A Perfect Ten

Okay… maybe perfect is too strong a word.  Let’s go with pretty-darn-good-and-better-than-ever-before.  Ten weeks of my new and improved healthy lifestyle.  Ten weeks with not one cheat.   Yes – you heard me – I did not eat anything off plan even once for the past ten weeks.

This is huge for me.  Not so much that I have not cheated… but that I have felt such self-control and willpower.  Not every moment.  (Because believe me I have had my moments, or two, or three, or thirty.)  But overall my sense of self is different.  I feel great – physically and emotionally.  And I feel optimistic.  I believe that I am making changes that will forever be part of my lifestyle.  No more yo-yo for me!

I don’t know what has made this time so much easier for me.  (Let me be clear that it is not EASY, just easier than in times past.)  Maybe the light-bulb finally went off above my head after having been at my goal weight last summer and then experiencing the slow steady gain into fall and winter.  Maybe when I put the brakes on they stuck hard and fast.  Maybe all these darn vegetables are really helping.  Or the hot tea I am downing in huge quantities.  Or that I have recognized certain activities that trigger eating and am avoiding them.  Some part of it is probably due to the increase in my workouts (both time and intensity).  And I can probably attribute some to my choice to only add grains and fruits late in the day.  Or maybe it is a combination of all of it!  Or maybe it was just my time.

I can tell you two key factors that have clearly played a huge role in my last ten weeks:  the blogosphere and 3fatchicks.  Through them I have found a community that inspires, motivates, and supports me.  That cheers me up when I am feeling down or stressed.  That offers wisdom and advice and role models to follow.  When I am tempted to eat, I run to my computer.  I visit your blogs or work on mine or hang out with 3FC.  I feel like I am wrapped in a warm internet hug.  I don’t feel alone in my journey.  I am focused on food and exercise in a positive way.  I have talked about this before (and probably will again), but need to pay homage.  Because I did not do this alone!

Today, after ten weeks on plan, I feel optimistic.  And happy.  And that all is good with this part of my life.  Perfect?  Probably not.  But pretty darn good.



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18 responses to “A Perfect Ten

  1. Pretty darn good is, well, pretty darn good! Congratulations!

  2. That’s really great! This was a really motivating post to read first thing this morning!

  3. Your post is just brimming with happiness and a measure of peace; that is so great! It sounds as though things have just come together (with much work) for you!

  4. Congratulations on 10 weeks! That’s quite an accomplishment. I know what you mean about it being “easier” and yet not “easy” this time around. Something just seems to click, to make sense, to get us to the point where it’s the last time we’ll start a diet and be very, very successful at it.

  5. Hi Karen! 10 weeks cheat-free is HUGE! I just finished my 8th week with one night of cheating at a dinner/dance. In a decade of trying I’ve NEVER stuck so faithfully to an eating plan. I don’t quite know what the difference is this time either -except that the longer I stick to it (and strenghten my resistance muscle!) the easier it gets – well, sticking to plan is getting easier – I still have urges, cravings, and low emotional moments but once I DECIDED, really decided that I wasn’t going to cheat it became easier. I no longer had to decided over and over again, meal by meal whether I was going to eat on plan or not. My birthday is April 12th and I’ve been thinking for weeks what I want to “celebrate” with. Maybe having a date where I will allow myself to have an off-plan (yet still reasonable) meal is taking some of the fear of the “NEVER getting to eat __________ that again” thoughts? One day I’ll have to learn to eat with control. I don’t want to refuse myself all my favorites forever, ya know? For now, though, while I have so much to lose – totally refusing myself is necessary. The thought of loosening the reigns is a little scary, though!

    ~ So many of our fellow bloggers have frequent cheats, it’s nice to have another “teetotaler” out there! – Angie


    Talk about being a role model!!!! Kudos, my friend…kudos! 😀

  7. I’m so proud of you girl!!!! Way to go! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. Diet Buddy

    Love your tone in this post. You gave me hope!

  9. That is awesome girl! I wish I could say the same for myself- I mean I haven’t gone crazy but I haven’t been perfect.

    I found some 85% cocoa chocolate- BLEH! I’m thinking it’s a first time thing and will eat the rest of the pack eventually (just bought one bar). They had 70% but silly me the 85% was on sale so of course I got that one! *sigh*

    I agree- I know for a fact without 3fc and the other bloggers I’d have given up a long time ago and be heavier than 235.

  10. That must feel like such a sense of accomplishment. Since it’s getting easier for you, just think how great you’ll feel 10 weeks from now!

  11. Corletta

    This is SOOOO amazing! 10 weeks without a cheat?!?! AMAZING! Let’s bottle up your determination and sell it. I would totally buy some!!!!!

  12. Totally great. I am so impressed with 10 weeks. Wow. Good job.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For the comments and your great blogs and your constant support!

    I like Corletta’s idea – maybe I could make millions!

  14. 10 weeks!!! Holy Moly….that is flippin’ awesome!!!

  15. I’d say ten great weeks is more than pretty good! It’s awesome and amazing. You are doing great with really changing your lifestyle.

  16. Brightside susan

    Hurrah for you. I am happy with my 6 weeks so far, too. I know what you mean about how it can just feel different from previous efforts.

  17. Congratulations that is awesome. Just keep building on your achievements. You are acting your way to success. Bravo!

  18. You’re so awesome!

    I understand the “easier” distinction. People often comment on how hard it must have been to lose 100 pounds, and I tell them it wasn’t as hard as you might think. Not when you change how you think about it. 🙂

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