A Vacation from Exercise?

While you are reading this, picture me, cruising along beside my husband on our bikes, wind at our backs, smiles on our faces, legs pumping, sweat dripping.  I am traveling away from home, and for the the first time ever, my bike came with me.

In the past, exercise may or may not have found a place in my travels.  It depended on a variety of factors:  where I was going and what I was doing and who I was with and how much extra space was in my suitcase for workout shoes and clothes.  Some vacations were very active by intent.  Like my bi-annual spa trips.  Some vacations are filled with exercise by default.  Like our visit to the Grand Canyon where we hiked a little and walked a lot.  Or my girlfriend weekend in Baltimore where we made our way around the city on foot.  Sometimes while traveling I do my best to get in any workout at all, often to offset my eating.  Like our trip to Florida last spring when hubby and I walked on the beach every morning before breakfast.  But some traveling just does not lend itself to squeezing in a workout.  This is usually the case when we visit relatives, as we are this weekend.

But my husband had a great idea.  We are in Minneapolis, a city lined with bike paths.  Why not go up a day early, bring our bikes, stay near path access, and get some rides in?  Why not indeed:)  So while our boys are contentedly sleeping late in the hotel, hubby and I are exploring the city on our bikes, enjoying a change of scenery with our workout.  And cooler weather.

What about you?  Do vacations and exercise go hand in hand (or foot in foot)?  Or does traveling mean a workout hiatus?



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28 responses to “A Vacation from Exercise?

  1. You can go to the mall too 😉 Um… most vacations I take require walking by default [sight seeing, hiking, etc…] However, we take very few of those. Most of our vacations are taken up between Hubs and I returning home to visit family for holiday and family gatherings. So, we run or walk while there – as it’s no really “vacation” per say.

  2. This is a no-brainer for me. All our travels are built around exercise either walking, hiking or biking. If only it were as easy during the routine of daily at-home life as it is when traveling. What a great idea to take your bikes. I’ve read about some of Minnesota’s bike paths, but it’s a state we’ve never explored.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. I often wonder why people don’t think about it in this context; that taking not including exercise in one’s vacation, is like taking a vacation from taking good care of one’s self…

    Food for thought…

  4. Ali

    You know I have been thinking about this alot with my upcming holiday and the fact that I dont want to “un-do” the hard work I have done to get to this weight. There will be lots of walking, swimming and enjoying life by living it instead of sitting back and watching it go by.

  5. Genie@dietof51

    We haven’t been on a “real” vacation in quite a while due to my job situation, but when we go, I definitely exercise as much or more, which is walking for me. On the beach, which is a slice of heaven to me.

    Enjoy your peddling vacation!

  6. My vacation means WHEEL CHAIR the whole time:( So kiddos to you and the will you have to do as much as you can in the situation you are at. Love the comment on my goal blog thank you for ALWAYS being there for me.smile.

  7. It seems all of my vacations involve lots of activity these days. I even lost four pounds while in Austin for a long and especially active weekend. Exploring new cities by bicycle is lots of fun. I haven’t taken my bike with me yet, as the distance has been too far to make sense from a gas mileage POV, but I’ve got my bike rack ready for the next time I head to the beach!

    Have an awesome and safe weekend!

  8. I love increasing exercise when we are on vacation — we have more time to really explore and site see on foot. I love that you are bringing your bikes.

  9. When we travel, we always make sure that there is some sort of fitness room at the hotel or motel where we’re planning to stay. Since Pearl, our SUV, has joined our family, we’ve also taken one trip where we threw our bikes in the bike and enjoyed the bike trails where we visited. And walking…yes, we walk everywhere.

  10. Traveling used to mean a vacation hiatus, but now I plan to bring my running shoes or hiking shoes – whichever is most needed.

    I love the idea of the bike rides though…very cool indeed.

    Have a great time and be safe! 🙂

  11. I LOVE Minneapolis. I don’t think many people think of it as a great destination for a vacation, but one of the best vacations I have ever taken was in Minneapolis! Great city.

  12. Karen, Minneapolis is amazing this time of year – what a perfect place to bike! Hope you have a wonderful time. I usually do plan to incorporate exercise whenever I’m on vacation. When I was in Florence, Italy five years ago, I scouted out a local gym and even took a pilates class in Italian (which I don’t speak a word of). My boyfriend loves to work out so we always try to stay somewhere with a gym during weekend trips too.

  13. Normally my exercise on vacation heavily depends on my eating plan at the time. If I’m in pig out, put it off till Monday mode…not much exercise. If I’m in lose it yesterday mode, then I exercise a lot.

    The other day, my husband told me about a couple that he works with. They ride bikes all the time. I guess they took a 2 month vacation from work, flew to Seattle Washington and rode their bikes all the way back home to Florida. Isn’t that amazing or crazy??? I can’t imagine. What’s even crazier is they did it on one of those tandem bikes!!! Nuts. Plus they still married!!! If I was on a tandem bike with my husband all the way across the country…..NO WAY!!!! I love him, but I am a control freak and so is he.

  14. It sounds like fun! We usually do tons of walking/hiking when on vacation.

    When staying with family we try and get up early and go for morning walks.

  15. They do now. My family and in-laws know now that they will expect Hubbend to watch the kids in the morning while I slip out for a walk/run. I also get apologies if there is nothing green with the meal, even though I try my hardest to be low maintenance.

  16. Welcome to Minneapolis my friend! Last time I was downtown I saw they have the bikes to rent in several locations now, too. Nothing fancy, but great for visitors who wanna see the city via self-propelled wheels!

    To me, the worst part of vacation now is how hard it can be to find good food, especially if you go remote. We travelled “up north” as they say here in this fine city, and every last thing on the menus was either deep fried, or laden with sugar and white flour. Two years ago I woulda used that as an excuse to pig out, but these days eating that way just makes me feel like total crap.

    And, so I don’t have to end this comment on THAT note, next time you are here we simply must go riding!

  17. For me, it really depends on the vacation, if I have access to a gym, and how I feel, but I haven’t been on a week-long vacation since my honeymoon, so my short weekend vacations are hit and miss on workouts, but next time I have a long vacation, I will DEF be working out. 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend! And thanks for your comments, btw, they are always so encouraging to me. It’s very much appreciated.

  18. We have always enjoyed activity filled vacations – when we get them. We look for motels with gyms, we walk a lot and love to bring bikes, too.

    Have a great time!

  19. Oh I hope you’re having a great time. Wonderful idea to take the bikes and enjoy a city that sensibly has good bike paths (and good summer weather). Our vacations are usually built around activity, and, if they aren’t for some reason, we try very hard to build some in.

  20. Karen, I love this!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful time for you & hubby!!!!

    Me, when & if I am able to get away, I include both my typical exercise along with just fun exercise which means taking advantage of what is there to do.. walking, hiking, whatever it is.

    I am one that does not take completely off. I do plan for a less than my normal workout though alond with fun. I still jog & do some weights OR resistance bands I bring but I don’t go crazy BUT I do tend to eat pretty good & plan for occasional treats…. things that are worth it to me.


  21. Good for you, Karen! I’m proud of you. I’m from St. Paul and agree… there are many wonderful places and bike trails in the metropolitan area.

    I generally find it very difficult to get any exercise at all when I’m on vacation, but I’m going to take heart from your experience and try harder.

  22. Excellent plan Karen. Depending on what type of vacation we are going on and where we are staying, I sometimes bring a workout dvd with me, but generally, I don’t use it. Most vacations do involve a lot of walking, but when we do a beach vacation, I like to rent a canoe or one of those water bikes to get in some fun exercise.

  23. Karen, That is so GREAT that you and your hubby are exercising together on your vacation!!! I was exercising on vacation two years ago~ I walked miles every day and hot the hotel gyms. Then I quit! But… I am back at it!

  24. Wonderful job on exercising while on vacation. It’s something I do as well. It makes me enjoy my vacation even more!

  25. Love this Karen, it’s how you know it’s taken hold right/ Figuring out a way to work it in.

    I plan all my workouts before going, just like I do at home. Then I can take what I need or figure out ahead of time what I need to borrow (like a bike since we don’t have a bike rack) Planning makes all the difference.

    And if we take a break from exercise what are we really saying? It’s only something I do unless I’m relaxing having fun? I don’t know about you but having fun and working out actually can coexist for me now.

  26. Exercise is the one thing that truly keeps my head on straight and gives me the wiggle room I need/want. I never would have dreamed it, but it is true.

    You also reminded me why I might be struggling so much – my exercise has wained with this damn pinched nerve…it’s getting better though.

    You go girl!

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