Sweet Dreams and Anti-Aging Creams

I agree with Hamlet:  “To sleep, perchance to dream, aye there’s the rub.”  My dreams are strange almost every night and I always remember them come morning.  I wouldn’t call them nightmares, per se, but they are never pleasant and I wake up feeling emotionally drained and still tired.  I am glad to be awake just so that I can be done with the latest dream installment!

I know I am not alone in this nightmarish torment because on 3FC’s forum this week there were many others who seemed to be suffering as well.  It was suggested that the rash of crazy dreams had something to do with the full moon.  That could be true for some, but my dreams are like that too often for them to be dictated by moon phases.

Thanks to my (unused) BA in Psychology, I know that Carl Jung, among others, would find meaning in our dreams.  I don’t know if I agree and I surely don’t know if I can uncover the meaning in mine.  Sometimes I can clearly recognize people and things that were part of my day or are upcoming.  Sometimes the dreams relate to an actual occurrence but in a very Alice in Wonderland way.  So I know that there is some reference in there to what is going on in my waking life.  And I have had countless dreams in which I had to get dressed for something and none of my clothes fit.  The meaning there is pretty clear!

But most of my dreams make me wonder what is behind the stress that seems to come out at night.  I don’t have classic flying or falling dreams.  Instead they are angst filled and there seems to be something I just cannot accomplish in my dreams, something I am doomed to attempt over and over again, something I struggle with, something I cannot do that I need to do.  It might be as simple as trying to dial the phone but repeatedly getting the numbers wrong or being unable to see them clearly.  Or I desperately need to get somewhere but can’t find my way.  The pop psychologist in me thinks this might mean I am unable to accomplish something in my life.  But what?  For a while I thought it was all about how I felt I should find meaning and passion… but even when I am happy, I still have arduous dreams.

Where are the fun dreams?  The dreams about tropical beaches and sexy men and skinny me?  After my first date with my DH, he phoned to wish me “sweet dreams.”  I am going to see if I can bring those dreams on with wishful thinking.  After I have brushed my teeth and applied my anti-aging cream, I will visualize something fabulous to fill my nocturnal images.  (I put a sticky note on my bedside table to remind myself.)  I will drift off as easily as I always do and hope that I find a happy place where there are no nightmares, only sweet dreams.  The kind of dreams that will make me wake with regret in the morning that I couldn’t stay longer in that subconscious happy world.

I leave you with this famous sign-off from the Lawrence Welk show:  Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you.



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2 responses to “Sweet Dreams and Anti-Aging Creams

  1. Sunny

    I guess I’m lucky: my bizarro/scary/funky dreams are always the result of something way too spicy eaten during the day. My non-remembered / nice dreams come from a not-too-spicy diet.

    Obviously, as you know, there must be a lot of conflict, even if buried, in your life. Hope you discover it/find waking-hours ways of working that out.

    :: hugs ::

  2. waistingtime

    And I totally forgot, until one of last night’s dreams, that sometimes I experience my dreams as someone else! In the wee hours of the morning I was Joe Anderson, a southern gentile attorney living sometime in the past. There was also a big, yummy cake. Hmm

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