Answer Me This

I have some questions for you, dear readers.  I hope you will indulge my curiosity by weighing in (no pun intended).

In a week and a half I will be happily on my way to my spa vacation and may just bring a laptop with me.  On my last two vacations, my blog sat silent while I was away.  But I have seen other bloggers handle their own trips now in a variety of ways and wondered if you have a preference.  So… let me know what you’d like to see happening with my blog, if anything, while I am gone.  And feel free to offer up ideas and specifics in a comment below.

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And while I am asking questions (and now that I figured out how to insert a poll), there is something I have been wondering about for some time now.  What are your feelings about bloggers replying to your comments?  Choose all that apply.

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And I have also wondered about the frequency of my posts.  I started taking a weekend day off here and there because that seemed like a slow time in Blogville.  So I am curious if you have a preference on the frequency of posts for blogs you read.  Daily?  A few times a week?  Does it impact your reading or following in anyway?  Are there certain days of the week that you don’t read blogs?  (Sorry – there was no easy way to work this into a poll.  You’ll have to leave a comment to let me know what you think.)

And feel free to share any other blog related thoughts, feedback, ideas, suggestions, things you’d like to read about, etc.  As always, I welcome and value what you have to say.  Feel free to send a private email ( if you prefer that over commenting below.

Once upon a time I started this blog just for myself.  I was actually surprised (and thrilled) when I got my first comment.  And over time I realized how much more fun the blog and the journey are with you along for the ride.  Thanks for being here:)



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51 responses to “Answer Me This

  1. Love reading your blog, although I am relatively new here I find your blog fascinating. Think what you do is awesome! Congrats!


  2. Genie

    You didn’t have the choice “Whatever works best for you” for the first question, which is what I would choose.

    For the second question, “I usually don’t check back unless I’ve asked a question.” That would be my answer. (I do often skim your replies to others, though, when I’m commenting.)

    For the last bank of questions, I’ll say that I usually check the roster everyday, but it doesn’t matter to me if someone posts daily or not. I’m happy to read my favs whenever they appear. It does slow down on the weekends when people get busy. Plus, I assume the pace will be overall slower during the summer when people have more to do.

    If you can get any value out of all that – well, good luck!

    • Karen

      Not sure yet what will work best for me. Probably won’t know until I get there.

      I had not thought about the blogworld slowing in the summer. I don’t think I ever even looked at a blog before I started mine this past winter!

  3. Genie pretty much summed up everything I was going to post!
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Back to the real world =-.

    • Karen

      I may end up doing what you did, although I will be gone longer. And have lots of food and exercise to talk about:)

  4. I think it would be great for you to blog while you’re away! I am going to do that when I go to Bermuda this summer. It also helps with accountability!

    I would love to check back for responses to my comments that I leave on blogs, but I just don’t really have the time to do so very much.

    I take the weekends off from blogging because it’s just too much to do it 7 days a week. We need a day or two off!
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..Happy June 1st! =-.

    • Karen

      Bermuda! That is a long ways for you to travel. My hubby and I spent our honeymoon there. It is beautiful:)

      Have you wondered the same thing… if readers are coming back to see the replies you give to comments?

  5. I think the blogging for me…and formally the journaling,has been a major constant in my life of lifestyle change, and I don’t know what I would have done without the compassion, support, and cyber friendships I have made along the way.

    I blog M-F and pretty much, time allowing, check in on my favs during the week….but take the weekends off to life fully in the real life!! lol
    .-= losingmore´s last blog ..Storms are on the horizon =-.

    • Karen

      Interestingly, it is easier for me to read blogs over the weekend sometimes because there are so many fewer posted.

  6. I have to agree with Genie do what would be best for you. I have done both when out of town, one trip I unplugged and just enjoyed being free from responsibility and blogged about our trip when I got back home. Another time I took my lap top and blogged about our trip since hubby was busy with work during the days and I had extra time. I think it is good to unplug and have a break!Having said that, I think guest posts are a nice fill in.

    If I have asked a question I check back to see if it has been answered otherwise I don’t look at the comments again. I don’t have time to comment on everyone’s comments on my blog. Life is just too busy, and just posting seems to take me a lot of time!

    • Karen

      Some day I may have so many comments that I don’t have time either! But for now, since I don’t have a job and my kids are older, I still manage to find the time most days.

      I had not remembered until reading your comment, but when I was gone for a week over spring break and did not post, I actually drafted several post about the vacation while I was away. I just had ideas and needed to get them down before I forgot it all.

  7. I forgot to add that I usually don’t post on weekends and I don’t post every day during the week. If I am busy or don’t have time to write a nice article I wait so I can do it the way I want to.

    I had read that it is better to write less frequently and to have relevant articles than it is to post every day with filler. Does that make sense?

    • Karen

      Perfect sense. Right now I seem to have something to say, most of the time. Some days more so than others. But I do worry that I will run out of ideas and creativity some day. So maybe should pace myself:)

  8. I’d love to know how you’ve built up your readership. I’m thinking I need to keep my 3FC blog just to keep my readers!
    .-= Diet Buddy Daily´s last blog ..Spring Focus Week Three Results =-.

  9. Oh, and I say when you go on vacation, really unwind and only blog if you want to!!!
    .-= Diet Buddy Daily´s last blog ..Spring Focus Week Three Results =-.

  10. Hey,
    I loved the polls on your blog!! That was super fun! I know, I’m a loser 🙂 Anyways…I, personally, read everyone’s blog, once a day Mon-Friday. Hope this helps!! By the way…I like you a lot!
    .-= Corletta Brown´s last blog ..The honest truth…post 1 of 4 =-.

    • Karen

      I’m glad you liked them. I had no idea how they would work and was surprised at the result. Maybe I need to have polls more often. I like you too Corletta:)

  11. If I’ve got a really fun vacation I’d rather stay away from the computer- so unless you have some down time I wouldn’t worry about blogging!

    I usually blog M-F, sometimes on weekends, but to me, as long as someone blogs 1-2 times a week I’m happy. I totally understand we have lives outside of the computer, only reason I get my blogs in M-F is cuz I blog at work! lol. I know- bad beerab.
    .-= beerab´s last blog ..The temptation of the weekend =-.

    • Karen

      I wondered how you working bloggers found the time!

      Hubby and I just got our laptop a few months ago and never used to take one on vacations before. I love, if nothing else, being able to clear out my email inbox while I am traveling so it is not so overwhelming when I get home.

  12. sunnydaze

    I agree with Genie and Anna. As far as the spa trip…that’s your time away to relax and get away from it all. I say leave the blog and update us when you return.

    • Karen

      On my first visit to the spa, about 10 years ago, they had two PCs set up very out of the way for people to use. Then they eventually set some up right in the main building where we take exercise classes. Times have changed.

  13. Do whatever you want on your spa vacation – you deserve to have fun! Since you post so frequently (and you are my second stop after the NYTimes) it would be nice to know what your plans for the blog will be.

    BUT, you might just find that being away will free your mind and your writing in such a manner that blogging whenever the mood strikes might be something that YOU want to do.

    • Karen

      I’m flattered that I am second after the Times. But what a tough act to follow.

      Hmmm. My first thought is you make so much sense – I should let you all know what I decide before I leave. For those who don’t subscribe. BUT… I wonder if I will really know until I get there. My gut is I will be busting out to share my days with you all – the exercise classes, the amazing food. But I may just be wiped out or out of time. And then my debate is whether I want to do a long post about it when I get home or would rather shorter (if that is possible for verbose me) posts while I am away.

      I feel like Pooh right now – “think, think, think.”

  14. Wow so much thinking involved with reading your post today. I think I have a little smoke coming out of my ears from the extra work on the brain. Just kidding 🙂

    OK…you can update us while your at the spa and we can all groan how lucky you are or you can update us when you get back and we can groan about how lucky you were.

    Comments….I check back when I remember.

    Posting amount/reading amount. I’ve been sporadic lately but usually I’m like a stalker and check every day 🙂 Plus your blog is one of my absolute favorites!!

    • Karen

      Thanks for saying that Lisa. I really enjoy yours too. You have the greatest writing style, filled with humor and honesty. Even this comment made me chuckle.

  15. I generally only write one post a week and read blogs once per week so of course I’m going to say that weekly posts are good for me. I generally don’t expect an answer to my comments so I’ve never checked back on any blogs unless I’ve asked a specific question I want an answer to.

    I’d love to hear how your vacation is going because I do love visiting and reading your posts. They’re always well written thought provoking and entertaining, but as said since I only blog and read blogs once a week, daily updates would be wasted on me.

  16. Everyone else covered my comments. 🙂 Basically, I think you should do what works best for you. I don’t mind waiting for a trip summary if I know you’re off having a nice, relaxing/energizing (yes, we know it can be both) vacation.

    I’ve been contemplating the commenting issue, since my conversion to wordpress. I’d love to have the dialogue via comments, but honestly think most folks don’t have time to check back on posts.
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..They’re Ba-a-ck! One Big Happy Family =-.

    • Karen

      Cammy – If you are checking back and reading this (she chuckles to herself), there is a plug in for that will send an email of you replies to comments. That is what I was thinking of in my poll above. I have been on the receiving end before and it is pretty cool but I wondered if some people would feel put out by it.

  17. I think you should enjoy the spa and not worry about posting – unless it is something you really want to do.

    I go through my favorites list of blogs every day or so. If it is something new, great, if not I am not unpset or deterred. I don’t post every day because I get busy or I just don’t have anything to say and I don’t expect anyone else to be so regimented, either.

    I love getting into a dialog, but I am not upset when I don’t get a response to my commnet. You have a lot of readers, so I imagine it can be very time consuming to answer each comment! I don’t tend to go back to the blog to look for responses, tho.
    .-= Brightside-Susan´s last blog ..SPRING THING UPDATE =-.

    • Karen

      I think I feel the same way: love the response, but don’t mind the busy bloggers who don’t reply. My own routine is to check back for replies to comments I have left only on blogs where I know the blogger does that. I used to forget a lot. Now I remember more often than not.

  18. Love your blog!! I love the polls too..i would love to hear from you , but only if it doesn’t interfere with a vacay! A spa…how yummy. I’ve never been, so it would be cool to get some post its on your stay. Have fun!

  19. The trip I’m on now is the first time I’ve posted while away. I enjoyed it. It’s like re-connecting with my real world(!). You need to do what feels good to you, but I would say that it was helpful in sticking to my plans to whiz by my faves (yours included, natch!). I didn’t necessarily comment to everything I read, but I will as I have time. DH works the next two days, so I’ll have time!
    .-= Tish´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday, WI =-.

    • Karen

      And your trip photos made me wonder if I would take some myself. Like the amazing food I will be eating:) I’d need a lesson from my hubby first on how to upload to the laptop.

  20. Hi Karen – I’d love to do a guest spot or two for you – let me know if you are interested….might be fun, especially if you will do the same for me on An Invisible Girl.

    As far as frequency – do what’s right for you. At different times, I do different things. I agree though that it’s hard to leave it blank while you’re away.

    I hope you have a fabulous time!
    .-= Melissa Fast´s last blog ..Summer Vacay Calling =-.

    • Karen

      Melissa – Looks like from my poll I probably won’t go that route this trip. But it would be fun to have you do that (and visa versa) another time.

  21. Goodness these are all great questions. When I was out of town for a week I had a guest blogger every day but I don’t think it was necessary looking back. I used to blog every single day, but now I’ve tended to go down to every other day and my readership has increased. I also haven’t fretted much when I am away (RE: guest bloggers). I tend to enjoy the blogs lately that offer good content (yours is one of them!) with a different perspective. Not just blogs that post everyday – just good content. 🙂
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..A trip down fat pregnancy memory lane + my OB/GYN =-.

    • Karen

      I remember that about your vacation, which was part of what got me to thinking. Interesting that you have more readers but post less often now. Hmmm.

  22. I really enjoy your blog and the frequency. I like that you post a lot. What I think is a lot anyway 🙂 I should be writing a post for mine, but I’m reading others instead. Ha, ha! I just signed up to receive your posts by email. Thanks for all the interesting posts. I think you have a nice, clean blog!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Elmo Stays Dry! =-.

  23. Enjoy your vacation. I would post a recap about it. You can also write posts ahead of time and schedule them to post while you’re away.

    I’ve always been impressed at how often you post.
    I posted 7 days straight and it was too much for me but I did it because it was a series.

    I like consistency. If you post three days a week that’s fine. It doesn’t have to be the same three days either.

    If you started posting three days a week for three weeks and then you didn’t post again for two months that would bother me.

    I’ll check back to see if the blogger responded if the topic is conversational.

    I usually make general comments that rarely require a response.
    .-= Adrienne´s last blog ..I’m Going To Be $50 Richer =-.

    • Karen

      Thanks Adrienne. I remember the last time I went to the spa, my sister-in-law who came had set up her gardening blog to post while she was away. I marveled at that. And I had never looked at any blogs back then, except hers.

  24. If I left something that I felt was really worthy of a comment back, I *might* check back, but in general I assume that if you have something to say in reply, you’ll either email me or come to my blog to check it out.

    I do think it’s nice that you reply…maybe one of the great things about not using blogger is that you CAN reply back individually.
    .-= Happy Fun Pants´s last blog ..I choose hope =-.

    • Karen

      That is interesting that you say that because I have hesitated to email anyone. I wondered if they would feel it too intrusive. Especially since some don’t have “blog” email addresses. I have also noticed that a few bloggers will reply to my comments I left on THEIR blog when they come to mine.

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  26. I read so many blogs that it would be hard to check back and see if my comment got a response. Some blogs e-mail me when I get a reply to my comment, which I like, but I don’t know how to implement it. Since I’m reading this so far after the fact, I see that you are posting throughout the vacation, and I’m enjoying the updates. As far as blog reading habits and frequency of posting, I may be a little different than most. I primarily read blogs and comment on the weekends. I usually do have time then, and I don’t do anything like that at work and I know some do. However it doesn’t matter too much to me whether someone actually posts on the weekends or on weekends. I’ll just read it on the weekend when I have time. I think I prefer reading daily or almost daily post. The worst is (and I’m super guilty of this) when someone posts regularly and then drops out of blogland for a couple months.

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