My Shopping Fantasy becomes Reality

Oh the little things that can make me happy!  Trader Joe’s is finally coming to town!

My TJ timeline of firsts:

First introduction to the name: Years ago my dieting forum had a whole thread about great healthy food finds at TJs.  I didn’t have a store near me and quickly concluded that I was missing out.  And I wondered if I could blame the lack of a local store for any dieting failure on my part!  Surely if only I had those great TJ products I would stick to the program.

First visit to the store: A few years ago on a trip to visit family, I curiously ventured into a TJ store.  Heaven!  An overwhelming selection of delectable items!  My dilemma – what could I fit in my suitcase to bring home.  Not nearly enough.

First moment of TJ envy: To add insult to injury, when my diet and exercise buddy moved east, she told me about her excursions to TJs.  She was a long drive away so would pack up a cooler and a friend and head out to stock up.  But at least she could drive to and from in a day.  In the past she had been here with me, sharing dieting struggles, Weight Watchers meetings, and workouts.  Now she was too far away to be my backbone and she was eating TJ healthy yummies while I was gaining weight:(

First TJ activism: Lo and behold, I was not alone in my burning desire for a store in my own town.  A facebook group was fast gaining members in support of bringing TJs our way.  If we had enough visible online interest, surely the company would respond.  No.  Every overture was met with rejection.  But still we hoped.

First TJ addict fix: This winter we spent a long weekend in DC during one of the many blizzards.  Museums were closed, but TJs was open!  My husband and I ventured out into the unplowed streets and driving snow to the store located conveniently near our hotel.  And happily shopped.

First TJ fear: So today in the midst of my happiness that TJs was finally going to be part of my life, I paused and thought about what I had bought there in my non-dieting past visits.  Like the amazing chocolate peppermint covered Oreos.  And the addicting pretzel crisp things.  Neither are on my current eating plan.  Could I shop at the store and only choose the healthy items?  Would my husband bring the other stuff into the house where it would call my name and mock my diet resolve?  Would I be better off with TJ fantasy instead of TJ reality?  Aaaarrrrgh.

But I don’t need to worry about it too much yet.  So far all we have is an announcement in the paper that the store is coming.  No location determined.  No estimated time-line.  I have plenty of time to make my shopping list and to build the resolve to stick to it!

For all you TJ shoppers out there – I’d love to know what healthy foods you buy so I can add them to my list.



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22 responses to “My Shopping Fantasy becomes Reality

  1. Melinda

    We don’t have a TJ’s either, but after reading your post now I want one!! Those Oreo treats sound awesome! I’m a really healthy eater, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be tempted by chocolate! Stopping by from SITS!
    .-= Melinda´s last blog ..Social Media Gut Check =-.

  2. Oh- I want a Trader Joes! Thou shall not covet my neighbor’s grocery store! Happy SIts Saturday!
    .-= Mama Llama´s last blog ..These are a few of… =-.

  3. A lot of their foods are carb based. They don’t have good vegetables (as they are move of an import company). That being said they sell Dr. Praegers fake burgers (which I love and have a lot of veggies in them, though I suppose you couldn’t have a bun). Their apple chicken sausage is to die for. They have lots of yummy sauces, but I haven’t a clue as to how diet friendly they are. Their nuts and dried fruit are wonderful – usually not a diet item since they are calorie dense, but when I cut back they are often part of my food base. I especially like that they sell cashews in individual packs (210 calories each). They have a mixed nut fruit individual pack with things are really good for you too in individual packs. In general though there are more bad for you things than the good for you things. Or it could be that I notice them more.
    .-= Daphne´s last blog ..Busy Garden, Slacking Gardener =-.

  4. I love trolling through the aisles of TJ’s, but, sorry to say, I often end up with not-so-good-for-me goodies in my cart. I try not to go very often.
    .-= Tish Oliver´s last blog ..of Pitfalls and the Popsicles =-.

  5. I would not be able to live without my Trader Joes! Love love love it! I am new to your blog- love it!

  6. Edamame, chicken tenders, frozen fish (like salmon), cut-up fruit, and yes, their produce is good. I like baby spinach, arugula.

  7. Both Trader Joes and Whole Foods are trigger places for me…the bakery items, the samples, the crunchy and carby snacks. I avoid these places for the most part. If I can’t find something I really want to try that isn’t at the local grocery stores, I might go by a TJ, but then I have to be careful. I’ve been once recently and bought some pickles that my husband and I loved. Haven’t found anything comparable at our local stores, so may need to visit agan .
    .-= Ms PJ Geek´s last blog ..Spring Challenge Update =-.

  8. Oh you lucky girl! We don’t have a TJ’s anywhere near us. In fact, I’m sad to say I’ve never even seen one!
    .-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s last blog ..Breaking the Unhealthy Breakfast Habit =-.

  9. Genie

    I volunteer at our local Food Pantry every Saturday and you wouldn’t believe the stuff that we get from Trader Joe’s every week! I just helped to put a delivery away this morning.

    I have to wonder what our Bunny-white-sandwich-bread-and-baloney clients think when their order contains Joe’s goat cheese and sushi. Lots of bread and lucious desserts (no preservatives) so they get moldy quickly. It’s great that they donate to the Pantry.

    For me personally, the prices are too high at TJ. And, I can talk myself into foods because they’re “whole grain” or “organic” as if that were the same as “low calorie” and “non-fat”. GONG!

  10. I know what you mean – they are an awesome store!! I think my diet success has been a product of my TJ’s 🙂 Visiting from the LBS Tea party!
    .-= Rene W.´s last blog ..Making the most out of THIS day… =-.

  11. The first time I went to TJs (Chicago), I was impressed. The second time, not so much. The one in San Francisco? Same thing. Nothing there that I couldn’t get at Fresh Market or even my local Kroger, which has done an admirable job of adding to their whole and healthier fare. (Not that they don’t also sell 10x as much junky stuff, but I can usually find what I need there.)

    It will be interesting to see what your local TJ offers you, and if it was worth the wait.
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..All Quiet on the Southern Front =-.

  12. Marisa at Loser for Life buys the most amazing things there. Such as hummus. And other yumms.
    .-= JourneyBeyondSurvival´s last blog ..Rx Strength =-.

  13. For the carb-conscious, TJ’s is not so great. But, it is fun to stroll/troll the aisles for the unexpected delight and great deal. We buy their coffees for amazingly low prices and then use a french press to make them taste decent. Produce is limited. Wines, likewise, but good prices when you find what you want.

  14. Goodness, you have me in TJ envy now. Not one store anywhere near me. *shedding a tear*
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Why dieting makes you fat =-.

  15. I have never been in a Trader Joe’s. I had never heard of it until I started blogging. Now I’m going to have to look up and see how close one is to me. Gotta see what I’m missing.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Beached Whale Look…. =-.

  16. My brother’s town had a TJs and mine didn’t. Big envy problem with us! Extra suitcase ever time I visited him. Like you, non-diet days, ummmmmm… chocolate, chips, nuts, goodies. Every time I went it my brother’s TJs, I filled out a comment form asking for them to expand to my town. It took three years, but eventually they did. Wow! They had soooo many goodies. Good thing it was all the way across town. Now I’ve moved and there’s no TJs closer than a day-trip away. I think that’s a good thing right now, although I KNOW they have appropriate foods…. I just wasn’t my habit to buy them. Good luck when they open in your town!
    .-= Peacefulbird´s last blog ..Progress Reprot #3 =-.

  17. You lucky dog!

    I lived in Arizona for about a year & became an addict. My brother who lives in SoCal still sets me up with things from time to time.

    When I lived in NJ before moving to France I would drive an hour and a half to get to one – would meet up with a friend, movie, lunch, whatever & it always ended with TJ’s & then a drive home. Even kept a freezer bag in my trunk!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Still smiling =-.

  18. I have never experienced TJ’s! And now I am so jealous! You make it sound like the best place on earth!
    .-= Bringing Pretty Back´s last blog ..2:30 A.M. phone call =-.

  19. I love Trader Joes and shop there a lot. I buy eggplant hummus,rosemary baguette,whole wheat pita bread,frozen roasted vegetable enchiladas, non fat European yogurt,Puffins cereals,TJ’s Morning Glory Cereal,olive oil, olive oil spray,baslmic vinegar, natural peanut butter, lower sugar jams,almonds, dried fruits,wild rice,organic milk,black beans and Z bars. There are lots more but I can’t think of everything right now and I am not at home to look in my pantry.

    .-= Tami´s last blog ..100th Post Coming To You From Anaheim =-.

  20. I would love to have a TJ’s near me! There is one by my parents that I visit when I visit them, but that’s a 6.5 hour drive!
    .-= Weightlessly´s last blog ..Giving myself credit =-.

  21. My closest is 75 miles away but as I am in rural NV, not such a big deal. My kids adore the buckets of mini chocolate chip cookies. I LOVE the tofu filled crepes. Toffuti brand. They have great vegetarian items. I love meat but also love getting in more veggies . Their orange chicken is awesome. I can’t afford to shop there a lot with 4 sons but to experiment it is grand.

  22. sunnydaze

    I wish we had a TJs too. Nothing like an exciting new store! 😀

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