Today’s Lucky Number

Seven days down for my summer challenge; seven more weeks to go; seven things to tell you about myself.  For today, it looks like seven is my new lucky number:)

So let’s start with the easy part.  Thank you to For Real, This Time! for bestowing the Versatile Blogger award upon me:)

The rules for this award are as follows:
1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.
2.  Share seven things about yourself.
3.  Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4.  Let your nominees know about the award.
So now for the seven things about me.  Since I have already told you all so much in past posts, I am going to share seven things about how I handled my challenge over the last week.  If you want a reminder as to what goals I set, you can find them here (on the original post) or here (on my new page).
  1. I met my goals every day.  Somewhere I found the motivation that has been hiding for the past two months and I am trying my best to hang on to it with both hands.
  2. The biggest challenge at home for me was limiting my evening snacking.  No surprise since that has been my major struggle for months now.
  3. The most unhealthy meal I ate was the BBQ dinner with family.  I knew it was coming.  I planned for it.  I ate with moderation.  I did not eat the leftover ribs the next day or the day after that (or the day after that).
  4. At the lake I managed to (barely) meet my goals thanks to the accountability of the challenge and knowing I would come back here and report.  I admit that while there I engaged in some pure emotional eating.  But while I (really, really) wanted bread, I ate cheese and fruit.  Yes, I ate when I was not hungry and I was very aware that emotions from family drama were driving my eating, but I am calling this a “win” because my goals for the lake were to stay “on plan” and that part I did indeed accomplish.
  5. My lake goals were flexible to allow me to indulge in dessert each evening with the rest of the group.  Having that option seems to help me to not feel overly deprived.  One night I had a serving of hot apple pie a la mode (one of my very favorite foods).  It was delicious.  I ate it without guilt.  And that was it.
  6. During the rest of the week I managed to exert willpower and not eat any of the amazing off-plan treats being eaten by those around me.  There was way more temptation in my face than usual and I cannot tell you how happy I am to get back to my regular routine.  Sometimes boring is good.
  7. I’m glad the week is over.  Not surprisingly, having so many family events made things very challenging.  But I am slowly learning how to find some balance when social situations come my way.  More baby steps.
It is hard for me to pass this on to 15 newly discovered blogs because most of the blogs I read I have been following for a while now.  So sticking with my new lucky number, here are seven of my latest finds:
And now for the most important part, my goals for next week:
  • I will continue to limit my evening snacks.  Two is working for me right now so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • I will eat on plan all week with the possible exception of dinner out at a Mexican restaurant on Tuesday.  (This venue is chosen by the spouse of the relative who chose BBQ.  What can I say?  Kansas City does both very well.)   No entree with “grande” or “chubby” or “fried” in the name or description.
  • I’m going to steer clear of bread for another week.  I still crave it, so that tells me I am smart to consider it off limits as one of my goals here for a while longer.
  • And my big challenge for the week:  no snacking when I read books.


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30 responses to “Today’s Lucky Number

  1. Thanks:) And great job on meeting your goals! I enjoy the no snacking while reading… you need to get a book that engages you enough so that you don’t even think of food. What are you currently reading?

    • Karen

      NOTHING engages me that much! I just finished “Private” by James Patterson. My mom buys hardcovers when they come out and passes them on to me, so most of what I read is current fiction.

  2. A very wise woman (my mom) once told me that, “every step taken should be a baby step — that way there can be no excuses not to succeed.” I haven’t always agreed with that, but yours is a good study in her theory. Step on Baby!

    Oh, and on evening snacking — a recurring theme for many who struggle; I will always argue that the #1 reason (not the only reason) for over-eating at night, is under-eating during the day.

    Thanks for the nod 🙂

  3. Great job on your goals last week and weekend at the lake house. Two successes in a row with your time at the lake house. I’d love to say each success will make it easier the next time, but I’m not so sure about that. Some things will always be a battle, won’t they?

    P.S. Thanks for the award.

    • Karen

      I do think that location will always be a struggle for me because for everyone else there, the food will continue to be abundant. Oh well.

  4. Hmm I like your rules for Mexican food. I will have to remember that next time I’m surrounded by it! Great job on meeting your goals for this’re off to a strong start!

  5. I would definitely call that a major win!!!!! You did really great & also planned for things that you wanted as well! Family drama can so derail us so the fact that you made it thru & withing your goals is a huge accomplishment! Pat on the back to you!!!

    Thx for the award…. I will try to catch up with replying to it this coming weekend as I have bits & pieces started for my posts this week. I have to plan ahead like that as I am one slow writer & reader!!! I would never get anything done if I waited till the day before the post! 🙂

    • Karen

      I write my posts ahead too:) Some days I write more than one; some days I write none. Even this one, which summarizes the past week, was started several days ago.

  6. Great rule for Mexican Food! I have a friend coming into town this week and that will be my challenge. Glad to have the first week behind us!!

  7. I do the same with mexican- I prefer items that say “grilled.” Good for you for sticking to your plan last week!

    Nice award 🙂

  8. Oooo my sweet friend! It sounds like you are doing so well. I tell ya, I think I have been dieting far to long. My mind just isn’t in it. Thank God I have vacation coming up!! This will allow me time to refocus!!!

  9. Great job on meeting your goals. And I loved that you identified the emotional drivers! Woo-hoo!

  10. Nice to see you had a good weekend and met your week’s goals!

  11. Score! Good results for your week, especially the Lake part. Family dynamics can be tricky, can’t they. I also like your Mexican rules of thumb for ordering.

    I love to read and can’t imagine trying to avoid reading–so here are a couple ideas you might try to be able to read without being tempted to snack: 1) Fix a luscious bubble bath, candles, perfect temp water, etc. Stash a hand towel at arms length. Read in the bath. Add hot water as needed to prolong reading time. or 2) Download a book on your ipod or MP3 player. I subscribe to and regularly have great books to listen to. Listen to a great book as you walk. I love doing this. Good Luck.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the suggestions:) The second one won’t work since I am so low-tech that I have neither! I have such a huge stack of unread books waiting for me.

  12. Dawne

    I totally agree that sometimes “boring” works best. No surprises, doable, comforting…I may have new material for a post, thanks!

  13. CONGRATS!!! Great job on staying track with all of your goals. I especially love #5 how you are allowing yourself to have desserts. I’ve been thinking a lot about the overall lifestyle change we’re all trying to make – it’s much more than a temporary diet – eating desserts in life is reasonable, we’re going to do it, so we might as well not feel guilty for it! Go you! It’s a great goal! Good job on all of your goals this week and keep it going!

    Thanks for the award! I’m so excited to have found your blog… and it’s so great to have your support!

    • Karen

      My thinking with desserts for now is that they come with special occasions or social situations. Maybe not every one, but any that really speak to me.

  14. sunnydaze

    You are doing so well. That goal list must be working. 😉

  15. That is so funny about “no entree with the word ‘chubby, fried or grande’ in it!” When we were on vacation my husband was trying to convince me to eat at Cracker Barrel. I told him I’d consider it after I looked up the menu online. OMG. Everything with gravy on top, everything fried. Looked like it came out of the heart attack 70s. We didn’t go…

    • Karen

      I have to admit that for now, it is just easier to eat at home. If I went to Cracker Barrel I would sooo want corn bread!

  16. Isn’t ‘balance’ a beautiful word? Well done on finding yours!

  17. Hi Karen. Congrats – you rocked it this weekend! Evening snacking makes or breaks my eating patterns. When I avoid it, my jeans fit just fine…but when I don’t, they magically grow tighter. A few years ago, I read advice from Bob Greene to avoid eating between 2 – 3 hours before bedtime and it has helped me ever since.

    • Karen

      Well that makes sense coming from him since our gal Oprah said the same thing:) I go to bed pretty early so it is really pathetic when I consider those last few hours.

  18. Totally fabulous news, Karen!!!! I am so very proud of you. Bravo, bravo!!!!

    I really like your new goals for the week. They seem reasonable and measurable. To not eat while reading is a big challenge for me too.

  19. Genie@dietof51

    Wow, you are to be commended on a week well done!! Bravo, Woman of the Lake!

  20. I liked this post about goals. It reminded me of how goal-oriented I was when I was younger — and I loved setting goals. Now, although I am on a quest to lose weight and be as healthy as possible in this final third of my life, I don’t think of it as a series of goals — rather as a complete reshaping of my attitude toward food and activity. Your post has been my brainfood for the day — possibly will inspire my own future post. Thanks.

  21. Sounds like you did great this past week, and your goals for the coming week look reasonable and doable too!!! I think it’s smart to stay away from bread if it is so much of a temptation. I am the same way with bread.

  22. Great job staying on track…THANK U for the award! I LOVE IT!
    Funny, I was just thinking this past week, I need to start writing some posts ahead of time as I see a few of you do!

    Definite FOOD for thought as my life picks up MORE I want to do!

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