Ugly Betty Writes a Blog

If you watch the show Ugly Betty you probably know that she has started writing a blog.  She did it because she wanted to make a positive difference on just one person.  Her reason and her topic are different from mine; her life is a far cry from mine.  But I can look at her and can find inspiration and commonality.  As I do when I read the blogs of so many others out here in the non-TV world.

Betty discovered that blogging provides a safe vantage point.  I agree.  But for me it comes from the anonymity.  I can express my feelings here in a way I never would face-to-face.  I can be honest and open and share things that I would not want friends and family to know about me.  I can also choose to take poetic license when I write.   According to Betty, blogs “make it possible for someone who has something to say… to make their voice be heard.”    Funny thing for me is that I really didn’t think I had much to say.  I wanted to write just for me, for my own motivation and accountability.  But then things kept popping up in my mind that needed to get down on paper (eventually) and I realized that I DID have something to say!  Maybe I would only say it to myself, but even that was empowering.

On the show, Betty discovers the power of blogs and the impact they can have.  I am learning that too.   I will admit that before I started my own, I didn’t get the whole blog thing.  Why did people write them?  Who read them?  And I had never been someone who journaled my thoughts even for myself.  But once I started reading blogs and writing my own, I discovered that they can be hugely motivating.  I find motivation in what I read from others and I draw motivation from what I write myself.  I am touched by the stories I read and the people who write them.  Even when our journeys are different, we can find so much sameness.  We can be moved and inspired.

And the best part for me might be that blogging has made me feel part of an amazing community filled with wonderful, supportive, witty people who in my mind are quickly becoming friends even though I have never heard them speak or been in their physical company.  I feel a sense of connection and validation.  I love it!  Betty found her own kindred souls through blogging.  And like me, she felt a thrill with every comment she received about a post.

Betty was forced to look back at herself in a recent episode and was reminded of what she did not like about herself then and how far she had come since.  She said, “I have to love that girl who I was because she made me who I am today.”  This made me reflect back on the times I didn’t like myself because I had overeaten and regained weight.  But it strikes me that if I had not done that in the past, I would not have started this blog.  And this blog has added something to my life that I didn’t even know was missing.  I am going to infuse myself with Betty’s optimism.  I am going to embrace life and my blog.  And I embrace you too:)



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12 responses to “Ugly Betty Writes a Blog

  1. I love this community too! Wonderful folks and the online friendships I have created really keep me motivated. 🙂

  2. Happy SITS Sharefest. Great article. I can totally relate to looking back on where I came from. It’s amazing how when I was thin as a teenager, I never thought I looked good. I would always cover up in big clothes. I had low self-esteem. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have embraced that beautiful young body.

  3. The blogging community is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I’ve so enjoyed being a part of it and getting to know great people like you.

  4. Hi. I didn’t think I’d connect with people through blogging the way that I have. I always feel guilty when I eat something unhealthy even though it’ll be the only time that week. It’s hard to change how you view food but I’m trying.

    Thanks for the visit and Happy SITS Sharefest

  5. Perhaps the best blog post ever! Mayhaps because it totally could’ve come from MY heart. Love you much! 😀

  6. Yeah, this community has been the boost up I’ve been needing. I get excited over each and every comment too, and I love ‘getting to know’ other bloggers too.

  7. Exactly what I mean – you guys sooo make me smile:)

  8. This is such an awesome post, in so many ways! Thank you.

    I’m so grateful for the community (present company included, of course!) and the opportunities that have come my way through blogging. It’s been a life-changing experience.

    *adds Ugly Betty to Netflix queue*

  9. I feel the same way- I never understood blogging until I actually did it- I love posting about my day and reading about other’s weight loss journey also 🙂

  10. I know! It’s amazing that sense of connection with people you’ve never met in person … kind of a Star Trek mind meld. 🙂

  11. I’ve never watched that show.

  12. Teena – Too late – this is the last season.

    Siobhan – LOL.

    Cammy and Beerab – You know I am with you!

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