Life is Good

Every once in a while I am reminded that it is time to think about everything great in my life.  Some days I let myself get bogged down in the negatives and that includes sometimes being mired in my own writing.

But knock on wood, life is pretty good.  I would go so far as to say I have no complaints but if you knew me well you would know that I can sadly always find something to complain about.  But not today.  Today I am going to be happy and grateful and drink loudly from my half full cup.

First I am going to reach beyond the obvious, for things that made me smile recently.  Like coming up with the absolutely perfect thank you gift idea and knowing the recipient felt the same way.  Like laughing long and hard at something that wasn’t even all that funny.  And having my teenager laugh at me when I was being silly.  Like the perfect sweetness of ripe summer fruit.  Like paying a compliment to a stranger and having it lead to a conversation.  And like having a sweet compliment paid to me as a blogger.

Next I am going to think outside the box for things that made me particularly thankful lately.  Like my son returning home from a teen-boy no-adult camp-out apparently none the worse for the wear.  And having my oldest (who is spending his summer on campus) call his grandmother yesterday just to chat.  And having a husband who makes me feel taken care of when he puts air in my bike tires.

Then I am going to follow in the example of some very wise bloggers and list some other things that made my life happier today.  Some inconsequential things that just make my world a more enjoyable place.  Like the blogosphere, Tivo, a great book, sugar-free chocolate pudding with Cool Whip, my own bed and pillow, a comfy sundress, the peaceful hours in the morning when I am the only one awake in my house, and comments on posts.

And blog awards:)    Special thanks to PJ Geek for adding to my happiness today with this award which fits so perfectly with my focus on things that make life good right now. 

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the person that gave it to you.  THANK YOU!  It truly brought a smile to my face.
  2. Write 10 things that you love.  I am going to cheat on this one and call it done with the items I already listed above.
  3. Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers.  This is hard since there are so many amazing bloggers. I am going to officially bestow this award upon the following but I hope those of you whom I faithfully follow will realize by my frequent comments that I am mentally including you on this list as well.




Diet Buddy Daily







What is good in your life?  What makes you smile?  What are you thankful for today?



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29 responses to “Life is Good

  1. Wow, thank you! I am so very honored. I love your post today… it’s good to slow down and think about the not-so-obvious things that make us happy. 🙂

    • Karen

      I don’t do it enough. I once tried a gratitude journal, after hearing Oprah go on and on about them. Can’t remember why I stopped. I think I just forgot to write in it. Maybe I will pull it out tonight.

  2. I, too, love you post!! You’re right; there are so many times that we allow ourselves to only think about the negative rather than the positive. Shame on us. When does dwelling on the negative ever makes things better?!?! Yup…NEVER. Anyways…great post!! It’s got me a thinkin!!!

    • Karen

      I think you and I are a lot a like. Some days our blogs reflect our struggles and our questions, some days our blogs show our optimism.

  3. sunnydaze

    I love, Love, LOVE this post! I’m always trying to look at the positive and also trying to instill the same into my DD. The other evening we were out walking and there was the most beautiful sunset and I told her exactly what you said, “life is good” this is what life is about, not material things, its about the sun on your shoulders, the sweet summer breeze on your face, children laughing, birds chirping, friends and family calling just to say hi, my DD texting me just to say hello and that she loves me. This is what makes life good. I know that sometimes she thinks I’m an old hippie or something when I tell her these things, but I think deep inside she gets it and that is the main thing. 😉 When she came back from the beach she brought me back a “Life is Good” t-shirt and sticker for my car. Love it!

    Sounds like you have done a wonderful job with your sons – you must be soo proud! 😀

    • Karen

      And you clearly are doing a great job with your daughter! Isn’t it amazing how easy texting makes it for our high-tech kids to tell us they love us?!

  4. Aw. What a sweet husband you have.

    What a great list you have of happy wonderful things in your life. Just reading them makes me feel calm and peaceful. I hope you have a great day with comments and awards!

    • Karen

      And today after our ride he spent a long time washing out bikes and oiling our chains. Sometimes it is what they do and not what they say that makes me feel most loved.

  5. This made me smile & feel good & thankful that I started reading your blog!

    Thankful for family & friends that support me thru thick & thin….

  6. Well thank you for the kind award. With having 70 followers it is hard to read them all everyday. BUT I always find the time to read yours. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling after reading them. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry and other times I just want to cut and paste your post to use it on my blog. I truly feel I have made a true friend with you. Thank you again.

  7. I just came inside from working on a mosaic and was thinking how lucky I am that my husband has been able to provide for us even though I am unemployed. Last year I was so freaked out that I hardly left the computer and did anything but try to find a job. This year I am still job hunting but I am also trying to enjoy the freedom of this “free time.”

  8. Life IS good. I’m thankful for my family. Parents, DH, siblings, children, in-laws, grandchildren. They make me smile and make me know I’m loved.

  9. Oh! I agree! Life is good!!!!!

  10. Genie@dietof51

    Because I’m working on filling a temporary admin position for a client, I talked to a woman today who was on the verge of tears because she has been out-of-work for a year. I totally understand how tough the job market is right now, but I don’t understand it from the standpoint of being desperate for a job, so I’m grateful for that.

    • Karen

      I have to say that I have not felt that tough job market personally myself either. I should add to my list how thankful I am that I can stay home with my teen still. Very thankful.

  11. Hi Karen. Thanks so much for your inspirational post and for including me on your award list! Pretending I’m in a red sequinned evening gown and not an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I would love to thank the Academy…er, I mean the amazing Waisting Time blog for this unexpected honor! 🙂 And as for the 10 things I love, here is a random list in no particular order: 1) my super cool British boyfriend Justin 2) freshly ground almond butter 3) digging into a great new book that is as thick as a brick 4) planning the perfect dinner party 5) finding out that the aforementioned old pair of jeans still fit even though I’ve got PMS and still have a food hangover from a big meal last weekend 5) the way my 5 year old niece tells me she loves Aunt Shira 6) getting ready for work with a diverse, smart ass group of women most mornings at the gym post work-out 7) my annual trip to Canyon Ranch with a great group of girlfriends 8) the cardboard cutout of Oprah, given to me by a freelancer, that makes eye contact with me from behind my computer 90 interviewing someone really interesting and sharing their message 10) waking up on the weekends without an alarm clock. Whew…big list and thanks for the snaps!!!

    • Karen

      Oh we have so much in common! No wonder I feel a connection:) My nephew tells me “you are my friend.” And it melts my heart. And you know how I feel about CR. Now Oprah was my goddess; I wish I had seen her show in person. But I soooo do not like planning any type of entertaining. I am not good at it and it stresses me out. What good book are you reading now?

  12. What a fantastic blog post! It sure is the little things in life that makes life so good isn’t it.
    I took my 12 year old son to see Eclipse last night, 3 movies, Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse. During Twilight a lady in the cinema had a seizure and an ambulance was called for her.
    I sat there next to my son and just said a silent thank you that I have life, I have health and I have three beautiful and healthy children. These are the things that make life good!

  13. Oh, thank you!

    Isn’t it wonderful how gratitude kind of snowballs once you give it a fair chance?

    As for me, this minute I’m grateful 1) to have spent most of yesterday with my parents and grandmother, 2) a breeze today, 3) melons, 4) a library card, 5) a stronger body, 6) my bicycle, 7) no alarm tomorrow a.m., 8) fireflies and summer night noises, 9) freedom, and 10) (but certainly not least) your blog and your friendship!

  14. Very interesting post, Karen

    I’ve been reading the Happiness Project book recently & she did a thing where she forced herself to laugh when she found things only moderately funny & she said it boosted her happiness.

    There are a lot of ideas in the book – I think I’m going to blog about it soon – I’ve considered the “happy” stuff a core part of my journey for a long time now. I think it creates a much better mindset for our long term commitment if we can make losing weight linked to the process of being happier – which is why I focus on it on my blog

    • Karen

      You are one of the bloggers who put me in the mindset to do this… with your list of pleasures. I think I read a few of that woman’s blog posts and there is probably something to the whole notion of finding happiness in little things.

  15. Great post! I love your blog! Way too close to o my actual life. Spooky!

  16. I forgot to mention that I found you via the Lady Bloggers Tea Party.


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