What Did You Weigh Today?

No, don’t tell me.  I’m not asking you.  I’m sharing the question that my husband puts to me every morning.  Not because he is being overly nosy or supportive or to satisfy his curiosity.  But because he is keeping track.

Years ago my husband and I used to write down our weight on a calendar by our bathroom sink, and once a week he would input the information into a spreadsheet.  And from that he made color-coded charts of our weight change over time.  Mine, as you might expect, went up and down and up and down.  At some point we stopped doing this.  I don’t remember why.  But I suspect that not keeping track made it easier for both of us to gain weight again without the potential embarrassment of sharing the number or seeing it in print.

But this year, caught up in my latest attempt to lose for good, my husband dug out the old charts and started tracking again.  On a daily basis.  And it is darn illuminating.  And sometimes disconcerting to share that number with someone every day.  Doing so makes me feel a bit over-exposed.  But maybe it conversely takes some of the power away from the number.  I guess I have mixed emotions about it.  But I find the charts interesting so as long as my husband is willing to do the work, I am willing to fess up.  But only to him.

Who knows what you weigh?  Your spouse?  Your doctor?  Your blog readers?  No one?  Does having someone else know motivate you to lose weight?  Do you track it over time?



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70 responses to “What Did You Weigh Today?

  1. Is this where I bow my head in shame becuase I asked my husband this just this morning? But I’m doing it to try to be supportive, as he like to want to be healthy and then eat 4 bags of grapes and 2 bags of pretzels. You guys know what I weigh. My doctor knows. My hubs knows. And my BFF knows. And I was horrified to tell her! [she’s 4’1″, I’m 5′”8+… so our weight difference is ridiculous regardless of how “overweight” one is.] I’m horrified at the rest of the world knowing, quite honestly.

    • Karen

      When my husband and I wrote it on a calendar, years ago, I saw his and he saw mine. Now, he asks me and so every once in a while I ask him in return. Just somehow seems like the right thing to do. Not sure what he thinks about it though.

  2. Genie@dietof51

    Only God knows what I weigh at this time. I’m estimating five pounds up from the last time I reported, but it could be more. Recently, I’ve been too chicken to get on the scale since I know the number has been increasing. My strategy is to lose some weight before I weigh, so I don’t shock myself. HOW STUPID IS THAT????

    I’m the opposite of many bloggers that are obsessed with the scale I’m phobic about it.

    I know my high and lows points of my weight in my head, but no charts, journals, or tracking of the day-to-day numbers.

    If someone else knowing would motivate me, I would blab in a split-second. To most people…..)

    Keep on trucking, I mean “tracking”, if it works for you!

    • Karen

      I am sooo going to write about the scale someday, maybe soon. One of many ideas on my list. Maybe I will call it “friend or foe.” I have to say that while I also had highs and lows in my head, I found it very interesting to see the ups and downs over time and to reflect back on what, if anything, was happening in my life during each. I wish we had not taken so many years off tracking.

  3. I’m very open with my husband, but not with anyone else. we have a calendar near the scale and we journal our wts as much for ourself as for the other to see. I trust him.
    I know that my understanding of people’s wts is so skewed. I don’t think people without a real weight challenge really get it. So it’s easier for me to keep this part between my doctor and my husband and me.

    • Karen

      And I even hate the doctor knowing, but I think that is partly because I way so much more on those scales, dressed, late in the day. Sigh.

  4. My husband knows what I weigh. I think knowing the nubmer is important. He is a body builder and is constantly trying to gain weight—yes horrible! Anywho, he constantly says for me not to weight but to go for how I look in clothes and feel. Sometimes knowing the nubmer and writing it down or sharing it can motivate you do change or it can simply shame you.

    • Karen

      I agree – that number can be bad or good. I have certainly let it impact my emotions in the past, but I am getting better about that.

  5. sunnydaze

    DD and I share our weight with each other everyday since we are in the health-thing together but if I had a SO I don’t think I’d be willing to share the number…I think I’d feel like I was being judged too much, esp. since I weigh more than alot of men! I do share my weight daily on my blog, mostly for accountability sake, my doctor also knows, that’s it. I track it casually over time but no charts, only logging in a notebook.

    • Karen

      Maybe it is easier for me since my husband is soooo much taller than me that even at my heaviest I way significantly less. But when I was in college I dated a guy who borrowed my Calvin Klein jeans. That was depressing.

  6. Interesting idea of sharing it w your husband. I don’t with mine, I’d feel like I was living with the weight police (even though he wouldn’t be, I’d feel like I was reporting in – no thanks).

    I did keep a daily weight chart for a really long time (over a year) and I now track weekly, this latest period of no-breaks on the weekly chart is almost 2 years. I have many years of weekly weights before that too.

    I put my weight on my blog, and of course my doc knows, but not my husband (although I weigh in pounds and that’s greek to him, just as kilos are emotionally meaningless to me).

    The best weight plan I ever saw was in some “simplify your life” type book where the author (and her husband) kept a pen, scale and piece of graph paper in the bathroom, drew red lines at +3 pounds above the middle line, and then each charted their weight from that “maintenance” weight daily – as soon as they were up 3 they went into “tighten the ship” mode. It struck me as so simple and so powerful, it’s always been in my mind as how to live at maintenance.

    • Karen

      Yep – I am lost when I read blogs with weights in kilos too.

      I think that idea is a great one! I have heard a lot of talk about a “red line” and plan to explore that concept when I get back below mine. Yes, I was there and now I am not. But that’s a topic for another day.

  7. my husband knows, and my doctor knows because I was just there yesterday.

    I saw your post title and ran to the bathroom to weigh myself on my scale! LOL Why? Because I haven’t weighed myself on my scale in forever. I forget almost every morning and I’m a freak..I am very specific about how I weigh myself…*before* drinking anything, even coffee, no clothes on etc. and since I dive for the coffee every morning first thing, I ignore the scale.

    Well, I got my number. 🙂 Thursday’s will be my weigh in day officially.

    • Karen

      Oh you are not a freak – I think we all do it. After peeing, before eating or drinking. Now I admit that I take off my sleep-shirt but leave on my underwear. Maybe I need to weigh without them one day – I might be lighter than I know!!

  8. Not sure if you check responses to comments you’ve left, but I did leave you a note back on mine today 😉

  9. My fellow bloggers know, and when I go to the doc I get on the scale. That’s about it. I’m not interested in sharing!

    • Karen

      Sharing with the blog world is something! I have many reasons for not doing that myself. Maybe I will go into it someday. Maybe not.

  10. I don’t weigh very often, but when I do, I jot it on my ‘daily page’ in my notebook. Just for posterity. 🙂 That’s about it as far as tracking goes. And as for sharing, it doesn’t really come up. Friends/family are more likely to ask if I went to the gym that day or when my next splurge meal is coming up. 🙂

    • Karen

      Did you weigh more often when you were losing (before maintenance)? I am not sure I could ever trust my eating enough not to step on every day. Maybe that is part of the problem. (The lack of trust in my eating, not the scale.)

  11. It was only recently that I revealed what I weighed to people. It did take the power out of the scale a bit. Trying to move out of the shame and embarrassment of my weight, took me to the sharing.

  12. I weigh myself daily, morning and night. I record these weights (plus body fat %, and water %) in my journal. I’ve done this, off and on for 8 years. I know that when I don’t weigh myself, I’m avoiding knowing and surely gaining. I’ve seen it over and over. I write in my journal often and have learned from trends how my body reacts to things. DH could peek in my journal if he wanted to, but I’m pretty sure he never does. When I started my blog, I was too embarrassed to include my weight, but when I got back to onederland I decided to post my weight from my weekly WI. I think blog readers like seeing those numbers, especially as the blogger is losing. Somehow, for me, being open about it on my blog is making that public commitment and I feel more accountable.

    • Karen

      Interesting that you weigh twice a day. I have never tried at night. I think it is pretty cool that you have been able to learn how your body reacts this way.

  13. I share when I’m doing well. Only then.

    • Karen

      I have to say I was just a wee bit tempted to lie to my husband the other day when we got back from my major binge weekend and my weight had jumped. But I didn’t.

  14. My number used to be such a secret – my husband had no idea of my scale number. Since starting the blog, I’ve been more relaxed about it and now the world knows how much I weigh! It’s a lot easier to share when it’s in the 160’s, instead of the 240’s! 🙂 You must have a great relationship with him…I like that he cares and records it.

    • Karen

      Well there was that old expression “the couple that plays together, stays together.” Maybe I need to rewrite it to be about the couple who shares their weight numbers with each other:)

  15. I have no secrets. Hubby doesn’t ask.Although he knows. He knows. When I got below 175 all my facebook friends found out too. That was a tad embarrassing as I have several old crushes as friends on facebook. Even my 16 year old son knows. Lol. I weigh in several times a week. Currently 171 and everyone will know when I get into the 160’s!

    • Karen

      How did your FB friends find out! Yikes. I hope my sons don’t know or care. But I am not sure what they would think.

      • I took a picture of the scale and posted it. 😀 In the end I decided that no one really cares about the # but me, and I have no reason to be embarrassed. I know my friends are behind me and would like to share in my excitement.

        Riley and I have a game, he is trying to gain the weight I have lost. He needs to gain about 10-20 more to be more effective at right tackle in football. Plus he burns calories off so quickly, he needs to put in just as much effort to gain as I do to lose.

  16. Wow, I just couldn’t even imagine! But my hubbie hasn’t had a hint of a weight problem ever. He has a hard time keeping weight on. He also didn’t believe I was over 200lbs and when I hit my final 90lbs lost I told him but then he mentioned that maybe I was a bit too skinny. LOL ya so we don’t talk about it a lot. We talk about the mechanics of it, like working out and food but not the numbers anymore.

    Hope you’re feeling better today.

    • Karen

      I am, thanks. Maybe it is a good thing that my hubby has struggled with his throughout most of our marriage too. Of course we are rarely on the same page with how to go about losing.

  17. Ah, if my hubs asked me what I weighed every morning, I would be like “Bite me, butthead!” (but we joke around with each other a lot!)

    My old blog readers probably know how much I weigh if they did the math, although through too much rich weekend eating, I’ve put about 5 lbs. on that I’m trying to get off, otherwise, I’m probalby the only one who knows what I weigh besides my doctors. I think I like it that way.

    I would love to track it over time, but ehhh, I’m lazy. 🙂

    • Karen

      That cracks me up! I’ll have to try that one day just to see his face react. Isn’t it amazing how much weight we can seemingly pack on in just one crappy weekend!?

  18. I EXPECT my hubby to ASK me everyday. I have requested that he does. That way we have something to talk about other than football.OMG this is the season isn’t it. UGH!

    • Karen

      My husband and I do talk a lot about it now, but often it comes from stuff I read on blogs. Football… not talking about that. He did like to tell me bits and pieces about the hours and hours of the Tour de France he watched:)

  19. Great question. I only weigh in about once a month. It is just too frustrating to do if more often than that for me. I am aiming to drop a pound a week-so if I wait 4 weeks, my chances of something noticeable (scale wise) happening is good. No one but me knows how much I weigh, although hubby has a rough idea because he reads my blog. I intend to go public via my blog with the numbers-just have not gotten to it yet. TTFN, Michele

  20. Your spouse? Yes – another source of monitoring. I tell so she doesn’t have to ask.

    Your doctor? – You bet, I no longer refuse to be weighed. It’s obvious to any doc if you are fat, but another step on the scale keeps it in my face.

    Your blog readers – I keep a graph on a separate page to show the gawd awful plateaus of my hard work 🙂 and Tickerfactory.com graphic on the front page up to date. My blog is about this journey and monitoring as a way to keep me mindful and motivated.

  21. No way do I discuss my weight with my husband. (I suspect the higher the weight the less likely that is happening.) So the Doctor knows, but since she doesn’t remember me from one visit to the next it doesn’t really matter.

    I don’t post my weight on the blog, just pounds lost. The weight isn’t the issue for me – I have a general weight goal, but I am not obsessed with getting to a certain weight. I have always weighed more than I look like I weigh. I want to be fit and wear nice clothes and feel good in my body and activities.

    My weight, like my age is not a true reflection of me.

    Boy – I got stirred up on this one, didn’t I?!!

    • Karen

      I obviously don’t have mine on here either. For several reasons. One is that I also am trying, for myself, to focus on the behavioral stuff. One is that I would have been too embarrassed to put it out here since a few people who know me read the blog. And another reason is that I think we all share so much regardless of what we weigh that I love having the focus be on that commonality and not on the differences in our numbers. That said, I do find it interesting to see when others track it on the sidebar and I can be inspired by their progress. And I love being able to applaud someone who has reached a milestone. Now you got me going!

  22. My blog readers know!!!! My husband only knows because when I had a laperoscopy in June, I had to be weighed in front of him. I hated it. I think the chart is a good idea. I have one from SkinnyR and I rarely use it. I think I will now.

  23. I don’t share with anyone except the blog world. It’s a secret to my husband. It’s silly, but that’s how I am! I do weigh everyday though.

    • Karen

      Isn’t it funny to think about the little things we like to keep secret from our husbands:) I am sure we all have something.

  24. While I’m all for sharing, I only jump on a scale as needed to prevent obsessing over the number. Was fine with what I saw last Saturday morning, and did share it with my boyfriend. But he’s the one that really tracks his numbers in this relationship, trying to get rid of about 15 extra pounds and sharing the info with me each week. What I don’t understand is that he will weigh himself at the gym at night, after eating several meals during the day…when every woman knows the only time to step on a scale is when you are completely naked and away from any hormonal or food binge bloating factors. Go figure!

    • Karen

      Oh that is funny that he does that! But I guess if he does it the same time everyday then it is all relative. I won’t even try a scale away from home since I have no idea if it is calibrated the same as mine.

  25. I feel like the whole world knows 🙂 My hubs, my family, my blog readers…

  26. Me, my Wii and whoever reads my blog. At least, my current weight. My doctor and people at the immigration department know my weight from 4 months ago (which is only about 3 lbs heavier than my current weight). I think if you asked my boyfriend how much I weighed, he’d probably guess about 120 lbs. Bless him!

    That said, I only ever know my approximate weight since I check once a month. I’m not losing tons, though, so I figure approximate is good enough for me.

  27. This is a great post and question. I love reading the answers.

    Use to be only I knew my weight unless I was losing weight, then I would tell hubby and if I was going to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig then the person weighing me knew but no one else.

    That has all changed since getting into the blogging arena. At first I didn’t reveal my weight on the blog.

    It was enough to just be putting myself out there. Gradually as I started reading other blogs and seeing their honesty and how open they were I decided it would be good for me.I thought it would be good for the readers of my blog. It makes it all more real if they know the truth.

    I think it took the power of the number away for me. It is just a number and it does not define who I am. My family, friends and lots of strangers now know how much I weigh and you know what, it has no ill affect on me.

    Why was I hiding that number for all those years? I guess it does not matter now as I am free from whatever hold it had over me. I like feeling free!

    • Karen

      I was definitely struck by your post yesterday, sharing your ups and downs. And you and your skinny size 4 capris:) You are one of my biggest inspirations. Not because of those tiny pants, but because of how sanely you seem to approach your eating and how well you handle all of the little things that life throws in the way (like travel and birthdays).

  28. Right now it’s just me and my doctor. I did post a few months ago what my weight was or maybe it was last month. I can’t remember.

    Anyway, it doesn’t bother to post it, I just haven’t thought to.

    I’d rather my spouse know the size clothes I wear than the weight. Mostly, it’s because I’m embarrassed. Saying I wear a 12 sounds better than saying I way 170

    • Karen

      Hmmm. I am not sure what mine would think about clothing sizes. My guess is he knows the size I want to be but would have no concept of what a bigger size was like.

  29. Way too many people know my weight, since it’s on my blog…lol.

    I really like the chart idea. That goes hand in hand with my love of organization 🙂

  30. Only God knows how much I weigh. I try not to keep a scale around so that I dont’ become obsessed

    • Karen

      I think I got my first scale in college, for my first diet. Had one ever since, I am guessing. Maybe it is good that there is a time in there that I don’t remember.

  31. I weigh every morning and have been doing that since Oct. 1, 2006. I record it in a spreadsheet that then averages the daily weights over a 7-day (Sun to Sat) period. I love this method – it works perfectly for me. Mr. B hasn’t always known my weight and he has never asked. He does know it know because it’s on my blog and I figured I ought to tell him before he saw it online!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this is something every individual HAS to decide on their own what works best and is going to motivate them. It’s a “gray” area with no single RIGHT answer except the one that works for YOU!

    • Karen

      Yep – hubby averages over the week too, I think. And I agree, it is like every other little piece of the diet/weight loss puzzle – we each have to find what works for us.

  32. Nobody knows, not even me. For now that seems perfect.

  33. Hm, I´m the only one who knows my weight, would die of shame if I had to tell anyone else… :S

    Like you blog by the way! 🙂 Found it through the diet naked blog.

    Have a good day and good luck with the weight loss! 🙂

  34. I don’t know what I weight. My scales are long gone. But I think it would be great if my husband took an interest like that. It’s okay that he doesn’t, but I think it’s kinda special that your husband is involved. Like teamwork. 🙂

    • Karen

      You know, I never really thought of it as teamwork but that puts such a positive spin on it. He is my exercise partner too:)

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