Home Alone Two

My husband is leaving me on my own for a long weekend.  Leaving me to exercise on my own.  Leaving me to watch TV and fight off the snack attack monster on my own.  Leaving me to stay up past my bedtime waiting for our teen son to meet his curfew, on my own.  Leaving me to sprawl across our huge bed, with no snoring or accidental banging into my broken arm … on my own:)  Sure, I’ll have my son around.  But as is his usual routine, he will probably spend most of his waking hours hanging out with friends and most of his hours at home sleeping.

Once upon a time I looked forward to the rare occasions when I had some unaccustomed peace and quiet.  But I also looked forward to eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  And I did.  But the new and improved me is not that person.  The new and improved me wants/intends/needs to stick with healthy eating.  While the cat is away, this mouse will not play!

When I had the house to myself a few months ago, I was running full steam ahead in my no-cheat euphoria diet-honeymoon period.  But as many of you know, I’ve been struggling lately with overeating/cheating.  Which is why I’m a bit nervous about hubby being gone.  While I fully intend to stay on track, with or without my better half here, I do worry just a smidge about the days slowly dragging and wearing on my wavering willpower.  Sure, I could cheat with him here… but I am more likely to overeat if no one is watching.  I imagine the long weekend stretching even longer in my mind, filled with thoughts of food, with no distractions.  And to make matters worse, my husband has become my exercise partner.  Since my injury, with him working out beside me, I have managed to find the motivation to increase my workouts at home.  Will I find that motivation without his company?

I decided it was time to follow the example of so many inspiring bloggers and set some clear goals for myself for the time my husband is gone.  Goals are good.  Following goals is even better:)  So here goes…

My weekend home alone goals:

  1. No cheating or overeating.
  2. Write down everything I eat.
  3. A minimum of 45 minutes of cardio every day.

Simple.  Realistic.  Measurable.  Actionable.  Looks so easy when I see them sitting there in print.  Yet feels so silly that I am even fixating on this.  Will I ever be the person who just lives each day, eats well, and doesn’t think about food and obstacles?  Or is it a good thing to worry about what might derail me and plan for it?  Sigh.

Figuring it out.  One day, one lonely weekend, at a time.



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33 responses to “Home Alone Two

  1. Hi Karen. You’ve worked so hard and I bet that your weekend is going to be great. When I’m faced with situations like this, sometimes it is helpful to add one more thing to your list that boosts your positive energy…let’s say #4 is Celebrate how far I’ve come. Remind yourself that everything you’ve done has been about loving you. And darn it, you deserve a great weekend of relishing how good that feels. Let us know how it goes…we’re rooting for you!!

    • Karen

      So how pathetic am I that I would never have thought to add an item like that!? I will certainly be reporting after the weekend… I may need that accountability.

  2. I think at this stage it is so important to be vigilant and to plan ahead. But there will come a day in the hopefully near future, where our healthy lifestyles will become automatic! I also used to have a food fest when my husband went out of town, so I can totally relate to what your dealing with right now.
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..Outdoor running vs. indoor running =-.

    • Karen

      I hope that automatic lifestyle does kick in someday. Soon, would be nice. Your weekend sounds way more fun than mine!

  3. Amen. I just “discovered” you and am happily catching up, reading through you archives, but I had to comment here. You are sooo right. My DH is out of town right now. He’s my #1 cheerleader, my gym partner, and I MISS him. I love your motivators and will try to hang on until he gets home on Tuesday. Thanks. Good Luck!
    .-= Tish Oliver´s last blog ..Jen Wilson =-.

    • Karen

      Thanks for commenting Tish. Funny thing is I never expected my husband to become my workout partner. And I used to really love having the house to myself now and then. If he is reading I bet he enjoys knowing how much he will be missed:) I’ll be thinking of you on your own too!

  4. Awwww!!! I completely understand how you feel. I think clear goals are a great idea. You can absolutely do this for yourself!!!
    .-= Nona´s last blog .. =-.

    • Karen

      I have been thinking about goals a lot. I do have them, in my mind. But for this it seemed I should just finally put them down in print.

  5. I like your plan of action…two thumbs up. I know it helps me, when DH goes out of town (because I used to be the secret binge eater!) to plan meals as if he was still in town. We would not go out and eat an entire pizza, plus cheese bread, plus a 2 litre of soda by ourselves, would we? Nope, so I am not going to, either.

    You can do it. You will stay strong… I can sense your determination, Karen!
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Friday and April round up =-.

    • Karen

      I just went to the store and am planning away:) But I will admit, without him for dinner and with my teen happily eating with friends or his chinese food leftovers, I will be very content to eat an apple and peanut butter every darn night for dinner. Not the best choice (since there are no veggies hiding in there) but not horrible either. And oh so yummy.

  6. When I am worried about taking advantage of alone time the way I used to – I made new plans, too. Like I plan meals my husband doesn’t like (artichokes!!) And I go to a movie he doesn’t want to see. I go get a pedicure. I go see my sister. Stuff like that.
    .-= Brightside Susan´s last blog ..COLLEGE ACCESS WEEKEND – CSUMB =-.

    • Karen

      I have never made artichokes! But I do have lots of plans. Mostly boring, like cleaning out my closet (yeah) and running some overdue errands. Little things to keep me busy.

  7. My DH leaving town used to trigger a sugar-fest for me, so I understand your worry. You’ll do fine though if you keep to your plan … look on it as a challenge that you will win. 🙂
    .-= Siobhan´s last blog ..It IS what you eat… =-.

  8. Will I ever be the person who just lives each day, eats well, and doesn’t think about food and obstacles?
    ~I think that is entirely possible and likely. I am beginning to think of this as more of a choice now that I used to. I used to think I would arrive at it one day, now I think I have to choose for it to be this way. That part I’m still figuring out.

    Or is it a good thing to worry about what might derail me and plan for it?
    ~Recovery plans are vital to long term success, so my thought would be yes it’s good to plan but be careful about giving the “usual pitfall” too much power but saying it “always” happens and such, because then it usually does.

    When your husband is there you are making good choices, he may be there but that is ALL you and when he’s not there, you are the same you making those awesome choices. You got this.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the motivating words. You are right… I am always the one making the choices whether he is here or not. That gives me a momentary feeling of power. I hope it lasts:)

  9. sunnydaze

    I feel your pain! I say plan ahead and you’ll be just fine; then when hubby comes home you can update him how good you’ve been with diet and exercise. You don’t want to look back in regret. YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

  10. Hey Girl! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Though I have been saying thank you, I rather it (my weight loss) not be the thing that is always talked about. I mean…if I gain weight will that also be this obvious…YIKES. Anyways…I think that you will do just fine while your hubby is away! Can’t wait to hear about your weekend success!

  11. Sometimes, I think we spend more time worrying about what could go wrong than what could go right. (And yes, I do have a post coming up about that.*G*) You are MORE than capable of managing your actions. You’ve proven it…how many days of this year? I believe in you, and I think you do too!

    (But I do understand the worry.)
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Is This Thing On? =-.

  12. You definitely can do this! I know it’s hard- I had to break that habit as well. Even today I had to resist the temptation of picking up something I want from outside the house and going home and MAKING something to eat. But I’m proud that I didn’t give in to temptation 🙂

    • Karen

      I saw your post and your dinner looked great! I am amazed at what you manage to pull together unplanned from stuff at home.

  13. You are making me feel very guilty…
    .-= JourneyBeyondSurvival´s last blog ..Flying With Concrete =-.

    • Karen

      Oh JBS – here I am worrying about what I may overeat this weekend while you “full of hope and bliss and fulfillment”.

  14. I have faith that you can meet your goals. I think they seem really reasonable. I have problems eating crap when people aren’t around too, as I’ve always been one to eat almost secretly. Here’s what I do when I get to snacky:

    I LOVE to shop, so I get the heck out of the house, away from any food I can snack on, and go to the mall and try on clothes, and remind myself that I still want these smaller than two years ago clothes to continue fitting, so “stop eating already Hope!”

    Good luck this weekend!


  15. your plan of attack sounds great! you can definitely do it! your success is in YOU, it doesn’t matter whether your husband is there or not.
    if the binge monster attacks, go think about it for 15 minutes to determine if you are just bored or truly hungry. chances are, you will find it’s just boredom and you can find something else to do than eat.
    good luck, i know you can do it!

    • Karen

      That binge monster is always about boredom for me! Or something else. But never physical hunger. I need to work on that.

  16. This was a little bit of a sad post for me…I will come over and keep you company. I don’t have teenagers so the kids are always around…not looking fwd to those years…sigh
    .-= sian-girlgetstrong´s last blog ..The Best Vegan Cookbooks =-.

    • Karen

      Ah, someone to hang out with would be fun:) And for me, yes, the teen years had their trials, but my boys just get easier as they get older.

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