I – Gasp – Could – Gasp – Never – Gasp…

I could never be a fitness instructor.  Bad enough that I struggle my way through class… but imagine if I had to talk at the same time I was exerting myself!  I could never!

And I’d be worried about what I wore to the gym since everyone would be looking at me.  Is it flattering?  Are my panty lines obvious?  Is my top riding up to expose my belly?  Is my non-existent cleavage exposed when I do push ups or a plank?  Does my sweat show?  Do I not look like I’m sweating enough?

And then the other worries would set in since I would know everyone was looking to me as their role model for the workout.  Am I fit and strong enough?  Is my form perfect?  Should I lift heavier weights?  Am I tiring before the people in my class are?  Can I work the music and microphone and keep my composure when they suffer technical problems?  Will participants like me?  Can I recall the names of the muscles and explain what anaerobic means?  Do I look as uncoordinated as I feel?  Will I remember to exhale on the exertion?  Or even to breathe?

I would be a bundle of insecurity.

But I have had passing thoughts about it.  How great would it be to have a job that kept you fit?  Workouts are work and work is a workout:)  And wouldn’t it provide the perfect motivation to eat healthy and stay fit?  But I keep coming back to that breathing and how those instructors just go, go, go and count and talk the whole way through.

I have had my share of … hmm… how do I put this tactfully… instructors who I would avoid in the future.  The one who turned the strength class into a high impact cardio class one day.  The one who berated us for not keeping pace with her on the bikes.  The one who had us focused on our pelvic muscles more than any other during yoga class.  (My poor DH that day.)  The one who just was off beat during the whole class.  But those were exceptions or substitutes.  Most of my instructors have been awesome.

The best ones make me want to go back to class.   They make it as much fun as exercise can be.  They inspire a following of dedicated exercisers.  They have great personalities:  cheerful, friendly, motivating.  They preach that the best way to be successful in group exercise classes is to modify to meet your needs and they make us comfortable doing just that.  And they have so much energy!

Nope… I could not do what they do.  I’m doing well just to follow along.   And remembering to breath.




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9 responses to “I – Gasp – Could – Gasp – Never – Gasp…

  1. I love your blog!

    Your post today makes me want to try a new class at the gym!!!

  2. I’ve had those same daydreams… I think it would be neat! I too am in awe of my instructor… she is fiercely fit and makes everything look like a breeze. Though I do have to say that she does not always do the exercises with us…she will do a few and then walk around to make sure you are using proper form.

    Thanks for letting me know about the profile icons… I have the option set in the blog settings to show the profile icons, but I guess that template just doesn’t feel the need to show the names. I did discover if you hover the mouse over the icon, the name displays. Wish I could figure out how to change it to just show the name!

  3. Don’t give up on those “lofty” dreams! In another six months, you’ll be in a much better place, and maybe it won’t be such an unattainable dream, then! 😉

  4. It takes me five months to learn a step routine in my own living room. With a replay button. Adding ANYTHING into the mix sends me haywire. Like people. So yeah. I couldn’t do it either.

  5. sunnydaze

    When I do my workout dvds I have noticed the same thing: how incredibly fit the instructors are to be able to talk the entire time through the routine with out missing a beat, never get out of breath and SMILE the entire time. 🙂

  6. One of my favorite classes was led by an instructor who was a little pudgy and awkward. She made up for her lack of perfection with an amazing personality and enthusiasm level. Pity she quit teaching and then moved….

    I’d think it would be tough to be so…engaging all the time. I have that problem when I have to do presentations or teach workshops several days in a row. Some days I just feel like being quiet.

  7. I taught aerobics at the YMCA for four years years ago … it was fun 🙂

  8. Ha ha! You crack me up. 🙂 You sound a lot like me. I would totally over think it and analyze it. I hope some day I can be an instructor. Maybe. 🙂

  9. I have had some awesome instructors that were overweight. But surely very fit under the fat. It was all about their personalities and one had the most amazing sense of humor and just cracked herself, and us, up!

    And then at my old gym their were identical twins. Who came back after a break with identically enlarged breasts:) They (the instructors, not the boobs) were among my all time favorites.

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