Once upon a Time

Once upon a time a beautiful princess met a handsome prince and they lived happily ever after.  They ate healthy food everyday and never struggled with their weight.  Stop… wait – that’s just a fairytale!

New story… non-fiction:

The frumpy housewife sits near her handsome prince (that part is true) in their suburban two-story home, as she spends time surveying her kingdom in the blogosphere.  She encounters a minstrel spinning tales of wisdom and hope.  She reads a blog post that strikes a chord… a post that she can totally relate to… a post filled with words she wants to share.

So here I am, telling you to check out Siobhan’s awesome post entitled Just This Once.   Rather than paraphrase what she wrote, I will tell you why I so loved what she said and what it means to me personally.

I am a yo-yo dieter.  I strongly feel that this time is different for me:  that this is my last diet.  And that I have changed my mindset from ‘being on a diet that eventually ends’ to ‘changing my eating habits forever’.   And I know that every time I eat I am making a choice.  I am (hopefully) choosing healthy foods that will fuel my body and give me energy, not foods that will fill a momentary craving but leave me tired and wanting more.

Like Siobhan, I used to have a “just-this-once-is-okay” mindset.  I can clearly remember celebrating my nephew’s birthday last fall, after a week of clean eating, thinking I was in control and able to splurge just-that-once on a cupcake.  I ate another one later that night.  And the next day I ate more crap.  And the next.  Just-that-once became just-through-Thanksgiving which turned into just-until-Christmas.

The funny thing about food choices is that you are done eating in minutes but the decision might impact you for hours, days, or longer.  If what you ate was amazing and worth the calories, the food bliss still ends when you are done chewing.  But if it wasn’t exceptionally satisfying and tasty, the guilt lingers much longer than the taste of the food.  And a moment on the lips may truly become an eternity on the hips.  On the other hand, for me, if I pass up the unhealthy food, I never look back with regret and wish I had indulged instead.  No guilt.  No crying over spilled chocolate milk.  I know many other dieters can enjoy that occasional treat in moderation with no remorse – but not me.  Yet.

The fortune teller foretold a beautiful future.  I agree with Siobhan’s prediction about life after reaching goal weight.  Indulgences may happen.  But if and when we partake we need to do so knowing that we are making a choice and each choose counts.  In the past I have reached my goal many times.  And every time I slowly (or quickly) started eating foods that I knew had contributed to my gains in the past.  I don’t know what fairytale world I imagined for myself when I thought I could go back to my old eating but not my old weight.  But I am writing myself a different story this time.  And I am ending my story with a happily ever after.



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11 responses to “Once upon a Time

  1. Cyndi

    Great post, thanks Karen!

  2. I agree. If we decide that it’s time for a treat, I have to compensate somehow. Whether it’s a light dinner and breakfast, or an extra hard workout it has a consequence. If I don’t want that consequence to be on my hips, then I need to come up with some choice or combination of the above!

  3. Great post 🙂 Just this once often times turns into an every day thing. At least it has for me so I have to be very, very careful.

  4. I predict a happy ending to this tale. Identifying and understanding the obstacles we put in our way is a huge step toward lasting success!

  5. you are describing me – we start out with such good intentions – i often ponder what makes me go into an extended binge – why is it so hard to just slip up and get right back on to eating healthy in moderation?

  6. Great post. The just this once mindset inevitably turns into an every day kind of thing. You’ve got the right mindset now and you will succeed.

  7. Awesome post! Wow, you really hit on so many great points … that cupcake at the birthday party SO used to be me. And the part about never regretting NOT indulging, but often regretting having indulged.

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  9. I’m with you. I’m so sick and tired of losing, gaining, losing, gaining. I want to find something that works for the rest of my life. The weight loss spiral is so tiresome…

  10. jen

    I continue to really enjoy your posts–love your writing style! This post helped me make the right decision when I was eating out with my family. It could have been a “just this once” moment, but instead it was an “Oh well, I’m not going to eat all of that really high cal stuff! Not going to do it!” And I still had a really yummy meal–still a treat. Thanks for the help! Keep up the great posting! (And thanks for the comments–I really appreciate them!)

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