Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side. No, It Isn't.

There’s a recent trend in the blogworld that has caught my attention:  several of my favorite bloggers are cutting back.  For some of them, that means following less blogs.  For others, commenting less often.  And for a few, it means posting less frequently or not at all.  And the trend is contagious.  Seems we are all looking for balance in our lives.

So after much internal debate, I have decided to post less often.  (There is where I imagine your collective exclamations of dismay.)  What I love most about blogging is being part of a community.  And as you all know, that takes a lot of time.  I want to be able to read your blogs at a more leisurely pace and still have time to comment frequently and thoughtfully. I want to continue with my practice of replying to most of the comments you so kindly leave for me here, because I really enjoy the sense of conversation.  And I want to do it all without sacrificing my own writing.  So it seems the solution is obvious – quality over quantity.  Ergo – less frequent posting.

I’ll be very honest with you – this makes me nervous.  I’m not sure why, but I suspect it’s because I am worried that my followers may stop following, my readers may stop reading, and my commenters may stop commenting.  Please don’t!  My glass half-full persona (who is still constantly struggling to win out over the pessimist), remembers reading that the opposite if often true: many bloggers actually find that posting less often means more people follow.  Maybe because subscribers are no longer overwhelmed with many posts in their reader or inbox.  Maybe you, like me, are struggling with time and balance, and you will actually welcome an occasional  break from my daily musings.  If I wasn’t so verbose, I could just say less, write shorter posts.  But that rarely seems to work for me.

I am not quite sure how this is going to play out.  I have to try it first to see how it feels.  To make things simpler for those of you who read but don’t subscribe, I think my smart approach would be to have a set publishing schedule.  Maybe initially that will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for example.  But I have to say, once again, that I am not 100% comfortable with either cutting back or choosing a schedule.  What if I have something great I want to say on a Tuesday?  What if I miss posting daily?  Why am I so darn indecisive and so easily stressed out by such inconsequential things?  (That last one is a rhetorical question as I sit hit with my finger hovering over the “publish” button.)  Well, it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, so if things don’t go as I envision, I’ll adjust and adapt and go from there.  (Hmm, sounds like great dieting advice for myself!)

Bottom-line, I have no idea when I will post next week.  I am going to be flexible.  (Which if you knew me you would realize is very, very out of character.)  And as I start playing around with my posting schedule, please feel free to tell me what you think of it; all feedback is always welcome.  So I am off and running and feeling the lighter load already:)

Note:  Now also seems like a perfect time to do some blog maintenance I have been putting off.  This includes upgrading WordPress which could cause some of my blog’s bells and whistles to stop blowing.  Please, please let me know if you run into any problems with anything related to my blog.  Thank you:) My fingers are crossed that all goes smoothly.



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56 responses to “Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side. No, It Isn't.

  1. Good decision Karen! that is the most important part of the journey…trying things to see what works best for US!

    • Karen

      How true that is for me in all aspects of this process right now. Slowly figuring things out, learning as I go, trial and error.

  2. LOL I’m planning to upgrade WP this weekend, too! I hope we don’t bring the system crashing to its knees. 🙂

    As for publishing, I’m 100% in favor of bloggers posting in a way that supports *them*. I don’t anticipate a regular schedule or certain number of posts; I figure folks will post when time allows and they have something to say. (Projecting much? :))

    As much as I miss reading, I’d much rather know that the people behind the blogs are taking care of themselves first, in whatever form that takes. Isn’t that why we’re here?

    • Karen

      I agree. And I think I am the type who tends to put too much pressure on myself. It’s good for me to loosen up a bit:) I actually have lots and lots of ideas for posts still, but some days the words come and some days my creative juices seem to have all dried up.

      Fingers crossed for us both on WP!

  3. I think you’re right – it’s all about balance, isn’t it? It’s something that’s difficult to achieve (in more aspects than just blogging!) but it takes practise to get it right.

    Whatever works for you is what’s important!


    • Karen

      And the thing with blogging as part of the equation, is not only does it take time, but I have to be focused to read or write. It isn’t one of those mindless activities I can do anytime.

  4. I agree – and not just because I post whenever I think of something so say! I really do post as my life and thoughts allow.

    Don’t worry – I check in on all my favorites all the time! No matter how frequently – or not – they post.

  5. I’m in agreement with you! I’m a fairly new blogger — only been at it for a couple of months. When I started, I added lots of bloggers to my favorites list, but I’ve dropped all but a handful of them, preferring to follow only those bloggers who were instructive to me, entertained me, or challenged me. As for my followers — well, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed initially that I had so few. Then I realized that I was, after all, doing this for myself. Of course I could just privately journal, but I probably wouldn’t. Receiving an occasional comment keeps me interested. I also found that I was genuinely interested in reading about others’ journeys to achieve individual success or goals.

    By the way, Karen, I have been using my new, little digital recorder, especially on my two recent trips. I love it! It was so convenient for recording personal info that people wanted to leave with me, info about destinations restaurants and hotels, reminders about what I needed to do when I returned home, stupid little things like where we parked the car, and yes, even a few topics for blogs. The only thing I need to do now is learn how to save some of these notes to my computer. I’ve already installed the software…just haven’t looked at it yet.

    I’d love to hear from anybody using WordPress about why you chose that system over Google. I love that WordPress lets you have a “reply” function to comments, but can anyone tell me about other advantages? Thanks.

  6. You are so often right on target with where I am, Karen. I’ve also been thinking about posting frequency, commenting, and how much time I want to spend with it. I’ve cut back a bit, which has happened before. I salute you for trying something different to see how it feels. Nothing here is carved in stone. What feels right today may change tomorrow. Life is about fine tuning on a daily basis so that we are able to live balanced lives of service to others, and service to ourselves. The ebb and flow of it all…. I love your blog and your writing style as well as your creativity. Who knows…maybe cutting back a bit will give more time for your creative juices to really flow!

    • Karen

      Thanks Leslie:) And I am hoping the same thing… that the creativity will come when I don’t feel pressured to get a post written. I’ll be interested to see where you go with this all as well.

  7. I definitely won’t stop reading your blog, even if you stop reading mine. 🙂 I really enjoy what you write, and you have to do what’s right for you on the posting schedule. Plus, I know plenty of bloggers that don’t post often and they still have plenty of readers. But remember that you need to blog for you, not just readers. 🙂

    I probably don’t have many new readers because my blog is all over the place-fashion, life, food, life, healthy living, etc, but I don’t care, because I blog about what I want to blog about, and I comment on those blogs that I truly love. Keep up the good work lady!

    • Karen

      I think it is great that you changed your blog to fit your life. Your old one was indeed more narrow in focus, and that attracts a certain reader. I wonder if I will someday feel as you did, that I am done talking about this particular subject.

  8. You already know my feeling on this subject. But I am interested in the WP part of upgrading my blog. Will that mean I will have a new blog or can my existing one still be affective? Keep me updated here or on FB. Smile.

    • Karen

      Yep – you are one of the people in my mind as I wrote this:) Are you thinking of switching from blogger to WP? You can keep the old one active. And you can import all the posts/comments into WP if you want to go that route.

  9. This shouldn’t be a chore. If you have something you want to say, come post. If not go do something fun! <3. I consider mine a journal and I refuse to have a schedule… If I feel like talking or venting , I do. 🙂

    • Karen

      And you blog reflects just that. And sometimes I crack up because I see several posts in a row from you pop up one day in my reader:)

  10. I think a lot has to do with what we are blogging for and about. I noticed about an year age that many commenters on my column had stopped writing. It was probably a personnel time thing, but I still miss many of them.

    • Karen

      Even in the short time I have been blogging(since December), I have seen a change. Both in who else is still blogging that started when I did, and who is commenting here. I guess the blog world is a fickle as the real world:) Life changes, we change, blogs change.

  11. Oh, Karen, first of all, I will never stop following you!! You’re a fantastic writer and slowing down a bit won’t be any problem at all! I was just wondering as I was coming here today, how you manage to do all you do. You’re a true and loyal cheerleader and support for me and for so many others. I see your comments everywhere. You never seem to tire. I appreciate it more than I can say. I’ve had trouble myself because life is just busy. The journey to fitness and wellness never stops, of course. It’ll be fun to share your stories when they come. As long as you’re still here and writing, I’ll be happy.

    • Karen

      Thank you:) Here is my secret: I don’t work and my kids are past the age of needing my constant attention. I don’t know how anyone with a full-time job and small kids manages this! Although I have to say that I would have loved to connect to other moms through blogging when mine were little. We didn’t even have internet then!

      I know how much I myself have appreciated the support of others and that is a big part of why I try to spend time sharing the love, so to speak, on other blogs.

  12. Say it ain’t so! I’ll miss seeing you most every day, but I totally understand the time-drag of being part of the blog world. I like your priorities. Maybe, when I get to my goal, I’ll step back from an every day presence. For now, though, it’s good for me to write and it’s especially good to read what others are saying. I need it now. You always have the best post titles–I can tell you spend a lot of time and talent in composing. I’ll definitely be right here, waiting to read your next clever comment.

    • Karen

      Thanks for saying you’ll miss me Tish:) One idea I had was actually to not post less, just to post differently. Like doing more of an update and account of life than the stuff I usually write. If that makes sense. And sometimes I wonder if my readers think I keep saying the same thing over and over again. I overate, I can’t handle bread (or peanut butter or whatever), I learned and am moving on. I don’t know what I will write when I reach my goal but I know maintaining will be a challenge. I’m glad you like the titles. Sometimes I don’t write a post that I am thinking about because I can’t come up with a title I like! Thanks for being such a great blog friend:)

  13. sunnydaze

    I agree – it shouldn’t be a chore. If you feel like posting – post, if not – don’t. I don’t know about you but I post to keep myself accountable first, support and reading others blogs, although important to me, comes second. We’ll be here to read and support you whenever you decide to post. 😉

    • Karen

      Thanks for the support Sunny. I think that is part of my problem – when I see my full reader I just can’t let those other blogger’s posts sit unread! I actually have to say to myself “It is okay not to comment on every blog you follow every day.” Crazy, I know.

  14. Who is Numero Uno? YOU, of course! You write your blog first for yourself, for many reasons (have you ever listed them all?)… So, of course, you must make it work for yourself first… You don’t have to please anybody else. Really!

    Also, I’m a great believer in writing when I have something to say and not forcing it when I don’t. On my art blog, I have nearly 600 followers, even though I sometimes don’t post for a whole month at a time. For sure some of them get lost in the sauce, but that happens regardless of frequency. I know because I have followed some blogs by people who post daily and then quit… maybe to follow again after a chunk of time has passed, maybe not. Often I don’t even know why I quit them.

    Now back to you, Karen… At this point in my recovery, your blog is one of the most important that I read. I started following you because of your beautiful comments left on other blogs. However often you post, I’ll be here. And I like your concept of quality vs. quantity!

    • Karen

      You are right. And it is for me first. But I sure am a people pleaser by nature, I guess. And look at what comes out of this experience – connections with people like you. Who inspire me and make me think and brighten my day:) Thanks for you continued support and you kind and thoughtful comments, today and always. Hug.

  15. I am right there with you. It takes so much time to blog and to read blogs and leave relevant comments on other blogs. Sigh.

    I have been rethinking this myself and wondering what to do. I have mostly given up weekend blogging because readership is low on the weekends. Statistics show that my biggest traffic days are Mon – Wed.

    Maybe I should only post 3 times a week. I enjoy so many other blogs and I feel bad if I can’t get around to all of them on a regular basis but it takes up so much time. If people take the time to post on my blog I want to give them the same courtesy. On the other hand I don’t like how much time I am spending on the computer instead of doing other things I enjoy.

    I could go back to just being a reader of other blogs. Then there is no guilt about not supporting others who support me. I do enjoy the creative outlet that having a blog gives me and my long distant friends and family enjoy reading about our lives here out West. Having said that they don’t post comments on my blog. Instead they email me or phone me to make a comment. Too funny!

    Sometimes I think we are all spinning our wheels running from one blog to the next in this crazy fashion to support one another a little bit like a hamster on it’s wheel.

    If you only post a couple times a week I would still come and read them. I enjoy your insight!

    • Karen

      Well here’s something to make you think – I love that there are less blogs to read on the weekends, but that also means I have more time and appreciation for the few that are posted! I feel the exact same way about sharing the love by supporting the bloggers who are so gracious to support me. But for me, so far, this is not taking time away from anything important. I hope you will keep blogging; I enjoy yours very much. It is a great mix of content with your experiences with weight loss and your family and your recipes. And you are one of my biggest inspirations – I really hope to have the same success with my healthy lifestyle someday.

  16. Yes, this is a trend — at least of some that I follow, and who follow me.

    In an intentional universe I have to ask myself, “why is this happening all at once….?”

    There is a sincere lesson to be learned from this if one take time to dissect it.

    Write what you want, when you want. I’ll check back…

    • Karen

      It is funny how there seems to be something brewing out there in the blogworld right now. Maybe the timing of the end of summer and beginning of school (for many) has an impact. I remember reading one blogger say she thought the whole blogosphere slowed down every summer.

  17. Karen, I think what’s important is that you write when the mood and feeling strikes you. Your voice is compelling, whether I see it two days a week or every morning. Good luck with your WP upgrade!

  18. Karen, I am right here with you on every little bit of this post, even the indecisive part! 🙂 I am looking to change too but not sure when or how or what…. will see. Not even sure if I will continue but for now I will….

    Like many say, do what is best for you & I will keep coming back no matter what!!!

    • Karen

      I think you are one of the few I follow who post every day! It amazes me that you have time to do that AND be so supportive in commenting on other blogs. And I am very appreciative:) Your blog is unique in the ones I read so I hope you stick with it.

  19. I’ve always been kind of a weird soul who marches to the beat of a different drummer. When I started my blog in May, I just wanted to talk about how the constant stress of losing and regaining weight affected all parts of my life. I had no expectations as to how often I’d write and didn’t even know what a “follower” was!!

    Reading the recent posts you spoke of and all these comments have made me realize I’m glad I approached it that way from the beginning. I write when I feel like it and don’t ever plan on having a set schedule. At times when I need the accountability (like right now!) I’ll write more often. Other times, I’ll write less. I love having you guys comment and am always excited when I see a new follower pop up.

    I plan to blog for a long time, so I’m hoping this approach will keep me from becoming tired or feeling that it takes too much time.

    I love your writing, Karen and consider you a friend. I’ll be here whenever you blog. Remember, we’ve got shared goals for the next four months!!!

    • Karen

      Thanks Sharon; I feel the same about you:) When I started my blog I had so many, many ideas to write and the words flowed so fast that it never even occurred to me to pace myself and not post daily. It was a long time before I dropped first one weekend day and then the other. But when I started I also didn’t understand about followers and I was honestly surprised when I got my first comment!

  20. Ewa

    I know that there are days when I really don’t feel like blogging, reading or posting. Then there are days when I have to read all new posts, comment, reply to comments. Do whatever feels right for you. We will be here, sometimes reading, sometimes not. It’s life and it does not like prescriptions.

  21. I too will read whatever you got whenever you got it. Oddly enough, with my move a few days ago and a million reno projects we want to do, I’ve decided to cut back to five days a week instead of 7. More time for other things, and like you, I love reading blogs too, and I love commenting on things and doing everything is well, impossible!

  22. I love reading your posts, but I can totally see your point. I’ve been looking at the same thing, and in fact have already cut back, way back on my posting. I did worry about readership, but what I worried more about was that I was blogging and thinking about blogging MORE than I was actually thinking about my life, my goals, and growing as a person.

    Hope you figure out what’s right for you, but I for one will NOT stop reading just because you post less. You rock.

    • Karen

      Thanks Cheryl. And you are a much more prolific tweeter than I am! I have to make a conscious effort to check that and facebook. You and a few other bloggers have actually made me question what I should be doing with my life. Here I am at 47 still not knowing what I want to be when I grow up!

  23. Karen, I wish I could claim to be so wise as to be cutting back on blogging for life balance, but actually it’s because I’m actually losing my mind trying to find time for anything! I’ve just been at whit’s end for months trying to get everything done that I need to get done, raise kids, and actually have a husband (oh yeah, him!) And I remember somewhere in there I was supposed to be a writer too!

    I want to get back to my schedule of 3 times a week and I want to read, read, read, and I want to comment on my comments, but I can’t have everything. I’ve had to accept my own limitations. Crazy, huh? Took me till age 50 to admit I had any!

    • Karen

      I have noticed that you have not been “around” much this summer. Your blog is unique among the ones I read so it really stands out for me. Some of the weight loss ones I don’t notice frequency as much because they can tend to blur together sometimes. That’s why I love subscribing – when someone posts, up it pops for me:)

  24. do what’s best for you, girl. if you feel like posting – do it. if you need a day off, eh, no worries either. we’re gonna read no mattter what 🙂

  25. not sure I need to even comment.

    I GET IT.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the support Carla! I think you and some of the other “big” bloggers can be a great lesson for us all in how to balance life and blogging. And in all sorts of other things too, of course:)

  26. Hi Karen,

    Sorry – unrelated to your post, but just to let you know my blog has moved to http://pin-upinprogress.blogspot.com/ – I’ve really appreciated your comments up to now and wouldn’t want to lose them because you couldn’t find me!


  27. YOu said it girl! I have been thinking this, too. Some days I stress myself out trying to do it all and I can’t. I mean I can spend HOURS on my blog, networking, gathering ideas but them never have time to them and still have a messy house to clean!! I will still read no matter what:)

    • Karen

      Let’s not talk about messy houses! Mine is suffering from serious blogger neglect. But then again, if I got up from the computer I still would find something other than cleaning to occupy my time!

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  29. Again, I’m late to the commenting party – I just have been so behind on my blogs! 😦

    Anyway, I just read this and I think that it is so healthy.

    I think the same thing – that if I’m not blogging five days a week that I’m somehow failing. A few weeks ago I took a Friday off and it felt fabulous.

    Kudos to you for figuring out what you wanted to do, recognizing that you were hesitant, but doing it anyway. 🙂

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