Four More to Endure for Sure

I had a follow-up visit with the orthopedic about my shoulder/arm injury.  It is a month since I had the accident that leaves me shaking my head, three weeks since my first meeting with the doctor, and two weeks since my official diagnosis.

The good news is that my fracture is beginning to heal and is still not displaced so will continue to heal gradually with no intervention needed.  The bad news is that I can’t add any activity for another four weeks.  FOUR MORE WEEKS!  No yoga, no weight lifting, no weight bearing at all, and no outdoor bike riding or other activity where I risk further injury.  Huge heavy sigh.

So Murphy’s law continues to rear its ugly head in my life.  How foolish was I to tempt fate and get my bike tuned up over the winter?  How crazy to plan a vacation destination that would give my husband and me a chance to ride bikes with scenery for a change.  I really jinxed myself this time!  Poor hubby, being dragged on a mystery destination vacation for his birthday about which all I had ever told him was that we would ride bikes.  Poor hubby who looked forward to kicking my butt on the bike trails near our house as we got back into our long, fair-weather rides.

I am going to focus on the positive now:)  No surgery.  I am right-handed and the injury is on my left side.  I can still elliptical and walk, albeit with modifications and discomfort, but I am getting cardio in every day.  I can work on my abs (and they sure could use the extra attention) and my lower body (although I seem to have no motivation to lunge or squat).  I can do lots of things!  Repeat to self… it could be worse, it could be worse, it will get better, it will get better.  Patience.

I just have to keep on keeping on for the next month until I see the doctor again.  And then I will hope for the all clear to gradually start adding back the exercise that I never thought I would miss so much.  I will never complain about shoulder presses and push ups again!



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12 responses to “Four More to Endure for Sure

  1. Good to hear you are healing. And who would ever miss push ups? LOL
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Extremes: Food overabundance and the brink of starvation =-.

  2. Well, here’s to hoping that your cardio keeps your head in a good place. I hope that you have a weekend that keeps your memories happy!
    .-= JourneyBeyondSurvival´s last blog ..Other Flights and Weigh-In #15 =-.

  3. Genie

    I admire you for skiing to begin with!

    I know all about the Murphy’s Law Life. Don’t get me started….

    Four weeks will go by quickly. Just keep doing your cardio and bloggin’ it up, and you will get through. You have spunk!

  4. Glad you are healing….sorry it’s not as quickly as you would like. 😦 Hang in there! Miss you! :: hugs ::
    .-= Sunny´s last blog ..Weekend Update =-.

  5. You know, I think I’ll give up push-ups in a show of solidarity. That’s just the kind of pal I am! 🙂

    Hang in there!
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Wii Fit: Helpful, Harmful, or Foreplay? =-.

  6. Karen, I can’t believe you were doing push ups and shoulder presses! No wonder my arms still look like crap 10 years after losing weight, I guess I should have been doing those things all along!
    .-= Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla´s last blog ..Past Tense, Present Tense =-.

  7. Ohh, that’s such a shame. But it’s good that you don’t need surgery, and hopefully it won’t take too long to fix itself.

    Visiting to welcome you to SITS 🙂
    .-= Rachel Cotterill´s last blog ..The Tallest Building In Tórshavn =-.

  8. that is good news from your doctor, as you said, it could be worse.

    don’t waste time thinking about the accident. it’s done. you are right to try to focus on the positives. there are still cardio things you can do and you are doing them! other people would have given up all together, but not you!

    in the big picture, this next month is really only a blip on the screen. it will go by and then you will graducally build back up to where you where before you got hurt. keep that positive outlook!
    .-= love2eatinpa´s last blog ..Dumb Question of the Day =-.

  9. How frustrating…

    I hope you completely heal and are pain free soon.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Confessing, Ranting, and Questions… =-.

  10. Karen,
    I had a shoulder injury a few years ago – wrenched it bad as a result of lifting weights. I ended up avoiding surgery – I will say I found my cure in acupuncture. I’m not saying everything can be fixed using it, but it can definitely be a complementary treatment.

    I also would love to talk with you about the stuff you do with your blog – I don’t know the easiest/best way to do it. I’m on FB if you want to look me up.
    .-= Melissa Fast´s last blog ..Trinkets of Time =-.

  11. Hang in there! I know how frustrating recovery can be. Think long term. Take a few more weeks now and you’ll be good to go for years to come.

  12. I hope you start feeling well. I came across your blog from lady bloggers I am new and so I am learning what to do. anyways love your blog and best of luck.

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