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This is my last post about vacation.  I promise:)  And it really isn’t about vacation at all.  It is about The Aftermath.

Picture this… a beautiful warm and sunny day on a scenic mountainside.  Riding up a chairlift with my husband as we work our way down the mountain.  (I know that makes no sense… but you have to go up to come down somewhere else.)  Last run of the day coming up.  This is when the ominous music starts as the movie advances.

Boom.  Plop.  Ouch.

And in the blink of an eye, I am sprawled on the snow in disbelief and hoping my friends behind me can navigate around my splayed skis and airborne behind.  Because I was not moving anywhere fast, despite my embarrassment and need to get on my feet skis.  The lift stops and the kind operator tells me to stay put and he comes and helps me up.  Horrifying!  But I soon realize quite necessary because my shoulder suddenly appears to not be functioning properly.  Shake it off.  Get skiing.  Nope… I can’t lift the pole with my left arm.

At this point I am convinced that I just bruised my arm.  I have replayed what happened and know why I fell, but still can’t picture how I landed.  My friend’s son tells me how funny my face looked in the snow.  Ah, kids.  I reply that I was not paying the least bit of attention to my face and did not even recognize that it had met the ground.  It was all very surreal.

At this point I realize it will be a challenge to get down the mountain but manage to very cautiously take an easy run to the top of the gondola so DH and I can ride down.  He gallantly carries my skis and later helps me off with my clothes since I cannot lift my arm up to pull it out of my sleeve.

So I got a bit caught up in my story.  Sorry.  I was reliving the moment.  As I have over and over again since that stupid fall.

But what I really had intended to talk about is what happened when I got home.  After more than a week away, I had intended to rock and roll with my exercise routine.  And even kick it up another notch.  But had to admit that it just wasn’t going to be possible.  No rock, no roll.  No calorie burn.  No staying in shape.  Eek!  Once upon a time I would have welcomed the excuse to take a break from working out.  But not anymore.  It has taken me a long time to get my routine down and I so do not want to lose momentum.  And the warm weather is here and I want to get back on my bike!  I want to keep going to yoga class.  And pilates.  I want to lift weights.  I really do.

So far, I have managed to put in time on my boring elliptical.  The first day I worked out with my arm bent, held up with my hands together at my waist.  Amazing I didn’t fall and injure something else!  Day two my shoulder had a bit more movement and I could elliptical with it down, resting on my thigh.  Pathetic.  Next day I took a walk outside.

My emotions are impossible to put into words.  I am mad at myself for something so stupid.  I am disappointed that I can’t do what I want to do.  I am worried that I will lose momentum.  And I am trying not to think about what happens if I have truly done some long-term or permanent damage.  Sigh.  I don’t know what is wrong, but I want it to get better now!  In the meantime, I am learning to modify everything from dressing and undressing, to fixing dinner, to shampooing with only one hand, to not rolling on my side in my sleep, to typing with my keyboard on my lap and using the mouse with my other hand, to driving a car with only one arm reaching the steering wheel.

Yesterday it was a week since The Incident That Changed Everything.   I am sucking it up and seeing a doctor today.  I suspect it will be a waste of time and money.  But maybe not.  And it seems the prudent thing to do so I can get my rear back in gear sooner rather than later.  Check back later for my post-orthopedic medical report:)

See my comment below for an update and information about blog problems.  Karen



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22 responses to “Insert Expletive Here

  1. I’m so sorry you got hurt. I think it is a good idea to see the doctor just in case. Please keep us updated!
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..What’s your currency & a visit to The Noggin Room =-.

  2. I tried to fix my google reader to your new site. But, this one showed up as your old one. Am I doing something wrong? HELP!
    .-= JourneyBeyondSurvival´s last blog ..Booty Guard Dogs =-.

  3. I am so sorry that you got hurt. And yes, kids can be just amazingly unsympathetic. But at least they say things we can laugh about later!

    I see one really good thing in all of this. You didn’t use your injury to just sit down until it got better. You are figuring out ways to continue working out. That’s wonderful!

    I hope it feels 100% better soon.
    .-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s last blog ..If the suit doesn’t fit. . . =-.

  4. Oh my goodness. Sorry about your injury! I can totally relate to those feelings of fear and frustration. I felt like that very much last year when I had to rehab my knee through a (common but annoying) ITB injury. It left me unable to run for even a mile. Ugh.

    But you know what, I finally allowed my knee to heal and I still got back into running and exercising. And pain free to boot! Personally I’m impressed you haven’t let it keep you from stopping exercise altogether!
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Finally Friday =-.

  5. Oh yes – about the blogroll link! Every time I try to add to my blog list thingy in blogger, it redirects me to the OLD 3FC blog site! I can’t figure out how to get it to redirect to this one! Stupid blogger.
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Finally Friday =-.

  6. Bummer. I can imagine how this is kinda taking the wind out of your sails… Don’t let it derail you, though. Keep walking, treadmilling (yes, that’s a word), ellipticalling (word also), bicycle riding, and whatever else you can do (walking the stairs?). You’ll be so proud of yourself for working through this tough time. Maybe the doctor can point you towards a good therapist? (((HUGS))) – keep your focus, Girly! ~ Angie

    PS – Your new site won’t allow me to add you to my RSS feeds (I don’t use a reader so I’m trying to add you from the RSS feed button on my meno bar) – I keep getting an error. I’m receiving your RSS feed from your last site pointing me to your new messages still. Just thought I’d let ya know.
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Touching Base Tuesdays =-.

  7. Karen

    Now I am inserting a second expletive. This blog is confounding! Apologies to anyone who cannot add my feed or add me to to their blogroll. I am pretty sure the feed options on the blog work if you have a feeder or are okay getting email. I may have screwed up my feed somehow adding feedburner and have no idea how or what to fix. Many thanks for letting me know about any and all problems related to this blog. Sigh.

    Shoulder update: I am waiting to hear back on a an appointment for an MRI so the doctor can see if it is a minor fracture that doesn’t show on xrays or … gasp… a torn rotator cuff. Hopefully neither. Until then, I have some basic exercises to keep it moving and maybe help if it is none of the above. I am still trying to be optimistic and not worry yet. Yet.

  8. Karen, I wonder if you dislocated your shoulder …sometimes they can pop back in themselves. I dislocated my right shoulder while skiing (falling). It did not pop back in by itself but my symptoms were similar to yours. A good exercise that they gave me to do: lie on your back with a stick (broom works well) in your hands and raise your arms up over you head to the floor behind you, and back.
    Good luck with the MRI.
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Wake up, wake up you sleepy head… =-.

  9. I had the same feed problem, but if you use the feed button on the upper right sidebar it works. Using the URL doesn’t for some reason.

    Get well Karen. I’m glad you went to see the doctor today. And yes so many times it is a waste of time but those few other times can be really important.
    .-= Daphne´s last blog ..Crazy Garden Lady =-.

  10. I really hope you get better soon, and continue doing whatever exercise you can!!!
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..Eating well feels right =-.

  11. I’m so sorry you’re hurt! I hope it’s nothing lasting!

    I do understand your feelings. I had toe surgeries on both feet about 6 months into my workout habit, and I was frantic that I’d lose ground. I couldn’t really work out (even cardio) for about a month, but I consciously used my regular workout hour for researching exercises and reading health-related articles. It kept me in the habit of dedicating that time every day to exercise.

    Fingers crossed!
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Re-entering the Work(out)force =-.

  12. That is seriously crappy!! I’m sorry. I hope you heal quickly…

  13. Yes, go see the doctor. You never know how much you need something until you lose it. Hope it’s nothing serious.
    .-= adrienne´s last blog ..Spend My Money-Wii Fit Games =-.

  14. Hang in there. I’ve experienced knee and ankle surgery as a result of my new found fit lifestyle following a 100-pound weight loss. The knee accident, by the way sounds very similar to your recent “mishap.” Not fun at all!

    It is hard to stay motivated during an injury and healing, but you are doing a great thing by at least doing something – even if it isn’t the activity you want to do.

  15. Hope the MRI is helpful, ask about physical therapy – it can work wonders to speed recovery from injury!
    .-= Brightside Susan´s last blog ..FRIDAY FAST ONES =-.

  16. Karen

    Thanks everyone. My MRI is scheduled for Monday afternoon and I think it may be several days after until I hear from the doctor. I am trying to remain optimistic, but having my moments when I just imagine the worst. Time will tell.

  17. Karen,
    1st of all, same feed problem as everyone else. The new site won’t link. I’m going to the old one and linking through.

    Second, I know what it’s like to be absolutely hooked on your exercise. And for this to be a great change, a change you don’t want to go away!

    I do Jazzercise 6 days a week and I’ve seen people in class with their shoulder-injured arm in slings taking class so that the rest of their body can get the workout. I’ve also been in classes where our floor routines were done on chairs due to the elderly and somewhat disabled seniors in the class – and it wasn’t easy!

    So don’t give up. I don’t want to tell you to follow your doctor’s orders because the first thing my doctor always told me was “no exercising.” If I’d obeyed him, I’d have quit a long time ago!

  18. Karen

    Linda – I am going to see what the official diagnosis is, then have to figure things out from there. I hope I find out soon! I have seen people in my cycling class with broken bones. They gym made one lady with a cast get a medical release from her doctor first.

  19. Diet Buddy Daily

    Please let us know how you are doing!!!

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