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I struggled with my eating this weekend.  Enough said.

But I made a very interesting observation.  I also struggled with my blog.  I had several drafts of posts and nothing felt right to publish Saturday morning.  I had lots of ideas to write about and the words didn’t flow.  I read the greatest comments from readers but wasn’t ready to reply.  I spent more time away from the computer than usual.  I wasn’t feeling it like I usually do.

When I sat down last night and went back and reread your comments about Sunday’s post, and started replying, I mentally kicked myself.  Your words were so positive and uplifting and supportive.  I felt unworthy, sitting at the computer reading them with a full stomach.

And I realized there was probably some connection between me eating more and blogging less.  Not sure exactly how it worked.  But I sure don’t eat when I am sitting at the keyboard.  Did I stay away from the online inspiration because I wanted to eat instead?  Or did I eat because I had not spent as much time on the blog?  Did the emotions driving me to eat also cause writer’s block?  Maybe there was a connection.  Maybe not.  Chicken or egg?

All I can say is that when I came back here, I felt the power.  The power I get from writing about my emotions instead of trying to eat them away.  The power I get from your kind words.  The power I get from the stories you write and the honesty you share.  The power I get from remembering my optimism and strength and reading about yours.  I forget all that stuff when I am reaching for food that I shouldn’t be eating.  Food that I don’t even want to be eating.

So this was another lesson.  So many things I am slowly learning.  I realized that if I am tempted to overeat, I should instead come here or to your blogs.  Wrap myself in the community and the power.  Use my blog.  Let it be like Superman’s cape or Popeye’s spinach.  I’d like to think I could do this on my own… eat right and well all the time.  But for now I can still use a little help from wherever I can get it.  If it comes from the magically powers of my blog, I’ll take it.  But I need to remember that I have to get off my butt and come to the keyboard to feel the power.  I am feeling it now:)



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24 responses to “Blog Superpower

  1. Hey 🙂 Stopping by from the BBQ social. It’s normal to slip into a funk every now and then. Kudos to you for using your blog as a healthy escape. (I KNOW how hard it is to curb eating.)
    .-= Wendy´s last blog ..Be Good To Yourself Tip Of The Day: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone =-.

  2. You are so hard on yourself. 😦 I do agree with you, it’s easy to get inspired from other blogs out there. Yours is one that inspires me. 😀
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Carpe Diem: the story of my cherry blossom tattoo =-.

  3. Paraphrasing Glinda the Good Witch, we have the power all along. What the hussy didn’t bother to mention was that it’s easy to misplace it! So glad you found your power and so grateful for the reminder of one of the most fun places to find it!
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Can’t Get More Random Than This =-.

  4. Genie

    I can’t believe that Cammy called Glinda a hussy!

    You never know what people are going to say out here. One of the most fun things about it. Plus, knowing that someone else is out there feeling the same way and/or someone has the words to inspire us NOT to feel that way.

    I can relate to writer’s block. Sometimes I can write such great stuff in my head (I think), then I sit in front of the keyboard and….. ?????

    Thanks for sharing your power.

    • Karen

      So just today I am riding on my bike and had the greatest posts written in my head! I even thought I would be able to write about that! But of course I forget it all by the time I get to sitting here. Sigh. I love your blog. I actually have shared several of your posts with my husband.

  5. I’m a believer that we have to change it up on a frequent basis…change up what we eat, how we eat, how we approach it, what we blog , who we read…you name it…cause I like settling in and getting comfortable and that’s when the weight gets stuck or piles on. Keep moving!

    That being said, I’m starting a moment of prayer, moment of recognition, sort of a “Fueling up” before I literally fuel up. Sometimes it’s reading blogs that is my fueling up or writing in my journal.

    It gets me refocused. That being I ate a chicken biscuit from Chickfila and a healthy fiber blueberry muffin and a fruit cup. More calories than I normally eat at breaskfast. But I’m totally willing to balance out those calories with a veggie / fruit rich lunch that will be a nice complement to a burger cook out later. Would I have rather not had the extra calories? sure. But that I’m really purposeful in making it work and not beating up on myself is my progress. I totally enjoyed that breakfast, and know that it was a special treat. sorry I started babbling…
    .-= Ms PJ Geek´s last blog ..Oh MY BLOG AWARD — Soundtrack of my childhood =-.

    • Karen

      Oh – you said something that really hit me… settling in and getting comfortable being when the weight gets stuck or piles on. Exactly!

  6. “The power I get from writing about my emotions instead of trying to eat them away.”

    That’s a great power to know you have, Karen! Also a great one to share with us

    • Karen

      I admit that sometimes I write something but then it gets deleted instead of making it on here. Some things are just great to get out, but not blogworthy.

  7. You said it exactly, Karen. Coming here (to blog land) is a source of inspiration, commiseration, and all round help in my efforts. DH, who is wonderfully wise in every other way, doesn’t get it, why it works for me, but he knows it does work and leaves me to it. Thank you for sharing, I always look forward to seeing what you have to say.

    • Karen

      Thanks for saying that Tish. My husband may actually get it. Or if not, he at least listens when I go on and on about what I have read or experienced out there.

  8. That is true for me too. I eat a whole lot more when I don’t blog….I wonder if I subconsiously think you all can sense the oreo crumbs on my fingers as I’m typing…so I avoid blog land and drowned in chocolate. Great eye opening post. I’m not eating right now, because I’m reading your blog 🙂

  9. Blogging is such a great distraction, not to mention the support and inspiration that is to be found.

    Just put the weekend behind you and move on. Tomorrow is a new day!

  10. I for one would like to read all your “non-blogworthy” writing, all the rejected posts and parts of posts. But then maybe your careful editing is what makes your posts so special…

    Here’s an off the wall thought… Might it have been the bathing suit/swimming pool situation that got to you? Sometimes when I’ve been at goal weight (on WW), I’ve become frightened by looking good, frightened especially to show my body, almost as though it was still huge (since that’s always been my self-image). Part of my brain knows it’s OK to be seen in shorts or a swim suit; part of me doesn’t comprehend it at all. Fear is often under eating and bingeing for me. Just a thought…

    Whatever the bump, just keep writing posts and comments… loooooooong ones… time will pass and you’ll be back on your program again.

    • Karen

      I think what got me was a combination of things. Much of it was due to outside eating events. One day was a graduation party and I ate nothing there. Not one bite. Came home and the night stretched long and I started in with overeating healthy food. Seems to be a bit of a pattern in response to self-control at parties. The second day I had pure emotional eating in response to an impromptu neighborhood cookout. I didn’t want to go. I had a lot of emotions and ate my way through them. I knew it at the time. And then when I went out to join in, I actually ate stuff that I knew I shouldn’t. Now why I let those two things get to me might be another issue altogether.

  11. xo xo

    I laugh that I thought to myself about 2 years ago—as I searched for a GURU to follow—IM MY OWN SUPERHERO!!

    I plopped that phrase on a tee and wore it till I owned it.
    .-= MizFit´s last blog ..MizFit Memorial Day confession (video post) =-.

  12. I too am guilty of eating too much this weekend..but oh well, today is a new day and I will do dbl at the gym today. Anything to distract from food is a good thing and you really are a great writer…..maybe a book??
    .-= sian-girlgetstrong´s last blog ..Face it: Your Diet Affects your Looks =-.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the compliment:) I have read many posts today that speak of weekend overeating. We are in good company, unfortunately.

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