Can't Comment?

I need your help!

If you have tried to leave a comment on my blog and gotten an error message – you are not alone!  I have now heard from two readers today who had this experience.  And not long ago I heard from another who could not post comments either.  She kept trying and eventually it worked.

I don’t know what the glitch is or how to fix it.  But maybe you can help me figure it out.  If you try to comment and are unable to do so, would you please send me an email to let me know what happens and what error message you get, if any.  Please also try again another time, maybe on another post.  If you have been unable to comment in the past but now can, any information you can share might help.

And to everyone, problems commenting or not, if you have an ideas about why this might me happening, please let me know.  I am flummoxed.

And if you encounter a similar problem on another blog, would you please email the link to me.  I know that I had that happen to me before and it was also on a blog.  I am very curious as to how wide-spread this might be and if it is limited to that host.

My emotions are high!  I hate that readers are gracious enough to want to comment but can’t and apologize for the inconvenience.  I am also disappointed thinking that I am missing out on what you would say:(

Meanwhile, I will see if I can figure anything out.  And I may start thinking more about making the move to… which has been on my radar but, quite frankly, scares me a bit since it requires more technological knowledge than I have.  But clearly my current blog is not meeting my tech needs very well right now.   So any advice anyone has to offer about is welcome.

Technology is such a great thing… when it works!  And so frustrating when it doesn’t.

Thanks for your help and, as always, for reading: )




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5 responses to “Can't Comment?

  1. Testing testing.

    I have the same problem on one other site. I’ll be back when I find it.

  2. I can comment. And/but your pic at the bottom is showing a hot-link (no no) message.

    And I’m with Love it.

  3. Hmm testing to see if I can comment! Hope it works, it’s so annoying when hitches like this happen and you don’t know why!!! xx

  4. Thanks for testing ladies. Sunny – So glad you told me … I got the image on my computer so had to log on to DHs to see what you were talking about. Surprise! I wonder if this has happened before and how to avoid it without actually posting first then viewing as a guest.

  5. Laura Jean

    No problems here, at least on your end. Work computer blocks certain social sites, including most blogs, so I must be at home to read your blog. No worries! I wouldn’t miss it!! I love how you write!

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