Derailed by a Triscuit?

I love Triscuits when I am on South Beach.  It is amazing how fantastic they taste when I am eating healthy:  salty and almost sweet, with a great crunch.  When I am not eating healthy, they taste like straw:(

I have now completed six weeks on my third time with the South Beach diet.  Last spring I managed to get to my goal weight eating Triscuits everyday, despite my serving size slowly creeping higher.  When I gained weight back, it was not from eating crackers!

This time on SB I decided to follow the great advice on 3fatchicks and add foods back very slowly (after having cut out grains for the initial two weeks).  I suspected the crackers could pose a willpower problem for me, so I avoided them.  For a while.  Last week I succumbed.  One serving, one evening after dinner.  They were pretty tasty, but I decided maybe not quite as fabulous as I remembered and surely I could do without.  Fast forward a few days of grainless eating.  I think maybe my rationalization was that I could not go the rest of my life like this, could I?  So I had Triscuits for my evening snack again.  This quickly became a nightly habit that I looked forward to.  I didn’t overeat them… stopping at one serving.  (Okay… maybe I went a few crackers over but surely the broken ones don’t count.)  And they were the only grains I was eating.  Other than these darn crackers themselves, I didn’t see an increase in cravings.  Or a stall to my very gradual weight-loss.  Until the past few days when a slow gain showed up on the scale several days in a row.

I wasn’t cheating; I wasn’t eating more; the only thing different was those crackers!  Could it really be that my body is reacting to the added grains?  From what I have read about SB, you need to recognize which foods can cause cravings or stall weight  loss.  Is this what is happening here – Triscuit Trauma!  Maybe, maybe not.  But the highly motivated Me will stop eating them for a while and see what happens.   Those perfect triangles of wheat and salt; slowly eaten in tiny nibbles to make them last longer… sigh.   I will ignore the boxes in my pantry that I stockpiled when they went on sale.  In a few days, I will consider adding them back.  Or not.  I’ll figure that out when I get there.  Considering all the foods I am easily living without – I can surely forgo Triscuits!

I am sharing this with all of you because I am learning the great motivation of public accountability.  When my mind drifts towards crackers tonight, I will refocus it here instead.

Have you found any “healthy” foods that seem to derail your weight-loss?  How have you handled it?



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13 responses to “Derailed by a Triscuit?

  1. Weight Watchers treats! They’re not healthy per sé, but it’s like ooh chocolate for 1.5 points awesome! Then I would eat too many, and it would just *not* work.

    Not quite the same I know.

    I hope this time, with support on here and the forums, you find a way to embrace the diet and survive all the minefields on the way!


  2. Ha, I love Triscuits, too. Sure…. I’ve been known to over-indulge in 100-calorie pack food. 80-calorie orange dreamsicles aren’t that great when you eat 2 or 3 of them a day. And 100 calorie packs are only so good if you stop at one. Yep, I’ve been there… 🙂

  3. Do you want me to post the whole list? No? Okay, sticking to crackers then, I have to avoid them all. Those tiny little wafers of joy–any brand, any flavor–will have me off plan in a heartbeat. So I’m living the Ritz- and CheezIt-free life now, and it’s not so bad.

  4. Lol @ Triscuit Trama…I always think they taste like straw. 🙂

    I agree with you on the accountability, as there is no better accountability with knowing that probably close to everyone in the world knows what you’re eating.

    To answer your question, there are several “healthy” foods that derail me: peanut butter, cheese, crackers, waffles (of all things) and sometimes I have a hard time putting them down. I don’t usually restrict them completely, but I try to stick to the “moderation” rule. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I keep going, regardless. 🙂


    (P.S. Thanks for the comments! )

  5. Cheese! I could eat cheese every day, all day, so I have to be very careful with it.

    Do you think the amount of crackers and their inherit sodium could be causing some of the gain? I know Triscuits/Wheat Thins/Ritz/etc. make me retain like crazy!

  6. Glad to know I am not alone. Maybe I will rename it Cracker Creep or Cracker Crack or Ritz Regain or ?

    I did wonder about the sodium. So far one day without Triscuits and the scale is staying still. I want it to go down!

  7. How many are you eating? I allow myself 12 or so low fat Wheat Thins a day. And a half cheese bagel. Those are my only starches of note, except whatever carbs might be from granny smith apples. I’m just wondering about your portions? Also, what are you doing, re exercise? Perhaps you aren’t getting enough cardio? I don’t think the sodium in a dozen or so crackers are gonna break the bank; and I count sodium as much as I count calories. hmmm Hugs to you. You’ll figure it out! 🙂

  8. LOL I never got into triscuits much. They always tasted like tree branches to me!!!!

    But I wonder if there is a lot of sodium in them? Maybe that has something to do with the gains you’re seeing?

    I agree with you, it’s important to be AWARE of how the foods you are eating are reacting with your body. It’s hard to do, but it sounds like you are right on top of things!

  9. Back in my South Beach days, anything resembling a carb was enough to derail me. That’s partially why I quit dieting in the first place; my binge disorder makes it really hard to avoid those foods that taste good. I’ve been known to binge on whole grain crackers, toast, oatmeal, Bran Flakes (of all things!) and sugar-free Peanut Butter Cups (not recommended…causes severe gastric distress!). Triscuits would definitely do it for me too. South Beach yields so much success, but it is so challenging to get used to in the beginning. Perhaps if you put the Triscuits away for a few weeks, you’ll have better luck then. Good luck to you!

  10. Oh yeah I can so relate! For me it’s like oh I can have a few chips or a chocolate or something…. Now I’m avoiding everything like the PLAGUE! But when $500 are at stake it’ll do that to you!

  11. Thanks for the comments gals. I would not be so puzzled if I had not lost on SB twice before. But maybe all those yo-yo years are finally catching up to me and making it harder this time. Scale stayed the same today; two days grain (and Triscuit) free. Sigh.

    Sunny – you and I seem to think alike sometimes. I exercise 7 days a week but think I will try stepping up the cardio (intensity and frequency.)

  12. I’ve never had a Triscuit.

    My food intake is the same pretty well every day. I know what works so rarely stray.

  13. Teena – Never!? But great for you to have your eating planned out so well.

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