Spinning my Wheels

I thought of you often this past weekend.  Thought about what I would write when I got home.  Thought about the admissions I would (or would not) make.  Thought about how Google reader needs to add an “undo” feature for idiots like me who accidentally “mark all as read” when I haven’t read any yet.  Sigh.

Let’s get the bad part out of the way front and center.  I did not meet my eating goals.  Not even close.  I will not bore you with the gory details, not because I am hiding anything, but because there seems no point in sharing how very far I strayed and all that led to and surrounded it.  The behavior, the subsequent emotions…  Suffice to say that I ate a tremendous amount of crap and felt guilty about most but not all.  The weekend is over and I am moving on.

Now for the good part.  The biking.  It was a lot of fun and I am so glad we added that element to our trip.  Our first ride was a bit more of an adventure than planned, starting with some navigation issues just figuring out how to access the trail system.  And then there was my flat tire, which my knight in shining armor patched by the side of the road.  And while a little drizzle didn’t deter us, we could have done without the torrential downpour that hit us hard the last 15 minutes of the ride.  But despite all the unexpected drama, it was great fun.  The second day, other than more navigation problems (which made me very thankful that same knight bought a map online before the trip), we had a great ride on a different part of the trail system lined with lakes and beautiful homes.  We rode almost 50 miles over the two mornings.  The whole time I was wishing we had as many miles of trails here and the cooler summer weather to boot.  I have never seen so many exercisers in one place before!

We had a great time with family.  And it was, of course, wonderful to spend time with my son who flew in from college.  Sometimes family dynamics and gatherings are drama laden, but sometimes they are just a wonderful coming-together filled with hugs and smiles and laughs and funny stories.  This weekend was the latter and the warm fuzzies were worth the backsliding on the diet.

Now the time has come to get very, very serious about my eating.  This is the perfect, no-excuses week:  no traveling, and only a teenage house-guest coming on Saturday.  I am going back to basics and simplicity and what I know works for me.  This week (for my Summer Focus Challenge goal) I will go back on Phase 1 of The South Beach Diet to give myself some structure for getting the crap I have been eating out of my system.  Piece of cake!  (Or maybe I should say “piece of lean protein.”)



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31 responses to “Spinning my Wheels

  1. The weekend is over and I am moving on. That says it right there Karen! Back to basics & no giving up. You had a great weekend with family, yes you ate too much but you also rode bikes & kept active. Better than sitting around!

    The important thing is just to get back to it! 🙂

  2. Those bike rides sound great!

    You said it all about leaving the past in the past. Ancient history, and you sound totally primed for an excellent week!

  3. I’m glad you had a great time with your family!

    Today’s monday..new day, new week, new month..you’re gonna do awesome!!!

  4. Welcome back, Karen! Sounds like you and your knight had a great time.

  5. Thank you for your sweet note on my blog!! I have missed reading your blogs. You, my friend, are so much like me. I love it. Though I am tempted to start SBD again, I think I better stick to calorie counting and a cheat meal. So far…so good 🙂

  6. Definitely focus on the awesomeness of the weekend. It sounds heavenly to me! I know you’re disappointed in not meeting your food goals, but all it means is that you’re a…person who didn’t meet her food goals for a couple of days. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Speaking only for myself, I think you’re pretty amazing!

  7. Are you kidding me 50 miles in 2 days! Holy crap girl you were spinning those wheel. Kiddos to you.smile.

  8. I am with you 100%! I took a nose dive into sugar (in the form of candy..what. the. heck.) this weekend and I need some serious getting back on track with the eating thing. Big time.

  9. sunnydaze

    Whats done is done. Today is a new day. It does sound like you had a glorious weekend though, and the biking sounds like great fun! 🙂

  10. I’ll given an “amen” to Cammy’s comment – all of it. Your ups and downs and how you deal with them are what make your blog motivational.

  11. It’s so awesome you did all of that bike riding! I think you deserve a big pat on the back for that — and I love that you’re moving forward. You can’t change the past, all you can do is follow your goals in the coming days! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  12. Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling (or shd I say cool fuzzy) from your weekend and use that glow to get going. You can do it. I’m pulling for you! Great job, BTW on the biking–50 miles in two days?–fantastic.

  13. It’s a new week, you’ll do amazing from here on out!

  14. Welcome back! It is so wonderful that you loved the bike riding! It is something that I have just picked back up this summer.

    Focus on the here and now — and now the days past!

    Have a great Monday.

  15. I really enjoy biking. This post reminds me I need to get a new bike. 🙂

    Now it’s time to get serious! I love this time of year because you’ve got great excuses to get outside and get moving too. You can do this!!!

  16. I am with you – completely.

    Let’s get serious this week – about whatever our goals, guidelines, or rules are.

    We can do it! 🙂

    And thanks for your kind comments about my situation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!

  17. So happy to hear you had such a great time. Get togethers with family are always a fun time especially when the typical “drama” doesn’t show up 🙂

  18. For sure, you’ve got a LOT of company and support in getting back on track this week. From what I’m reading, most of us are having a “what’s up with that?” kind of morning. But this is “awesome” August – we can do it!!

  19. With all the biking I think some eating was okay – sometimes I think we are just too ridgid with ourselves and we need to allow for these special outings!

  20. Back on track! Back in action. go Go GO! 🙂

  21. Focus on the positive for sure. That is not only some great exercise but it does sound like a fantastic time with the family, how awesome. Food choices are fleeting but plans are good and we’ve got your back.

  22. Sounds like you have a good plan for getting back to healthy eating. I am sure all that bike riding helped burn some of the extra calories you consumed.

    How nice that there was no family drama and you could just enjoy everyone’s company.

  23. I’m glad that you have had such a great vacation. I think it’s a good thing to emphasize family relationships, and I hope you feel that restriction in a good healthy appreciative way. I know that feels so good to me after a vacation.

  24. Quite right to savour the positives of the trip and put the food stumbles behind you. It’s a brand new day!!!

  25. Maybe the bike ride will out weight the food choices??? One can always hope for a break! Good plan of attack for the week!

  26. I’m doing the same thing. Not SB but cleansing my system. It sounds like fun plus you biked with your hubby that’s even better.

  27. At least you got out on the bike. 50 miles must balance out at least a chunk of the overindulgences!
    And I’m sure you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel as soon as you have a couple days of normal, healthy eating again.
    Besides, at the end of the day, it’s just one weekend. Barely a dent in the big scheme of things! 🙂

  28. If there is going to be some backsliding, why not let it be while sharing good times with family. How often do you get to enjoy being with your son, after all. You can always get right back on the horse.

  29. Genie@dietof51

    You will do much better this month. Me, too. Let’s both do better. C’mon!

  30. I’m convinced that week three is ths hump we must all get over. I will post our group results tomorrow but those of us that struggled were not alone. I’m doing pretty good so far this week and plan to keep it up! Hang in there! We can do it!

  31. I respect your moving on approach, Karen! Not good; not bad… just how it went and now we move on. Back to SB basics also sounds like a good place to move to… My brother, who lives in St. Paul, bicycles to work even in the below freezing, ice and snow of winter. Biking is very popular there.

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