What is the Opposite of Yippee?

So today I went to publish my post and I got a bright red message from WordPress.com that my blog had been deactivated.  I am writing this calmly, but I was not quite so calm in that moment.  There was lots of gobbledy-gook about why it might have happened and that it could have been a mistake.  You think?!

Not only did I wonder about the future of my blog and what would happen to all my old posts and your comments, but I worried about the eight drafted posts that I had worked on to get ahead while my life has been so crazy.  And I wondered how you would ever find me again if my blog did not get fixed!

Amazingly, within minutes of submitting a response, because at least WP provided a way to do that, I got a very unexpected apology.  Yes, an actual apology!  Of course the mystery man at the other end of the email says he has no idea why it happened.  So I replied very politely that I would like to know when they figure it out and, oh by the way dear WordPress guy, can you tell me why some readers have not been able to leave comments on my blog.  What are the chances I ever hear back?

I need this now like I need a hole in my head, because quite honestly I am so scattered with all the current stress in my life that it feels like I am indeed leaking thoughts from my mind at a fast rate.  It makes me realize I need to work a bit more seriously towards deciding if I do want to move my blog to WordPress.org, a move that I had been thinking was just too much of a hassle for me and for my faithful readers.  One more thing I didn’t really have time or brain cells to think about right now.  (BTW – thanks to all of you who have given me advice about this and answered my naive questions.)

So I share this story with you for many reasons.  The main one being:  if you can’t find me and my blog one day… you will know the likely reason why.  Hopefully I will be found out there in cyberspace eventually.  To that end, if you are not using my http://www.waistingtimeblog.com URL*, you might switch to that now.  It should be able to go with me if I move, whether that move is voluntary or not, soon or far in the future.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this morning’s little incident may have caused you and thank you for letting me vent.  Once upon a time I started this blog just for me… but I have quickly found that it is much more fun having readers along for the ride:)

A slightly frazzled and frustrated blogger,


* Note:  The http://www.waistingtimeblog.com URL will redirect you, for now, to my WordPress.com URL.  I think that means you may not be able to use it as a hyperlink but am not sure how that works.  It also means that if you have subscribed, you will not get an update from a new blog, being linked to this one instead.  But typing http://www.waistingtimeblog.com into the address box on your browser should lead you to wherever my blog lands in the future if it I make a move.  If I vanish, please give that a try:)



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11 responses to “What is the Opposite of Yippee?

  1. ugh that really sucks. Glad your blog reappeared though. I’ll change my bookmark now!

  2. sunnydaze

    Thanks for the headsup. I hope you don’t vanish and thank goodness it came back!

  3. Oh my word!! That is crazy. When I deleted my old blog, stupid me didn’t think to write down web addresses for other people. I’m still hunting for my lost bloggin’ buds.

    I was happy I quickly found you again 🙂

  4. I’m glad you got it worked out, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Whew! That would make me so…MAD…FRUSTRATED…and like…SCREAMING! I’m glad to know that my subscribing to your URL will make me a follower for the foreseeable future.

    PS It might be a good idea to pick a comedy to watch and have someone-pay if you have to-rub your back.

  6. @ fat pants – bookmarks are great! I had to add a whole new section for just blog stuff.

    @sunnydaze – for your blog I have to log back in as a 3fc to comment. I hope I don’t lose that password!

    @Lisa – I’m glad you found me too because that is how I found you again! And I wanted to give you a blog award but worried about linking back to you. So I gave it in spirit:)

    @Mary – I like reading yours too!

    @ JBS – LOL! I sooo need that massage:)

  7. Like we need extra aggravation, right? Glad you survived it!

  8. I did have a problem finding your blog early yesterday.

  9. Like you could get rid of me that easily. LOL Move to .org, already! I’m here to hold your hand! 😉

  10. So frustrating! You know if you ever need any help making the move to another platform let me know. 🙂

  11. @ Cammy – exactly!

    @ Karen – and I found out that the host was down for two hours the other day!

    @ Sunny – I am working on it!

    @ Bobbie – Thank you! You just may hear from me.

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