Feeling the Heat

How did it get to be July already?!  And why am I starting a new month heavier than the month before?

I have been struggling.  I have not been staying on track with what I know works for me.  I have had good days but I have also had too many bad days in the mix.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda.  I am not kicking myself.  Well, not much.  I have made mistakes and I have learned from my mistakes, but then I have not applied that knowledge.  I can see it all so clearly.  Yet seeing and doing are not coming together right now.

I have excuses.  Don’t we all?  But they don’t matter.  Because I know that the reality is that whatever things have caused me to flounder this way for the past month (okay, two months, but who’s counting) will always potentially be there as part of my life and since I don’t live in a bubble, I need to get over it and deal with it better.

I am reverting to my old yo-yo ways.  Just a little.  A tiny yo-yo bouncing up and down on a short string.  But it is enough.  I will not ride this roller-coaster any higher!

The time has come to get serious.  Very, very serious.  I need to rededicate myself, get back to basics, and clean up my act.  No little cheats.  No big binges.  Clean eating.  On plan.  In control.

July will be a tough month for me.  Lots of little trips.  Lots of meals away from home.  Lots of events where others control the menu.  Lots of potential challenges.  But I know in my heart that I can do this.   Enough screwing around.  The dieting honeymoon phase clearly has ended and the seven year month itch has arrived.  But I am done scratching.

And I can tell you one thing for sure… this blog and all of you are my money-back guarantee that I will indeed succeed.  Once and for all.  Because I am not going to ever write a post that I have given up or given in or gained it all back.  Can you read my determination between the lines?

July has arrived.  It is hot outside.  It is hot in here.  Time to stop feeling the heat and get out of the oven.

Postscript to yesterday:  More to add to my list of why life is good, thanks to Shira, who honored me by including my blog in her post entitled “Can blogging help you get healthy?”  If you have not read her blog, The Lighter Perspective, I highly recommend it.  She is a successful maintainer who writes thought provoking and inspiring posts.  And when she lands her own talk show on Oprah’s network, you’ll be able to say you knew her when:)



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32 responses to “Feeling the Heat

  1. You can do this Karen. I know it’s hard, we all struggle, but I have no doubt you will succeed! 🙂

    • Karen

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Bobbie. You are always so motivating and your determination is contagious.

  2. (Try to hear the empathic tone) Relapse and recycling are normal, even necessary to learn to deal successfully with long term behavior changes. I don’t hear this as yo-yo’ing but moving forward along your path toward reaching maintenance – in your own words, “I have learned from my mistakes.”

    Honestly, this post inspires me. If someone I admire struggles a bit but shows how she is working to overcome that, I feel some of that strength rubbing off on me! Thanks for letting me know that one of my favorite bloggers/role models has such determination. (Can you tell that I have the 9-month itch?)

    • Karen

      Thanks for telling me that Jan. Because there is always that little voice that wonders what someone thinks about the things I share. I hate to sound depressing. But I feel I need to put myself honestly out here.

  3. I love your determination. You can do this. So can I. Let’s get through July together. Little vacations, celebrations, July weather–not going to derail us!

  4. You CAN do this. Absolutely! There is nothing holding you back except yourself. 🙂

  5. Just found your blog. Love it! Hang in there. I feel your pain. We can do this!

  6. Just keep swimming….smile!

  7. At least once a week, I find myself floundering too. This week has been particulary bad. But, just keep going, take it one decision, and one day at a time. Hang in there, I know I’m trying to. 🙂

  8. Aw thanks for the reward! I’ll make a post tomorrow 🙂

    I agree- it’s July already? Where does the time go?!

    Don’t feel bad- in May I lost ZERO pounds but then in June I lost 5.5 lbs! I know you can get back on it.

  9. 🙂 Well. I hope that you’re in pain somewhere. Or would it be cold somewhere? I don’t know. I hope you’ve gotten your butt kicked and thanked someone for it. Especially yourself.

    Don’t you ever give up, and neither will I.

  10. Karen . WE CAN DO THIS! We can!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Karen, whenever I start to put on a little weight or eat a little more yo-yo, it always helps if I write down not only what I’m eating, but how I felt while doing so. Identifying that a PMS flare up or bad day at work prompted junking out more when I wasn’t hungry helps give me the perspective to stop or at least slow down before too much damage is done. BTW, thanks for including a link to my blog post about the wonderful impact you make in helping others claim a healthier life! You rock!

    • Karen

      I just read a new blog today that someone recommended to me and one of the writer’s suggestions is a mood journal regarding eating. Pretty interesting concept. Also to include what I am doing when I overeat.

  12. What can your diet buddies/bloggers do to help you?

    I haven’t seen the scale move much in June, but I see progress other ways. I am hoping we both have wonderful Julys!

    • Karen

      How sweet of you to ask:) Just what you are all doing – a little butt kicking, a little understanding and empathy, a few suggestions, and such amazing support and encouragement. Unfortunately, the hard part I have to do for myself. But tomorrow I will post about my weekend goals and you can all come after me if I don’t report back how I did meeting them!

  13. You can do this Karen! It is a life long journey… we all know that. I am still learning every day. We change, our life changes, our bodies change. The key is to stay consistent & don’t give up!!! Never give up!

  14. All those other times – this is the point where you would have given up. But NOT THIS TIME. You can do it. You are doing it!!!

    • Karen

      You really are right Carla. Last year when I started a little creep like this I never got back on track. Not that I “gave up,” more like I just let the food carry me along on a wave that grew and grew.

  15. Genie@dietof51

    It always starts off so positively and seems like fun…. then, well, you know. Those things you mentioned sneak back in. I’m still ahead of the game (from when I started) but not as ahead as I was a month ago either.

    Summer is hard. Let’s make another run at this, OK?

    • Karen

      I know I just read a post recently about how hard summer is. Was it yours? My memory is so bad. Summer should be easy with less clothes to hide under and fresh fruit and veggies and how the time flies by.

  16. You can do this. Even if you aren’t “feeling it” it’s okay to say to yourself, “I’m just going to hold tight where I am for a couple of weeks” and not gain any weight. Often times deliberately maintaining for a bit of time is enough time to get your mind back in the game.

    Whatever you do – don’t quit. I have faith in you. And besides – who would tell me when my blog is messed up?? 🙂

  17. You can do this. you ARE doing this. you’ve been an incredible support to me and I intend to stick with you and offer you support!

    I hear you..looking forward to the month of July.

    But we know it will ALWAYS be something right? A cookout, a holiday, a baby shower, a bridal shower, a family get together, a birthday, a day we just don’t feel like cooking and so on and so on.

    One day at a time and we’re only one meal away from getting ourselves back on plan.

    I love how “You On a Diet” book talks about making a “you turn” To paraphrase/summarize..if you’re heading for a destination and you pass your exit (veer of course) do you just keep going? No, of course not. you get off the next exit and make a u turn and get back on track.

    So that’s what we do with our eating. Just make a “u turn” and make the GPS happy again. LOL

  18. My husband’s Tom Tom actually says to turn around. I call her Bertha. Something like “turn around at your next opportunity”

    If I’ve gone off course on purpose and keep ignoring her, I swear her voice gets annoyed. I’m waiting for her to say “would you just turn around you dummy!” LOL

  19. Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla

    I’ve been traveling, Karen, and have realized how easy it is to get away from a plan when someone else is doing the preparation, but I also realized how easy it is to make a good choice one meal at a time. Not for my whole life, not even for tomorrow, just for that one hour that I’m sitting in that particular restaurant. And when that moment’s gone and I’ve done that, things are so much better on that tomorrow!

    • Karen

      That is a great way to think about it… one meal at a time. Or for me, since my greatest problem is not ususally meals but all the hours before, after and in between, one snack at a time.

  20. I’ve had periods of time like this Karen – I know it’s frustrating (mainly with yourself). It sounds like this might not be the month where your life is set up so you can be successful – you could always decide July will be another “treading weight” month & a month to get ready for a serious weight loss effort come August. Or not – you know best what feels right for you. In your shoes I’d have chosen differently at different times in my life.

  21. Can’t wait to hear how you did at the lake with your diet. I’m probably going to be your biggest follower because, unfortunately, I’m all about the diet. I hate to be that way, but I just am, won’t apologize for it, go with it, and encourage anyone who cares to enter my camp! So I totally agree with your philosophy of staying away from the bread and the bagels, AND the brownies. And one little treat a day is a terrific idea! Looking forward to hearing more. I’m following and I’m putting you on my blogroll so I don’t miss a beat!

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