PB and K

I love peanut butter.  LOVE it!

My former favorite way to eat it was in a sandwich with jelly, on soft white bread.  Melt in my mouth delicious.  Usually one and a half sandwiches, but sometimes two.  But not on my current eating plan.  So my new favorite way is on an apple.  What a perfect combination.  Almost as good as the classic peanut butter and chocolate.

I also love licking it straight off a spoon.  Or eating it spread on top of a piece of whole grain bread, open-faced.  But I do not like it on celery.  Even PB is not enough to get me to eat boring flavorless celery.  And I like PB much better than just peanuts themselves.

I eat natural peanut butter with no sugar added.  I prefer smooth but chunky would do in a pinch.  I even love the way it smells.  It could be my perfect food if it wasn’t so caloric.  It is entirely too easy to eat more than the serving size.  Or to dip the spoon back into the jar for another delicious taste.  (Actually, I dip a clean spoon in for that second taste – no double dipping for this germophobe.)

On the nights my family doesn’t sit down together for dinner, I am so happy to reach for my faithful jar.  I think I could honestly eat peanut butter every night instead of a real meal.  But I avoid eating it earlier in the day, because then I am more likely for some reason to overeat.   And I am not letting PB become a trigger food for me that I have to ban from my kitchen!  Already I have given up peanut butter cookies and peanut butter on saltines and peanut butter granola bars and peanut butter chocolate ice cream and peanut butter cup candy.  But I am content with my natural peanut butter spread lovingly on an apple.  Yum.



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32 responses to “PB and K

  1. Genie@dietof51

    Me, too! Peanut butter is one of those all-sensory satisfying foods. On white bread with jelly is the best.

    No celery for me either. UGGGHHH!!! That raw stringy stuff between my teeth, no thanks!

    Peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets from Costco. Be afraid; be very afraid.

  2. I like pb…but am not that crazy for it…I guess I should consider myself lucky…lol when I do get a pb and j craving though, I take one of those arnold thins, toast it, measure out a tbs of pb, spread it on, let it melt and then top it with sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of splenda…ooooooo soooooo good.

  3. I haven’t converted to the natural peanut butter yet, so I really restrict it (and don’t have it at all currently). I vaguely remember a book called the peanut butter diet … for some reason I seem to remember it was a prevention magazine thing. It wasn’t my cup of tea … the bread (even the thin Orowheats) are a necessary ingredient in my peanut butter eatings.

  4. sunnydaze

    I’m not that thrilled with peanut better. I can take it or leave it – mostly leave it.

  5. yum, I love peanut butter. So much so that I try not to eat it or I will seriously eat the entire jar. Peanut butter on pears is extremely good also.

  6. Funny I’m not that big of a peanut person- but I can totally relate with other foods. Specially pickles. I can put away a jar if you let me ! lol.

    haha love your comment on my blog “bummer” yeah- that about sums it all up.

  7. One of my fave things in the States is getting the fresh-ground organic PB at whole foods. Yum.

    I love it with apples, by itself, on whole grain bread, on my fingers…

    I havent found a good version in France so I just do without

    I find celery is great because you taste the other things not the celery (dips!) plus the CRUNCH. I didnt know people didnt like it because its bland – I LIKE it because it’s bland!

  8. PB fan here, too! I’m currently eating the natural kind, as well. Nothing fancy, just the Kroger brand. Every now and then (twice a year?), I’ll buy a jar of the PB&Co flavored PB (love dark chocolate dreams) for a dessert PB. One of those I have to dip spoon, close jar and return it to back of shelf, leave room and THEN enjoy the PB. A jar lasts 5-6 months that way, plus my pants fit. 🙂

    My favorite way to eat PB is on pancakes with syrup. Obviously, it’s been years since I had it that way, but it’s super tasty, even with sf syrup.

  9. Yum- your post on peanut butter made my mouth water! I’ve become enamored with almond butter and love putting a dollop inside of fresh organic dates. Ever try it that way?

    • Karen

      I have not had it on dates. Never even thought of it. BTW – at the Lenox CR, one of the afternoon snacks was almond butter on crackers. I had it twice:) Made me wonder which is better for me nutritionally because I like both.

  10. Too funny! I love the PB too! I have to portion control or else!!! 🙂

    I buy a powerPB that has addl protein in it for my after workouts meal.. but I also have some all natural, PB only chunky PB in the house from TJ’s. Love it!

  11. Peanut Butter is the bacon of jarred foods. Try this one on for size some time: Take a spoon full of peanut butter, enjoy it, and follow it up with a long sip of black coffee — the tastes collide for a beautiful conclusion!!!

    Also, in the words of my daughter when she was 3-years old (now 20), “Dad, celery ruins peanut butter.” True

  12. I LOVE peanut butter…! The best thing I ever ate was peanut butter brownies. But they are off my list now.

  13. I love PB too, but I like cake more. But I have to stay away from that too. 😦

  14. I use to love it but I have gotten away from eating it as it is just too caloric for me right now! I am so glad you have figured out how to continue to enjoy it as part of a healthy diet!

  15. I used to like it as a kid. I don’t know what happened. I love Reese cups but plain PB? Nope.

  16. I really like peanut butter, too. The chunky kind, Skippy’s for me, but I like Crazy Richard’s natural, too [I think I got that from What Not to Eat]. DH is a lifetime WW, and PB is the ONLY thing that is a “red-light” food for him. So, I hide our PB. He actually knows where it is, but having it out of sight, not in the pantry, works for him. It also keeps it out of my sight. I mostly use it for cooking now. I have a great noodle recipe with a PB sauce and I sometimes make Thai fresh summer rolls with a PB dip–delish. I like PB on apples (and on celery), too, but am staying away from that these days as I have problems with portioning. Somehow it seems really unfair that it’s so relatively high in points.

    • Karen

      Some day I am going to post about red-light foods. I still have that whole concept ingrained in me from my WW days.

  17. I love peanut butter too. So much! I think I’m going to have it for a snack now. 😉

  18. Adore PB! I am a JIF girl. I limit myself to 1TB. I love it on toasted bread. I also like it with habanero jam. Gosh the stuff I have is so freaking hot that I am cured of going back for seconds. PB is a kidney stone trigger for me. Because of that, I do limit my love of it.

    • Karen

      Choosy mothers choose Jif! I still remember that commercial. I think we had Skippy in the house growing up. Funny how we stick to certain brands. Now I buy Smuckers Natural.

  19. What a delicious post!!! PB on Blog!

    I love it too… only make mine chunky and it’s fine on celery as long as it’s thickly spread.

    I’m not dipping any more, because I’m not eating between meals, and of course no PB candy, cookies, etc.

    However, I often eat an apple for lunch, so will happily spread PB on the slices and give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. OMG me too! And I too was a PB&J addict! I still let myself have it as a treat sometimes though! I never like to cut anything out of my diet entirely if I love it (with the exception of fast food, which is like crack to me lol).

  21. I love peanut butter too! I think it’s so great that you can eat it and enjoy it without any guilt!

    • Karen

      Full disclosure – I can do it 95% of the time. Every once in a while I eat too much or dip the spoon in when I am not hungry and then the guilt comes. But fortunately it is not that often.

  22. I love peanut butter. I eat it with apples and bananas. And my favorite way…..straight out of the jar. My family gets grossed out when I do that, but like you said in your previous post, it was my “choice”. And it’s their “choice” to be grossed out by it…..LOL.

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