A Shoe In

Is it possible that what we wear on our feet can do as much for our bodies as hated lunges and squats?  Can shoes really shape your leg and butt muscles?

First there were MBTs.  Marketed as the anti-shoe.  The makers claim the following benefits:  helping solve knee and back problems, relieve neck tension, ease joint pain, “and more or less in passing help to tone and shape firm buttocks and thighs,” burn more calories when standing and slow running compared to regular shoes.  And they claim scientific research to back it up!  I tried on a pair once.  They felt very strange, wobbly, but not in a bad way.  I could see that you would need to stabilize yourself as you walked.    But they were quite bulky and unattractive and I could not imagine spending $250 dollars on shoes I might not like.  $250!!

Now suddenly you can find lots of cheaper mainstream shoe alternatives.  Sketchers makes them. ” Tone your muscles, promote healthy weight loss, make it easy to get in shape.”  Easy?  And Reebok has jumped on the band wagon.   “Tone and sculpt the legs, encourage muscles to work as you walk and simply stand.”  Really?  Can shoes do that?

When I was growing up we wore Dr. Scholl’s Exersoles.  That was a low-tech shoe.  A slab of wood with a small strip of leather across the toes.  To keep them on you had to grip with your toes as you walked.  Was that exercise?  Did it tone any muscles?  I am sure we didn’t care; we just liked the shoes and could buy them for very little money at the drug store.

All these years I thought that I had to exercise to tone muscles.  Now I am told I can simply change my footwear.  Dare I believe it?  And what should I think about the fact that these shoes come with an instructional video?



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12 responses to “A Shoe In

  1. Run. Very far away.

    Then go to a running store.

  2. I’ve seen those toning shoes in magazine ads and I’ve often wondered if they work. I’m just not into gimmicks or trying things because they are the next best thing. With that being said, I love my new shoes. I think a good pair of well fitted shoes really make a difference. But I’m not buying into the latest gimmicks though! 🙂

  3. I’ve yet to buy into it that the shoes can really tone you, but I know a few folks who have them and say they definitely feel it after the first day. So maybe they do work, who knows.

    Good grief, $250 for a pair of shoes? I don’t even spend half that much on running shoes!

  4. Oh, I’m sure they do provide some toning effect, but give me my Asics and room to move and I can do it for a lot less than $250. 🙂

    I did find some interesting 4-lb calf wraps the other day. Supposedly you can wear them under your pants all day and get a little extra boost. For $20, I might give it a try someday, for kicks and giggles if nothing else. 🙂

  5. Eh I think it’s crap…

    Go spend $150 for an amazing pair of running shoes (Roadrunners rocks!) and then exercise in them! Then pocket the extra $100 😉

  6. Thems are pretty spendy shoes! LOL.

    I would just head to a running store and see what their opinion is.

  7. sunnydaze

    I think the rounded toning shoes are hideous! Rem. those shoes that they advertised on tv a year or so ago that actually had visible springs in the heels? ACK! I say, give me a pair of good running shoes.

  8. don’t ask me. I dance barefoot. LOL

  9. All I can do is think of how I used to look forward to my new bright white canvas lace up sneakers each school year. No support anywhere in the shoe but I sure did love them!….remember putting different colored shoe laces in them? ….yes, I am old!!

  10. You gals crack me up. My non-supportive cute shoe days are long over. I will post about that some time, I am sure. Give me a good arch support! But I am always barefoot at home:) Or in slippers.

  11. Brightside susan

    If carrying around extra weight would help me get fit – I’d be really fit!

    And I had the same reaction to those shoes – a lot of money for questionable results.

  12. I bet they’d be comfortable.

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