Happy Trails to Me

Lots of “ations” for me these days:

  • I am gearing up to leave on vac-ation.
  • I am feeling a sense of anticip-ation.
  • But that is tempered by dieting trepid-ation.
  • So I am setting myself up for success with lots of prepar-ation.

Let me set the stage for you:  my husband and younger son and I are joining friends for almost a week of skiing.  I anticipate that we will have fun:)

But I am a bit trepidatious because this will be the longest time away from home while dieting.  (Maybe ever… in all my yo-yo years.)  I have been doing so well for so long without a single cheat and I don’t want to get derailed by a vacation!  I know that there will be some potential roadblocks.  For instance, several long days spent in the car while my riding companions snack on junk food.  And then we are sharing a condo with friends who will probably give me some funny looks and maybe joke about my strange food choices.  Lunch on the slopes, hoping for healthy options.  And dinners out at restaurants that have to please many different palates, with no one dieting but me.  And then there is the problem with drinking enough water.  Not something I like to do while stuck in the car for hours or bundled up in layers of warm clothes, far from a bathroom.  Sigh.

So I know that preparation is key.  I have planned a cooler full of healthy car snacks.  These include dehydrated veggies (a new experiment), cut peppers, cherry tomatoes, nuts and peanuts (portioned out in advance), roasted chickpeas (which I have yet to try), homemade beef jerky, and cheese.  I plan to bring protein bars in my pockets for emergencies.  And I have already suggested some restaurants for dinner that have some healthier options for me.

My friends have been around me before while I was on SB.  But for a dinner out, not a whole week.  I know they will support me but just don’t want to deal with questions or comments or funny looks.  I mean come on, how often does someone tote homemade refried beans across state lines for breakfast!?

So I am going to add one more word to my list:  oblig-ation.  I am going to share my eating goals with all of you here in print, so that I am motivated and accountable.  I am not striving for dieter perfection; I am on vacation, after all.  But I am aiming to stay on program as much as possible, making the right choices whenever I can.  No cheats!  No white grains.  No junk food.   No french fries.  No more than one serving of my beloved Triscuits on any one day.  And fingers crossed… no weight gain.

So while I have a few planning days left, I would love to hear any tips or advice you have for staying on your diet while vacationing or around others.



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15 responses to “Happy Trails to Me

  1. I hope you can relax, have FUN, and trust yourself and your obvious preparation. Cheats can teach us about ourselves quite a bit. Or in your steel willed case, our cheat temptations can teach us.

    You’re gonna do fine.

    I usually don’t make a big deal out of it. I slip out of the house early and exercise before anyone misses me. Food wise I usually try to bring my stuff with me with enough to share if possible. Then I simply edit my own plate at mealtime. Nobody really cares because there is so much personal preference. I like to be below the radar.

  2. Yay! Have fun in our grand state! We did have a storm move through yesterday, and it looks like the rest of the week will have some snow sprinkled in. Plus the mountains (where you’ll be) got a nice dump of snow over the weekend. Your ski outlook should be good. 🙂

    When I went to Mexico last summer, I was worried about getting derailed and someone gave me good advice: eat what you want, but watch your portions. I know my diet plan is a little different than yours (I just count calories), but it put me in a good mindset and I came back with no weight gain. Also, I ate very on-plan for breakfast and lunch, and allowed myself to choose what I wanted for dinner. So I didn’t feel deprived but I didn’t go overboard, either.

    Good luck and HAVE A BLAST!

  3. Oooh, your trip sounds wonderful! I’ve never been skiing. *adds to list*

    When traveling, I stick to the basics most of the time, but I do plan for splurges. It’s vacation, after all. Since most of my trips involve exercise, I haven’t had a problem so far. And for the last couple of days of any trip, I start reminding myself that splurges stop at the state line. 🙂

  4. @ Journey – I want to be below the radar for sure! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    @ Anna – Not coming until next week so I am hoping for great weather then! I love your state:) I think my approach may be the exact opposite since I watch carbs not calories.

    @ Cammy – I hope the skiing burns a lot of calories! But standing in long lift lines will not:( I love the state line part.

  5. LauraJean64

    Woo Hoo! Have a wonderful vacation!

  6. Do have fun, but DO know that we dieters don’t ask enough of our restaurant chefs. Chefs can and WILL de-bread, de-pasta, de-bun anything when asked to. It’s simply a matter of asking for your particular dish to be fixed YOUR way. Stay strong, and/but have a blast! 🙂

  7. sunnydaze

    Cute pic! I say just eat like you sensibly like you do at home and you’ll be fine. Have a wonderful and safe vacation!

  8. Sounds like you have everything well in hand. My only input is to add another “ation”…..celebration! It isn’t every day we get to go on a ski trip! Have fun.

  9. Sounds good so far to me- and remember don’t be afraid to speak up at the restaurants- say no butter or whatever. When I order a salad if it comes with bread I tell them I don’t want it. If they bring it I make them send it back- I don’t even want to see it!

    Have a good time 😀

  10. I just wanted to wish you a wonderful vacation! Travel safely! 🙂

    I don’t have many tips because I’m still so new at this lifestyle – at least staying the course this time around for so long. I have no doubt that you’ll do well!

    Take lots of pics 🙂

  11. Thanks all. I don’t actually leave for a few more days. I will post on my way out the door:) Still in the prep and planning stages. Started packing food, but nothing else yet. Priorities:)

  12. If I had any advice I would give it to you, but like AFG said, I’m still pretty new at this! My vacations always consisted of eating as many Cinnabon cinnamon rolls as I could in a one week span! (We don’t have that in Montreal and I love them!)

    I hope you have a wonderful time, and I’m sure you’ll do well. 🙂

  13. I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off track when I’m on vacation.


  14. Brightside susan

    It sounds like you are planning well and that is the most important thing. You will be burning calories in the slopes so that should help make up for hours in the car. Have fun and enjoy the people and activities instead of the goodies being offered up!

  15. Lexxiss

    I’d been away from skiing for awhile, and was figuring I’d enjoy an OP lunch at the lodge. The problem for me was $$. I would have loved the chef salad, but it was $9. A salad w/o all the protein was $7.5o…and energy bars were all full of sugar. I had brought an orange from home, so I bought a hard boiled egg for $1.25, and shared my Sis’ tea bag….and was happy.

    I’m hoping Steamboat has better choices, but I’ve decided to have lunch with me in the little backpack I ski with when I ski someplace for the first time. Both the areas I went to don’t mind folks having their own lunches. I may be old fashioned, but I’d rather take something I know I’ll be happy with and save my $$ for going out.

    My suggestion would be to have an emergency lunch with you on day one so you could scope things out…and have lots of OP fun!

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