Twiddling My Thumbs

Here’s what’s been happening with me lately…

Thumbs up: Eating at the table has been going well.  I plan to continue this for all my snacking.

Thumbs down: I not only opened a new jar of peanut butter, but I finished it off already.  Yes, there was a little bit of overeating with a spoon involved.

Thumbs up: I’m enjoying having my oldest home from school for a little while.  He drove 1200 miles by himself without incident.  Thumbs way up!

Thumbs down: I had a little fling with a box of my husband’s whole grain cereal one night.  Why?  Beats me.  Yes, I ate it at the table.  But, it had added sugar (even if it pretended not to by calling it something else) and I ate more than one serving and I was not hungry at the time.  Bad, bad, and bad.

Thumbs sideways: My younger son started his senior year of high school last week – the beginning of the end.  He managed to wake himself up on time so far everyday:)

Thumbs down: I’ve been experiencing a bit of a brain freeze lately.  My creative mojo seems to have left the building with my dieting mojo.  I wonder if they are hanging out together somewhere with the socks that went missing from the laundry.

Thumbs dowwwwwnnnn: I went to a birthday party this weekend.  And party seemed to be happening in my mouth!  I ate a lot of things I should not have eaten.  ‘Nuff said.

Thumb wrestling: My weight is up and down and up and down.  Oh yeah… kinda like a yo-yo!  I seem to be doing well with eating and exercise five or six days a week; but the other day or two is killing me.  Enough monkeying around Karen!

My goals for the week:

  • Continue eating snacks at the table.
  • Do NOT overeat!
  • Stay on plan for every snack and every meal with the one possible exception of dinner out with my son before he heads back to school.

What’s going on with you?



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59 responses to “Twiddling My Thumbs

  1. Life sure is a roller coaster ride, isn’t it!!! And I so hear you on the weight fluctuation! Mine seems to be hormone related.

    OK, I hope you did not eat all that PB with the baby spoon. If you did, I am mad at myself for even suggesting it & time to kick those spoons out of the house too! 🙂

    As for snacks, I have changed mine to help me. I used to have the Kashi cereal & things like that. Now I look more to portion controlled almonds or a piece or two of this low sodium turkey slices I get either at Sprouts or Costco had a great brand with low sodium too & maybe roll it up with a bit of salsa or my own homemade protein bars or cookies which are lower in carbs & higher in protein than anything I can but.. this has helped me a lot… the changing of types of snacks or mini meals as I call them that I eat…

    • Karen

      Nope… not baby spoons! But I did ditch the kitchen spoon for an actual measuring spoon so I could not fool myself about how big my serving was! I’m still working on a snack post… lately I have been having a chocolate “milkshake” that is made with ricotta, skim milk and ice. I should try almonds since that is supposed to be good for my cholesterol too I think.

  2. Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Thumbs sideways…that is how life goes! I am with Jody on the snacks..finally…I too have been doing portion controlled almonds or pistachios, portion controlled hummus with unlimited celery or mushrooms to dip with….I found a pnut butter alternative that is AWESOME!

    I am finding what is REALLY working for me is TRYING new things..and guess what…I am enjoying my food much, much more!

    • Karen

      I really do get stuck in a rut. But I have to admit that I like hummus on bread (which of course is not my friend right now) and not so much on veggies. Kinda like I don’t enjoy peanut butter on celery, I think. Pistachios – yum – but the do strange things to me so I gave them up:(

  3. Genie@dietof51

    Who ate the low-fat granola cereal that she pretended she bought for Sonny? Who? Who?

    Who ate handfuls of chocolate chips even though they are supposed to be for cookies? Who? Who?

    Who said “wth” and ate ice cream on Saturday night? Who? Who?

    Who can’t get a grip on her overeating with her thumbs or otherwise? Me, me.

    At least I’m honest……

    • Karen

      Sounds a bit like an owl in here Genie! I am all about being honest now too. Otherwise I am only lying to myself. Today I got chocolate chips for cookies for my son. (More on that in a later post.) I really wanted a small bag so there would be no leftovers in the house because I can’t deal with that. My son said he had no problem taking the extras back to college with him. Crisis averted.

  4. I had a bit of a Come to Jesus talk with myself this weekend about my eating habits… they’ve been solidly in the “thumbs down” category!

    • Karen

      If that talk worked than I need to you start preaching to ME! Sounds to me like you are eating some stuff you might have avoided while dieting but that you are managing to maintain. Balance:)

  5. A little known fact, and this is true: You can not twiddle just one thumb around the other without both of them moving. Try it. The stationary thumbs always moves just a little.

    My point? Action/Reaction. Take your focus off your thumbs and place it on your feet — move! Move to walk. Move to walk away from the peanut butter. Use your feet to stand beside the roller coaster without ever getting on.

    • Karen

      My husband, who reads daily, including most of the comments, says I should tell you that he appears to be the one thumb twiddling exception! I am just picturing him sitting here trying that:) But your point is a great one.

  6. Ewa

    Your thumbs are getting quite a workout. I will have to see if I can get mine to point up ever so often.

    • Karen

      Does that count as exercise? I wonder how many calories I burned:) I admit that I sat here thinking hard for another “thumbs up” to list and could not come up with it! Depressing.

  7. I loved the thumbs up, thumbs down way of describing your week. 🙂 When we lived overseas, the International Dr. told us if we were craving peanut butter, it was because we were low on red meat. (we ate a diet of mostly curried chicken and fish) Interesting, eh?

    • Karen

      That is interesting! Hmmm. This week we have had a lot of red meat since my son came home from college after a summer rooming and cooking with a vegetarian. But I am not sure we normally eat it all that often. Hmm.

  8. sunnydaze

    My weight and eating are touch ‘n go lately, as well. This is a new week, let’s challange ourselves to see how well we can do!

    YAY that your DS made it all the way home from school with no incident! 😀 That would worry me to death! More gray hairs!

    It is bitter-sweet with your DS entering his senior year.

    • Karen

      I cannot even begin to explain how much better I have gotten about not worrying about my sons lives! Last year I drove myself crazy with stress over some school related stuff for the teen and a good friend gave me some advice and I let it go and boy that was a good move. So while I worried a bit about the drive (and that did include visions of him in a hospital somewhere), I was pretty good overall. Maybe that comes from him being so darn far away for college.

  9. Ann

    Peanut butter is the devil’s food. Get it out of your house. Seriously, I haven’t been able to master that one yet. In fact, I made the mistake of eating one little taste while making the kid’s sandwich. MISTAKE. Ended up with a sandwich myself for lunch. Which would all be fine if it didn’t leave me craving carbs an hour later. no more PBJ for me. Not for now.

    • Karen

      My rational, pragmatic self agrees with you. Out, out damn peanut butter! But I was so fine with it for so long that I am just holding out hope for a bit longer. May be a huge mistake. But my very favorite go-to meal when I don’t cook family dinner is PB on an apple. Sigh. I will say that I have long since given it up in the sandwich form though – bread is not my friend right now either.

      BTW – the only one of my sons still living at home hates the stuff!

  10. “Do NOT overeat!”

    In my opinion, goals like this, though a beautiful thing, are a setup for failure. You need specific, concrete goals if you want to be successful. I still think your home is a minefield in the food department.

    • Karen

      I have to laugh because you are not wrong. I am usually pretty specific about my goals. I threw that one in there because I was managing to meet my other goals in past weeks but still overeating while I did it. So I guess I should rethink the specificity of the wording. But the sad thing is that when I only have healthy foods in my house, I can still manage to overeat on them! Which is why I am avoiding bread right now. I know that it is pretty controversial to give up certain foods entirely, and don’t know if this will be something I do for a short time or a long time.

  11. I have never had a love for peanut butter till lately. Now I keep a low fat jar of Skippy in my desk drawer to eat when I am thinking I need some protein. Yikes bad idea…It is way yummy.

    • Karen

      For you that seems like a GOOD idea! Since you need to eat MORE. I did not know they had a low-fat version. I just get the natural kind with no sugar added. Lots of fat but I think it is the good kind of fat, isn’t it?

  12. I had one of those up/down weeks, too. I think they’re the nature of life. Fortunately, last week was more ups/sideways since I was celebrating my birthday. 🙂

    Here’s to a new and improved week!

    • Karen

      Well I have written about how I am not by nature an optimistic person and how I have tried to change that with my blog… (not that you could tell from today’s thumbs down), but one thing I will say is that I still feel that I WILL figure this out and conquer this thing. I go into each week thinking I will indeed be on track. I guess that is a “thumbs up.”

  13. Karen, why are you continuing to buy peanut butter when you know it is a problem food for you?!? It is your enemy! Eating peanut butter for you is like turning to Jeffrey Dahmer for comfort and support. Save yourself! Keep it out of your house.

    • Karen

      Oh you are too funny! I know, I know. I really do need to do that with the darn stuff. But I keep thinking that for soooo long I just ate it normally and really enjoyed it and that I won’t binge on it again. You are so right. And I am still laughing at how you put it:)

  14. Oh god, Peanut butter is the DEVIL! I mean really, whoever came u with it was a mean mean person! Ha. I think you’re doing well! If you find your creativity send it my way too! My stress has been making me less than efficient in the art world.

    • Karen

      So I think some doctor originally came up with it as a protein source for elderly, toothless patients. So the intent was good:) That creative thing… maybe I need to write a post about something totally off topic for a change.

  15. Good clever post! Yeah – my eating sucked over the weekend. It was all downhill from those damned Pringles. When I post later, I am also going to do goals for the week.

    Can totally relate to the peanut butter. I have open Skippy crunchy in the cupboard that doesn’t call me at all. But as soon as I get the natural peanuts only kind, look out. So it’s off the list for now.

    • Karen

      So my first thought is…”I wonder if I can have PB if I go for chunky which I don’t like as much.” How pathetic am I?

  16. Yep, we could have had a thumb war this week!

  17. I love this post too. You’re so clever.
    I send a fervent wish for your mojo to come right back to you and be refreshed and renewed!
    Without our mojo, it’s too hard to resist snacks!
    I wish I could commit to eating at the table. Now way at this stage, but trying to be more thoughtful and conscious seems to be working.

    • Karen

      We all need to find what works for us and sometimes it is the little things. But we also need to find what things are derailing us or keeping us from staying on track. I’m working on it!

  18. The only thumb sign I could hope for would be “hang loose” as I sit on the beach in Maui! Well, that’s not happening anytime soon. I had an awful week for tracking and only got in 2 walks because I got a huge splinter in my toe (THUMBS WAY DOWN). Managed to lose 1 lb and spent all day yesterday prepping for a good week. I have 155 in my sights and I’m heading there before this challenge is over! Great to catch up on your posts!

    • Karen

      Did you get that splinter out!? I had one in my foot several years ago that I thought was out. (My mom’s husband is a doctor and he dug around in there with a needle – ouch.) Months later I had to go to the doctor and found out there were still pieces working their way to the surface! And don’t forget to see if you need a tetanus shot.

  19. Cute post! Things are pretty steady here, but I will “out” myself for a PMS-fueled food act last night. New neighbors moved in a couple of homes down and I baked my chocolate chip banana bread for them. Took it over and no one answered when I rang the doorbell. So instead of putting it in the fridge and trying again another time, I lost a battle of wills with the bread, opened the tinfoil and picked every single one of the chocolate chips out and ate them. Awful, isn’t it? 🙂 And then I threw the rest of the destroyed bread out. I’ll try again post-PMS when I know the neighbors are home and waiting for an actual food delivery from me.

  20. Peanut butter and a spoon is my downfall.

  21. I can control myself around PB, but ice cream is another story. I just do not keep it in the house. In the past, I have been known to eat the whole 1/2 gallon. We go out for a DQ and I budget it in-or I have a few “tastes!”

    I loved your post on cupcakes. I do think the food world is overrun with them right now, although I have not seen any food shows where they are front and center. I know Julie (Julie Lost and Found) feels they “call” to her.

    Bravo for your post, too, on the diet. It is a journey that doesn’t end. I am just glad that I FINALLY realized that point. All the games I played over the years-sometimes it takes a brick to sink in!

    Thanks for your consistent comments on my blog. I appreciate them and your support. I find your blog to be full of ruminations and look forward to reading it as I am able.

    Your biker (14 miles today!), blogging journey that doesn’t end friend, Michele

  22. Thumbs up – I woke up feeling slim and trim and very proud of myself for sticking with my daily walks and eating well recently.

    Thumbs down – I decided to pat myself on the back and measure my waist, just to see how much I’ve lost… and I was up 1 cm. Wha…!?!


    Thumbs up – I’m pretending that never happened and will continue to focus on how great I feel. 🙂

  23. i love that – eating at the table. it’s such an anomlay these days 🙂 yet it’s so important when you’re eating to actually paying attention to what you’re doing. you appreciate it so much more and tend to be more satisfied because of it. i’ve developed a bad habit of dining in front of the Telly or at the computer, one of these days i need to get an actual kitchen table….

    • Karen

      Well full disclosure… eating at the table does not necessarily mean I am paying attention:) But, it is working pretty well for me regardless. I just heard on TV that it can make a difference what color your dinner plates or napkins are!

  24. You just need to strive for a few more thumbs ups and you will have it made!

    Now about that peanut butter, you might need to band it from the house for a while, or hide the spoons!

    • Karen

      I could not believe that I sat here trying to come up with more “thumbs up” and had to finally give up! Sigh. Yep, if I was smart, I would chuck the jar that is sitting unopened in my pantry. I have done it with so many other foods. I guess I am holding out hope that I can keep PB in my life.

  25. It’s hard to figure out labels sometimes. If a company only has to put x amount of grains in order to have that label that’s what they’ll do. It doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

    Shouldn’t the sideways thumb be a thumbs up? I thought parents counted down the days until their kids left? 😉

    • Karen

      Well I do have to admit that I am probably looking forward to school days being over! And this will be a very hectic and stressful year for my son and that means for me too:( But my husband and I seem to have gotten lucky and mostly breezed through the typically tumultuous teen years. BTW – he did NOT manage to wake himself up the fourth day!

  26. Dear heart, your writing mojo is still working, at least by witness of this post. Love the ‘thumbs sideways’ heading and the realness of all the thumbs. Life is pretty good when your elder son drives so far to have lunch with Mom… and it’s only right to allow some dietary freedom for the occassion. I look forward to your description of that lunch… not so much what you eat but about your son and what you have to say to one another!

    • Karen

      Oh you are so sweet:) Just yesterday my son said he is ready to go back to school now. I guess that is a good thing. He is going to accompany me apple picking today so we should have some nice talks this afternoon.

  27. My weight yoyos too – even without parties! Its very frustrating!

    • Karen

      I know for me that while I blame the parties, I really have only myself to blame. But really, my summer has been about binging at a party or away from home and spending the rest of the week trying to get those pounds back off again!

  28. For now, Karen, you’d better kick the peanut butter out of the house. Maybe when you get back to mostly thumbs up, you can buy a small jar (of less prefered chunky) and see if you can save it for planned snacks. On the “over eat” goal, maybe just reword so that it talks about portion control. Here’s to more upward thumbs than downward!

  29. I’ve had the same success and failures…especially the last two days after my trip to Seattle.

    I need to reign it in!

  30. I like the thumbs up/thumbs down – I think we can all relate. It’s been tough going for me, but I feel like I’m heading for a thumbs up…even though I ate four maple leaf cookies that I “bought” for my son and some baked chips – not hungry….all in all it’s been a good few days and that’s what I’ll focus on. I can totally relate to the cereal thing – don’t know why I “endulge” on cereal, especially kinds that resemble tree bark.

    Hang in there.

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