Here a Cupcake, There a Cupcake

Am I the only one who feels that the world is caught up in a cupcake explosion?  Cupcakes on TV, cupcakes in blogs, cupcake tweets (not to be confused with treats), cupcake holidays.  …Everywhere a cupcake cupcake.

The worst of the worst has to be Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  If you haven’t watched yet – don’t.  I can almost guarantee it will leave you salivating.  Each episode has four bakers competing to make the tastiest and most appealing looking cupcakes.  The flavor combinations are exotic and amazing.  I would happily scarf down any of the rejects.

Then we have the show DC Cupcakes.  I will admit I only watched once or twice.  And mostly because my friends from DC had brought a cupcake (from the featured store) with them all the way to Florida on our vacation.  They ate it when it was several days old, refreshed by the microwave, and swore it was still fabulous.  No sharing:(  After watching their favorite cupcake shop in action on TV, I was glad I was waylaid by a blizzard on my last trip to DC and never got there myself!

Blogs are filled with mentions of cupcakes lately.  And I am talking about weight loss, diet, healthy eating blogs.  Not foodie blogs.  Not baking blogs.  There is Cammy, who plotted a cupcake reward for her great workout efforts.  Dear Cammy, who has posted about cupcakes more than a time or two now.  Who got me thinking that maybe someday there might be a cupcake reward in my own future.  Who wrote so temptingly about the 45 minutes she spent luxuriating in cupcake scrumptiousness.  And then there was Food Addict’s great post about a cupcake binge that she managed to cut short.  She described the divine morsels:  homemade lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon frosting.  Absolute food porn.

Even my local paper has been talking about the darn things.  Turns out we have a local cupcake baker who was going to be featured on The View.  So of course I had to tune in that day and watch the whole segment about… cupcakes.  Sigh.  Made all the worse now that I know there is a place, even here in my usually-behind-the-times little corner of the Midwest, where I could join in the latest junk food craze.  Sigh.

Then yesterday I happened upon a blog I had never seen before, with cupcake in the title.  The other word in the title was a nice, healthy, green vegetable:)  That combination caught my attention.  And then the icing on the cupcake was Cheryl’s tweet about a cupcake holiday that jumped out at me from the many non-food-related tweets filling the page.  Have you ever noticed how once you start being aware of something you see it everywhere?  For me right now, it seems to be cupcakes.

So maybe yesterday was National Cupcake Day.  Or maybe that happens in March.  Or December.  Gotta love the internet and its conflicting information.  Regardless, I’m glad I missed it or I may have decided to celebrate in style.  And as a very indecisive person, I cannot imagine this kid in a cupcake shop!  One of everything?  I almost went with cupcakes for my birthday treat this year, but it got beaten out by gelato.  I’m thinking if I had felt the reverberations from this cupcake explosion before my big day, it would have been cupcakes for sure!

I am not eating a cupcake today.  Or tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or anytime in the near foreseeable future.  Right now I think cupcakes would derail me.  And I would rather be thin than eat a cupcake.  I would rather be in control of my eating than eat a cupcake.  But when the day comes when I can have my cake and eat it too, so to speak, you just might be reading my own description of scrumptiousness.  Until then, back to vicarious cupcake eating in the blogosphere and on TV.



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59 responses to “Here a Cupcake, There a Cupcake

  1. thank you, God, that cupcakes are not my “thing”…now, chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven (that I dreamed about last night even)………..

  2. I know.. cupcakes everywhere on TV!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like either of the shows you mentioned. Cupcake Wars because it is so predictable & I can’t understand a word that one judges says. DC Cupcakes.. too much drama like Cake Boss.. drives me crazy a sit is so scripted!

    I am not salivating for cupcakes… it is my cookies that tempt me BUT they still look darn good! 🙂

  3. Ann

    Let me get this strait…someone brought a cupcake one your vacation, through like 10 states and a gillion miles only to eat said cupcake in front of you, rave about how it tastes and not even offer you a bite? Ummmm….I think you need to rethink that relationship. Is there such a thing as being foodily abused? I think you just proved there is. Ha ha!

    There’s a place near here that people stand in line out the door just to get their cupcakes. EXPENSIVE cupcakes. A drug rep brought them to the office once. I ate 1/4 of a strawberry one w/ cream cheese icing. Yes it was yummy, but goodness sakes it wasn’t any better than other cakes you can get lots of places. It’s a fad. That’s all. Don’t let these cupcake bandwagon people make you feel like you’re missing something. Cause the only thing you’re missing is the post cupcake sugar crash followed by intense carb cravings and weight gain.

    • Karen

      To be fair to our friends, the cupcake was not intended for the trip, just left over. And, they actually did not eat it in front of us. Just told us about it. But they actually have left DC now so known more Georgetown cupcakes for them!

      Your comment reminds me of an episode of a sitcom where there was that whole line out the door thing going on. Well before cupcakes were on my radar. It took place in California.

  4. Just the picture at the top of your post makes me salivate. I like most any cake product with the requisite icing. But gourmet it up, and I’m a goner. Lemon is my favorite flavor in the world, so the lemon suicide you mentioned gave me goosebumps! There’s always going to be some damn thing to tempt and tease us.

    • Karen

      I think why cupcakes bother me more than cakes is the smaller size somehow. I would not think of going out and buying a whole cake… but a little cupcake… hmm. Sorry to tempt you:)

  5. Cupcakes don’t tempt me in the least. I am not a cake fan and there Is at least 5x too much icing/frosting on those puppies! Now if there were cobbler wars on tv I would be in trouble! I am dreaming of peach cobbler and blackberry cobbler. Yum. Lol.

  6. sunnydaze

    I LOVE cupcakes and could easily eat a few in one sitting. I stopped watchind Food Network because it turned more reality than I care for with all of the competitions, rather than just the good old cooking shows, plus it makes me hungry…

    Yes, I’ve noticed all of the cupcake stuff lately, too.

    • Karen

      It makes me hungry too. I think I posted about that once before. And unlike you, all I watch on there are the competitions. My sons like to watch with me. Top Chef and Chopped. Fun:)

  7. I agree with Sunnydaze (above). What happened to the Food Network? I used to love watching Barefoot Contessa while I was cooking dinner, and now it’s Cupcake Wars and other reality crap?

    Though I do like cupcakes, I’m not sure what all the hoopla is about recently. There’s also a cupcake company in Seattle that is super successful and employing lots of people – just heard a story on NPR.

  8. I think I’m lucky in that I don’t enjoy cupcakes. They just don’t look appealing at all.

    I’m not a big fan of cake either…so maybe that’s it.

    Those are pretty much the only sweets that I’m immune to. 🙂

  9. I really love pastry but I can love em’ and leave a cupcake. To much sugar on the top and too messy for me.

  10. MAN. I’ve got to give up sugar. Get it out of my system. NOW.

  11. Thanks for the mention and the reminder of that glorious cupcake, enjoyed so many weeks ago… sigh. I’ve got to figure out a way to have one every week, though not quite as large as that cupcake! As much as I love working out, even I don’t want to spend THAT much time in the gym! LOL

    I gave up on DC Cupcakes in the third week, I think. Whenever the kid signed for molded strawberries. It was soooo scripted. Still like Cupcake Wars for background noise and occasional food porn gratification.

    • Karen

      Well, I really was thinking a lot about cupcakes and actually planning to write about them for sometime. But I am not sure I could go into a store and walk out with just one. Even a decadent chocolate one. I gave up on DC Cupcakes fast too. And the last Cupcake Wars had changed the competition and I liked it less. May give up on that too! Less tempting to watch HGTV anyways.

  12. Cupcakes – once upon a times this post would have urge me to run out and buy a dozen. Now, goodness knows how, I have finally untrained my brain and taste buds from the joy of cupcakes, cake, cookies, etc. (As if food can bring anyone “joy”) Just in time because there are TWO cupcake stores in our town! Sometimes I do have to restrain myself from Mexican food urges…

    • Karen

      Is there a trick to untraining? Or is it just that if you go long enough it is easy to resist? Now Mexican food you can make healthily at home! And without the fresh chips on the table.

      • I would like to believe that my prolonged refraining from refined carbs (except for special occasions) is the answer, but to be honest, something happened after my gallbladder surgery (and complications) that left me without a taste for chocolates, ice cream, and refined sugars. The longer I “abstain” the easier – almost effortless – it has become.

  13. Cupcakes could be a serious downfall of mine. Thank god I just don’t see them around me very much. Otherwise I’d be in big trouble!!!

  14. My sister actually makes those fancy cupcakes and may open a shop someday. She also decorates cakes. Yes…the cupcake craze has taken over. They’re everywhere. We have a specialty cupcake shop that I stopped in last week and got a chocolate peanut butter cupcake. YUM. I hadn’t been there in about 6 months, since it’s out of the way.

    I’m a Food Network, TLC addict so I watch all those shows.

    • Karen

      Oh you know how I am with peanut butter! Sounds yummy. I think once every six months would be okay:) But a baker in the family could be trouble.

  15. They certainly are everywhere these days. I don’t think little kids have birthday cakes anymore, my grands all opt for cupcakes. E had the cutest Elmo cupcakes last year and wants them again this year. I’m not a fan. I think it goes back to my childhood when I found them too dry. Guess I’d better stay away from the cc shops, where I’m sure they’re probably superb and not dry. I do like a good cake, but my favorite pastry is PIE! Don’t go waving any cherry pies, or pecan pies, or apple pies under my nose.
    Thanks for your input about the bike clips. I think I’ll try them on the exercise bike and see if I can get used to them.

    • Karen

      Apple pie is one of my all time favorite desserts. Yum. And the food channel had a pie cooking competition on once too. Very tempting to watch. But a good old-fashioned apple rocks my world:)

      Let me know how the clips work out.

  16. So, last Monday — My husband picks me up from the airport and we are out running a few areas. We went to a bakery to get a sandwich to bring home for lunch.

    While I am there — I keep thinking, “I wish I had an excuse to buy a carrot cupcake. I just wish I had a reason to celebrate and bring one home.”

    I couldn’t think of one — so passed. Two hours later I realized that it was my husband’s birthday that very day.

    Totally cracked me up! Cracked him up as well. Luckily — he isn’t that into sweets that he was bummed.

    • Karen

      My husband would have killed me if I missed a sweet something on his birthday! His favorite is Linda’s Fudge Cake from the Cheesecake Factory. The calories in that are astronomical!

  17. Cupcakes are dangerous around my house. Too small, too easy to eat more than one – too much goodness! I don’t like either of those shows – silly. I’d rather watch people cook something complicated. I like Iron Chef!

  18. Thank God cupcakes don’t do it for me! I fear I would eat and eat them if they were. Now, if they were macaroni cups…different story!!! 🙂

    I love the term “food porn” – hilarious!

  19. I agree!! They are everywhere and soo lovely and tempting! A cupcake shop opened just down the street from me, I pass it every darn day!! It is a Gluten Free place so that has taken some of the lure from the prettiness of what I see through the window…

    Maybe when I get to the point Cammy is – having lost the weight and allowing a splurge, the cupcakes will still be waiting…

    • Karen

      Not to tempt you, but one of the competitors on Cupcake Wars did gluten free and no one complained a bit about the taste. Vegan cupcakes too. What is the world coming too!?

      And I think Cammy is a great role model for us all. Not to put any pressure on her:)

  20. Cupcakes must be in the air. This Saturday night, I’m having a dinner party in honor of one of my best friend’s birthdays, gathering nine of us around the table. My friend Samantha is handling the dessert, and sure enough, she announced a few days ago her plan to bring cupcakes from a nearby fancy bakery. I do plan to eat one, and have already started “preparing” for it by eating very healthfully today, tomorrow, most of Saturday and on Sunday. I’ll enjoy it and then won’t put dessert on my radar again until the end of September, when my birthday hits.

    • Karen

      Well you can report back and let me enjoy it vicariously:) It is always interesting to see how you and Cammy and other maintainers handle these little treats or social situations or whatever. Gives the rest of us lots of hope:)

  21. Popped in from Lady Bloggers! I had to write two feature stories on cupcakes for work (I’m a reporter) and I hate cupcakes…they’re so ultra trendy right now!

  22. Yup I knew it was bad news when I saw the title! LOL, yup first it was cake shows and now it’s cupcakes. Every now and again, i’s nice to live in the middle of nowhere, where there are no cupcakes shops!

  23. Glad to see what you wrote at the end, Karen 🙂

  24. I’m not a huge cake fan to begin with (except for carrot cake), but cupcakes don’t appeal to me much.

    You’re right though, they are everywhere. They are even taking hold on this side of the pond, with specialist cupcake stores popping up here and there 🙂

  25. Cupcakes are evil. I don’t like cake but I like cupcakes- how crazy is that? You know cupcakes are evil when they have that kind of power! BE STRONG! 😉

  26. Amy

    Great now I want a cupcake, J/k. Cupcakes are a red-ligher for me. I could eat 4 without blinking. I like putting them in the freezer for a few min to get the icing harder. Oh wait then I found out (thanks BL) that they are 500 cals each. yikes.

    In our house, we watch Cake Boss. It’s not the cakes that get me, its when they highlight and show the pasteries in the store. good lord I want one of each.

    We don’t have old school bakeries like that here.

    • Karen

      I have watched that once or twice and saw him on Oprah. But the show hasn’t grabbed me. Then there is a new cake show. Sigh. Food temptation on my TV!

  27. I’ve seen these crazy cupcake reality shows on the guide when I flip thru my DVR… I just have to stay away because it’s suicide for me. ha ha If I see cupcakes then I’ll want cupcakes… And if I have cupcakes, then I can’t stop having them.

  28. Genie@dietof51

    Wow, you’ve struck quite a nerve with cupcakes! That picture is enough to cause a Pavlovian response.

    I could definitely do some cupcake damage if they were allowed in my reach. But, they aren’t. NO CUPCAKE ZONE!

  29. I’m not a big cake person. Too much icing makes me nauseous.
    I’m baffled by cupcake restaurants. How do they stay in business? Maybe big cities can support them. I don’t know. They’re expensive. Here they are $3 and the majority of it is icing.

  30. Your advise and comment on my loss for words blog post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I loved it. smile.

  31. Oh that was funny! I am happy to say that I am not a big cupcake fan so it really doesn’t bother me.

    If you want to talk about quality chocolate, that is another story!

  32. When we went to my cottage as kids, we always stopped and got a big cupcake each at the main shop in town. They were amazing. Super sweet and had almost as much icing as they did cupcake!

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve had one, though. The whole gluten-free thing makes it a little tricky! I love the look of them, though. They’re so cute and pretty but that’s all they are to me. Cute, pretty things to look at. 🙂

  33. I do love cupcakes. No matter what town I’m in, if they have a cupcake shop-gotta check it out! However, since I’ve started baking cupcakes for parties and events they have kind of lost their appeal *gulp* a little bit. There is just something about when you can have something you love any time you want it. You don’t want it anymore. Kind of sad…oh well, it sure is helping with losing the pounds so I guess that’s a good thing. LOL!

    • Karen

      Seeing your blog’s name makes me ask…Is it pure coincidence that your first visit (or comment) to my blog is on cupcake day? Wouldn’t that be funny. I always wondered if that would happen if I could have something all the time. Like what if I worked in an ice cream shop… would I finally tire of tasting it?

      • Busted! I was reading another blog and they had you listed in their blogroll. And when I seen “cupcakes” in the title of your post- had to come on over. LOL! Yes, I think that no matter what you have access to all the time, it’s just not as exciting. Kind of like a restaurant.

  34. Cupcakes would definitely derail me

    I don’t even want to THINK about them
    and the picture on your post
    is a huge monster
    waiting to snag me
    when my guard is down

    I didn’t know
    I felt so strongly
    about cupcakes

    • Karen

      And the irony is that I hardly ever even put pictures on here! I have read many times that it is a good idea to put pictures and break up words but I found I was spending so much time searching for just the right image that I gave up. But this little beauty was sitting waiting for me on the Cupcake Wars website:) Sorry for putting the image in your mind.

  35. they are everywhere in Austin right now as well.

    stores, bakeries, groceries, TRAILERS SELLING ONLY THE CAKES.

    now to perfect the protein cupcake 🙂


    • Karen

      Those trailers and food trucks are the next hot thing! I just read about them in a magazine and now there is a TV show competition about that too! I don’t see that particular fad coming to Kansas City any time soon. There could be a “healthy” cupcake!

  36. It’s weird, cupcakes have been around forever and nobody gave them much thought until a couple of years ago,when they became the ‘must have’ dessert! Gve me a good Boscotti to dunk in my coffee anyday!

  37. This is my first visit to your new site. I will have to update your comment on my site. You almost didn’t approve my comment on your old site because of my blog name. Anyway, it’s nice to be on your new site. It’s great.

    As for cupcakes, I think they are so popular because of their size. Smaller than a slice of cake and they come in a portable holder to keep your hands clean. Stop by again!

  38. This morning, I allowed myself 15 minutes to catch-up with a couple of my favorite blogs, but NO commenting. As you see, that went out the window because I couldn’t resist.

    So far, we’ve had THREE batches of you guessed it, CUPCAKES, brought in since FIL died. Throughout the two weeks of his hospitalization & death, I think God protected me from realizing what I was going to be facing in the way of food. Between us, their church, extended family church & MY parent’s church, we’ve had food brought in from four churches. That’s not even counting what individual’s have brought. Needless to say, I’ll have to face the music in a day or two.

    But in all my life, until two days ago, I’d never seen cupcakes brought as part of the dessert when taking food after a death. So I had a good chuckle this morning reading your post.

    And yep, let’s just say I’m in sugar shock.

    • Karen

      I’m glad that I could bring a little lightness to your life right now. I remember the onslaught of food after my dad died. No cupcakes back then at all! Lots of bagels and casseroles. Isn’t it amazing how food is such a symbol of love and comfort and caring. Hugs.

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