The Wallflower and the Prom King

I told my husband that if we had met in high school we would never have dated, let alone married.  I was shy and quiet.  He was a big man on campus.  I had a small group of friends but didn’t fit in with any clique; I went to school dances with my girlfriends and never got asked to dance.  My husband was captain of both the football and basketball teams, president of his class, graduation speaker, prom prince one year and prom king the next.

But years later our eyes met across a not-so-crowded U-shaped classroom in graduate school.  Hubby sat on one side across from where I sat on the other; week in and week out.  I thought he must be obnoxious because the guy sitting next to him was overly so.  Hubby says he was intrigued by my “disconcerning” air.  (No, that is not an actual word.  But after hearing him tell the story time many times, it has become part of the vernacular of our courtship.)

It wasn’t until the next semester that my husband and I had our first official date.  There were several missteps leading up to it.  Hubby tried to get to know me by suggesting we work on our research papers together; I thought he was just one more guy only interested in cheating off of me.  I planned a night out with a group from school so that I could casually invite hubby along; he had other plans that could not be changed.  But finally, the stars aligned (Halley’s Comet, actually), and we had our first date scheduled.  But why wait?  Hubby invited me out for the night before the date as well.  One night, then the next, then the next.  And we’ve been together ever since.  Twenty-three years of marital compromise bliss.

The prom king and the wallflower left their former lives behind and made one together, along with their sons, in a kingdom known as Suburbia.  Where life is filled with minivans and mortgages.  And where, on prom night, it is the next generation posing in his tux with his date, as the proud parents look on and marvel at the passage of time.  And the life they have made together.  A life in which they all lived happily ever after.

Happy anniversary dear husband<3



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35 responses to “The Wallflower and the Prom King

  1. I would go see that movie!!! 🙂 What a wonderful love story! Thx for sharing!

    Karen, I was like you in high school! Friends but not one clique & very shy!!!!

  2. Happy anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Waisting Time! 🙂

  3. aw, that’s such a cute story! my husband and i are the same way: never would’ve dated in high school, but of course, as you grow everything changes.

    happy anniversary!! 23 years is incredible 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary! Celebrate your bliss!!!

  5. What a great story. Happy Anniversary Karen.

    I met my husband in a bar. I did not like him AT ALL. I thought he was ugly and I was already dating 7 other guys, one for each day of the week. But he would not stop calling me so I went out with him. And I couldn’t shake him so I decided I may as well marry him. The best decision I ever made. He actually found him to be attractive, after I bought him new clothes, got his hair cut and thought him everything he knows. LOL

    • Karen

      Oh that cracks me up! You, my friend, were clearly NOT a wallflower:) I cleaned up mine too. He had a lot of beige, wide collared shirts when we met. And what we affectionately might refer to as a “man purse.”

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    That’s a very cute story. So it does happen in real life then, not just in Hollywood? 🙂

  7. sunnydaze

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

  8. Ewa

    Happy Anniversary, this and all others to come and may many more stars (or Halley Comets 🙂 ) align.

  9. Happy anniversary! At least you didn’t have to chase after your husband the way I had to with mine… 😉

  10. Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more years of sharing the bike path together!

  11. Happy Anniversary!! 23 years – that’s quite a lot to be proud of!! Enjoy your anniversary!

  12. Congratulations! What a lovely story, well told. Interesting how we find each other in this big complex world!

  13. Nice story! I have a fall anniversary, too, such a nice time of year for a wedding. Enjoy your special day!

    • Karen

      Actually our original wedding date was in October, which would indeed have been a beautiful time of year. My dad died not long after we got engaged and I could not imagine going ahead with the wedding as planned without him to walk me down the aisle, so we just moved things up to August and had a ceremony in my mom’s house with just family. But we kept our reception in October since even the band was booked. It really confused people.

  14. Yeah! Great Romance! Thanks for sharing that and have a wonderful Anniversary.

  15. Love the story- happy anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary to PK and WF! It sounds like the title of a romance novel.

  17. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet love story, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  18. What are you two doing to celebrate? I think you told me eating out at a restaurant husband will choose? Would love to know where you celebrated. Enjoy and remember we are sliding into September.

    Happy Anniversary!

    • Karen

      Okay… it is not good. We went for lunch at a restaurant where we have spent many past anniversaries. Seafood in Kansas! Here is the gross part – there was a hair in my crab cake so we got a free meal. And then had gelato for dessert! September… here I come!

  19. Now this is one fairytale I can believe in! Happy anniversary and I wish you a continued lifetime of happiness, health and humorous compromise together!

  20. Well I’m glad then that you didn’t meet until later. What a sweet story. It’s funny to see how people change after high school when peer pressure isn’t so important.

    Happy anniversary!

    • Karen

      I think the other key piece is that it is hard to evolve and change in school when kids tend to pigeon hole each other from an early age. I just started watching Glee and it is funny to see that whole portrayal of social standing and stuff. Leaving that behind is a great equalizer.

  21. Genie@dietof51

    That’s very sweet! You are very lucky to have found each other!

  22. That’s so great! I love it! Happy Anniversary!

  23. Happy Anniversary! 23 years is awesome. Hope you have many more. 🙂

  24. Such a cute story! Hope you guys have an absolutely wonderful anniversary – and many, many more. 🙂

    My bf and I are the same. He was an obnoxious kid who partied it up with the guys, skipped classes, tried a few different “illicit substances” just to see what happened and generally caused trouble. I was the student council, drama club, cheerleader who never had a puff of a cigarette, let alone anything else.

    It’s funny how much people can change over time. I don’t know how high school sweethearts can do it!

  25. Nicole

    Happy Anniversary!! Love your story. 🙂

  26. I love it when the unlikely or impossible happens!!! I was like you in HS. However, I went away to college and never looked back, did not keep in touch with one single classmate. Now it’s 50 years later and the possibility of attending the reuinion looms in September. Should I go? Would it be fun to see if I could detect major shifts in any of the students? Your post makes me think it would be fun!

    Happy anniversary! May the 24th chapter of your story be yet another contented marker in the passage of time.

    • Karen

      College was tough for me. It was the beginning of my overweight yo-yo years and I was very affected by horrible acne. But by the time I graduated and moved halfway across the country, I was a different person.

      I went back to only one reunion; dragged by a friend since I happened to be in town at the time. I actually enjoyed myself. I am actually a much happier and confident person now. And it is funny to see who, from those days, has “friended” me on facebook. Like the school bully. Time is a great equalizer.

  27. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a wonderful story! And that is something else we share, happily married. Nothing better, in my opinion, than to share your life with a life’s partner. My life is hands down better because of him. I always feel so blessed because of it as I am sure you do to. Congratulations and thanks for sharing this story. Michele

  28. I love this, such a sweet story. 🙂 My hubz and I have a strange and wonderful relationship too…he’s the extrovert but grew up in a small town, i’m the introvert raised in the city. Makes life pretty interesting!

    Happy anniversary to you guys…may you have many more together!

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