Just Six Words

Recently my local paper ran a creative challenge that caught my attention:  write a six-word autobiography.  That’s right – sum up your life in just six measly words.  Little did I know what a phenomenon this concept was – six word stories, six word memoir websites, six words from people as famous as Hemingway.  Since I am usually quite verbose with my posts, I thought it might be a nice change of pace for you to have just a few words to read from me today.

Here are some of my favorite “six word life stories” from a variety of sources:

In retrospect, the lessons were obvious.

Determined to become a better person.

Weight won’t weigh my life down.

Well, I thought it was funny.

Birth, childhood, adolescence, adolescence, adolescence, adolescence.

Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket.

Wasted day. Wasted life. Dessert, please.

Thought I was right. I wasn’t.

I skip baths on the weekends.

I’m better before you know me.

Seeing both sides, I can’t decide.

Life’s funny secret:  some assembly required.

Runs from demons on stationary bike.

Living my life without looking behind.

Life is so simple, in retrospect.

In the end, what’s the point?

I look like a great cook.

Life is all about Plan B.

Have you heard about my grandkids?

Born.  Lived.  Loved.  Bored.  Wrote this.

Dream big -it doesn’t cost anything.

Nothing has happened in my life.

Common sense is not so common.

I wish I could count.

And from me:

Waiting Time is done wasting time.

Happily, gratefully living a boring life.

Bostonian becomes Kansan; Dorothy was right.

Want to play?  What six words would you use?



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42 responses to “Just Six Words

  1. Passionately writing stories of her life.

  2. So it’s decided: fate hates me.

    Haha. It sounds emo, but my teenage years were like one long epic John Hughes movie – and the joke was fate hated me. I think that my friends were secretly onto something!

  3. So many of those could fit my life! That’s great – a fabulous way to make your very own mantra. 🙂 Summing your life up in six workds is surprisingly difficult. Some of mine might be:

    Finding love makes everything else unimportant.

    My weight does not define me.

    Dreaming big = true path to success.

    I will always want the dessert.

    🙂 xo

  4. This is a great post!

    Mine would be

    Why can’t I just be happy?!

    I can totally relate to your post yesterday. Blogging takes up a lot of time.

  5. She’s perfectly imperfect in every way.

    I was obsessed with Mary Poppins when I was a kid, what can I say? 😉

  6. Follow through with commitments and promises!

  7. Scratch the above – typo, shucks!!

    Follows through with commitments and promises!

  8. Haha, great post Karen! Some of my favorite six-word phrases…. progress, not perfection; commitment, not motivation.

  9. Oh, fun! I haven’t done this in forever!

    Wait, those weren’t my six words. 🙂

    My contribution:
    I have everything I truly need.

    Loved yours and the others you shared!

  10. It’s not me! It’s totally them!

  11. When one door closes, another opens.
    The story of my life and my outlook without a doubt (though I do occasionally slip into the glass half empty attitude). I still remember shocking my ex employer by saying something like that to him at lunch when we all went to commiserate our office closing. I didn’t know what I was going to do at the time, but I was sure something good would happen. It always does if you pay attention to the good parts and not the bad.

    For you it ought to be:
    It’s the journey, not the destination.
    Since isn’t that what your blog is about? Losing the weight isn’t really good enough. You have to keep it off. It is a life long journey.

  12. You have got to be kidding?
    I catch myself saying this on many occasions, it fits so many facets of my life. lol

  13. Lovable, capable, growable, knowable, likable: breakable

  14. Haha how funny.

    This time it’s for real is my blog- I guess it’s is 2 words? lol.

    Where is the manual for life?

    Seems to be a good one for me lol.

  15. Genie@dietof51

    Oh, I have to think about this! Some really good ones here! So fun!

    I’ll be doing this for the rest of the day!

    Washed. Thought. Scrubbed. Thought. Cooked. Thought.

    Wait! That’s just my warm-up!! I’ll be back!

  16. Karen, yes, I have heard of this 6 word challenge & loved this post & the ones you chose to share with us.. yours & the others…. so many I loved but a couple:

    Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket.
    Living my life without looking behind. ( I need to do this!)

    Nothing has happened in my life. (this saddened me)

    YOURS – LOVE! Especially the boring life thing cause I understand & we don’t all have to do these crazy things to be happy with our lives!

    Hey, I was born in Boston!!!!!

    Thx Karen.. LOVED!

  17. Love this post. I also do not have the gift of brevity. SO, this was fun. Here are two:

    Life is what you make it.
    Every tree climber skins their knees.

  18. I’m not smart enough to play…LOL

  19. I have never heard of this.

    No that was not my autobiography.

    I deserve to have true happiness!

    Life is short don’t waste it.

  20. Mine is: “Threw spaghetti at wall; some stuck.”

    And…. these are great. I’d love to invite everyone to submit your six-word memoir over at SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project, http://sixwordmemoirs.com, where thousands of people have already shared their brief, brief life stories. We’re always making books from our favorites…. so jump over and in if you like. -Larry

  21. Love my husband; miss my cat.

  22. Oh my God… I ADORE challenges!

    Just do it. We both can.

    It’s all good… yesterday, today, tomorrow

    Dance, paint, stitch, write… manifest truth

  23. Slow learner, but moving forward now.

  24. Over from LBS BBQ! I’m a new follower! Love your blog, clever post!

  25. Keep on keepin on keeping on!

  26. Visiting from Lady Blogger Tea Party love your blog design!

    Check out my blog here http://livingachangedlife.blogspot.com/

  27. I love “dream big- it doesn’t cost anything.”
    That would look nice on a pillow 🙂
    For me:
    Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, (Swimming)

  28. laughing, touching, tasting, loving, hoping, dreaming

    ((Fist bumping Karen)) Nice post.

  29. No, I am not done yet.

    Miles to go, before I sleep. I borrowed that one 😉

    Polar’s Mom

  30. Lady Blogger Tea Party

    Great blog post – I’ll have to think about it! (Does that count as 6 words!?)

  31. seemed like a good idea then

  32. Happy, average, blessed ~ Life is Good!

  33. Life is not all about me.

    I wish I could claim that one, but I heard it somewhere else first!

  34. Welp, I don’t have my six words right off the bat. But this could be a great mind-therapeutic exercise for me to do. Time spent deep-thinking (which I don’t do enough of anymore) always makes me awesome-er.

  35. “Do it yourself Lisa, it’s faster” (mantra in my head when I want to b@tch at on my hubby or son for not doing xyz)

  36. I could definitely relate to the one on Plan be. Have a good one – here are a few quick ones from me…

    Stupid people suck. Don’t be one.

    Life is shorter than it should be.

    Live. Tomorrow might pass you by.

    Disfunctional childhood fronts a resourceful adulthood.

  37. Some of those are so awesome! And funny.

    I like yours too.


    Girl blogged to live and love.

    Ha. I need to work on some better ones. 😉

  38. I really liked those! there were some really clever ones you listed.

    How about; I live to cook and eat.

    Not great but it pretty much sums me up in a nutshell.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  39. Jewish Arizonan nut, writing about kids?

  40. sunnydaze

    Living, loving, learning, laughing, losing, gaining

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