My Cups Do Not Runneth Over

Last month when my friend complimented me that I looked thin, she followed it up by saying I had no breasts.  (Yes, she really did.)  I replied that I NEVER had any!  The reality is that I have always been a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

When I was a pre-teen, I remember stuffing a hand-me-down underwire bikini top with socks and dancing in front of my mirror, admiring my image.  I am sure that I imagined someday I would have the actually breasts to fill out that top.  But that day never materialized.  And a few years later, when it seemed obvious that I would be forever under-endowed, I asked my dad if it ever bothered him that my mom was small chested.  He was the first person to utter the expression to me – “more than a handful is wasteful”. Yes, it came from my dad first.

In college, I didn’t so much mind my little breasts because they were at least perky.  Bigger would have been better, but perky was okay.  At least they nicely filled out a lacy A cup.  Then my best friend came home freshman year having miraculously (and naturally) gained several inches in the bust.  I waited for my own lottery win.  But it never happened.  So I went on with life, relatively content with small and pert.

When I was pregnant, I knew my day had finally come.  With pregnancy would come generous mammary tissue.  But no.  Not to me.  All belly, no boobs.  Until my sons were born and my milk came in and finally I had the bountiful breasts of my dreams.  C cup!  Woo hoo.  But they didn’t belong to me… they belonged to my kids.  (Hands off hubby.)  And then the inevitable followed:  stretched out breast-feeding boobage combined with gravity.  I sadly learned that even tiny boobs can sag.  Where was the perkiness?  Gone forever.  Along with my measly never-to-be-filled-again A cup.

I have heard many women complain about the difficulties in shopping for a large sized bra.  I have a different challenge.  It seems bra manufacturers don’t think flat chested women need bras.  Or if we do, then surely we want ones that stick out unnaturally from our chest thanks to padding and more padding.  So as a result, most days I go without.  But some clothes require a bra and in them I just want to look like my (flat) self, not some strange suddenly boobed version.  I imagine my acquaintances wondering if I got an overnight augmentation.  Then reduction.  Then augmentation again.  Nope – I just want to look like myself.

My dear friend and former diet/exercise buddy is very, very well endowed.  Very.  She and I got a lot of mileage and laughs out of our differences.  We often joked that if only we could take some of her excess and give it to me, we’d both be perfect.  I still think of her as my “bosom buddy.”  There we would be, working out together:  she struggling to contain the jiggle with a sports bra that provided enough support and a reasonable amount of comfort; me trying to even find a sports bra to fit.  Because even itty bitty titties jiggle when you work out.  The girls need a little support now and again.

Do I wish I had bigger breasts?  Sure, I do.  But not enough to do anything about it.  I have accepted this little (pun intended) imperfection that is out of my control and try not to be overly frustrated when it makes shopping difficult.  Darts down the front of a dress – forget it!  Low cut V neck… not for me.  Swimsuit tops that fit… challenge of the century.  Some days I wonder what life would be like with cleavage.  Or a clingy T-shirt.  But most days I am glad that I don’t have back pain or nipples that reach even further south than mine do now.  And I am glad that I married an “ass man”.  Because in that area I am very well endowed indeed:)

Meanwhile, I patiently wait.  Because my mom tells me that menopause has some advantages… like bigger boobs!  She was right about the widening middle-age waist, so maybe my bodacious ta-tas are just a few years away.  And if not, that’s okay too.  I’m saving a fortune on bras!



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41 responses to “My Cups Do Not Runneth Over

  1. Haha..oh Karen, I have never laughed so much. I can relate to your pain…except mine are huge and I wish they were smaller! But like you, not enough to do anything about it. I’m content where I am. Right now, I’m really wanting the perky-factor.
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Maintenance rules to live by =-.

  2. sunnydaze

    I’m in the medium area. Cute post. 😉

  3. OMGosh. You are right there with me! I totally understand but my man is NOT an ass man. Just found out the other day (after 15 yrs) that he really likes a cleavage and that is one thing I will never have. It has broke my heart and my self esteem is hurt now. It was like not knowing I was not feeling bad about small boobs but now that I know, I wonder what to do to keep his sexual interest in me and not some other girls boobs. Oh well he knows how I feel so the ball is in his court now. Lets see how he goes about helping me feel good about my self. Thanks for the post and for listening to me.
    .-= Lesia´s last blog ..Itty Bitty Titty Committy… =-.

  4. itty bitty titty committee! LOL! I will gladly reinstate my membership when I’m 30lbs lighter!
    .-= Diet Buddy Daily´s last blog ..Committing Carbicide… =-.

    • Karen

      I first saw that on a T-shirt when I was a teen. I don’t think my boobs ever got bigger when I got heavier… but maybe they did get smaller when I got thinner. Droopier, for sure.

  5. I have always been in te average range and I know that is a blessing. Menopause has made mine smaller though, even before weight loss – so I am not sure about them sometimes getting larger…

    I read somewhere about the difficulties of buying bras for A cups and about a woman who specializes in them – do a Google search. I bet you can find her! It might have been in the San Francisco Chronicle.
    .-= Brightside-Susan´s last blog ..SPRING THING UPDATE =-.

    • Karen

      Smaller!! Oh no, say it isn’t so! I will have to check her out. I saw a lady on the Today show recently who specializes in fitting bras and assume she was in NY. My problem is I am not even an A. A minus.

  6. I went from a full 48C to a 36B-for-barely. It broke my heart. For a minute. I rebounded fast once I got down into single digit pants, learning that you have to focus on the labels that matter in this biz. 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend!
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Salad Dressing: Dip or Sprinkle? =-.

    • Karen

      That is a big change! I will say one thing for small breasts – they can actually add to the illusion of thinnest sometimes. Of course they don’t hide the belly below:( Or balance out the hips.

  7. Big boobs are SO over-rated. LOL Miss ya! 🙂

  8. I am also a card carrying member. My mom is very well endowed so I thought for sure mine would come some day… They never did. 😦
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Prepackaged diets like NutriSystem, Medifast, SlimFast, etc can suck my ass =-.

  9. You are. Hilarious. I have long been a member. My mom is a nearly A. But my grandmothers are both…more blessed. I hoped for a long time. But I gave up around 18.
    .-= JourneyBeyondSurvival´s last blog ..Sassy =-.

    • Karen

      My grandmother was huge. But my dad was adopted so I didn’t get her genes. My mom loves to tell the story of me sitting on my grandma’s lap and poking her breasts, saying I hope I didn’t get them some day. I guess I jinxed myself.

  10. LOL! I have always had me some girls! One thing I love about losing weight is losing some of the girls as well!

    So sorry your wonderful comment got lost on my blog, I would have liked to have read it! Darn that captcha thing anyway!

    • Karen

      My boys would say it is not the captcha but user error. (Just like when I can’t follow the GPS correctly.) Oh well. Sorry I didn’t have it in me to recreate… it was a long comment.

  11. I heart this post. You are such an amazing writer and you paint beautiful visual pictures with your words, even of tiny boobies. 🙂 I have a neighbor who is smart, sexy, drop-dead gorgeous, athletic, talented, funny, rich…the list goes on and on. Not all of us can be gene whores like that. Bless and release, baby. Your cups do runneth over, you’re just not looking in the right dish cabinet. 😉 Hugs, Kirsten
    .-= Kirsten (Results Not Typical Girl)´s last blog ..freaky friday guest post: visualizing your weight loss.. =-.

  12. Too funny. My girlfriends and I were discussing this very topic the other night at dinner. We all decided, deposit our desire for larger breasts, we’d never spend the money to have a man-made substance injected into our bodies. Good for you!

    P.S. My breasts were HUGE in high school and college. Then when I lost weight, the boobs left, too.
    .-= Melinda Neely´s last blog ..How to Make Cents of Organic Foods =-.

    • Karen

      My bosom buddy and I talked about that a lot at our old gym, since several women there had been enhanced. Including our identical twin instructors! I’d love to be bigger, but not enough to get surgery or put something foreign in there. But I have instructed my husband if I ever get in an accident that breaks my nose I want it reset smaller!

  13. OMG Karen…in response to the comment you left on my post. He specifically said he thought Kate Hudson was beautiful even with tiny boobs. It made me think yeah he still thinks beauty can come in tiny packages. That’s too funny that you think she may have got a boob job now. There goes my happy moment out the door. LOL
    .-= Lesia´s last blog ..Itty Bitty Titty Committy… =-.

    • Karen

      I saw it in a magazine then came home and googled it. She had been very vocal about liking her small-breasted body. She was IMO a great example of sexy without cleavage.

  14. Genie

    I can construct something that resembles cleavage with a push-up bra, and I don’t have the clothing challenges that you have, so I can’t totally relate.

    However, I did spend the afternoon at a baseball game with a mom with humongous boobs, and she looked mighty uncomfortable in the heat. She was wearing a tank top and her bra straps were perpetually sticking out from trying to contain the boobage.

    It reminds me of a story I wrote about shopping with my best friend from college who has a similar build, and I’m going to post it. It’s not easy for our big-breasted sistas.

  15. Hehe what a funny post! I am ummm doing pretty well for myself 😉

  16. You and Genie crack me up!!! I’m pretty much in your camp(except when I’m at the top of my weight)… trying to find and fill an A cup. Something you may not have experienced… When you’re looking for size 38-40 + bras because you’re a BIG gal, you can’t even get A cups by special order… double Ds, yes, maybe even a C, and by special order a B… maybe. I made the mistake of wearing a sweatshirt for a bra for too many years because of that problem… and now at age 67?… well I think you know what’s hangin’… Fortunately, my husband’s a face man ;>}
    .-= Peacefulbird´s last blog ..Dance ~ Part 2 =-.

    • Karen

      Oh this made me laugh! I do worry about letting the girls hang free so often… that I am only adding to the droop. But I guess I have gotten so unaccustomed to a bra that they drive me crazy when I do wear them. Although I believe the theory is that a well fitting one would not do that!

  17. Karen, love this post! I’m also an itty bitty (titty?) person, though a 34B (padded). I always thought I had boobs because when I was fat they were a 36C but, alas, I lost weight there too. My favorite bras in the world are the Gap T-shirt bras with underwire and light padding. Just gives me a little chest, nothing huge.

    I like my size just fine too. I’m happy that I never need an exercise bra, just the sports top, and like being of slim upper build. It’d be nice to be a little slimmer down there too, but, oh well!
    .-= Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla´s last blog ..Spitting Image =-.

    • Karen

      B seems pretty darn chesty to me! Actually, pretty perfect. I do appreciate that I can wear those sports top without a bra… when I can find them small enough on the chest without then being to tight (and unflattering) on the belly.

  18. Right there with you. As far as menopause, sadly the breast tissue pretty much melts away. I would encourage you to support what you do have with a good bra. It will help the appearance of your entire upper chest in the long run.
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..Here comes the =-.

  19. I too am a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty club and proud of it. It took years to get to this point, but after seeing what’s happening to a few of my older and well endowed friends, I see how fortunate I am. My friend Cindy once said if her breast get any bigger and saggier she is going to skip the bra and just toss them over her shoulders every morning!
    .-= karen@fitnessjourney´s last blog ..The Easiest Healthy Eating Tip Ever =-.

    • Karen

      Your friend is funny:) My bosom buddy and I both agreed that if you have to be tooooo large or tooooo small, the latter is better. Now, the men of the world might not agree.

  20. Wow! Loved it Karen. I am in the totally opposite position, I had a breast reduction 4 years ago! I can totally relate to breast feeding and the growth. Baby, I had to get my bras special ordered, I wore a G or H cup maternity bra–way too much going on! My Mom called me Elsie while I breast fed! Don’t even mention the sag of those things! Anyway, I love your undertone of appreciating yourself as you are. Your mom was definately right about the thick middle of menopause. (That I wish I could change! Are there any big stomach men out there) (HA!)

  21. I LIVE in old navy tank camisoles (the kind with the one additional layer of material on the chest) and for now they are getting the job done holding up my tiny boobs & holding in my post-baby belly, but i’m wondering what the heck i will do when the sag takes over. (and it’s a nightmare figuring out to what to wear with nice clothes…if you ever find a good bra for the small chest, please let me know!

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