Trash Talk

Today I took a very big step – I threw my crappy, old, super-comfy, faded, worn-through, misshapen, unflattering, black knit pants in the trash!  It was a psychological victory.  I had not been wearing them much, because they really were quite horrible, but I had held on to them for years and years of weight highs and lows, because they had always been a standby during my fattest days.  But it was time.  (Ok, I admit that I did wear them one last time before the big toss.)

Now don’t give me too much credit – I still have several pairs of stretchy knit pants in my closet.  (See “What not to Wear”)  But baby steps, baby steps.  This particular pair was the oldest and had been there for me for so many years and stood by me when my jeans just rested on the hanger and laughed.  But I knew it was time for an emotional milestone.  I crossed a line that needed to be crossed.

It felt good to throw them away.  A bit scary, but good.  Now the questions is:  when I am at my goal weight, will I be able to finally purge my closet of clothes that are too big?  And by ‘purge’ I mean getting rid of them, not putting them in a box in the basement, just in case, as I have in the past.  Maybe that “just in case” is what landed me at several of my regained highs.  So out of the house and out of my life.  That is really, really scary.

What about you?  I know what experts say… but let’s talk reality.  Keep your fat clothes or get rid of them?



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18 responses to “Trash Talk

  1. Debbie R.

    Congrats on taking the plunge and saying bye bye to your comfy pants.
    Big clothes-I’m getting rid of them. I really feel like I “get it” this time around. Eating healthy and getting exercise is just the way it is now. I’m sure I’ll still have some little “blips” in the radar once I get down to some more normal sizing, but the clothes I wore at my HW serve no purpose anymore. Most of them are long gone. Sometimes, I’m quite mortified that they actually fit, but I try to go easy on myself and focus on today. I do have a box of jeans from my lowest adult weight-some 15 years ago. I don’t really think they’ll ever fit again, but who knows….I have plenty of closets and they can just sit awhile longer.

  2. Sunny

    GET RID OF THEM. And don’t wait until you are goal weight; get rid of them as soon as you are swimming in each and every one. YOU DO NOT NEED THAT SAFETY NET. This is a huge issue for me. I feel it is SO important to GET RID OF ALL OF THEM. Prove to yourself that you believe in yourself!

  3. waistingtime

    See here’s the thing… I know you are both right and I should get rid of the pants. And Sunny’s idea of doing it as soon as they are lose is smart. But I still hesitate … which is a clear indication to me that I have not yet reached the right mindset. The practical me knows what I should do, the emotional me is lagging behind. No wonder I always found it too easy to regain in the past!

  4. Mango

    This will be one of those moments of your weight loss journey you always remember. You’ve let go of your safety net, you’ve jumped right in the deep end and SHOWN EVERYONE HOW COMMITTED YOU ARE TO BEING FABULOUS!

    Awesome, awesome job – way to go! 🙂


  5. I posted the very same thing the other day about getting rid of fat clothes, and I finally think I believe this is necessary. More and more, I hear ppl who have been successful, say they stay that way because they have no choice. They got rid of the big clothes, and have no choice but to maintain the loss they have achieved. So, I am going to follow that advice as well.

    so congrats on throwing away those pants! may it be the first of many!!!

  6. Hope @ Hope's Journey

    Get rid of them, lady! 🙂

    I think you will always remember the day that you got rid of them. I remember the day when I got rid of my biggest pair of pants. It was SO freeing.

    Even when clothes get too big for me now, I get rid of them. I figure, if I ever need to get bigger ones, that going shopping for new bigger clothes will be traumatizing (not being dramatic here) enough to jolt me back to reality and get my butt to the gym. 🙂

    Good for you! Keep up the great work!

    (P.S. Thanks for the comment. I could TOTALLY relate to what you said. )


  7. I’m pretty much a minimalist when it comes to clothes, so I definitely get rid of them. I don’t like anything in my closet that I don’t wear and don’t like having boxes of “maybe” stuff else. That said, though, the term too big is relative. Right now my pants are loose on me, but not to the point where I need to replace them. (see above … I don’t have a smaller size in a box somewhere :).)

  8. Diane Fit to the Finish

    I think it’s a wonderful, wonderful step to get rid of clothes as you don’t need them anymore. It’s a psychological victory as well as a physical one!!!!

  9. waistingtime

    Well there sure is a consensus here! All day I kept thinking… “but it was so hard to find jeans that fit right.” I need to listen to you all and heave-ho. Shuddering just thinking about getting rid of jeans – that is a whole different thing than worn-out pants.

  10. I hated jeans. HATED THEM. Only wore them when necessary. Then, I found Lee’s “curvy fit” jeans. Which, ironically, are straight legged (I HATE BOOT JEANS)…and give the slimmest leg I’ve found, but yet, are made of very giving/soft material, and suddenly I LOVE jeans! You just need to shop more and find the perfect fitting ones for you. 😉

  11. I will let you know what I do when I get to the point where I can toss away fat clothes! Right now they are all fat clothes…

  12. Honestly as stuff has gotten too big for me I’ve given it away or tossed it out- and for the first time the weight loss has stuck overall 🙂

  13. Congrats! That’s a very hard thing to do. I still have skinny and fat clothes in my closet. The hardest ones to get rid of are the skinny clothes because there’s always a dream that you’ll beable to get back into them again.

    I’m proud of you! 🙂

  14. But it is soooo hard. Okay… I will do it. I think:)

  15. I get rid of my fat clothes … as they get too big, I donate them. It’s such a great feeling!

  16. jen

    When I was still have babies, I would keep the fat clothes (because I knew I would need them). But my babies are all done, and I say get rid to them. And others! It shows you are committed. I can’t wait to get rid of some of mine. Not there yet, but it’s going to happen. I just found your blog–enjoying your posts.

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