The Big Chill

Yesterday was National Frozen Foods day!  Who knew?

So let’s talk (frozen) turkey.

My freezer is suffering from a multiple personality disorder:  the dieter’s healthy food supplier, the teenager’s snack food source, and the grown man’s Costco purchase storage unit.  Actually, we have two freezers.  Which is a good thing because that Costco stuff takes up a lot of space!

Once upon a time I would put home-baked treats in the freezer, thinking that would keep me from eating them.  Wrong.  I actually now prefer lemon bars and white chocolate chip brownies frozen!  And I would get into the huge tub of rock-solid cookie dough and dig with a knife until my wrist hurt to pry up a chunk to appease the craving monster.  (Of course I gave that up when the product was recalled due to E. Coli because idiots like me were eating it without cooking it first.)

Now I try to stock the freezer with some healthy go-to options for myself.  And when I reach for them I have gotten good at wearing blinders to ignore the many convenience foods waiting for my teen.  Not to mention his frozen miniature Milky Way bars.  Straight for the frozen leftovers or chicken breasts.  No stopping for Super Pretzels and heat & serve rolls.  No, no, no.  And there are a few items I just don’t buy for the freezer anymore.  Like diet dinners.  Making meals myself is actually healthier and tastier and allows me to stay on my eating plan more easily.  And there is no ice cream in there!  Maybe when the warm weather rolls around I will buy a flavor I don’t like so that my son isn’t deprived.  But in the past my husband and I often ate it before our son got a lick!

The strangest thing that ever took up residence in my freezer was the home pregnancy test from my first son.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I put it in there.  Maybe that the pee on the stick would freeze, keeping the lines from vanishing.  Did I really want to save that thing?  Did I really want a peed upon object in with my foods?  Maybe I can blame it on hormones.  Regardless, you will be happy to know that I eventually threw it away and did not repeat that silliness with pregnancy number two.

What about you?  Can you keep treats in your freezer and not eat them?  Do you have it stocked with healthy foods?  Or pregnancy test sticks?



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12 responses to “The Big Chill

  1. No, I kept my pregnancy tests on the shelf in a keepsake box. Until about a year an a half ago when I had an epiphany like you. “EW!” With that, they were gone. I think we can definitely blame hormones.

    I can only keep treats in the chest freezer that is far far away. And that used to not be possible. I feel guilty getting rid of treats people bring us. Hmmm.

  2. I have a piece of super delicious carrot cake frozen in my freezer. I doubt I’ll ever eat it, but I like knowing that option is there. 🙂 Silly, right?

  3. sunnydaze

    LOL re. the test sticks. I had a loaf of banana bread in my freezer that I just pitched yesterday and I have a bag of spice cookies in there that I’m saving for when the urge strikes for something sweet. I still buy frozen diet dinners if I’m in need of something quick. Luckily my DD is dieting with me so she has not tempting foods in there.

  4. It’s a miracle I haven’t broken my teeth on frozen cookie dough and candy bars. Yes, I’ve learned that frozen means nothing to someone going through chocolate withdraw!!

    I have my pregnancy stick too. In ziplocs bags in a rubbermaid. How funny!! I don’t know what I’m saving the pee stick for…lol.

  5. There’s only healthy stuff in our freezer … if not, I’d be eating it!

  6. Hi Karen! I have three kids that would “DIE” if I didn’t keep SOME junk, snack, crap food in the house. I get around eating it by buying snacks that aren’t my favorites! I’m just not strong enough to resist my favorites staring back at me in the freezer or pantry – calling me with their sweet voices – beckoning me with their sultry dance – undressing me with their eyes – Oh wait, I digress! Suffice it to say, there are no Reese’s Klondike Bars in my freezer. ~ Angie 🙂

  7. Let me just say that I am glad I am not the only mom to save those sticks! I could not have that carrot cake and cookies in there. Or maybe now I could? But I am not going to find out just yet.

    I keep thinking that when my youngest goes to college in another year and a half I will have a house with no junk food period. DH – are you reading this?

  8. LOL re the pregnancy stick.! 😉

    Yes, I can keep things in there and not eat them. In fact, I told Mr. Sunny just this morning that the box of Thin Mints is now officially a year old and he needed to eat them or I was pitching them. His brilliant plan? Buy some French vanilla ice cream to eat them with. geesh. No, frozen stuff, even stuff I really like (and Thin Mints used to definitely fall in that category)….don’t tempt me too much. EXCEPT for Heath Bar crunch ice cream. That, I’ll occasionally snitch for the Heath Bar pieces and chocolate swirls. LOL But I calorie count it, the few times I do it. 😉

  9. I absolutely cannot keep anything in the freezer that is not on my food plan. I cannot keep anything in the house, period, that is not on my food plan. I have VERY poor self control right now! Hopefully that will change. I am still chuckling over the pregnancy stick in the freezer!

  10. I actually don’t have much of anything in my freezer, since I eat mostly fresh foods these days. From memory: A really old Weight Watcher’s frozen “emergency pizza”. Some tilapia, a couple of containers of taco soup. A gazillion sugar-free banana popsicles left over from when I had my colonoscopy last year and could only eat clear foods. I should toss those. I think there’s some steam-fresh corn in there, too. If not, there will be soon. ) I also have some frozen choco chips for tossing with my yogurt and some sausage balls for a yet-to-be-determined treat day.

    But no cookies, because I also like them frozen.

    And no pee sticks! 🙂

  11. LOL no pee sticks in my freezer! My two college age kids live at home and commute to campus so they have lots of goodies in the pantry and the freezer and I do well as long as I don’t start tasting any of it. It is harder to stop eating some things than it is to start. I just don’t start anymore.

    I can bake things and freeze them in portioned out sizes and it works for me.

  12. I CANNOT keep goodies in the freezer. Especially ice cream treats! Ice cream is such a trigger food for me.

    I never did the pregnancy test in the freezer thing before. LOL

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