You Have Such a Pretty Face(book)

I’m in a quandary and I need your advice.  Should my blog persona have a Facebook page?

The “real me” loves Facebook.  I joined a couple of years ago as a way to keep up with my son who was going away to college.  FB provides a perfect way for me to get little glimpses of his life almost 2000 miles away.  My younger son is another story altogether:  he has conceded to be my “friend,” but has privatized everything so basically I see nothing.  I get it.  How uncool to have your Mom on FB.  But he has already been warned that when he goes to college he has to unprivatize or live with constant phone calls from home:)

I have loved reconnecting with old friends and distant relatives through Facebook.  What a perfect way to quickly share little pieces of life now and then.  But I admit that I spend very little time on there now that I am in the blog world.  Priorities in how I spend my computer time.

So I have been very hesitant to start a FB page for Waisting Time.  I actually set one up a while back.  And then FB kept somehow connecting the “blog me” with the “real me” and I am not ready to unveil myself in that way.  So then I set up another version with a different email address and made it private while I mulled things over.  Yet somehow a few people found me despite the privacy.  Blog world people.  You know who you are:)  So if people are seeking me out on FB, maybe the time has come to take that step.  Or maybe not.

I keep asking myself what I would gain from a FB page.  Is there a reason to have it?  Would my readers like it?  And what is the downside?  Can I figure out how to do it without connecting to the real me?  Would it just be one more thing that takes time?  And how do I get rid of the FB identity I already set up so that I can change it to a fan page or some such thing?  (The last one I figured out, I think, but takes 14 days for FB to actually delete an account.)


I would love, love, love to get your thoughts on this.  Should I set up a Facebook page? If you have one, what do you like or not like about it? And what type of page did you set up (business, artist, individual, etc.)?  And if I set one up, what would you like to see me post on there other than just links back to this blog?  Upside?  Downside?

Any and all feedback, suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. are welcome.

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43 responses to “You Have Such a Pretty Face(book)

  1. Genie@dietof51

    How about a “I’m not on Facebook, and do not have an educated opinion about this.”

    But, I think if you love Facebook, you should do it for yourself and your fans that are on Facebook.

  2. I have a FB account for my blog only. I post the post of the day but this is also where family comes too as I don’t have a personal FB account.

    I really don’t utilize it like others do cause I don’t have the time so it is more for people that like to read about my post via FB.

  3. You should do it. I waited and waited to set one up for my blog but once I did I found a whole new interaction and audience that I don’t have on my blog. 🙂

  4. I created a fb page for Ellie-Town and it’s fine but not super super exciting. I link posts, do reminders about giveaways and that’s about it. I’m pretty sure if I put more into it I’d get more back but I just haven’t so far.

    I don’t think it can hurt though. When you set it up you can ‘suggest to friends’ so all of your real life friends will ‘like’ you and you have an instant group which makes you feel good about yourself. 😉

  5. Ah, something I’ve toyed with, too. The bottom line, I guess, is how much time you want to spend on blogging or social media vs what you might get out of that investment.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t read anyone’s facebook pages or following anyone’s tweets. It’s not that I don’t care, because I most certainly DO, but more an issue of the time I have at this point in life to participate. It’s on my list of to-do’s, but there are bunches of things ahead of it. Speaking of which, I should get crackin’! 🙂

  6. I have a FB account, but don’t mix that with my blog account. I’m afraid it would take up another huge chunk of time and I’m already conflicted about how much time I spend on the computer versus actually going out to exercise or meet my friends and family. I like the blog world where I can come and go to focus on my lifestyle, exercise and diet goals. I didn’t take the survey because my response didn’t fit. I do FB, but I don’t want to FB my blog persona.

  7. I still have a lot to learn about blogging, but don’t yet see the value of having a FB page for your blog. Seems like it would just be another step that takes more time. I have a very active personal FB page, but don’t want there to be any chance of FB friends finding my blog. Not that I care for them reading my blog, but I put things on the blog like our travel plans, my weight, personal info, etc., that I want to be choosy about who sees or doesn’t see.

    Great topic – the comments will be helpful to several of us.

  8. I have a personal page and then a Fit to the Finish page. I have found that I connect with people there I don’t “see” on the blog. New people. BUT, I generally only post a comment on my Fan Page once a day and then check back later. I don’t have enough time to monitor it like some people can. Your call!

  9. Tough one… I bailed out of FB for privacy reasons. Although I kept my page private, my friends/family weren’t so careful and my email address got thrown out to the world. How FB handles users’ “privacy” changes too frequently.

    For a business or fan page this might not be such an issue. More people will find you. You might look at “Lynns Weigh” to see how she manages FB and an active blog site.

    I would hate to loose your interaction with blog comments because you defected to FB followers. JUST KIDDING!

    • Karen

      I will check out her page; thanks for the suggestion. I wish I could convince my boys that everything they put on FB may come back to haunt them someday. And I will NOT defect! I actually worry that I would lose YOU and other readers to FB rather than having the interaction here.

  10. There is one site that I follow who has a facebook page ( but she never really posts anything on there that isn’t in her blog (mostly training runs). But she does have followers! What type of things would you post?

    • Karen

      That is the big question. I have no idea. I thought I would tweet but don’t (mostly), so I am not sure I’d post on FB either. Sigh.

  11. I have a personal fb page, that I have friends from the 3fc journals of long ago…actually, when the journals were being closed, we all migrated over to fb to keep in touch…by doing that, it actually made us all closer. IDK, I do like to keep the blog thing separate from the fb stuff. Diet Buddy Daily has a fb page she links to her blog. You can check that out for inspiration.

  12. I’m really anxious about real me and blogging me being connected, as my comfort level with blogging would decrease. There are a couple of ladies from 3FC and the blogs that I have befreiend on FB – but I feel that none of them would post my current weight or anythig on my wall , lol. Meh – I don’t know. I’d say you’d be walking a fine line. It’s not one I want to walk!

  13. I think it’s a great idea! I’m hoping to do it at some point… I think it helps grow your readership and helps you keep in touch with your readers in a different way.

  14. It was hard to choose one. I don’t have a Facebook page but I do see the point of one. So I probably messed it up by choosing the “…see no point” option.

    It has to be more than just linking to your posts. It should be about community. You should discuss things that will never appear on your blog. Otherwise there’s no incentive to be a friend if I can read everything here.

    • Karen

      A very good point. How would I make it different? Or would I have people follow me on fb who don’t come to the blog?

      • It’s like twitter. Some people I only respond to on Twitter and never go to their blog.

        How to make it different? Good question. I would look at some of the health pages and see what they do and what you like and dislike and how you would change it.

  15. At the blogging conference I went to, they suggested it to get to people in their favorite medium. Most people don’t have this complicated private life/public life conundrum. And a good portion of THEM spend more time on fb than on the blogosphere. It’s just common sense to autopublish to a FB page. However. I find it a bit much to maintain beyond that automatic thing.

    So, people find me boring and pushy when I use it for Rett Syndrome stuff. But they’re still my friends. 🙂

  16. I am a FB addict and I have obviously a blog too. I sometimes post a link from my blog to my FB status, but not always. I have met a few bloggers who are now my NEW BFF on FB. I clicked to them off their FB badge on their blog. I now have a stronger love and understanding for those FB/bloggers. I get to see their family photos and learn more about them then just their weight loss journey. For ME that really is fun. But I have lots of time since I have NO

  17. Eh- I’ve got an option not listed- I just wouldn’t do it if you are worried about the possibility of a connection occuring. I have my facebook profile and some people have found and added me- to me it’s not a big deal- but then again I post photos of myself on the blog as it is.

    Eh my mom and MIL are on my fb- no big deal. Well until my mom started asking me why I needed nails and boards (for Farmville lol)- I explained to her the house burned down and I was rebuilding it myself. She didn’t find it funny lol.

  18. lol yes I have a bird named Broccoli- I posted her photo on my blog 🙂

  19. Go for it! Although, just be is very addicting! Sometimes, I end up so much further away from where I started!

  20. There’s an award for you on blog! 🙂

  21. My personal page and my Diet Buddy page are totally separated with different email addresses. I don’t want my worlds to combine as well. I love having it set up that way and the biggest benefit is that you can connect your FB fan page with your Twitter account and ‘kill two birds’ with one stone. You facebook entries will automatically TWEET. It just gives your readers more options!

  22. I have to admit that I hardly use FB. I signed up to connect with my college kids and now hardly look at it, so I don’t get the allure so many others find there.

  23. I don’t see anything to gain from it personally. Do what you want, if too much work, delete. No harm done.

    I am on there personally. I am “friends” with my oldest son 20 but not my 16 year old. I understand completely!

  24. I have decided not to connect my blog and my facebook. Like you, I want to keep them separate.

  25. I have been thinking the same thing! I think I am going to start a Bringing pretty Back fb page.
    I am not friends with my youngest son either! He’s 18. haha! I know what you mean!
    Have a pretty day!

  26. Some of my bloggy friendships have spread over to Facebook; I’m not anonymous but some of them are and some aren’t. I’ve had my blog on Networked Blogs forever and I post my updates on there. I have more followers thru that than on the blog itself though the conversation on the blog is the real one most of the time.

    For the Literary Journal where I work as Blog Editor (Poetica Magazine), starting a Facebook Group was really important. I send updates about what’s going on on the blog, I message our members, and I believe it’s helped me to grow our membership over 300 percent in one year! So I figure, since I’m on there (less for personal reasons nowadays) anyway, why not?

  27. When I first read this post, I saved it as unread in my google reader because I wanted to come back and see what people wrote.

    I’ve thought about it -even though my blog is not nearly as popular as yours. I also don’t want my name linked with my blog persona, so I completely get your reservations.

    I’ve thought about it because:
    1) it’s another way to market my blog and maybe get more readers, their opinions, and other ways of looking at things
    2) it’s what a lot of people are doing these days and I am usually tempted to do what the “cool kids” are doing…or at least tempted to look into it.

    BUT I don’t look at any of my favorite blogs FB pages. I prefer to read the blogs – their content and not some status update.

    AND I think I’d prefer to do the whole blog post versus just a status update. Because what sometimes is just a phrase that sticks out (and thus something I could put as a status update) turns into a whole post. Maybe I’m weird (okay, I KNOW I am 🙂 ) but sometimes what starts off as just a once sentence thought turns into a meaningful epiphany.

    So I ultimately decided not to do a FB page and give myself permission to change my mind.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. It occurs to me that I also never go to the FB pages of blogs that I follow, other than as part of my decision now to see what sort of things they are putting on their page. But the again, maybe if I had a FB persona for my blog, I would become a fan or friend those bloggers and visit their pages too. Not sure.

  28. I am on FB (as me, not Peacefulbird) with several hundred “so called” friends, and more people I don’t know asking every day… I resent the time it takes and the fluff one has to endure to get to anything worthwhile. I’d so much rather find a few blogs that inspire me and take the time to write my own posts than mess with FB.

    But for you???? Well, my answer to you is that in the end, it’s all for you… You need to do what fills and pleases you… let the rest take care of itself.

  29. I too saved this post as unread in my reader to come back & read the comments.

    Ultimately I would think at least for those of us who interact via comments already you wouldn’t gain anything. If you think you have a lot of people reading & not commenting (which I wouldn’t guess, especially because you’re pretty unique in actually dialoguing with each comment) then you might reach different people on FB.

    I really agree with many of the people above who say it’s mainly about time & where you put your energies online. I set up a page & persona which I havent publicized at all because I seriously doubt I’ll have time for it. I pretty much quit FB in my “real” life for that reason, and while I’m pretty committed to blogging regularly I already struggle to find time to write thoughtful posts beyond what I ate, what I did for exercise & what I weighed (which is my big objective) so I just don’t see how FB could fit in. If it’s just to remind people I have a new post up, well, okay, but I don’t think that’s really taking advantage of the ‘social’ side of it. Ditto for twitter.

    • Karen

      Yes, I am on twitter but not really participating, if that makes sense. I suspect FB might be the same for me. But at least I “get” FB – still not getting the allure of twitter.

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