Trash Talk

My name is Karen and I have wasted food.  Thrown it into the trash.  Uneaten.  (Sorry hubby.)

This is not the “leave some food on your plate” thing.  This is the “go into the pantry (or refrigerator) and toss it before it hits your plate” thing.

Why?  Because sometimes the little voice in my head is a voice of reason and sometimes it is the voice of the craving monster.  If there is a food that I am eating and eating and eating and eating (you get the picture), when I have a sane moment and rise out of the overeating binge, I realize that I am going to likely overeat that food again, if it is still there.  So if I have not completely finished it off by this time (because that is the other way I get rid of food that is too tempting to have around), I may tell myself to take what is left and toss it into the trash.  Immediately.

Because if I wait, then I may mistakenly think the binge is over and that I don’t need to really get rid of the food because surely I can handle it with moderation or avoidance in the future.  But most of the time that would be wrong.  I am better off if the disgust rational voice kicks in before I go to bed or first thing in the morning, leading me to the dump the food once and for all.  While I may lack willpower to say “no” to the food at night, I often do have the willpower to get the temptation out of the pantry.  The longer I wait after a binge, the less likely I am to toss the offending food and the more likely I am to regret keeping it around.

I want to assure my husband that I don’t do this often.  I know he would not approve:)

What about you?  Have you thrown something away so you wouldn’t be tempted to eat more?



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56 responses to “Trash Talk

  1. Ha ha good question. Now, I can say YES. But before, I would say no. It was like it pained me to throw away anything. Oh, for heaven’s sake if I would waste any food. LOL

  2. Yes, and it isn’t easy to do. It goes back to the “think of the starving children in Africa” mindset that I was threatened with as a child. My pantry is usually pretty “clean.” It’s stuff I buy impulsively at the grocery store and delve into once I get home. Sanity will kick in before it’s gone and I pitch it or grind it in the disposal. My other favorite trick is sending it to work with my husband. Last night at choir practice, two different people handed me boxes of stuff (cookies and brownies) for my birthday. Both should have known better!!! BOTH are sitting beside Mr. B’s briefcase and are headed to school. Today is the last day of his summer class and the final exam. Those college kids will think I’m the best wife ever, won’t they?? LOL!

    P.S. I didn’t eat one morsel out of either box!

  3. Ann

    Candy! Especially after Easter, Halloween, Christmas. We don’t need those giant bags of hershey kisses or other crapola.

    • Karen

      Last Halloween I put the candy in my teen’s car trunk so he could still eat it but I wouldn’t. It mostly worked:)

  4. oooooh yes! many many many times. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have gotten a german chocolate cake from the grocery store because I just HAD to have it at night. After a piece of it, and feeling like total and complete crap, I’ve taken the whole cake and dumped it in the trash so I wouldn’t go back for it. $12 down the drain

    I’d done such a thing many many times over the years. My ability to do so is much better in the morning than at night.

  5. Easy answer.. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I know I am not going to be able to resist, it goes. Also, if I am out & buy a treat cause it is treat time & I find I don’t think it is worth the calories, it goes. I only eat that treat if it is really really worth it!

    Karen, throw away to your hearts content! 🙂

  6. Countless times I have done this. As recently as yesterday afternoon, I was having a measured portion of 10 crackers with one wedge of LC lite cheese…a reasonable 155 calorie snack. I returned to the kitchen in approximately a nano-second after finishing said snack and promptly had a redo – 2nd snack. As I picked up the cracker bag for the 3rd time, I immedately rushed over to the sink and ran water into it, folded the top down and shook it to make sure every crack got wet.

    It’s wasteful, but less “waistful”, so I consider it a victory! I’ve gotten rid of unopened products I bought in moments of puffed of certainty that I could handle them, only to get home and know damn well I can’t. When I actually stop bringing certain things into the house, I’ll stop wasting so much stuff. Great post!

  7. Karen, I used to do this all of the time. I don’t think I’ve thrown anything away in two years, but if we are averaging here, I’ll need another 10 years of not throwing things out to average down the amount of treats I’ve tossed over the years. Luckily I gave up potato chips years ago — the grease got to me (yes, I know there are baked chips but why start a new bad habit). My husband loves them, and till lately could not resist the two-frequent two-4-one sales at our supermarket. He would eat half a bag of chips, feel sick, throw the rest of that bag away, and take the other bag into work for his coworkers. I’ve helped him by buying two small $.99 bags of Terra veggie chips each week so he can have two days of a chip snack with his lunch.

  8. So I will answer you questions, with a question:

    Which, in your estimation, is more important; solving the problem, or eliminating the problem?

    True success lies in your answer, so think it through well..

    • Don’t you hate it when people answer a question with a question?

      Joking aside…. removing substances from one’s environment is an effective method with habituated and also addictive behaviors.

      /signed behavior change expert (not a joke)

      • Karen

        Thanks Jan. I was really thinking about Roy’s response. Still am, actually.

        Roy – Darn. I guess I need to think about what I am doing and why I am doing it. More thinking. Sigh.

  9. Left over mac and cheese – always the food garbage. It’s like an alcoholic keeping vodka on the counter, beside a glass.

  10. Oh I throw stuff out all the time! Espcially if I’m revamping the diet. Of If i have an “off” day and I don’t eat all of what was “off” – GARBAGE. In fact, I pour it out of the bag or container so it can’t be taken out either.

  11. Have you ever seen the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda can’t stop eating the cake she made, so she tosses it in the trash…but then starts picking some of it out of the trash to eat? She ends up dousing it with dish soap so she won’t eat any more! While I’ve never done something like that, I’ve definitely tossed food so I won’t be tempted to eat more! This is especially true for takeout leftovers!

  12. An emphatic YES! I do feel guilty when the item is something my spouse enjoys eating, but DESTROY is one of the 5 D’s for coping when food urges get out of control. Fortunately, we try to keep trigger foods (like yogurt – too similar to ice cream) to a minimum now.

    The past week I have been with my family after the sudden and unexpected death of my mother. I would have had to fire bomb the entire house to keep me away from drowning my grief in sweets and the mountain of food brought in by compassionate friends and family. So, I have just let myself grieve and eat. Thankfully I will be going home in 2 days where destruction of food is acceptable and won’t trigger a disaster alert.

  13. I used to, but have since trained myself to not buy them — but, it took a long time because of the ‘starving children syndrome’… I’ve never really been a snack food person and didn’t keep any in the pantry, unless a party was coming up… I think it’s because I really don’t care for sweets (I’m a salt person)… but, yes, I threw out alot of money I shouldn’t have spent… come visit when you can…

    Twitter: SolarChief

  14. Yes. I especially do this when I’m weaning myself off certain foods. Once I get my momentum going, out goes the crap. Don’t tell Hubbend.

  15. sunnydaze

    Yes, I have done this many times. I also give alot of stuff away.

  16. Yes, yes I have… in fact, the last time my husband went out of town, I ordered my usual pizza, at two slices, and threw the rest in the trash can. I was more mad at myself that I wasted money rather than food, lol. But it kept me from eating the rest of that pizza!

  17. No, I tend to have the opposite problem. I throw away food because I can’t eat it fast enough. Plus I buy the individual servings so I can eat it and get over the craving. I pay more but it helps avoid temptation.

  18. I have to say – I just don’t bring it in the house. My motto is: saying no once at the grocery store is easier than say no 10,000 times at home 🙂

    • Karen

      I do agree with that motto! And lately, anything I tossed was food I (mistakenly) thought I could handle. Not even junk. Sigh. In the past, that was another story altogether.

  19. Yep, esp sweets. If the baked goods aren’t gone in 2 days by the kids I figure it goes in the trash before I start munching on it.

  20. I throw food away ALL the time and I have even been know to give it to the neighbors, just to get it OUT of my

  21. It’s like I wrote this. Seriously, I used to do this a lot. And now I don’t do it as much…but it still happens.

    Good for you for having the presence of mind to do it. 🙂

  22. Ummm, the answer would be yes! Bought a ginormous bag of chocolate kisses at Sam’s Club because AT ONE TIME I could eat just 4 or 5 and be happy with that. Those days are gone. Now I would sooner get sick than stop at 4 or 5. So, half the bag went straight in the trash. Hubby stood by with his mouth gapping open but there was not a single thing he could do to stop me. Out. Of. Here!!!

  23. I could feed little China in NY with all the food I’ve thrown away! I’m much more neurotic than you though. I throw away all bad things…sometimes thats 2 trash bags…then I get mad 2 days later that I don’t have any chocolate in the house and I go buy a bunch more. Hello?? My name is Lisa and I’m slightly insane 😉

    • Karen

      Lisa – I actually had written about that – asking who then replaces what the toss! (It got cut, in my on and off again attempt to be less wordy.)

  24. Oh yes I have done the same thing. I have felt bad about it as I know it is so wasteful but then it would go to my waist and that would be worse!

  25. You’ve obviously struck a nerve. You only have to look as far as my kitchen trash to find the open bag of Lay’s potato chips, bag and chips crushed to a pulp to keep it unattractive to me. I did the “do unto others” thing and offered my 8 yr od some potato chips with his lunch. He, in his wisdom, allowed as how he’d rather have a pickle. I was left with a beguiling bag of chips. Haven’t we all heard that Lays is the best brand? Only 160 calories. My WI was yesterday, so any excess wd surely be gone by next week. Yadda yadda. In the end, sanity prevailed and I crushed the life out of the little tempters.

  26. Dude. Animal Crackers. I have no idea what the hell my problem is. But that huge bag from Walmart?

    Yeah I can eat that in one sitting. I can’t buy them. Or be around them.

    It’s weird!


    Once I bought a huge bag of frosted animal crackers… I was a few blocks away from the grocery store when I started thinking “what am I doing” … I started throwing the crackers out of the window one by one all the way home.

    Once I was trying to make a big show about throwing out ice cream cones and dipped them in the toilet. I was in college… my roommates were there… it was supposed to be the beginning of the end of our binging!

    There’s dozens of similar experiences…

  28. Many times! And mainly desserts that I know I will eat entirely if it’s not out of sight.

    One thing I used to do when I had an office job (I know, it’s wasteful but it worked) was crunch up my bag of potato chips that was served inside those boxed lunches. It removed the temptation from eating something high in calories and low in nutrients.

  29. With so many people in need, I have a *thing* about throwing away perfectly edible food, so I generally don’t buy things I know to be a problem food. (That’s why I pay a small fortune for a once-a-month splurge like a gourmet cupcake! LOL) If I do have a problem with something, I either give it away or freeze it in individual portions. That’s working so far, but life (and I) are fickle, to say the least.

    • Freezing never worked for me… I would just thaw them one at a time. Throwing is cathartic, but I agree, it’s probably better to control on the buying end. Or, if must buy, take immediately to food bank.

  30. Genie@dietof51

    As badly as I feel about being wasteful, I’ve done it. Never thrown away a vegetable or fruit (unless it had gone bad) mind you, but I’ve thrown away evil cake, crackers, candy, bread, donuts, cookies, etc.

    Really, what does that tell me about what those “foods” are?

  31. Karen, OH MERCY YES! I have thrown it out because I could NOT be trusted!
    Thank you so much for your comment on our photo on the blog!
    Have a pretty day!

  32. I have thrown it away or put it in the freezer in the garage.

  33. I usually take it to work or hubby takes it to his work-I hate wasting food- I grew up with the mentality of wasting food is a sin. No wonder I got so big!

  34. My name is Peacefulbird and I have thrown food away so that I would not eat it…. but not often enough…

    Give it away and/or throw it away! This practice diminishes the craving as well as eliminating immediate temptation. It restores self. It restores sanity.

    The most recent time I recall doing this is about 5 months ago when I had fallen off the wagon on chocolate abstinence. I had eaten half a bag of Dove chocolates the day before and now the other half was calling me. I was obsessing about it early in the morning. Bare footed, wearing only my nighty in the cold dawn, I went outside to the edge of our property. Unwrapping each piece, I hurled them one at a time into the woods beyond our house. When they were gone, I tiptoed back to bed shivering and gleeful!

  35. It’s way better to throw it away before you even open the package than cramming a half-empy package down your pie hole so it will be “gone.” You are soooooo not alone.

  36. I’ve definitely thrown away food when I don’t think I can control myself around it. Better in the trash than in my arteries! I am not a garbage disposal! Sometimes if I’m REALLY craving a treat and know that I won’t be satisfied until I have some, I’ll buy the box with the intention of eating a serving or 2 and throwing the rest away. Giving myself the permission calms my nerves, and throwing the remainder away makes me feel in control 🙂

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