The Joys and Pains of Improved Technology

I am typing this on a new computer.  That’s my good news.

There is some user adjustment required and the set-up is only 90% where I want it to be.  That’s the bad news.

The new PC is amazingly faster and can run two monitors.  Good!  But there is some software that I miss from my old PC and my fingers are struggling to land on the right letters on the new keyboard.  Bad.

While helping me transfer information, DH discovered a way to get back some of what he lost when his own computer succumbed to the blue screen of death last fall.  Very good:)  It took him many hours over many days with endless hassles to get me mostly up and running.  Bad for both of us:(

I was able to recover all my old emails, which is very good –  except for the time I spent to manually archive them as a safety precaution, which was bad – except that it kept me from eating for several hours, which is always good!

There are some very cool features with Windows 7.  Good.  But there are some error messages that we just can’t figure out.  Surely bad:(

The new CPU is smaller and takes up less room on my desk which is very good.  Everything will need to be disconnected, reconnected elsewhere, disconnected, reconnected back on my desk… when we have some much needed repair work done in our office.  Bad, bad, bad, so we are putting it off longer than we should.

More good news:  I decided to take the plunge and move my blog now that my PC problems are almost solved.  But the bad news is that I am not sure all my readers will quickly follow me here (one has already left a lost comment on the old blog).  Also bad:  I need help to get this new design to look like I want and I can’t decide if I should upgrade to

The best news of all – that I have a DH who patiently did so much for me, from encouraging the new purchase, to plugging in cables, and everything in between.  I do not exaggerate when I say I could not have done it, nor would have done it, without him.

Hope all your technology is joy-filled and painless:)

(Note – if I am on your blogroll, please change the link to this new URL.  You should be able to use or  If you have subscribed to me in a feed, you may need to update that too.  Sorry if my own tech issues cause some for you.  )



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13 responses to “The Joys and Pains of Improved Technology

  1. I’m here, and I love it! Thanks for blazing a potential trail for me. LOL (I seem to have, for the most part, stopped all my new screen opening issues by keeping people’s Blogger blogs in a minimized format. Or it’s just blind, coincidental luck. LOL)

    Yeah, re the error message about that data support thing in Win 7. Is that what you are talking about? I keep waiting for a patch (once I discovered it IS an W7 error, not a Sunny error.)

    Beyond that, I love W7.

    Congrats and bless your hubster for helping you out! 😀

  2. Thanks Sunny. I am still on Emily’s waiting list and can’t wait to make my blog pretty:) My error messages have to do with my cellphone sync and with my emails coming in. Fortunately both things are happening despite the messages. DH is gradually looking into that too! I warned him that if I upgrade to he will have to do a lot more tech stuff! I love W7 too but am still getting used to it. Sometimes change IS good!

  3. Hey!
    How are you liking wordpress so far? I love the statistics…it feels really good to see how many people are reading my blog. Not that it’s a huge number, but still 🙂 I changed your address in my blogroll. I have also moved my content and I really like the design I have now, but I want to move my weight ticker as well and I have no idea how I could do that and embed it into my page. On blogspot it was so easy! Do you have any ideas how that could work?
    Good luck with W7 and the new PC. If it stops you from eating it is indeed a good thing 🙂

    • So far so good. It is taking some adjustment. I love the stats too! I wish I had numbers from when I started at my other blog location. If I upgrade to I can add all sorts of fun stuff. But it takes much more on the tech side to get and keep it going. Not sure DH and I are up to that. But I need to decide before I do any custom design changes on here… which I plan to do soooooon! I had read that it is much easier to add stuff to blogspot. I don’t know about the ticker but will keep my eye out as I research more. And I sometimes see them on wp blogs so if I do I will send you a message and maybe that blogger can tell you how.

  4. Great blog! When I made the switch, eventually people found their way over to the new one. I did lose one or two readers, but that tends to happen. My laptop at home had it’s backlight go out so I’ve got to take it in and then I think I’m wiping it clean and installing W7… interesting to read your experience with it! Hope all your errors get resolved. 🙂

  5. It looks great you will love WordPress.

  6. webcami

    Just made the link change on my blogroll!

  7. I not only followed you here, I ran the entire way! 🙂

    Life is definitely full of ups and downs!

  8. Thanks ladies. It gives me warm fuzzies to have you along:)

  9. Laura Jean

    I am happy you have a new computer and have moved to a blog that gives you more options. I just can’t access most blog sites at work, and 3FC is one I can get to. No worries! I will be leaving that job in two weeks, which is good, except I will be spending a lot of time in the field seeing patients and less time playing on the computer. We’ll catch up on weekends! I will always love reading your blog.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful article. I will follow you via RSS.

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