I Asked; You Answered

Thank you for all your great input about my blog.  After reading it over and thinking things through, I am still torn but getting closer to decisions.  Oh, to be more decisive and not sweat the small stuff!

I leave for the spa tomorrow and will be there Monday through Friday.  I had hoped to tell you today what you would find on my blog while I am away.  I can tell you what you won’t find:  no guest posts and no reruns and no posts that I drafted before I left.  The top response in my poll was to publish trip highlights but your comments were so gracious about taking time to relax.  So, I am going to go against my natural over-planning personality and be flexible and see what happens.  I am pretty sure that the first and last days I won’t have a free moment.  I am sorry to inform you that spa Bingo will take precedence over an evening blog post:)  As will keeping up with my physical therapy while I am away.  But if I have some down time and can find my creative juices under my sore muscles, I would love to share the experience.  So will I post from the spa?  Maybe?

I learned some great stuff from your feedback.  That you like polls, for one.  And that many of you had no idea I responded to comments.  When life allows, I plan to keep doing that; I love the interaction.  But knowing now that many of you don’t check back to read them, I will follow in the footsteps of some of my favorite bloggers and not worry about responded to each and every comment.  And if I have something I want to be sure you read, I may just comment back on your blog as well or instead.  Because, honestly, your comments are a bright spot in my day:)

The questions I asked about frequency of posts elicited some interesting response.  I found it particularly curious that one blogger discovered her readership increased when she started posting less often!  I think I will join the majority and become a weekday blogger… but after my return from vacation.  Since I leave on a Sunday and return late on a Friday, I probably won’t be able to resist at least one more weekend post.

So one last bit of business while I am going on and on about my blog.  It was suggested that I add a (tabbed) page of favorite posts.  So new readers can go back and find a selection of oldies but goodies.  But for me to choose is a bit like picking one of my sons over the other.  If you have an old post of mine that stands out in your mind to  make the list, please let me know.  For now, I have overloaded the “favorites” page with ones that jumped out at me.

Thanks so much for all your great feedback.  I am always open to comments and suggestions and love hearing from you.  LOVE it!



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18 responses to “I Asked; You Answered

  1. Does WP have a plugin that will generate that for you? It would be based on the number of comments or page views. Kinda like a 10 ten list. If it’s important to you to choose your own I vote for Productive Procrastination because I’ve mastered it and like knowing I’m not alone.

    • Karen

      They do have something but it would miss some of my early posts before you and all these other amazing followers found me. Thanks for weighing in on a post – I love that skill and have mastered it as well.

  2. Have so very much fun at the spa!Relax , enjoy yourself! What a perfect time to listen to what your whisper is! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. i am so very excited to hear what your whisper is… it’s there. You have heard it.
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Have a fantastic time on your trip! I am so jealous! 🙂

  4. A spa vacation how fun! Go and relax and enjoy yourself and don’t worry about blogging! Your loyal readers will be back. I find it refreshing to unplug from the computer.

    For your favorite posts I would go with ones that got the most comments.

  5. Have a great time. Get away from the blog, and you’ll come back with much to tell.

  6. So where were we meeting again? Since…you decided to take me with you to the spa 😉

    You have a blast. Relax and rejuvenate…

  7. Have a great and restful time. Go with the flow! Thanks for the award – I posted about it today.

    Interesting poll results…I need to cut back on posting, I think. I’ve been a real blabbermouth lately!

    • Karen

      I don’t think I have ever found myself thinking that any blogger posted to often. But I have missed some when they have been infrequent. I subscribe to all my favorites so I don’t have to check back or figure out a posting pattern.

  8. Genie

    Ahhhhhh……. the spaaaaaa……Enjjjooooyyyyyy……

  9. Don’t worry about your blog while you are gone. The minute you post some pictures from your spa trip we will all head right over!

  10. Have a fabulous together-time at the Spa with your Mom, Karen!!!!

    Somehow I missed your poll… I’m definitely a reader who reads all the comments and then checks back (sometimes more than once) to see if you’ve replied. I read all of your replies too. I like and respect that about you. I know how long it takes.

    When I started blogging (art blog) 4 years ago, I also responded to every comment. Now, with 550 followers, I just don’t have time. I also don’t visit the blogs of people who comment unless they write a very compelling comment. I’m sorry for the gradual loss of a deeper connection between me and my readers. It’s the negative side of my efforts to increase readership.

    At first, I kept my two personas and Google IDs completely separate… But recently I spilled the beans on my art blog about the food/weight blog. Some have become followers of both blogs. A few emailed me about the food/weight blog, sharing their stories and feelings about the subject and what I’ve written. I like and appreciate the extra closeness I feel to them as readers of both my blogs. But I believe it’s a good idea to keep them separate at first and see how it goes.

    On both blogs, I write when I have something to say and do not feel compelled to write on a schedule. Sometimes I only write 2 or 3 posts a month on my art blog, and still I have all those followers. It goes against “blogger wisdom” to write that infrequently, yet it hasn’t seemed to hurt. BTW, did you like Willow Manor?

    • Karen

      I guess I know that about you since there have been some great comments on top of comments:) 550 followers and 4 years! I had no idea. Wow.

      I did check it out and it is much more literary (for lack of a better word) feeling than I would be. I can see why you like it because your writing strikes me, often, as very lyrical and poetic – more than just words on paper. My guess is that if I add another blog, it will be something quick and easy to write, maybe about life and observations and maybe an outlet for a vent now and then.

      I admit that at times I have felt the pressure to write or post daily. But mostly, I make myself write because once I get started it is a good outlet and often fun and a great distraction from food. I think it is much like your art is for you. Maybe. I do wonder if the day will come when I will post much less often either because I have less free time or less to say or run out of ideas or steam. We’ll see.

      • You have a good head on your shoulders, Karen… and a wise woman heart. I like your writing very much, which is why I’d want to follow your second blog if you start one.

        I enjoy blogs that explore ideas and open me to new insights or knowledge. I’m interested in people’s opinions about a variety of subjects. Is this the kind of thing you have in mind?

        • Karen

          I am not sure. Probably why I am not really doing anything about starting another one. I’ll have to see if anything comes to mind, starting with a great blog name.

  11. I’ve had a tough bunch of weeks lately trying to make time for my blog and my Internet friends but luckily what I found is true with my real life friends was true with my “virtual” friends as well – they don’t disappear if I disappear for a week. I’ll be here reading you when you return just like you’re there for me when I get my head back in gear! Have fun, Karen!

  12. Have a good vacation! Definitely relax, I rarely take laptops on my vacations lol. I just don’t want to deal with them.

    Yeah weekends are my times to catch up on things and relax when I can so I rarely post. I find it makes for a nice and long Monday post as well 🙂

  13. Happy Spa-ing! Pamper and renew yourself! 🙂

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