The Never Ending Journey

The more I blog the more I find myself thinking about my word choice.  Sometimes the words come first, naturally, and the meaning occurs to me later.  Sometimes I search for the right word to capture the right meaning.  Regardless, I think that some words have little meaning or impact and some are more powerful.

Like the word “journey.”  I find myself using it over and over.  And I noticed that I was not alone.  I am on a journey and many of you say that about yourselves as well.

I love this word.  Because it creates a great picture if I allow my mind to play along.  And I am a visual person so I appreciate a good analogy or a good mental image.

My journey is about more than losing weight.  More than a “diet.”  It is about living a healthy lifestyle.  It is about developing a “normal” relationship with food.  It is about being in control.  It is about liking myself more.  It is about optimism.

Some journeys are short and easily reach a clear conclusion.  This one, for me, is not.  It is long and winding and the destination is still unknown.  And it is filled with detours.  Filled with sights to be seen and lessons to be learned and pitfalls to be encountered.  Some days I travel alone; some days I am holding hands as I walk along.  Some days I an unencumbered in my travels and other days I have huge amounts of baggage to carry.  I am slowly figuring out how to leave the baggage behind me as I continue on.  When I see others on the way, sometimes they are standing by the side of the road, wondering how to get their feet out of the mud and back on track.  Sometimes they are standing ahead of me, cheering me on, inspiring me by how far they have already traveled.  There are steep hills.  There is flat road.  But there never seems to be any coasting along.  Some days the sun is shining and some days I am battling gale force headwinds.  There may be forks in the road, but there are no “points of no return.”  I can always move forward and continue the journey, as long as I get off my butt and keep moving.  I may stumble; I may take a few steps in the wrong direction or backwards; I may turn myself around until I feel dizzy; but so far my journey has been filled with progress forward.

I am on a journey.  I didn’t know that when I started.  But I know it now.



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52 responses to “The Never Ending Journey

  1. Loved this post! Isn’t it amazing how this blogging thing often provides exactly what you needed to hear through the words of another person. I was so discouraged this morning because of an unanticipated gain on the scale. I’m so sure I’m going to be able to maintain my loss this time that I just want to be there, so I can start. The losing is going so slowly and I wasn’t prepared for that. Thanks for reminding me that this day is part of the journey too and I need to enjoy it because once it’s gone, I can’t get it back.

    • Karen

      I’m glad that I could help:) I agree how great it is that we can sometimes find what we need when we read someone else’s words. I love that about the blogworld.

  2. Nicely said…It reminds me of the movie Never Ending Story….That is the great thing about a journey…its an adventure not a destination……..

    • Karen

      I suspect that title is exactly how this one came into my head. And actually, I had this title rattling around first, the post came later.

      Funny thing, with all my journey analogy, I am not sure I would have come up with calling it an “adventure.” That sounds so much more fun:)

  3. Beautiful post Karen & I could not agree with you more! It certainly is a learning journey & for me, the learning never ends!

    • Karen

      Part of me is heartened by that, since I see you as a role model for the healthy person I intend to become:) Learning is a good thing. But a little part of me is also the tiniest bit discouraged to think that the learning never ends.

      • It is a good learning although the change of life has been pretty hard.. BUT learn none the less! I have learned to not let it deter me… that I can conquer this to the best of my abilities & quite honestly, with just the way the bod changes as we age.. but heck, for going on 53, think about it… we could look a lot worse! 🙂

        • Karen

          Speak for yourself! I am still in my (late) 40s!! I am thinking that like Oprah, I am going to be fabulous at 50:) And that whole aging and the body changing thing – ugh. My mom warned me about the middle-age spread and she was right:(

  4. Genie@dietof51

    All so true, and very well written.

    “But there never seems to be any coasting along.” Really, really, super-duper true….

    Thanks for not including the “emotional roller-coaster” reference. As self-proclaimed semantics experts, we need to come up with an alternative for that over-used phrase.

    • Karen

      Semantics are a mixed blessing – sometimes I love the play with words, sometimes I just wish I got less caught up in them. I have been playing around with this idea for a second blog and part of it has to do with how much I get caught up in words.

  5. Yes ma’am!!! Thank you for this post!! I love actually taking time to think about the journey that we are on. Let’s face it; if we had already met our destination, we would be looking for another challenge. Man…this is much more than a marathon….it’s an ultra. Pardon the running analogies 🙂

    • Karen

      But how often do we need reminding that it is a marathon and not a sprint?! I love analogies. (And yes, there is a whole post in there someday too.)

  6. I too refer to it as my journey, I think having that mindset reminds me that it’s never reaching an endpoint. Unfortunately, weight loss isn’t something that just “ends” once you reach your goal, otherwise the weight will come back!

    • Karen

      You are so wise to have figured this out at your age. I can tell that you will not live the decades of yo-yo dieting that I experienced;)

  7. I’ve been thinking about words lately, too, and will be blogging about it soon. After four years of blogging, I’m growing tired of calling this a journey. I like the concept, but I’m tired of the word. 🙂 Lately I’ve been thinking of it as an adventure. That conjures up my inner Indiana Jones and livens things up a bit. 🙂

    • Karen

      Jules (above) also called it an adventure. I had not thought of it that way and the spin is much more exciting and positive, in many ways, as you suggest. And in my analogy, I really did see you down the road from me cheering me on:)

  8. Everyone is on a journey. What separates us is what part of the stream we’re in — of the current guiding us, and how we do or do not resist that current.

    I fought hard to get into my present current, and now I simply float feet first, and enjoy the glide…

  9. You said a mouthful here, Karen, and I totally agree. I just wrote about my own journey and how circuitous it is. I didn’t lable it as such, but wrote about endlessly struggling, finding some progress, backsliding, and doing it all again. Kind of what you’re saying!

    Like you, I think a lot about words – I love words and writing and greatly enjoy finding a phrasing that fits what I’m trying to say. Sometimes the noggin doesn’t cough it up in a timely manner, but there is always the edit function!

    • Karen

      I was so thinking of this “journey thing” when I read your post earlier today! This is something I love about the whole blogging community, the shared experiences, the commonality. Our “journeys” are each so different, yet so much is similar along the way.

      Yep – the words thing. I so admire some of the bloggers I follow who have such a turn of phrase and especially those who easily weave humor into everything the write. It makes me just enjoy reading:)

  10. When I made the connection between the life I wanted and reality it really made things click. This is a journey. It’s gonna take a really long time, and never ever end. But, it’s all part of the process.

    • Karen

      “Process” is another word for it. Whatever we call it, I think for many of us we realize it is bigger than just dieting or working out or whatever other goal we might have originally set.

  11. This was a beautifully written post. I’m printing this one!

  12. I want to copy and post this on my blog. It is exactly how I feel but I lack the ability to write like

    • Karen

      Ah – but you have a different way of saying things that brings us into your life and takes us along to share your ups and downs. I love that about you and your blog.

  13. Hello from Lady Bloggers! What I love about journeys is that we can start at any age and find out so much more about ourselves… and with blogging, we’re able to share the journey and help keep our goals in mind… finding support from others makes it so much easier, whether sharing joys or sorrows… my current journey is helping people discover how healthy and easy solar cooking can be, so come visit when you get a chance and check out my very first vlog…

    Twitter: SolarChief

  14. The only I time I ever went on a “diet” I kept thinking about food constantly. It occurred to me later that at that time I thought that it was a finite amount of time I would have to live like that. Now I see food differently and eat everything in moderation, so much better than deprivation.

    • Karen

      Well you won’t be surprised then when I publish a post about the semantics of the word “diet”! It is coming, some day. Sometimes, how we couch things or think about things makes a difference. Sometimes, not.

  15. sunnydaze

    What a nice post. You hit the mail on the head.

  16. Great post. I especially like the account of others on their journeys, either moving along, stuck in the mud, or ahead and cheering us on. That’s a great picture. May the road rise to meet you and the wind be always at your back.

  17. Great post, and I, like you, love the word journey. Keep on moving with me! 🙂

  18. I also like the word “process.” This journey has been quite a process for me – not about right or wrong just forward momentum. Embracing what you learn along the way is the most important thing!

    • Karen

      Well I am learning a lot:) And overall, going forward still. But some days the momentum seems to be heading in the wrong direction! Not today though.

  19. I love this. I especially love this part, “There is no ‘ point of no return’. In the past I have gotten stuck on thinking I messed up and can’t turn around. I ate too much and have no hope. But when I’m not dieting, I’m just living… I realize I can never be too far gone.

    • Karen

      I’m glad you liked that part. I hope anyone who is wavering and thinking of giving up, that they blew it, or can’t do it, realizes that there is always another day. Another step on the road.

  20. I’ve never heard this concept put so well, Ms. Wordsmith!

    And while I’m dishing out the praise, here’s a big Bravo for your blog comments… the ones you write on my blog and others. You have an optimism and sensitivity about you that is very endearing!

  21. I couldn’t agree more! I think it is a never ending journey with out a definitive destination, just lots of good places to stop at and learn along the way.

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  23. I couldn’t agree more! The word “journey” is great to describe what we’re all trying to do – which is more than just losing weight.

    • Karen

      I do think for most of us, we figure out it is indeed about more than the weight. Some are still struggling with that notion, and that might have been me a few years back in my yo-yo life.

  24. I, obviously, love the word journey, too. To me, a journey is an adventure. There is no real “finish line” or ending… a journey can go on and on (and on and on).

    The best part about a journey is that you never really know where it’ll take you. You don’t know what you’ll experience along the way or how it’ll change you. You just go along, choosing which way you want to go at each crossroad, and enjoy the experience.

  25. Sometimes I feel the word “journey” sounds kind of hokey and new-agey, but it’s the best description I can come up with too…

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