there’s not place like home.



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44 responses to “The Return of Thumbelina

  1. My fav of course! DOROTHY….SHE always gets a thumbs up!

  2. Love the post!!! I think you said you have GoDaddy… if yes, I do too but the simplest blog version & I still have probs with it. Drives me crazy! Plus, I used to be able to publish my posts early with a set time for later & now, they just send it out so I have to try & stay up later than I prefer to post the next day’s post.. the whole GoDaddy thing drives me crazy!!

    As for nut butter.. you can do it Karen! You did it with the cookies!!!

    Hope that back get “back” to normal soon!!!

    PS: Finally do the blog award you gave me this Friday on my post!

    • Karen

      Yep, that’s who I have. Last time I called to complain they told me I could pay more to be on a server with less traffic. I replied that I could pay more to another company!! I hardly ever post in advance but if I do it is through my blog, not GoDaddy.

  3. LOL Love it!!!

    Oh honey, I feel for aps. ugh! Glad I’m not the only helicopter mom.

    LOVE the thumbs up on the fall weather..even though it’s rainy here, the beautiful leaves are still falling.

    Good for you on the exercise!

  4. Ewa

    Nut butter solution — give it away. 🙂 I dare you.
    College applications solution — none. This is a test if the applicant is fit to attend college. Whoever designed those obviously has not gone to college.
    Slow blog solution — working on it – slowly.
    Hurray for the exercise!

  5. losingmore

    in regards to the college stuff….I commiserate. Been there done that, and its no fun at all. Glad thats behind me for another year until I need to worry about getting it done for my son next year. Good luck. You would think the HS counselors would be more helpful…but they never seem to be.

    • Karen

      I can’t decide if it is harder the second time or I just forgot, like childbirth, how much it hurt! His school actually changed the whole counselor set up this year; the woman who used to do all the college stuff, who we have worked with before, is not the one now handling my son. Sigh.

  6. I tried Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter for the first time last week. Had tried the Honey Almond and Maple Almond before. The Chocolate Hazelnut?? I cut the packet open and licked every last drop off the foil. Definitely amazing but definitely never going to buy it in a quantity greater than one packet at a time.

  7. Aren’t blog friends the best? I love following your blog and reading what you are up to!

    Thanks for being so real and honest.

  8. sunnydaze

    Cute post. Look at you go with all that exercise! Yay you! LOL re. the brussel sprouts. I like them roasted but only once in a great while. I went through that phase where I wanted to try a new fruit or vegetable every week but it didn’t last long. Thanks for reminding me about it again. Let’s see what else I can try…

  9. Elaine

    I had to laugh at your brussel sprout experiment. I happen to loathe beets going back oh, 50 or so years, but I read articles about how wonderful roasted beets are that convinced me to give them another try. After following a very easy (and messy) recipe I came to the conclusion that they’re still beets, and I still don’t like them!

    • Karen

      OMG we just talked about beets the other day! My mom made the kind from a can when I was growing up and I hated them. Can’t imagine trying them again. Ugh.

  10. Karen, no matter how hard I try, I’m never going to be friends with brussell sprouts. Tried them again last year during a visit to an upscale restaurant in DC, and they were just as yucky as the kind I hid in my milk carton during second grade school lunches. Congrats on winning the battle of the no-bake cookies. 🙂

  11. Oh Nooo I didn’t know had nut butter issues! But fortunately they do have those squeezy packs so you can have nice portion control built in. Now for that jar…

    Yay for the gym too that’s entirely fantastic.

    I love thumb time, too cool.

  12. Yaaay for nut butter prizes and moderation! Boooo sore back! Yes, I think your body gave you a message there. 🙂

    I hesitate to say this, but I don’t have any problems with GoDaddy. (Now isn’t that a big ol’ jinx?!)

    Finally, agree on the brussels sprouts. Ick!

    • Karen

      I used to hear people bad mouth them all the time but when I started out they were so helpful. If I called with a tech question (like how to back up my blog) I never even got stuck on hold. But now I get on hold for 10 minutes each time! I wish I knew 100% what was a wp/blog problem and what was a server problem. Sigh.

  13. Oh, sweet twin, how I have missed your blog!! I am back with more motivation than I have ever had before. I hope you’re ready for this journey. Why? Because I’m taking you with me 🙂

  14. Great post! I like to know what’s going on with YOU. 🙂

  15. Love this post it is so much fun. Well you could always give the nut butter to a food pantry!

    Those college applications can be so time consuming! Hang in there helicopter mom.

    Great job on passing up the cookies, I knew you could do it. Yes, it is a victory!

    I have Lunar pages and experience the same problems you do. I have taken off most of the plug ins and special things like blog roll and so forth and like you sometimes the behind the scenes stuff is so slow I have to give up!

    My son has a web site with Lunar Pages and his site is very fast and never has any problems! Go figure!

    • Karen

      Interesting that it is not just my server. How frustrating since the big advantage to wp is supposed to be all the plug ins. Sigh.

  16. Seriously applications aren’t easy- call the schools you are appyling for with questions (admissions department)- the high school counselars are usually worthless. Good luck 🙂

    Hey at least you snacked on something healthy and not cookies!

  17. Love it! I also have nut butter problems but now that I’m eating normal food again, so far I have been able to keep to 1-2 tablespoons at a time without just grabbing a spoon and eating half the jar. With chocolate chips. (Confession: I love sprinkling chocolate chips straight in the jar of peanut butter and eating the combo with a spoon.) Good job with the exercising and resisting temptation. I’ve been doing well with both too except today I allowed myself a lick of brownie batter and that led to a small licking party that added up to several hundred calories. 😦 Boo!

    • Karen

      LOL! You could be an ad for Reese’s peanut butter cups! I lover batter. I used to freeze some when I would make batches of chocolate chip cookies and snack on it frozen later. Pathetic.

  18. I always love your “thumby” posts! I’m so sorry to hear about the computer frustration. I’ve never wanted to be physical violent and break things except when being foiled at the computer. Literally makes me crazy.
    I hope you get the help you need. I wish I was more of a techy. Look to the young ones…
    Good Luck.

  19. I read someone’s post earlier this week (sorry can’t remember who) with instructions and lovely pictures on how easy it is to make nut butter. I suspect that’s something neither you nor I need to do!! LOL!

  20. I haven’t had any problems with your site…even on my phone.

    I’m on blogger so I don’t have any suggestions.

    I doubt I’ll ever be ready for brussel sprouts. At least by themselves. Maybe if they were cut up and mixed with something.

  21. Love the Thumbelina posts! About the Brussel Sprouts–I had almost the same experience. I thought maybe it was that my mom overcooked them, so I tried them roasted. People raved in the reviews. Me, not so much. Then I tried them pan seared. No, not pan seared either. I think I just don’t like the taste. Kale? Try Kale chips. DH and I polished off an entire huge bag of Kale in the form of chips one night before dinner. Of course it might have been the oil and salt, but we did eat Kale!

    • Karen

      That is exactly how I plan to try it! I just need to remember to buy it and then remember I have it. Not something normally on my radar. Glad you like the thumb posts; I like them too:)

  22. AFG

    Gotta say I also tried brussel sprouts for the first time like 6 mos. ago. Epic fail.

  23. Thumbs Up: Thumbelina returns!!! Yay!!!

    Thumbs Down: Having to deal with cookies and nut butter; having to battle with the compelling smells of them.

    Thumbs Up: Being able to win despite the compelling smells.

    Thumbs Up: Blogging despite the problems with the programs not working as we wish they would

    Thumbs Up: You!

  24. Gah! blog issues! If you’re thinking of switching over, do it sooner than later. I was on Typepad (why?) and then switched to WP. the longer I waiting, the deeper it got. Aargh! But hi-5 on ALL your htumbs up. Love the way you wrote this. 🙂

  25. You’re doing great!! Go you on the working out. I hope your back feels better soon!

  26. I remember my high school counsellor being useless and almost causing me to completely miss out applying for the school/course I wanted – a BA of Radio and TV Production course that required an application AND an essay, all due in weeks before my counsellor told me they were due. Thankfully I was SO interested in the course, I talked to the University directly – to check everything – and ended up getting the proper details in time to apply. Stressful!

    Glad to see there are far more thumbs up – and that the thumbs up are all much bigger achievements than the thumbs down are obstacles. Life needs balance – but it’s nicer when the balance is slightly skewed in our favour. 😉

  27. Sunny told me several months ago that I didn’t have to try brussel sprouts, so I haven’t. 🙂

    I have godaddy also, but don’t require a lot of my blog so haven’t noticed any problems. (btw, I could be having problems, just having noticed them.)

    I have heard good things about dreamhost (

  28. I have host monster and they have been pretty good – although as you know, I had a plug-in causing problems for awhile! Not the hosting fault though.

    Glad you won that nut butter!

  29. I love your Thumbelina posts 🙂 Every time I read them, I’m struck by how much you really live life. Dieting is not nor will it ever be a perfect endeavor… it’s often full of thumbs ups and thumbs downs… the trick is having more ups than downs, but the downs will always be there for us to improve on!

  30. Can relate to so much in this post. I get it about the peanut butter. Skippy is like crack to me, I will eat a whole jar in about 2 days- by the spoonful. I can’t even have it in the house. Good luck with Rita’s nut butter.
    As for the blog, do you use HostGator? They are wonderful- have 24/7 phone support, they help me with everything, ftp, plugins, restoring stuff when I mess with the code, etc. I have a bunch of blogs and with the Baby Croc package it is only 10 bucks a month. Oh and I have a blogger friend who transferred all her blogs over to HostGator- some with years of posts, and she said the transition was really smooth with the support they provided. Anyhow good luck!

  31. D

    Love this post!! Oh and I agree about college info/applications – grrrrr. They overwhelm me!

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