I Want to Hold your Ha-a-a-a-aannnd

When was the last time you held someone’s hand?  Or they held yours?  Do you remember?

I was struck by a comment that Marsial left on my blog almost a month ago, asking me to hold her hand.  I replied that I was happy to do so, not knowing at the time that there was a great story as to why she made that particular request.  Recently, she explained all about it here, on her blog.

The great thing about hand holding is that you can be the holder AND the holdee, both at the same time:)  You can hold a hand for comfort or security or intimacy or assistance or warmth or companionship or…  Whatever the reason, the people on both ends can benefit, even if the intention was for one to help the other.  That’s the beauty of hand holding.  And that is the beauty, for me, of the blog world.  I have many times in the past months had someone reach out a hand to me when I had been struggling, and I have tried to do the same for others.

I am amazed at the power of virtual hand holding and the power of the blog community.  Being part of this community has brought me wisdom, warm fuzzies and chuckles, support, motivation, a kick in the pants when I warranted one, an encouraging word when it was most needed, and friendship.  I have been inspired and found myself thinking about things in a new way.  I have been comforted to know that I am not alone in what I am feeling or experiencing.  I have had my heart touched many times.  I have had my eyes opened.  I have found optimism.  I have truly felt connections for which I am grateful every day.  And I have held hands.

And just when I think that life is good enough, someone does something that touches me in a way I never expected.  As Marsial did for me last week.  First she shared the beautiful story about how hand holding once got her through a rough patch.  As I read it I could not stop thinking about how she had reached out to me and I had reached back and we were both stronger for it.  And then she gave me a simple gift, but so personal and thoughtful; there have been very few times in my life when I have truly been as touched by something that someone did for me.

So I want to thank Marsial for her thoughtfulness, which came in the form of a very special blog award.  And I want to encourage you to read her post about the power of hand holding and to reach out your hand to someone else today.  Anyone who might need it or benefit from it.  Feel the warmth flow back to you:)  And know that I am here for you if ever I can offer mine.

The only requirement for the “Helping me through the turbulence award” is that I pass it on to at least one other blogger who has helped me through some turbulence, and explain how.  The person who immediately comes to mind is Sharon, with whom I have exchanged some very long and thought-provoking emails in the past weeks.  She was gently honest with me and gave me a much needed nudge to ask myself some hard questions and explore why I was struggling with my writing and what that reflected in my life.  I appreciate her candor and caring.  While I only know her online, I consider her a friend and hope that one day our fit and skinny selves can meet up in the real world:) 



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30 responses to “I Want to Hold your Ha-a-a-a-aannnd

  1. Yep! Hand holding, hugs, and encouraging words…WELL deserved award!

  2. Karen! You take my breath away. What a beautiful post. I feel like you gave me an award! You always inspire me and I know that, with your help, I will not gain back my weight loss this year.

    I’m sure you remember that I said that I really didn’t care about receiving awards. Well, I find that I really do like the creative side of making them and then giving them. My next award will be to another person who told me that she really didn’t care much about awards, but boy does she deserve them for all of the time she puts in helping us all. Now I just have to think of something as wonderful as she is to give to her. Hmmmmm…..

    • Karen

      Well, it is all true:) I can’t wait to see what else you come up with and who it is for. I can think of one amazingly supportive blogger right off the bat who I once told me she is not into awards.

  3. Oh my! Karen, it is not polite to make someone cry before 8 a.m.! You know, it works both ways. And generally, the receiver takes away more than the giver. I couldn’t possibly have given you any more than what I’ve received from you. And yes, I call you “friend.”

    I am so lucky to have married an affectionate man. We’ve been holding hands for 35 years. Guess we now qualify as those two old people holding hands that we used to look at and say, “how sweet!”

  4. This was so beautiful Karen. As was reading Marsial’s post. Good job spreading the community love to everyone.

    • Karen

      Funny you say it that way because the thing that I think to myself all the time is about sharing the love and paying it back. I had no expectations when I started blogging but I certainly never imagined this whole give and take and sharing out here.

  5. It is such an amazing blog community out there, isn’t it! Karen, you deserve that award for sure!!!!!!!

  6. so sweet! how many calories in this post? Must be loaded.

  7. I totally agree that YOU deserve that award. I can ALWAYS count on your kind words when I post. I am so lucky that not only do I get to share your life through your blog but as a friend on FB too. HURRAY for me! Love your writings and your friendship. ((holding your hand)) could you feel it?

  8. That’s very sweet- I read her story also but couldn’t comment on her blog 😦

  9. This is so awesome! I read her post about the hand holding and found it to be inspiring.

    There is so much good that comes out of the blogging community. I like you feel a kinship with many bloggers who share my struggles with eating, losing weight and so on.

    Well deserved awards all around!

  10. Finally… an award I can support!!! It’s so honest, uncluttered and beautiful. You and Marsial are spreading good ju-ju, with probably a wider ripple effect than either of you anticipate. I for one am grateful for both of you!

  11. sunnydaze

    What a beautiful post. Thanks for your continuted support. I love how we are all here for each other. 🙂

  12. That was a beautiful post.

    AND it makes me realize that you must be an octopus…otherwise how can you hold so many hands? I’ve felt that you’ve held mine many times – and it has been such a comfort to feel the reassuring squeeze via comments.

    What I’m realizing about myself is that it feels GOOD to have my hand being held even if I didn’t intentionally ask for it.

    VERY great post and honestly? I might post about my own take on this…giving you credit, of course.

  13. Beautiful post, Karen. Thanks for sharing these personal moments.

    I find the giver (usually me because I find it difficult to receive) gets much more than the receiver – probably some strange mind set ingrained from my family and a warped sensed of altruism that makes altruism more selfish than it seems… (Been reflecting on my career recently and how I seemed to get more inter-personally from caring for patients than they got from me.)

  14. That is awesome! Isn’t it amazing how much the blogosphere helps. I had no idea that all I needed was a few bloggers to hold my hand to be successful!!

  15. I love the image of holding each others hands over the internet all over the country. Marisol’s story was sweet and so is this new award!

  16. Great post. I went through a very tough time at work in the past year and would not have survived without the hand holding of a few key people. Blogger friends are just that, too. Nice work extending your hand to others.

  17. Yeah! Well, it’s easy to understand why she gave you this award. It’s wonderful and just one representation of the many hands you hold here. I do hope you feel mine holding you right back.

  18. This is a great post, and a well deserved award :).
    n real life [and in answer to your question] my HUbs holds my hand on a regular basis. He’s a cuddly kind of dude 🙂

  19. There is a guy at work who I bitch to alot. If it weren’t for him I would have lost my sanity a LONG time ago. And of course my DH is always there to comfort and support me.

    Polar’s Mom

  20. Another well-deserved award! I was thinking about our corner of the blogosphere today when I was reading an online news article and saw some of the mean and vicious comments left there. I immediately thought about how totally opposite this community is, with so much concern, caring, and compassion…we’re very fortunate.

  21. Great post. Adorable award. Well deserved. You’ve done it again–another great post. I think the thought that resonated with me is that this hand holding business works two ways. Sometimes we’re the holder and sometimes the holdee. My father’s West Point classmates (class of 1939) have always been very close. They went through a vigorous education and straight into WWII. They became very close. Each letter or e-mail they send to one another is signed “Grip Hands.”

    • Karen

      Oh that is very cool! Thanks for sharing it. Yes, that part about it working too ways came to me when… I was riding my bike! Funny how I do some of my best thinking then.

  22. Mon

    Hi Karen,
    Well I have just starting reading your blog and I am so glad I dropped by today. What a beautiful story!
    I agree so much about the blogosphere being a supportive and caring place. Before I started my own blog, I spent about 2 years in a couple of different online communities and found many caring & inspiring people during that time (ie my own weight loss journey). That’s bascially why I came back to the blogosphere, to give back a little of what I received (if I can).
    Incidentally, if you feel inclined to have a read, my last blog post was called Hope and Healing In The Blogosphere – it is on a slightly different topic from your own post, but is my reflections about helping others via the blogosphere.
    I strongly believe in virtual hand holding – very powerful stuff!
    Thanks for sharing this story!

  23. Lovely post! I’m going to include a link to you in my next post. Deb

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