I’ll be Missing You

Waisting Time is wasting time and going on vacation.

Sometime soon after I return I may will be making the big blog move so be sure to look for me using the URL waistingtimeblog.com since that will go with me.  (During the process, my blog may vanish for a short time so don’t worry if you can’t find it.)  I will post a link here when I move so you can follow me to my new and improved digs:)

See you in a little over a week, weather and technology dependent!

Until then… I will indeed be missing  you:)



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24 responses to “I’ll be Missing You

  1. We’ll miss you too. Have a great vacation!

  2. Have a good vacation.

  3. Have a marvelous time! Will miss you! Let me know (upon returning) if you need any more help.


  4. Have a great trip. See you in your new home when you return!

  5. Have a great vacation!

  6. Enjoy your break 🙂

  7. have a great time. I’ll miss you. 🙂 Good luck on your blog move.

  8. I’ll be looking forward to your new site!

  9. Enjoy! You will be missed!!!

  10. Enjoy your break!

    Stopping in to welcome you to SITS!

  11. Enjoy!!!

    Stopping by from SITS

  12. I’m stopping by to welcome you the the SITS family!

  13. K

    Have fun on vacation and good luck with the big blog move.

    Welcome to SITS!

  14. Hope you’re having a wonderful time! Welcome to SITS.

  15. Have a wonderful vacation! 🙂

  16. joy

    Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community!

  17. Have a fabulous vacation! Can’t wait to see your new blog!

  18. I’m so jealous. I want to go on vacation too. Congrats on the new blog move. I hope it goes smoothly.

  19. Thank you for posting your new URL! I am changing your current URL on my blog sidebar as we speak.

    Have a fantastic vacation!! You will be missed. 🙂


  20. Hope you have a great vacation

    ~Stopping by from SITS to say welcome

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