The Wizard of Oz

I live in Kansas and I used to have a cat named Toto.  But this post isn’t about me.  It is about a fellow blogger:  the wise and powerful Diane.

Until yesterday I was one of many people reading Diane’s informative and inspirational blog, Fit to the Finish.  Today, I am one of a much larger audience who got to experience Diane coming into our homes over the TV airwaves.  Diane was featured on Dr. Oz’s 100th episode, a show filled with guests and audience members who have each lost over 100 pounds the old fashioned, non-surgical way.

Let me first say that Diane looks amazing!  That could be inspiration enough.  She lost 150 pounds and went from a size 28 to a size 6.  And she  has maintained that loss for 13 years, including through four pregnancies.  (She is mom to seven kids.)  She shares her story and her wisdom online with her blog … and now on national TV:)

Diane shared three personal weight loss tips on the show.

The 15 minute timer. After a meal, when you think you want something more to eat, set a timer for 15 minutes and get busy doing something.  In all likelihood you will no longer want to eat when the timer goes off because that perceived hunger was really something else – boredom or habit maybe.

Juice in moderation. Diane used to drink a lot of juice over the course of a day.  Now she allows herself one little bitty paper cup full.  Some days she pours the juice into her water bottle to jazz things up.

Food rating. When she is in social situations, like dinner out or at someone else’s house, Diane gives a rating to the food.  Unless it gets a 10, she passes; but if it warrants a 10, she splurges and enjoys.

I am not a juice drinker, but I will definitely give Diane’s other two tricks a try.  I am particularly intrigued with the last one because, as I have written in other posts, I wonder how I will eventually be able to work the occasional treat into my maintenance plan.  I also like that those little splurges are happening outside of my own house.  I think I could live with that.  And I suspect that as I continue to read Diane’s and other blogs I will learn lots more tricks to help me on my journey.

Dr. Oz had other guests share their own weight loss tips.  Here are a few that stood out to me:

It’s not about dieting – it’s about changing your life.

Start today.  Don’t wait until tomorrow. ( Think about all you will miss out on if you put off losing weight.)

You have to have a sense of humor as you lose weight.

Always look forward.  (Leave no way to go back.  Like purging your fat clothes.)

And from Richard Simmons:  ” A sliver leads to a slab leads to a slob.”  Gotta love that man’s enthusiasm but I sure do hate his short shorts.

To Diane – If you are reading this… thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and support.  I hope you don’t mind that I shared your story with others.  And feel free to correct anything I got wrong.

And to every one else, as you visualize the place you want to be… you can get there, because, in the words of Glinda, the Good Witch – you had the power all along.



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11 responses to “The Wizard of Oz

  1. Lexxiss

    A very powerful message Karen, as I visualize the place I want to be…

    I’m sorry I missed the show yesterday and appreciate your taking the time to share it. I read Diane mentioning the show several days ago.

    Great ideas to remember!

  2. I love the 15 minute idea. i’ve been trying to incorporate that into my dinners… sometimes it feels like I immediately want more, but I make myself wait. Getting busy doing something else is a great idea! Thanks for sharing these – wish I had caught Diane on the show yesterday!

  3. Jenn

    The Simmons’ short comment made me giggle. Thanks!

  4. Ug I missed it!! I totally forgot I was so tired! *sigh*

    I’m going to look for it on youtube or something lol.

  5. Sunny

    I forgot to set the DVR to record. :: cries ::

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the link Beerab. I love my Tivo! I don’t watch anything live anymore except the weather forecast. Not even Diane yesterday.

  7. Thanks for the great information, Karen. The show got pre-empted by the Olympics here, so I didn’t get to see it either.

  8. I love Diane’s blog too. She’s got great experience and she’s been there! I’m bummed I missed the show. I hope to catch it in repeats though. 😦

  9. Pre-empted by the Olympics (for hockey!) here in Memphis, but I’m hoping to catch it this summer. Thanks for sharing your perspective and insights!

  10. jen

    Thanks for sharing your favs. I so wanted to see this show too, but the Olympics was on. Hoping it might air in a few weeks again in our area. Love the idea of rating an item and only eating if it’s a 10. I need I’ll that tricks I can get. I’ve had no trouble posting.

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