Life’s Little Awards (the long-winded version)

If you missed Sunday’s warning post, please read about it here. And I am checking out this new site here, launched today by two fellow healthy living bloggers, filled with blog technical tips and news, including an article entitled “WordPress Blog Disasters…”. 

Today is my “catch up on blog awards” day.  Here goes…

Thank you to Danielle for the cherry on top of my blogging sundae:)

This award comes with three rules.

1.  Answer this question:  If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Once upon a time I used to think of all the little things I would do differently if I could.  Like not turn down the invitation to my first boy/girl party.  (Which was probably the moment my life as a wallflower began.)  And go to a different college.  And not eating that candy bar the other day.  I am usually quite pragmatic and not very philosophical but I suspect that, other than the candy bar, any do-overs would have potentially greatly altered the course of my life.  And despite the fact that I can, sadly, always find something to complain about, life is good.  And everything that I have done led me to this place.  And if I went to a different college I may not have gone to grad school and then I would not have met my husband and had my sons.  You get the idea.

That said, the honest truth is if I could go back and start feeding said sons right from the get go, I would do that!  More veggies, more real fruit instead of the “fruit” snacks that actually have very little fruit in them, less processed and junk food.  Yep, I would change that.  And I often think, as I am sitting here debating what to write, that I wish I had not told certain people in my life about my blog.  Because now and then there are some things I would say if no on who knows the real me would read it.

2.  Nominate 6 people of this award and let them know they got it. Wait for it:)  Two more awards to get to then I will pass this on below.

3.  Thank the person who gave the the award. Thank you Danielle!

And thank you also to Mandy and Polar’s Mom and Lesia for bestowing the Happy 101 Award on me.  Coincidentally, this is the very same award that I was first given, a month after I started blogging.  I still get a little thrill with each award:)

The rules for this one are:

1.  Post who gave you this award. Done.

2.  State 10 things you like. If you want to see what 10 things I listed way back in February, click here.  Today I would add just a few more to that list that are on my mind at the moment:  riding bikes outside with my husband, how I feel when I eat healthy, a beautiful day, the start of the new TV season, blog awards and blog friends.

3.  Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment. Hang on… it’s coming.

And, phew, one more.  Thanks to Cesca and Leslie and Beerab who so sweetly bestowed this award on me.  The rules are to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words and to pass this on to 10 other amazing blogs.  Last time I got this award I said:  fortuitous, community, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, gratifying, enlightening. Today I will add:  More satisfying than any food!


Just in case you missed it and are interested, you can check out my award page here, tucked away to help minimize my blog clutter.  Because as much as I love awards, I really hate clutter.  (More on that another day!)

So now I get to pass on three awards to some amazing bloggers.  I know that many of them have gotten at least one of these awards already, so rather than try to figure out who has what and who doesn’t, I am going to let the bloggers choose one of the three awards for themselves.  And I will ramble on just a bit longer as I explain to you briefly why I chose these amazing women.

Cammyhas been one of my greatest cheerleaders on this journey.  She is a constant source of wisdom and support and has the most wonderful writing style that often has me laughing out loud.  She is the epitome of a weight loss/maintenance success story and if you are ever in need of inspiration, look no further.

Jody impresses me as one of the most inspiring and supportive bloggers out there.  She writes posts full of motivating ideas and uplifting messages.  She thoughtfully comments on blogs and shares of herself in a way that lets me know she “gets it” even though she has long been living the healthy lifestyle that so many of us are striving to emulate.  I appreciate every word she writes.

Marsialasked me, not too long ago, to hold her hand.   I was very touched by those words and want her to know how much I appreciate her company on this journey.  I can identify with several things she has written lately and am confident that we will both accomplish great things for ourselves going forward.

Sharoninspires me with her dedication.  And I can not say enough good things about this amazing woman who, with all she has going on in her life, still thinks of others and how she can support them in their own struggles.  Her blog is beautifully written – she shares much of herself and her life, illustrated with personal photos.  And while our stories are different, I feel very connected to her in just the short time I have been reading.

Tamimakes the whole healthy lifestyle thing seem so effortless and so possible.  She is a great role model and when I read her blog I feel optimistic that I can someday lead a similar healthy life.  Her blog sounds as balanced as her life:  she writes about a mix of healthy living, recipes, and personal anecdotes.  I appreciate her support because, not only does it make me smile, but it makes me optimistic that I can follow her example.

And, with my heartfelt thanks for making my recent days just a little bit brighter, I also bestow awards back upon:  Beerab, Cesca, Danielle, Lesia, Leslie, Mandy, and Polar’s Mom. Pick one that you don’t already have, ladies:)

Today, I am thankful for all life’s little rewards.



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30 responses to “Life’s Little Awards (the long-winded version)

  1. Karen, you so deserve all these awards!!!!!! One amazing lady! I sure hope your “issues with the blog” are cleared up!!!

    Thank you so much for your kinds words & I feel honored to be in the company of the ladies you chose!

    I have one of those in mind for me & will write about it on my blog next week.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. THANK YOU. I chose the blog with substance that’s the only 1 I don’t have. Love you.

  3. Hi Karen! My computer was acting VERY weird last night so I will run the scans you mentioned.

    Also, congrats on all the awards you’ve gotten! You certainly deserve them. Your blog is very special!

  4. Thank you so much! You are too kind!

    I really appreciate your approach to “do-overs”. I like who you are now (you dedication, determination, compassion, etc.) and I suspect it is all the result of the life experiences you’ve had so far. Not to mention that you probably wouldn’t have established your blog and I probably never would have met you. *pause for moment of sadness at the mere prospect of that*

    Congratulations on your awards! You certainly deserve them…and more besides!

    • Karen

      Funny you should say that. One time I was thinking about how I wished I had not regained weight last fall and then my next thought was… but then I may never have started blogging and found this amazing community:)

  5. Congratulations on your well deserved blog awards! I think your story resonates with so many people who are trying to find their way back to a healthy way of living.

    I understand what you said “that I wish I had not told certain people in my life about my blog. Because now and then there are some things I would say if no on who knows the real me would read it.”

    I have sometimes wished I was an anonymous blogger but then I have to say that it has helped me in the long run to put the real me out there, to post my weight which I had not intended to do in the beginning.

    Everyone who knows me has known that I struggle with my weight, as they have watched me lose and gain the same weight over and over. I feel a new sense of power and control since I have admitted it and brought it out in the open.

    Thank you for the kind and caring words you chose to describe my blog.

    When I started blogging I wanted to inspire others to start living a healthy lifestyle and to show them that it really isn’t that difficult.

    It is all about choices and being kind to ourselves. Finding our own balance and moving forward one step at a time.Being honest with ourselves striving to do better.

    • Karen

      I have wondered if the day will ever come when I will come out from hiding behind my blog persona and how that will affect me. Maybe. I also almost started a second blog, totally anonymously. Too much work to keep up two though.

  6. Karen. congrats on your latest award! Love when you get these because then we get to learn something else new and interesting about you. 🙂

  7. Holy Karen, that’s overwhelming love and gratitude. Much deserved my dear 🙂

    I like the connecting with husband and yes I did have my mind in the gutter, that IS happy time.

    Great list to pass along, some I know and love and others are new! Thank you Karen.

  8. Thank you Karen! 🙂

    Not just for the award, but for all the inspiration and motivation your own writing provides 🙂


  9. Karen, you totally deserve all those awards. Your posts are always so well thought out and totally speak to me. Sorry about your malware problems.

  10. Good for you!

    You deserve it!!

  11. Wow Karen, thanks for the award and for the very kind words. You’ve got me in there with some pretty impressive company – I’m very humbled. Believe I’ll stay away from the one with the cupcakes on it and take the one with substance….lol! Awards are fun!!

    • Karen

      Oh I got a good laugh out of that:) I did not even notice the cupcakes at first which is ironic considering I did a whole post on the subject!

  12. Awww thank you! 🙂
    And congratulations! No surprise the awards are getting piled on you. You definitely deserve them!

    Hope you’ve got everything sorted after the nasty malware attack thing over the weekend! Looks like you’ve got everything back under control – but I can only imagine how stressful that would’ve been dealing with it all.

  13. Awww…YAY YOU! 🙂

    I need to do the same kind of catch up on my blog awards. This was a great idea to segregate them like this. 🙂

  14. Congrats on your MYRIAD of awards! I certainly appreciate you spreading your ‘winning’ love on me, too! Thanks for noticing my effort-it means alot.

    Polar’s Mom

  15. Congrats on all your awards – you deserve them!

  16. congrats on your awards! i read through your list…what do you mean pre-heated bed, lol…you must share your secrets, girl!

  17. Karen, all well-deserved! And I’ve never seen that one with the cherry on top! Very cute!

  18. Thank you for the award! I’m going to post this one tomorrow in my blog 🙂 I choose the first one 😉

  19. Karen, you KNOW you want to do the Hot 100 challenge. What have you got to lose? If you set some reasonable goals and succeed or even partially succeed you’ll be that much farther ahead. C’mon, I want your company!

  20. Hey Karen! I wanted to drop you a quick note to encourage you with regards to the Hot 100. I know how much pressure challenges can put on people, but that is part of the benefit of the Hot 100 – you set the pace. Consider setting some goals that are smaller steps, and re-evaluate them again in 3-4 weeks. That way you don’t get so overwhelmed with it.

    If you decide to not do it, I understand. I would love to have you on board though!

    • Karen

      I will be posting about it tomorrow:) And I’ll stop by and comment on the post on your blog then. Thanks for the encouragement… and leadership.

  21. Wow, I can’t believe only 100 days left of 2010. *VERY SMART* to relax around the holidays. I always give myself leeway then too. Good luck- you can do it!!

  22. Karen, thank you so much for the award….my first…you know I love reading your posts. I’m not really sure how to proceed…do I just copy the award and paste it into my blog? That’s what I’m going to try…hope it works.

    You said “And I often think, as I am sitting here debating what to write, that I wish I had not told certain people in my life about my blog. Because now and then there are some things I would say if no on who knows the real me would read it.” What a tantalizing thing to say…are you keeping the most interesting things about yourself from us? Well, I completely understand. I have told only 3 people (non-bloggers) that I blog, and I haven’t offered to give them my blog address. So sometimes I say things that I might not ordinarily share if I knew that someone who knows me might be reading my thoughts. So I chose the Award of Substance, because that is what I hope I am bringing to my blog (I have a long way to go to achieve your level of substance). Thanks again, and I’ll post about the award tomorrow.

    • Karen

      Well, there are things I might say about my dear husband, for one, if he was not reading. And there are things I might admit about my weight and regain, etc., if my mother never read. I drafted a very honest post about how I had done so poorly over the summer, for example, and just could not imagine having someone who knows me looking at me with a critical eye thinking “yep, she must have gained a few back again.”

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