Twiddling My Thumbs Again

My last thumb twiddling post was such a great way for me to update you on the happenings in my life, that I thought I’d do it again.  So here goes…

Thumbs up:  Hubby and I got in four bike rides last week for a total of just under 100 miles.  We’ll keep pedaling as long as the weather cooperates:)

Thumbs down:  Summer.  Where did it go?!  I certainly did not take advantage of the quick passage of time to get back on track with my eating; I should have accomplished more during my summer challenge.  There will be no proud “What I did on my summer vacation” essay.

Thumbs every which way:  I am craving bread again in the evenings when I most fight the snack demons, thanks to a moment of weakness when I lustily ate several slices one day last week.  But on a positive note, since that little bread binge, I have not succumbed to the siren’s call.

Thumbs up:  I discovered what it means to be a Gleek!  Just in time for my husband’s trip out-of-town, a copy of Glee was waiting for me at the local library.  (I had reserved it ages ago, curious to see what all the fuss was about.)  Now I’m hooked and can’t wait to finish season one and pick up with season two when it starts later this month.  The perfect calorie-free guilty pleasure:)

Thumbs wrestling:  My husband and I went out to lunch for our anniversary last week.  We chose a favorite restaurant where we have gone many anniversaries before.  They are known for their oatmeal biscuits and I ate three.  Yep, three.  I enjoyed every bite and do not feel the least bit guilty about eating them.  Well, maybe just a little guilty.  It was three, after all.  But then again, I had to eat something since I didn’t finish my crab cakes after, major thumbs down, finding a hair in them!  Thumbs up:  our meal was comped.  Thumbs down:  I may never eat crab cakes again.

Thumbs down:  Ragweed.

Thumbs up:  No peanut butter for two weeks!  No jars in the house; no spoonfuls in my mouth.  Do I miss it?  Yes.  Can I live without it?  For now.  Does my thumb want to change direction at the fact that I have had to resort to banishing a food from my life?  Yes.  But better a banishment than a binge:)

Thumbs down, down, down:  Speaking of binges, I went on a book club eating bender.  The best laid plans… so to speak.  (A literary reference seems so apropos when talking about book club.)  Sigh.  And it really wasn’t that night that did me in.  It was the long day leading up to it when I had that whole “I’m probably going to eat something bad later so I might as well eat something bad now too and go big or go home” mentality.  More sighing.

Thumbs up:  Book club and my anniversary are behind me and my eating has been pretty much on track and in control since the start of September.  Finally!

Where is Thumbkin?  Did any of you wonder what happened to my summer goal setting?  Me too!  Somehow it just never happened last week.  Was it a Freudian slip because I really didn’t want the restriction of goals?  Or was it a subconscious response to the fact that I had not fully met my goals in weeks?!  Regardless, I am not convinced that goal setting is helping me right now.  But, I must admit a few good things have come from it:  I did curtail evening eating and TV/reading snacking when I had good goals in place.  So for now, I think I will try goal setting a bit longer.  If you are interested, you can find them under the goals tab.

Sitting on my thumbs:  I have been quite remiss in doing anything with the blog award that Lesia bestowed on me so long ago now that I can’t even remember when!  I love blog awards – just have not found the time to meet the “requirements” since it is one I have gotten before.  So for now, a special thank you to Lesia and wishes to her for a speedy recovery!

What’s going on with you lately?



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49 responses to “Twiddling My Thumbs Again

  1. Loved this Karen!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know you can’t do what I do BUT I am not living without bread!!! Have a Friday post about certain things I will not give up & why…

    PB – Love it too & have done pretty good with keeping it under control although some days I worry! 🙂

    Love Glee! Hubby got me hooked on it! Yup, my hubby watched it first!

    Did someone say oatmeal biscuits??? OK, I lost my train of thought & best stop this rambling response!


    • Karen

      Again, great minds think alike! I sooo had a post planned about what people are willing to give up in their attempts to lose weight or live healthy. I am sure we’d have a very different spin on it… but I think I’ll put that one away for awhile.

      I cannot imagine my husband liking Glee. He is not a big musical guy. A few years ago I did the same thing with Grey’s Anatomy – watched the old episodes on DVD to see what the fuss was about. And hubby drifted in and out and got hooked too!

  2. Hey Karen, it looks to me like you’re off to a definitely-thumbs-up month. Your thumb downers were mostly in the past. So, yippee. I don’t lament summer’s passing at all, ours wa way to hot and muggy. Yes, you guys would love this bike trip. The name of the Inn where we stayed is the Robert Morris Inn, in Oxford. Look into their leisure package–which is a deal, considering breakfast & dinner are both included.

  3. Isn’t it funny how one person’s demise is not a problem for another. I’ve often joked that my MIL must’ve eaten PB every day while pregnant with Mr. B because he is not physically able to go a single day w/o his snack of PB and crackers. Exactly six crackers with a thin layer of PB sometime before bed. No more, no less! He’s done this for 35 years! I have 12 jars of PB in my pantry right now (Kroger has had it on sale for $1 a jar – lowest price in years). It’s NEVER been a problem for me. I take PB when hiking, but otherwise, NBD! Now as you know, if it were bagels or Triscuits, the story would be quite different.

    I like your “thumbnail” snippets! Keep em coming.

    • Karen

      That is quite a habit he has! And I am with you on the bagels and Triscuits. Sigh. Some day I may have to write a post as I explore why I used to be able to eat all of those in moderation and now can’t. I am sure there is a lesson in this for me.

  4. Mostly thumbs up and you’re either dealing with the downers or they’re behind you!

    I haven’t fallen for Glee (yet)–maybe I’ll try it out as a treadmill distraction this winter. 🙂

    Thumbs up week for me, but I can’t give you the details here or I’ll have nothing to blog about tomorrow. LOL

    • Karen

      I think it has helped me get caught up in shows when I have started late and watched a marathon of old episodes all at once:) I actually got interested in several series that way. Looking forward to reading about your week.

  5. I did the Gray’s Anataomy thing too. I didn’t watch the first season when the whole world was ga ga over them , and then saw one episode somehow and got hooked. So I got the 1st season dvd and zoomed through it. That can be very comfortnig and better than bread even. I’m just not in to the glee thing-I’ve tried. oh well.

    special bread, special time, no guilt.

    • Karen

      I liked Grey’s from the first episode. I did the same with Sex and the City, after the movie came out, and it took me a while to get into it and to actually become addicted.

  6. I love the thumbs post! Awesome on the bike riding! Can you figure out what triggers the bread cravings? Is it from eating something else? It’s all so hard to figure out, isn’t it?

    Summer…so sad it’s going.

    • Karen

      My best guess for the bread is that I have cut out so many refined carbs from my diet that this is one of the few really carb-like foods left. If that makes sense. (I eat plenty of carbs… just not a lot of grains, crackers, and the like.) So I suspect I want bread because it has that texture that appeals to me and is one that I had allowed myself to eat as a healthy food. And then eating bread is what triggers me to eat all sorts of other things!! I think I see a whole post in this someday.

  7. I love it when you do these thumb posts.. it’s such a good idea!! I like the “better banish than binge.” I think for now you can work to get over your pb and bread obsession by banning them, and one day, slowly let them back in. Bread is so amazing… I have been avoiding all italian restaurants for quite some time.. just because I know I can’t handle the bread temptation

    • Karen

      I’m glad you like these posts because they are an easy way for me to say a bunch of stuff that doesn’t fit as whole post topic. About that banishing thing… I just finally watched Geneen Roth on Oprah and darned if they wouldn’t say that banishing food so I don’t eat it means I can’t trust myself! Well – duh! This may be something I write about more someday since I’d love reader input.

  8. Genie@dietof51

    I know that I’d like Glee as much as PB, so I’m trying to avoid it. Too many guilty pleasure in my life and not enough discipline, which is what keeps me overweight and crabby in the long run!

    Thumbs up for your honesty!

  9. Glad I’m not the only one who eats something in excess because I’m probably going to eat excess later. Ugh!! How dumb is that!?! I do it waaaaaaay to often. Or I go to a party…don’t eat excessively….then come home and do it. Another….how dumb is that!

    I will never understand it….

    • Karen

      I know – stupid! And I have done it a lot over the past months. I keep thinking that if I just ate well all the time, I could eat “whatever” for the social events and be fine. Sigh.

  10. Love your thumb reports, Karen! Goals and commitments aren’t working very well for me either right now… although who knows what might happen if I didn’t make them and then at least half-heartedly try to stick to them. My husband’s open jar of peanut butter hooked me 5 minutes ago… feeling guilty. Think I’ll have to ask him to please close it up and put it away every time after he partakes. He won’t like that because he’s a grazer… oh well…

    • Karen

      I agree. Maybe meeting some of them or all of them some of the time is better than not having any at all. Sigh. Funny thing is my husband uses a different peanut butter and so far it has held no appeal to me.

  11. Banning PB has been the best thing I have done for peaceful, healthy eating so far. I miss it, but I don’t miss wrestling with it. I can actually manage all the other potential overeating items with the PB off the table. Why? I don’t know. Someday I will allow it to come back. and what is even wierder? My husband has his PB which is the same kid except the smooth style? I don’t eat that, don’t want that. I am one for te books.

    Glad you discovered the joy of Glee.

    Glad you got the bread out of your system – sometimes that’s what it takes – I suspect you rode the calories off with all those miles on the bike!

    • Karen

      I am going to write a post about banning foods, who does it, why some foods are triggers, and all that jazz. I don’t crave my husband’s PB either. Funny.

  12. I love your blog. I red this to my mom and she liked the thumbs up ones, i liked then all and I LOVE peanut butter ,lol.

  13. Sounds to me like the thumbs up outweigh the thumbs down. 🙂 Especially factoring in the crazy miles you’ve clocked on your bike and the lack of PB binge!

  14. no Glee for me! but PB? absolutely.

    Enjoy the last days of summer

    • Karen

      Well the weather is still summery here but, thanks to school starting a few weeks ago, it feels like we have already left summer behind. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

  15. oooh look at THAT!
    we disagree 🙂

    my thumbs are so very way UP for the summer being over.
    In TEXAS I have found Im a winterGURL.


    • Karen

      I suspect if I lived “down south” I would look forward to winters too! I was just thinking while riding my bike how nice it would be to win the lottery and have a home in various climates so I could ride outside year round:)

  16. Oooh that “go big or go home” attitude gets me a LOT, especially at gatherings. Thumbs down for both of us! 🙂

  17. Wow, I’m jealous of your Glee time. I cannot sit in front of the TV without stuffing myself. I did a half bag of Buffalo Doritos last night. Thumbs down.

  18. lol love your post.

    I’ll say what’s going on with me is that I’m still not back out of eating all the carbs but I’m trying and since the weather has cooled down I’m going to go back on my walks AND as soon as I get my darn P90X DVD’s I’m going to start it!

  19. One year I gave my dad a thumb wrestling game for Christmas! We had fun with that toy. As both of us are surgeons, it was the only time we could be all thumbs and not get into trouble 🙂

    • Karen

      I don’t know if he was kidding or not but I saw David Letterman telling about his open heart surgery and how the doctor was missing a thumb!

  20. You had some good thumbs up victories! Keep working on it Karen you are making progress. No peanut butter binges good for you!

    • Karen

      The peanut butter has been easy. There is none here! But the bread cravings are killing me and it sits on the pantry shelf for my husband all the time. Sigh.

  21. And a big thumbs up to your post – I’ll even add in a Fonzie “ayyyyyhhhhhh” sound effect to go with it. Glee is delightful and I really dig the TV comedy Modern Family too. Much better treats than peanut butter without all of the calories. Almond butter has been temporarily banished from my home and I’ve replaced it with hummus and cut veggies, which, for now, is doing the trick.

  22. I haven’t gotten hooked on Glee yet, although one of the kids downloaded the latest episodes on my laptop so it’s just sitting there waiting for me.

    We barely had summer weather at all … I think it got over 80 a total of 2 days and lots of days didn’t get over 65. At least it was nice for exercising outside.

    • Karen

      I don’t think I would have gotten into it if I had not gone back and watched from the first episode. But then again, I am very sequential thinker.

  23. i just started watching Glee myself! (we always get everythiing late in Aussie-land. sigh…) congrats on the peanut butter! i’m totally the same way. i know some people say “all things in moderation” but there are just some foods i have no control over so it’s better to give them up all together. (donuts and ice cream. ’nuff said.)

    • Karen

      I’m with you on that. And I have been working on a post about it too. The more I write the more I have to say on the subject and I am now trying to figure out how to make it fresh. Can’t just keep telling you how PB and bread are my enemies!

  24. Until I was 8, I was one of the skinniest kids in school. When I wanted a treat, my mother would hand me a slice of bread….not even good bread….crappy whipped bread (e.g. Wonder Bread). I would take little birdsize nibbles out of it and make it last an hour. Whaaa happened?? So I’m still thumbs up on bread, but in moderation.

    But, what do I do about the huge, expensive chocolate raspberry cheesecake my husband and I were given for our anniversary last week? It was already cut into individual pieces – 14 – which I froze, and a week later there are still 13 pieces left. My husband and I shared one piece for our anniversary. I find it hilarious that I can keep something like this in the house (freezer) for more than a day or two. Definitely thumbs up!

    Thanks for the tip on Glee. I just set it up on my DVR so I can start another bad habit.

  25. Love this thread subject!

    Gave you an award on my blog…

  26. Dee Dieter

    I loved this post. Very cute and fun to read.

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