Belly Ugh-liness

My apologies in advance for today’s post.  But sometimes a blogger just has to write what she is feeling and I am feeling my belly in the most unpleasant way:(

My stomach feels horribly ginormous today.  And yesterday.  Basically, ever since my long-weekend spent overeating everything in sight.  I am sitting at the computer and literally feel like I am several months pregnant.  Ugh.  My ribs are squishing my fat and it is uncomfortable.  I keep reaching my hands down and grabbing the roll around my waist, shaking the girth and shaking my head.

Surely I did not really eat enough in four days to enlarge my stomach by this much!  But right now it certainly feels like it.  Maybe this will serve as incentive to eat well from here on out.

It absolutely makes me think I should wear tight-waisted clothes the next time I go to a social event or travel.  As a reminder when I am stuffing in the food.  To not stuff in the food.  So I won’t feel like this again.  Double ugh.  But I suspect I am not the only one who typically chooses comfy non-restricting clothes, especially when traveling.  Mistake?  Sure feels like it today.

I am pear shaped.  But right now I feel an awful lot like an apple.  Or a watermelon.  Or the Pillsbury Dough Girl.

I know this too shall pass.  I know I did not really gain all that much weight or belly bulge from just a few days of excessive eating.  And the next time I am faced with such an overabundance of temptation, I am going to reread this post, over and over again, until temptation passes.



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49 responses to “Belly Ugh-liness

  1. Genie@dietof51

    If it were only that easy…. Tight clothes and rereading our regretful blog. I know exactly how you feel…

  2. Karen, you know what they say, when you fall off of the horse, I mean bike, you have to climb right back on. Don’t diminish the fun you had over the past few days by beating up on yourself. “Pillsbury Dough Girl” — too funny!

  3. Ah yes.. a great way to restrict over eating.. where your tight jeans! Stops me in my tracks! BUT, when traveling, has to be comfy due to maybe not getting to the bathroom as soon as I want… bloating… UGH! Which I think may be your tummy prob… attack of the foods that bloat us or add on water weight crap due to the salt or whatever is in it! My tummy always attacks when I eat that stuff which is why I stay so close to my clean eating.. it feels to gross to be bloated! I get enough of that with the woman monthly crap! 🙂

    • Karen

      The bloat thing makes sense. Especially since I hydrated way less while traveling. But I can call it bloat or I can call it blubber, either way it sure does feel yuck.

  4. Ali

    Have you seen those undergarment things that look like massively high waisted bike pants?/ they full squeeze in your mid section (have no idea where the fat goes but they are actually quite comfy and make you sit up straight with good posture. Warning though, A big pain the arse when you need to go to the bathroom! I also suffer the monthly bloat as Jody mentioned. The week after always sets me straight though. x

    • Karen

      I did resort to spanx or something like that a few years back when I had to dress up for an event. I felt so constricted the whole time. Can’t remember if that helped keep me from overeating then or not. But it sure did provide some temporary motivation so that I would not need to wear them again!

    • I occasionally flirt with slimwear but its makes my love handles look even bigger. And it’s probably the salt that making you feel bloated. It can take 3 days for my puffiness to go down. Just wish I could lose weight that quickly.

  5. I hate when I “feel” fatter than the day before and I know it’s a head game but still I feel the wash of self hatred ONLY about my fat. Good for you for putting it out on your blog – that always helps dissipate it a little. The tighter clothes thing is a good idea, but I wonder for myself that if I’m willing to put on tighter clothes, maybe my head is in a good place to not overeat even without the constraints!

    • Karen

      I tend to dress baggily most of the time. I hate that restrictive feeling around the waist. But I think my approach is not good for dieting and makes it easier to regain some pounds. Sigh.

  6. Water retention! I feel terrible today to, and I know it’s becuase I ate too much salt and the gallons of water I drank yesterday decided to stick around. In a day or two it will be gone, but in the interim – keep your sodium low.

    • Karen

      Yes, I knew something was going on with water retention when I did not even get up once to pee at night! That is a sure sign.

  7. sunnydaze

    I know, and hate, that sickening feeling of feeling your fat rolls when you sit down. UGH! Most of the time it is just bloat and goes down in a day or two. I hope yours does, too. 🙂

    • Karen

      I should try walking at night like you – I read that actually helps digest dinner. Maybe it would help with this darn belly too.

  8. No need for apologies. I have been feeling the -exact- same way lately, like I just grew a few inches on my bell when I look at myself from the side. I even asked DH if it’s possible to gain inches but not weight because man do I feel like I’ve don that.

    • Karen

      Okay… true confessions here… I had been measuring myself at the first of each month but since I was not home on the first this time, used that as an excuse not to measure. I was too scared to see what my waist measurement would be!

  9. I am sure you have a lot of water retention so drink up and flush it out! It is a terrible feeling but it can also serve as motivation to eat clean and drink lots of water and exercise to get rid of the bloat.

    For long road trips I do like to wear something soft and comfy in the car but I don’t own any elastic waist clothing other than exercise pants. If I gain a pound I know it and have to get right back on track.

    I hope this passes quickly for you, tomorrow is a new day!

  10. As an apple (somewhat dehydrated now), I feel your pain. One of the reasons I wear workout-type clothes so often is that I’ve found I’m less likely to over-snack or indulge too much when I’m wearing those clothes. Something about the sound of sneakers against linoleum sends my brain a signal that I’m in “Healthy Cammy” persona.

    Mind games, all mind games. 🙂

    • Karen

      Well that is interesting. I wonder if it would work for me too. Except for the shoe part – I loveeee to be barefoot when I am home.

  11. Ever since the 9th grade, I have turned sideways and looked in a mirror to see how far my stomach is sticking out. Apparently, I am not alone in the bloated stomach syndrome! I’m sure it is a temporary thing, regardless of how much you snacked at the social event.

    And for me? Wearing something tight to restrict food intake doesn’t help. I get a stomach ache and have a miserable time! I’d rather eat and stare at my belly the next day.

    • Karen

      See that is my thinking! Like if I go out to dinner in something tight in the waist. The whole time I am uncomfortable and fidgeting and just want to get home and change.

  12. I have so been there and felt that!

    My trick is lots of water and fruit and veggies — no pre-packaged stuff 🙂

    • Karen

      Fortunately I have been doing well with the eating since Monday. Wish I saw a faster impact. Oh well, isn’t that always the way.

  13. I have been trying to think of what to wear to my book group tonight and the dress I want to wear will require one of those tight undergarments to smooth out my big tummy. So tummies are the topic all around today!

    • Karen

      What’s the book? And my group was supposed to meet for dinner this week. (We do dinner in the summer and not the rest of the year.) I was glad it was canceled because I just did not want to deal with trying to eat on plan at a restaurant this week. Sigh.

  14. You know, I think it’s kind of good that you can actually feel that difference. I’m still so fat that I don’t really notice a bloated tummy much. I can feel over-full, but not feel the shape difference. Yet. I can’t wait to be able to notice that!
    And I do agree that maybe tighter clothes are a good way to stay conscious. Just not uncomfortable. Haven’t we all been uncomfortable long enough?!
    Another great post!! thanks for sharing.

  15. I know how you feel! When my belly feels like a firestone tire, I double up on my water consumption to “flush” that full feeling out. Whether it works or not scientifically I don’t know…but I feel like it is a postive step.

  16. As an Apple (who could EASILY pass as the Pillsbury dough girl) I feel for you.

    My mom has a poster in a closet called “the belly project” which has pictures of real women’s bellies. Young women, women after childbirth, big women (like me) and all in between. The idea is that “they’re all beautiful”.

    I always thought that poster was hokey until… right now.

    I’m sure your belly is beautiful too.

    • Karen

      That is a very sweet sentiment but I have to laugh at the notion, for myself. That is my least favorite area even on a “good” day.

  17. It’s just your body adapting. A little water weight here, a little bloat there… it’s just processing the food, getting it out of your system and then getting back to normal. 🙂 The only reason you’re noticing it right now is because it’s *not* the norm for you. You aren’t used to feeling bloated and weighed down so you really notice the difference when it happens now and then. It’s a good thing!

    I definitely try to remember exactly how bloated and tired and weighed down and just blah I feel in moments like that. Helps me grab an apple instead of some apple pie next time I’m craving a snack!

  18. I’m giving ya a cyber hug today. This too shall pass 🙂

  19. This is exactly the way I felt after last Sunday afternoon’s “fried everything” fest at my MIL’s house. I could feel all that fried stuff rumbling around in my stomach and was sure I could see fried okra on my thighs.

    But everyone is right – a couple of days of clean eating and you’ll have that pear back.

    • Karen

      I got a nice chuckle out of the okra comment. Did you ever hear the old expression “A moment on my lips, eternity on my hips?” For me, a few hours in on my lips is a few days on my belly.

  20. I have felt like the pillsbury dough girl… that made me laugh because I’ve actually thought that before!

    I have decided that a lot of this is mental. When I exercise I feel really great and skinny – if I overeat and skip exercising I feel huge. Seriously, this can change from one day to the next – and each time I’ve felt either skinny or huge – i’ve been around 160 pounds.

    Just stick to your goals this week!!

  21. Give your belly a little grace from me… rub it gently and invite it to join you in a week of sensible eating. Rub it some more with a circular motion, in a clockwise direction. Rub and relax, rub and breathe. Keep rubbing until your belly and you are friends again.

  22. I’m an apple and I feel like that all the time. It sucks!!!

  23. I LOVE this post – both due to it’s authenticity and because I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    I actually talked with an old friend last night for a few hours while sitting on the floor of her hotel room.

    I felt SO cut off at the waist by my jeans (which were a tad tight to begin with) that I was miserable.

    And this morning, in the shower, I looked down and was all “When did I get pregnant?”

    So I feel you…err…hear you. 🙂

    We can do this though! We really, really can!

    • Karen

      Oh I soooo hate jeans for that very reason. I have to admit that lower waisted jeans are less constricting:) And I know we can!!!!

  24. I am feeling this same way today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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